Absolute Great Teacher
328 Shocking Performance
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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328 Shocking Performance


“Group leader, it’s over. The escape route is blocked!”

After seeing a bunch of human-faced spiders rushing out from behind the canyon, Wu Ran screamed.

The students from Chongde were in despair. Could it be that they had to die here today?

Although the new student group from the Central Province Academy was also here, rather than putting their hopes on these people, they might as well pray for the human-faced spiders to drop dead suddenly for no reason.

“Group leader, quickly use the signal tube!”

Wu Ran urged. They could only seek help from their teachers. As for the fact that their ranking would be pushed back by three places after this, she no longer cared about it.

The situation had reached this extent; being able to live on was then the most important thing.

“Group leader, I don’t want to die!”

Zhang Yanzong’s swift blade slashed out, directly splitting apart the head of a spider. Shi Qiao stabbed forth with his spear, blasting through the eyes of a spider.

However, the most valiant one was still Xuanyuan Po. This fellow slammed out with his silver spear, smashing it into the head of a spider.


The immense force directly exploded the spider’s head and even sent its body flying away, somersaulting backward.

Ying Baiwu was explosively firing arrows, killing a spider with every shot!

The five students, with Zhang Yanzong in the lead, immediately blocked the spiders’ attack. “It can’t be right, why are they so impressive?”

The students from Chongde were stunned. Hadn’t the Central Province Academy already declined? They all heard that this school wasn’t able to recruit any good students, but why were these students so fierce and powerful?

The important thing was their auras that crushed their opponents! “Baiwu, save some of your strength.” Li Ziqi reminded her while taking out five pieces of spirit rune papers. She then held onto them by placing them in her mouth, biting them.

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The iron-headed girl was very intelligent and immediately understood. She inclined her head and kept a close watch on the cracks at the two sides of the wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spiders fell down. Two of them were in more miserable states because they were at the forefront and had suffered the brunt of the storm of arrows. They were directly blasted into pieces.

This gorgeous and bloody scene caused everyone in the group to be in a daze.


Xu Dingjiang’s eyeballs almost exploded from shock. What sort of archery skill was this?

Damn, he really wanted it.

“Beautifully done!”

Tantai Yutang praised.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》