Absolute Great Teacher
332 Congratulations to the New Student Group from the Central Province Academy, Battle Spoils Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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332 Congratulations to the New Student Group from the Central Province Academy, Battle Spoils Obtained!


At a tunnel 50 meters away from the broodmother, Sun Mo’s group and the observer squatted and observed the battle situation through a crystal board. “What is this? We can monitor them in real-time?”

Sun Mo was curious.

The crystal board in the observer’s hands was flat and smooth. Although the scene on it was a little blurry, all of them could roughly see what was happening in the cave. “The Saint Gate has excavated many darkness technologies from the ruins of the Darkness Continent. This crystal board is just one of them.”

Gu Xiuxun explained.

“Can we buy it on the market?”

The current Sun Mo didn’t lack money.

Gu Xiuxun didn’t say anything, but the observer couldn’t control it anymore.

“Stop dreaming. Such darkness technologies are sealed to the outside world, and only us from the observer group can use them. After this is over, we have to return the crystal boards to the Saint Gate!”

Just when Gu Xiuxun wanted to go over to help, Sun Mo had rushed out.

(Where’s the calmness you showed earlier? So, you are actually more nervous than anyone else!)

“Sun Mo halt. If you continue to run over, I will strip your school’s participation qualification!”

The observer threatened.

“Sun Mo, it’s fine. It’s settled!”

Gu Xiuxun swept a glance at the crystal board and immediately stopped Sun Mo when she saw that the broodmother’s attacks had stopped.

“I needed to pee urgently.” Sun Mo shrugged. “The observer wants to meddle in matters like this as well?”

The observer was speechless. He was so angry that his chest was heaving as he couldn’t fault this ‘explanation’.

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Gu Xiuxun was unable to restrain a smile as she mentally mused, ‘your nickname as Black Doggy Sun is truly apt. Your toxic tongue can anger a human to death.’

If people judged his comprehensive strengths, Zhang Yanzong didn’t really have any flaws. However, he wasn’t outstanding in any areas either.

“You guys should feel content. If I could recruit even one of your students, I would be smiling in my sleep for an entire month!”

Fan Yao felt envy and jealousy.

Who didn’t want good students?

(These students of Sun Mo are all very outstanding, and they will surely display great brilliance in the league tournament. At that time, great teachers would come and headhunt them. I wonder if Sun Mo would be able to keep them?)

Fan Yao felt some worry.

In the great teacher world, great teachers wouldn’t usually headhunt the students of others. However, given how vast the forest was, there would surely be all sorts of birds. There was a small portion of great teachers who wouldn’t follow the rules.

Naturally, they would find a suitable reason and give compensation to smooth things over.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》