Absolute Great Teacher
320 Fascinating Performance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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320 Fascinating Performance


In a situation where their physical strength was roughly on the same level, the strength of a group would surely be higher in comparison. Hence, the new student group from the Central Province Academy moved forth like a hot knife through butter. Xuanyuan Po and Zhang Yanzong’s fists danced in the air. Their fists were like iron, heavily smashing into those students in front.

A punch from each of them blasted out. The weaker ones directly fell onto the ground, while the stronger ones gritted their teeth and subconsciously dodged to the side.

“Why are you hitting blindly?”

Zhang Yanzong glanced at Xuanyuan Po, feeling a little speechless. (You are truly wasting that strong body of yours.) When Xuanyuan Po fought, he acted purely for the sake of fighting. He depended on brute force and rushed people in a direct manner, not thinking of using any sinister tricks. His ruthlessness was different from the rest, referring to him not showing mercy in terms of force exerted, but he wouldn’t harm anyone’s vitals.

Zhang Yanzong was different. Using both palm attacks and punches, he would either chop the throat of his opponents, hammer their hearts, or poke their eyes. His actions were sinister and violent.

Two-thirds of the students attacked by Zhang Yanzong had fallen to the ground and were panting and wailing unceasingly.

Xuanyuan Po turned his head and glanced at Zhang Yanzong. His lips twitched and he ignored him because he wasn’t fond of such techniques.

“Zhang Yanzong, be careful not to break the rules!”

Sun Mo was stunned.

The countdown and chaos sounded like a death knell, causing all the students to feel extremely nervous. Looks of alarm and fear could be seen on their faces.

Only a few people managed to keep their calm.

“That’s right!”

Fan Yao laughed. He was already used to this and was able to remain composed in the face of the unexpected.

Cultivation was equivalent to stealing the essence of heaven and earth. One had to defy the heavens and change their fate. On this path, the number of people who could walk to the end was extremely few!

Without great determination and strong comprehension, how could one succeed?

Every year, the content of the league tournament would be different. However, one concept remained the same. And it was to temper the students’ will, nurturing their mental state to be as tough as steel.

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“What does this little bit of suffering count for? If they don’t learn their lesson from their mistakes now, they might die if they temper themselves out there.”


The other party evidently didn’t expect Xuanyuan Po to be able to block it and felt very surprised. However, he also knew that this wasn’t a time to engage in battle. Hence, he immediately ignored Xuanyuan Po and continued rushing forward.

“Don’t leave!”

Xuanyuan Po felt joy after seeing prey. He wanted to fight.

“Xuanyuan Po, continue to clear the way!”

Li Ziqi shouted.

Zhang Yanzong was speechless, and he quickly grabbed Xuanyuan Po by his robes. “We are almost out of time!”


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》