Absolute Great Teacher
319 First Round, Death Race!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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319 First Round, Death Race!



As the chest was opened, the glow from the crystals immediately shot out. Since it was afternoon and close to the evening, the shine of the crystals covered the great hall of the hotel, dazzling the eyes of everyone. These crystals were absolutely a work of art by nature.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded. Even Wan Yanli’s gaze looked somewhat bewitched.

“So…so much?”

Zhang Hanfu stuttered, his eyes stared fixedly at those spirit crystals.

Everyone here was a teacher. Their statuses weren’t low and they had naturally used spirit stones before. As for spirit crystals, they had seen them before but had never used them. For battle resources like these, they would usually store them for a rainy day.

But now, there was a chest of spirit crystals placed before everyone’s eyes.


Sun Mo shrugged his shoulders.

With regard to the value of a mine, Sun Mo understood it even better compared to these aboriginals from the Nine Provinces. On Earth, who was the wealthiest? Those capitalists from Wall Street?

No, the wealthiest people were the owners of oil in the Middle East!

Those fellows didn’t even need to do anything. They just had to extract oil from the ground below their feet and could sell it for an exorbitant sum of money. This was simply picking money from the ground!

Liu Mubai surveyed Sun Mo. He, who was originally stunned at how Sun Mo had so many spirit crystals, showed a look of understanding after he heard An Xinhui mentioning ‘Uncle Sun’.

Sun Mo’s father was very impressive back then. It was normal that he could leave such wealth to his descendants.

“We must not use the crystals!” An Xinhui suggested. “We will just not stay here, let’s change to another hotel!” “It’s fine. I still have many spirit crystals!” Sun Mo truly had no wish to search for hotels again. “Boss Lei, can I trouble you to quickly finish the check-in procedure? Will you be able to settle it within 15 minutes? Also, please get your staff to prepare some tea and pastries first. I don’t want my students to be overly fatigued.”

“Sure thing!”

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Boss Lei nodded and bowed, immediately following the orders. Asking for Wei Lu’s opinion? Stop joking, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to take out so many spirit crystals.

“I didn’t expect that you are actually a wealthy lord.”

Jin Mujie was taken aback.

Gu Xiuxun lowered her voice and asked softly, “Honestly speaking, how many spirit crystals do you have? I wish to purchase some!”

“Given our relationship, speaking of such things is simply equivalent to you treating me like an outsider. I will give you 100 crystals!”

Sun Mo laughed.

“You can’t possibly be having some intentions toward me, right?”

Gu Xiuxun touched her collar and stared at Sun Mo with a suspicious look in her eyes. Even parents wouldn’t give their children so many spirit crystals!

Ying Baiwu’s lips twitched, she wanted to say,

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》