Absolute Great Teacher
321 Today Is the Day Where We Become Famous!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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321 Today Is the Day Where We Become Famous!


The atmosphere was chaotic. The expressions of the students were extremely heavy.

Tong Yiming stripped that short-haired student of his participating qualifications, and this caused everyone to feel an immense sense of pressure. They experienced the cruelty of this competition.

Even before the competition started, the group should display the most correct response measure. If they were one step behind, they would never win the championship. “Do you still need to consider this? We naturally must bring our teacher along!”

Lu Zhiruo had a look of panic on her face. Only by being with Sun Mo would she feel at ease.

“Our ranking will be pushed back by one if we bring a teacher!”

Although Wu Jitong’s stature was small, he was very opinionated and self-confident. “This is a competition between students. I don’t believe we won’t be able to do it without our teachers!”

“That’s right, bringing teachers is too embarrassing!” Xu Dingjiang was originally hesitating but after hearing Wu Jitong’s words, he immediately stood on his side.

“Is this even a question of things being embarrassing or not?”.

Xuanyuan Po banged his fists together.

After hearing this, Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. (Do you think everyone is the same as you? The combat addict that would grow increasingly excited the more dangerous things are?) The other new student groups were also arguing because this involved game theory. How should they maximize their benefits?

Everyone had different views.

“Last minute. The countdown will begin now!”

Tong Yiming glanced at his pocket watch and announced.



“Four minutes passed so quickly?”

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Lu Zhiruo grew pale as she paced back and forth.

“Can you compare with them though? They came here to fight for the championship. As for us, it’s already not bad if we can maintain our ranking.”

The other groups started to argue even fiercer. Besides, as the clock ticked, the sense of pressure on everyone increased.

Tong Yiming’s lips curled. Only seven groups moved out, lower than his estimation. Moreover, they were Mingshao, Sky Orchid, and Haizhou, groups that were in the top ten of the previous competition. (Sigh, seems like the other schools in the ‘D’ Grade have no improvements.)

Tong Yiming turned his head. His gaze landed on Zhang Yanzong’s group. Because of Tantai Yutang’s earlier words, he remembered them.

“The Central Province Academy this year doesn’t seem promising either!”

Tong Yiming felt some regret. As expected, once a famous school had declined, it would be exceptionally hard for it to climb back to the peak.

“Quickly raise our hands to decide!”

Zhang Yanzong urged. “Those in agreement of bringing along our teachers, raise your hand!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》