Absolute Great Teacher
325 Human-faced Canyon, Journey of Death
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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325 Human-faced Canyon, Journey of Death


The others weren’t asleep yet and were also alarmed. All of them drew out their weapons, ready for battle.

“Could it be that the other student groups have come to launch a sneak attack?”

Li Fen was very nervous.

She had heard that it was a very common thing for the student groups to fight and kill each other for the sake of getting a better ranking.

“Shut up!”

Zhang Yanzong let out a low bellow. He was afraid that if they were to speak or give out commands, the enemies would hear them. Therefore, he threw a glance, wanting to let the members scatter away. However, these guys didn’t notice it at all.


Zhang Yanzong was speechless, but he felt even more upset toward Xuanyuan Po. This guy had picked up his silver spear and took the initiative to face the enemies.

“Leader, is this ok now?”

Li Ziqi asked as she stroked the big white tiger’s fur.

Zhang Yanzong’s lips twitched, not knowing how he should answer. It was because now that the little sunny egg had the tiger as her ride, she’d be able to catch up with the rest of the group.

“Li Ziqi, how did you manage to do that?”

Li Fen was surprised.

“Are you a spirit controller?”

Shi Qiao was surprised.

“Keep an eye on your pet. Don’t let it bite others!”

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After saying that, Zhang Yanzong ignored Li Ziqi.

That morning, after ascertaining that it was too difficult for her to keep up with the team, Li Ziqi thought of catching a pet as a ride. However, she didn’t do it.

It was because the idea of spiritual beast control was to treat the pet as a friend and not a slave to oppress.

This was what the saint who had founded this subject back then had always said. Li Ziqi had caught a pet to deal with the emergency, and this was considered to be a violation of this ideology.

The big white tiger seemed to have noticed Li Ziqi’s guilt and got closer to her, reaching out its big tongue to lick her face.

“Haha, stop it, it tickles!”

Li Ziqi wanted to push the big white tiger’s head away, but it was too persistent.

Lu Zhiruo sat at the side and looked at this scene enviously. Then, her expression turned into disappointment.

(Eldest Martial Sister is really talented. She shouldn’t have studied much on the art of spiritual beast control but still succeeded on her first attempt.)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》