Absolute Great Teacher
323 Li Ziqi, You Should Just Forfeit!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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323 Li Ziqi, You Should Just Forfeit!

“Do I have to say it?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Yes, you must say it!”

The observer had a black headgear on his head, and only his eyes were revealed. His gaze was sharp as he stared at Sun Mo.

“No comment!”

Sun Mo replied.


Upon hearing Sun Mo was being so unyielding and had directly offended an observer, Song Ren was so frightened that his heart trembled. (My heavens, do you have to be so iron-headed? He is an observer after all. Are you not afraid that he would mark us down?)

Fan Yao’s lips twitched, he was pondering over what to say and how to redeem the image of the Central Province Academy. However, Gu Xiuxun felt like laughing. (Do you think the name Black Doggy Sun is fake?)

“I’m a participating teacher yet you are actually asking me this? In that case, why did the Saint Gate hire you as an observer for? Are you here to slack?”

Sun Mo was unhappy about this fellow. He merely had a little authority, so why was he being so arrogant? “If I was cheating, should I also take the initiative to inform you?”

“Teacher Sun, just say a few words less?”

Fan Yao advised.

“Teacher Sun Mo, I will record your words down!”

The tone of the observer was still as cold as ever. Hence, Sun Mo wasn’t able to hear if he was angry or not. The observer then jeered a little and vanished into the forest.

“Teacher Sun, you are too impetuous!”

Song Ren didn’t know what he should say.

“I didn’t cheat, what should I be afraid of?”

Sun Mo spoke boldly and confidently because justice was on his side. Let alone an observer, even if the main judge came to question him, he wouldn’t reply. The secret of Little Silver’s existence was too important.

“Don’t worry. If the observer can’t discover someone is cheating, that is a problem with his ability. If he dares to record it, he will be the one that loses face. It would mean that the Saint Gate is bad at judging people before hiring them.”

Gu Xiuxun consoled.

Indeed, if one analyzed this from the perspective of human nature, the observer wouldn’t do something that was so disadvantageous for himself.


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Song Ren was suddenly enlightened. “So, Teacher Sun scolded him for free?”


Gu Xiuxun surveyed Song Ren. He was just 21, but his sideburns seemed a little bald. However, even if he wasn’t bald, his brain was so slow. How would he be able to woo a girl like this?

“Teacher Sun, don’t tell me you already considered all this when you scolded him?”

Song Ren asked.

“He might still be listening in the shadows!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He wasn’t a fool, and he knew whether he would be able to scold people or not.


Upon hearing this, Song Ren tactfully shut his mouth. Sun Mo dared to offend the observer, but he didn’t dare to. However, he really admired such courage very much.


Favorable impression points from Song Ren +20. Friendly (160/1,000).

Fan Yao was feeling gloomy. The students went down the wrong path, but what should they do? This was especially so for this feeling where they could only watch the students continued making mistakes. It really felt terrible.

The Honglu Island was to the north of White Dew City, 60 degrees to the west. To reach there, one must pass through hills, canyons, and swamps. One could say that the endpoint involved passing through many types of terrains. This was to test the comprehensive strength of the students.

The first day of the death race competition.

As time flowed continuously on, the members of the group became more familiar with each other. After that, Zhang Yanzong’s heart was like a giant rock tossed into the lake, rapidly sinking to the depths.

His prediction wasn’t wrong. Li Ziqi was indeed more useless than the sickly invalid.

Tantai Yutang’s body might be weak, but he was able to keep up with the group. Besides, no unexpected incidents would occur to him. However, Li Ziqi wasn’t able to do so.

Her athletic ability was extremely inferior. It wasn’t to the extent that she didn’t have enough stamina, but her body’s balance and coordination was too weak.

For someone that could even fall on flat ground, could you have any hopes of her having an outstanding performance when traversing hilly regions?

And as expected, at about 3 p.m, after they entered the hilly region, Li Ziqi’s speed drastically slowed. Also, everyone could feel that it was extremely strenuous for her when they were rushing.

“Eldest martial sister!”

Lu Zhiruo stretched out her hand to support the little sunny egg. There was a look of worry on her face.

“I’m fine!”

Li Ziqi pushed the papaya girl’s hand away. But because of this action, she lost her balance. Her legs skidded as she rolled down the slope.


Li Ziqi was startled and cried out. But she quickly stifled the cry.

Bang! Bang!

Although the slope wasn’t too precipitous, Li Ziqi wasn’t able to quickly regain control of her body. When she rolled down, she even knocked into two fruit trees.

“Eldest martial sister!”

Lu Zhiruo jumped in fright. She immediately rushed over and helped her up.


Chu Jian, who was at the side, had fast reflexes. He sped over as well and grabbed Li Ziqi’s wrist to pull her along.

After some chaos, the group finally ascended to the peak of the hill.

Li Ziqi leaned against a birch tree and panted heavily. Sweat covered her face. Her hair was disheveled and stuck to her face and neck.

“Eldest martial sister, drink some water!”

Lu Zhiruo passed a water bag over.

Li Ziqi pushed it away. Although her face was expressionless, she felt extremely depressed and reluctant in her heart. She knew she wasn’t agile enough, but wasn’t her performance a little way too weak?

“Li Ziqi, I admit that I was very impressed when you controlled your panicked emotions earlier. You fell down and didn’t scream out. However, your body is truly too weak.”

Zhang Yanzong squatted before the little sunny egg and looked her directly in the eye. “You should just forfeit!”

In this autumn afternoon where the sun rays were warm, Zhang Yanzong actually said such a cruel sentence.


Lu Zhiruo grew anxious.

Wu Jitong and Xu Dingjiang exchanged a mutual glance. They didn’t speak, but this was their intention as well. “Because of Li Ziqi, we were passed by over 60 students on our way there.”

Zhang Yanzong was very unhappy.

If a group had to lose a member and the reason wasn’t because of combat, which group leader would feel happy? However, if they didn’t do this and continued bringing Li Ziqi along, their speed would only be dragged down even more.

“I can keep up!”

Li Ziqi gritted her teeth.

“Li Ziqi, you are also an intelligent person so you should stop lying to yourself. Your movement speed is already so slow on flat grounds. Now, we are going to be traversing the hilly regions. This is basically a death sentence for you.” Wu Jitong interjected, “It’s better to just get the pain over with rather than to prolong the agony!”

“How can you guys act like this?”

Lu Zhiruo felt it was unfair for Li Ziqi. “My eldest martial sister is already doing her utmost!”

“And then?”

Zhang Yanzong glanced over and spoke in a grave tone, “If doing her utmost can be the reason for her to stay, I am sure that among the freshmen, at least 100 people are more hardworking than her.”

“Group leader, your words are a little too overboard. From the start until now, Ziqi’s performance looks extremely perfect in my point of view.”

Tantai Yutang helped and spoke on her behalf.

The coordination of one’s body was something determined by birth. Even if one trained themselves continuously, the improvement wouldn’t be that great.

In the world, all athletes in various fields depended on their talent to win. If their innate talent wasn’t high enough, no matter how much effort they put in, they wouldn’t be able to get good results.

If Sun Mo hadn’t stimulated her potential with his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands and the first level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, she would have long since lagged behind the group. “Perfect? To the extent of causing us to rank in the 70s?”

Zhang Yanzong ridiculed.

“It’s my fault, I won’t deny it. But I have my strong points too!” Li Ziqi pursed her lips. “I will use my own methods to contribute to the group.”

“Li Ziqi, just give up on your wild ambitions.” Zhang Yanzong looked at her. “We want to win. Please make the correct decision that would benefit the group!”

“Oi, are you forcing her to give up automatically?”

Tantai Yutang walked over and pushed Zhang Yanzong’s shoulder, forcing him back.

“Don’t fight!

Li Fen nervously rushed over.

Xuanyuan Po knew that there wouldn’t be any results soon after seeing these people quarreling. Hence, he went to sit at the side to meditate.

Li Ziqi fell silent and started to doubt her persistence. Was it a wrong decision? After all, Zhang Yanzong said this because he also wanted the group to win.

What was more important was her teacher. If she dragged down the group and caused their ranking to fall, the ones being harmed would be the Central Province Academy and her teacher!

“Li Ziqi, don’t look down on yourself. This competition has just started. Who knows what would happen in the end?”

Tantai Yutang persuaded her.

“If we bring her along, we won’t be able to finish walking the whole distance within five days! Also, even if we finish on time, what’s the point of getting the 70th or 80th place?”

“Group leader, it isn’t wrong that you want to cast aside a burden to perfect our performance. However, since you are speaking blindly and not admitting Li Ziqi’s strengths, this is too overboard.”

Tantai Yutang took out a pear-flavored sweet from his pocket. He took off the wrapper and threw the sweet into his mouth.

There was no problem if Zhang Yanzong wanted to be an egoist person. After all, the competition would affect all their futures, so it was understandable if Zhang Yanzong was a little selfish. However, he shouldn’t have used this pompous-sounding excuse to kick Li Ziqi away.

“Does she have strengths? Do you mean the strength to fall when walking on flat ground?”

Zhang Yanzong’s tone was filled with animosity. Tantai Yutang was always screwing things up for him! As expected, he shouldn’t have allowed these two to join the group back then.

“You guys, stop quarreling, I…”

Li Ziqi’s heart suddenly trembled when she saw the look of disdain in the eyes of Wu Jitong and the others. She was preparing to leave the group, but before she could say the words, Lu Zhiruo interrupted her.

“Eldest martial sister, you mustn’t give up!”

Lu Zhiruo grabbed Li Ziqi’s hand. “Teacher has high expectations of you. Are you going to use ‘giving up’ to repay his trust?”

After hearing Sun Mo’s name, Li Ziqi covered her mouth.

“If our teacher was the group leader, I believe that he would never abandon any teammates and would think of all solutions to make everyone pass the crisis!”

After the papaya girl spoke, she looked at Zhang Yanzong. “I feel that a good group leader shouldn’t abandon teammates in times of crisis. Instead, he should rack his brain paste to think of a solution.”

“It’s brain juice, not paste!”

Tantai Yutang reminded her.

“In any case, our teacher would surely do this!”


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100. Reverence.

Although Sun Mo who was hiding in the shadows had no idea what Lu Zhiruo was saying, he could roughly guess most of it. But after hearing the system notification, he felt extremely moved.

The papaya girl truly had incomparable trust toward him!

Everyone felt somewhat awkward, especially so for Wu Jitong and Xu Dingjiang. After all, their group was just formed and the members weren’t that close to each other yet. Hence, when a problem occurred, their first notion was to toss aside the burden so they wouldn’t be dragged down.

“Zhiruo, thank you!”

Li Ziqi smiled at the papaya girl. After that, she inhaled deeply twice, calming down her emotions. Then, she turned to Zhang Yanzong. “Sorry, I will not forfeit!”

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