Absolute Great Teacher
329 Desperate Straits
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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329 Desperate Straits


Gusty people would mostly be filled with extreme self-confidence.

The new student group from the Central Province Academy chose not to use the signal tube and wanted to personally rescue Peng Kunqi and Wu Jitong who were captured by the human-faced spiders. Other than self-confidence, this could also be said as arrogance.

Earlier when they had encountered the sneak attack by the spider army, their group didn’t collapse and performed outstandingly. That gave them courage.

If it wasn’t for the two of them being captured at the end, the performance of the Central Province Academy’s new student group could be said to be perfect.

“Those spiders’ hunting style is different from other spiders; they are the green-luos. They don’t weave webs to wait for prey to run into them. Rather, they shoot strands of spider silk with a bony spike at the front end!

“The bone spike is covered in strong numbing poison. Once it is embedded into a target, the target would fall unconscious.”

Li Ziqi explained to everyone.

With regard to the little sunny egg’s broad knowledge, the rest of them no longer felt surprised. Even Zhang Yanzong admitted that with Li Ziqi in the group, there were truly many benefits.

Zhang Yanzong frowned. He originally wanted to reject it, but after seeing Zhao Zhi’s apprehensive expression, he finally understood. Hence, he nodded. “Alright. Zhao Zhi, you can stay behind to take care of them.”

“This is settled then. Everyone, drink some water and eat some food. We have to check our equipment too. We shall move out in two minutes!”

Li Ziqi clapped.

they should set off immediately, but after hearing Li Ziqi’s words, he didn’t object. He couldn’t help but admit that this girl was more meticulous compared to him when it came to solving problems.

He only cared about the danger before them, yet he neglected other details.

“Mn, letting her become the vice group leader so she can make up for my deficiencies is really a good choice.”

Zhang Yanzong pondered. He had already approved of Li Ziqi.

Weak athletic ability?

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No problem. Little sunny egg’s value was enough to overcome this flaw. Also, she had a giant white tiger as a mount. Her movement speed was no longer slow.

Tantai Yutang explained.

Seeing how the sickly invalid continued force-feeding medicine to Lu Qi, even Zeng Gang who was extremely muscular and burly was trembling as he spoke in a low voice, “I would rather be bed-ridden for a week!”

“Me too, if I’m hit by the green-luos’ poison, please don’t let him force-feed me medicine!”

Xu Jialiang felt a bout of disgust. But when he glanced at Lu Zhiruo, he thought that he wouldn’t mind if it was this big-breasted girl who fed him the medicine.

Naturally, Ying Baiwu was fine too. Although her chest was a little small, it was still within his acceptable expectation. But as for Li Ziqi, it was definitely a no-no.

The morale of the new student group from Chongde was low.

After suffering this setback, everyone knew that their ranking would surely be abysmal. There was basically no chance for them to get into the ‘C’ grade.

“This is just the first round. We haven’t lost

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》