Absolute Great Teacher
335 Speeding Rapidly Ahead
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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335 Speeding Rapidly Ahead


Tonight, Zhang Yanzong was both mentally and physically exhausted.

If Li Ziqi’s theory was correct and the map Saint Gate had given them was wrong, the remaining question was whether the location of the endpoint was correct or not.

Li Ziqi depended on her memory to draw Honglu Island out. It was in the same location as the Honglu Island marked in the map given by Saint Gate. Their shapes were the same.

The terrain was the same as well.

There didn’t seem to be a problem at first glance, but Zhang Yanzong was an intelligent person, hence, he could verify right and wrong through his thinking process.

If the location of Honglu Island wasn’t wrong, it meant that the Saint Gate gave them the wrong map out of boredom? This couldn’t be the case, hence, there was only one possibility left.

The possibility was that the location of Honglu Island couldn’t be found on the map. This was why the students needed to verify the landmark and search for it themselves.

After thinking about this, Zhang Yanzong felt a headache.

“Ziqi is correct. The map is wrong!”

Zhang Yanzong sighed. He looked at the little sunny egg and really wanted to ask her what they should do next. However, because of the little pride he felt as the group leader, he was embarrassed to ask.

“They finally verified that the map has a problem!”

Fan Yao, who was hiding in the darkness, excitedly danced about. Although they were delayed for two days, it wasn’t too late. In any case, the ranking of this round would only be a component of their overall ranking.

“Don’t be happy too early. The terrain and surroundings of Honglu Island on the false map are the same as the real one. It’s absolutely impossible to depend on the map to find Honglu Island.”

The observer reminded him.

Upon hearing this, Fan Yao’s expression stiffened.

“Zhang Yanzong seemed to be on the verge of a breakdown.”

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Song Ren discovered a small detail. Zhang Yanzong’s expression was too heavy, resembling the sky covered in black clouds. “What stupid topic the Saint Gate has come up with? Isn’t this too difficult?”

The Saint Gate’s way of handling things was this: they wanted to raise the difficulty to see how many points the genius students could obtain!

The sun rose and the warm sunlight shone on everyone. However, the atmosphere in the camp was extremely icy.

At this moment, everyone felt that they were hugging a piece of driftwood and floating on the vast sea. They basically had no way to know which direction was the way to return! “I feel that there’s no mistake with the endpoint. If not, how would we be able to find it?”

Chu Jian spoke, “There might be some mistakes on the map and this might be done by the Saint Gate on purpose to confuse us, bringing additional trouble to us.”

“In any case, since we don’t know the path, why don’t we just depend on our original plan and continue walking to the place indicated on the map?”

Shi Jiao suggested, he clutched his hair and felt extremely vexed. In any case, he wasn’t able to come out with a solution.

“Eldest martial sister, do you have any solutions? Just say it directly.”

Lu Zhiruo asked in a small voice.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》