Absolute Great Teacher
340 Slaughter You!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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340 Slaughter You!

The Saint Gate set the duration of the first round to be five days. If one exceeded the time limit, they would be considered eliminated. If a new student group finished the mission before the time ended, they could use the remaining time to rest.

Li Ziqi’s group completed it about a day in advance. This could be considered a small advantage.

On the sixth day’s morning, after Sun Mo ate breakfast, he met with An Xinhui outside the Ten Thousand Maples. They then headed to the White Dew Building as the final results would be announced.

“I’ve already asked around. The performances of your students are amazing!”

An Xinhui happily smiled when she saw Sun Mo.

“Are you alright?” Sun Mo furrowed his brows. An Xinhui’s dark circles were very serious. Also, he heard that the competition the representative group had undergone was even more difficult. The competition between groups was crueler as well.

After all, the representative groups were made up of elite students from each school. The standards of the teachers leading them were very high as well. If they wanted to get a good ranking, they really had to do their utmost.

“I’m fine.”

An Xinhui smiled slightly. “Let’s go, it isn’t early anymore.”

Zhang Hanfu stood at the window of the third floor. When he saw Sun Mo and An Xinhui leaving, he was so angry that he smashed the teacup he was holding. He should be the one who enjoyed the glory.

“Why don’t you let me follow them?”

Lu Zhiruo grumbled a little.

“Teacher and the headmaster are nurturing their relationship. Why do you want to go? Do you want to be a third wheel?”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes and exited the room. After walking for a while and realizing that the papaya girl didn’t follow her, she hurriedly urged, “Quickly!” “Eh? I thought we are not going to be the third wheel?”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t understand.

“Don’t you know what is observing from the shadows?”

Li Ziqi was speechless. The love story of her teacher was something she had to pay attention to at all times.

Currently, many people were gathered at the White Dew Building, waiting for the final rankings to be announced.

Just as An Xinhui came over, she immediately became the focal point of the crowd.

“Little An, you are here!”

“Xinhui, how’s your grandpa’s situation?”

“If you run into any difficulties just tell me, don’t regard me as an outsider!”

A few headmasters immediately came over.

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Some were speaking words of fake politeness, while others sincerely wanted to help An Xinhui. This was because they had received kindness from the old headmaster before.

However, they were all rejected tactfully by An Xinhui in a proper manner. The Central Province Academy hadn’t reached the point of complete destitution yet. After all, if she really depended on these people for help, it would mean exhausting a favor.

Since it was a favor, it must be used at an appropriate time.

Currently, inside the White Dew Building, the seats were split into two zones. One zone was near to the platform, and these seats were for representatives of the schools. The other zone was known as the audience seats, and anyone could seat there.

“You seem very famous, eh?”

Sun Mo teased. He noticed many teachers surveying An Xinhui.

An Xinhui rolled her eyes. (No matter what, I’m ranked #5 on the Beauty Rankings, alright? Also, I’m a 3-star great teacher and the headmaster of the Central Province Academy. It would be difficult to not be famous.)

The way the Saint Gate did things had always been swift and decisive. When 9 a.m. arrived, the vice alliance leader Liang Hongda carried a thick stack of envelopes and walked onto the platform, preparing to announce the rankings. These envelopes contained the names of the schools. Even though he was the vice alliance leader, he had only gotten the information half an hour ago from the head judge, Tong Yiming. This put an end to all possibilities of cheating or secrets being leaked.

“The first place, Mingshao Academy!”

Liang Hongda opened up an envelope. “Their new student group got first place, and their representative group got first place. Their overall ranking is #1!”

In the past, Sun Mo was the most afraid of having a meeting.

Regardless of which leader, they would usually speak a great load of content that was not substantial. Other than delaying time, it didn’t have any use.

The one with second overall ranking was the Sky Orchid Academy that stayed in the same hotel as Sun Mo and the others.

The third place was Weima Academy, a famous school from Liang Province. The customs of that place were dictated by valiantness and strength. Courage was prized highly. This was why the school’s style was very unique. They were indifferent about life and death. If they were unhappy with something, they would fight all the way.

Usually, when other schools competed against them, they would choose to avoid them. After all, a fight to the death had no meaning.

“Fourth place…”

Liang Hongda opened the fourth envelope. When he saw the name of the school, he was startled.

His reaction immediately caused a wave of discussion to happen below.

These headmasters were all good judges of people. The moment they saw Liang Hongda’s expressions, they understood that a dark horse had appeared.

“Fourth place, the Central Province Academy!”

“Their new student group got fifth place, and their representative group got third place. Their overall ranking is #4!”

After Liang Hongda finished announcing, a huge commotion occurred below the platform right away.

“Fourth place…if this continued on, they really would have hope of ascending to the ‘C’ grade!”

“Forget it, there are still two more rounds of competition after this. There have been cases of schools screwing things up before!”

Some were envious, some were jealous, and some regarded this with contempt. With so many people here, there were naturally many different voices.

“An Xinhui can really keep her composure!”

Sun Mo saw that An Xinhui didn’t cheer in excitement. When he praised her, his left hand was suddenly grabbed. It felt very painful.

Ding! Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +1,000. Reverence (3,102/10,000).

“Do you have to use so much force?”

Sun Mo almost cried out. When An Xinhui released her hold, he discovered that his fingers were now red from the impact.

For the overall rankings, Haizhou was ranked #9, Zhoushan was ranked #42, Fengshan was ranked #57, Chongde was #86…

However, Sun Mo didn’t manage to continue hearing it because An Xinhui kept thanking him from the side in a low voice.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

It wasn’t that An Xinhui wasn’t agitated and excited, but she merely suppressed her emotions and didn’t cry out. When Liang Hongda finished announcing the rankings and informed all of them that the second round of competition would officially begin two days later, An Xinhui broke into a run and pulled Sun Mo out of the White Dew Building. She was afraid that if she continued staying there, she might be unable to control her emotions and cry. After they exited the building, An Xinhui pulled Sun Mo along and ran for half a block. After that, she entered a small alley and turned around, hugging Sun Mo.


Sun Mo was knocked back a little. He subconsciously held An Xinhui to support her.

“Thank you, little Momo. You let me see the hope of returning to the ‘C’, no, to the supreme-grade!”

An Xinhui buried her face in Sun Mo’s chest and spoke with a sobbing tone.

For this moment, she had waited a total of three years.

Ever since she became the headmaster, she had been constantly under immense pressure. However, she didn’t dare to reveal her stress before outsiders. This was because she was the headmaster, and she was everyone’s hope and support.

Sun Mo hesitated a little but didn’t hug her back. He chose to pat her on the back instead.

“Merely ascending to ‘C’ grade? My goal is the championship!”

Sun Mo laughed.


“Congratulations on helping the Central Province Academy to obtain a good beginning. You are hereby awarded a bronze treasure chest!”

The system sent timely congratulations.

The two of them then returned to the Ten Thousand Maples. Even before An Xinhui announced the ranking, everyone was already wild with joy. Clearly, some of the students had already learned of it by snooping around. “We will have better food this afternoon!”

An Xinhui really enjoyed this moment of joy.

The students of Sky Orchid were in the hotel too. When they saw this, they couldn’t help but mock them.

“You guys are merely fourth place, do you all have to be so excited?”

“That’s right, getting fourth place for us is as normal as celebrating the new year!” “After all, a school like us that has our sights set on the championship is really as rare as phoenix feathers and kirin horns!”

A few students from Sky Orchid had looks of disdain on their faces when they looked at the students from the Central Province Academy. They were filled with a sense of superiority.

Lunch was sumptuous. Boss Lei only charged them half the price and even gave them many plates of fruits.

“Congratulations, Headmaster An!” The smile on Boss Lei’s face was so wide that his wrinkles were squeezed until they resembled a bunch of chrysanthemum flowers.

He didn’t expect the Central Province Academy to be so good. If they could become the top three, he would make a crazy profit.

Honestly speaking, he only charged Sky Orchid Academy half the price during this championship. This was because he betted on the fact that Sky Orchid would be the champion this year. If this really came through, the pricing of his hotel would surge next year.

For something like a competition, the schools were all very superstitious. They were speaking about things like the hotel that the champions stayed in before, etc. After that, the pricing of that particular hotel would rise by 10 times the market rate.

These famous schools didn’t lack money, they lacked luck!

“Boss Lei, don’t merely speak some pleasant-sounding words. Show us something practical!”

Sun Mo joked.

“Are these fruits enough?”

Boss Lei laughed. He absolutely didn’t dare to neglect this extremely wealthy person before him.

“If we become the champion, would you refund the money for our stay?”

Sun Mo was teasing him. He didn’t lack the money.

Boss Lei didn’t say anything, but a few teachers from Sky Orchid couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Getting the championship? Is he dreaming?”

The other party didn’t intentionally lower their voices. Evidently, they were not afraid of being heard by An Xinhui’s group. “Oi!”

Sun Mo became unhappy.

“Forget it!”

An Xinhui persuaded him. They couldn’t possibly find trouble with people just because of a single sentence, right?

“What’s wrong?” The male teacher in the lead halted. He glanced at An Xinhui before turning his gaze onto Sun Mo. He lifted his chin slightly. “So proud of yourselves just because you guys got fourth place?”

“That’s right. We are the second place, but are we that arrogant?”

Liang Pei sneered.

“Oi, the two of you are being too meddlesome, right? You don’t even allow others to boast?”

Guo Zihao elbowed his colleagues. He appeared to be speaking up for Sun Mo but was actually making fun of him. “What is your name?”

Sun Mo stared at the male teacher in the lead.

“Chunyu Kong.” This male teacher with a tall stature provocatively stared at Sun Mo. “Why? You want a duel? I will agree anytime!” “Stop quarreling, you still have to participate in the competition two days later!”

An Xinhui stopped Sun Mo. Her childhood sweetheart was her trump card, and she mustn’t allow him to be injured due to such unexpected incidents.

“The two of you, please calm down!”

Boss Lei hurriedly mediated.

“Participate in the competition?”

Chunyu Kong laughed. “No wonder you are so arrogant, you…”

“Shut up!” An Xinhui frowned and glared at Chunyu Kong. Her strict posture and aura directly gushed over. “Headmaster Zhang is a selfless person with much self-restraint, how is it possible that he taught you guys to act like this? If you all want to lose face, just go for it. But don’t throw the face of the Sky Orchid Academy and Headmaster Zhang.”

Chunyu Kong and the others didn’t know what to reply.

Sun Mo looked at An Xinhui. He didn’t expect an educated and well-balanced beauty like her to actually be so forceful when she was scolding people.

Chunyu Kong still wanted to say something, but he was stopped by Guo Zihao.

“Forget it, if this spread to the headmaster’s ears, it wouldn’t be beneficial to us!” Guo Zihao persuaded. Behind him, many reserve teachers were waiting for him to screw up so they could replace him.

“That’s right, we will just show this fellow who’s the boss during the competition!”

Liang Pei’s lips curled. There were no stars on Sun Mo’s teacher’s attire. This was why he was sure that Sun Mo was a participating teacher in the new student group. “Just pray that you don’t meet me in the competition!”

Chunyu Kong showed his thumb and made a slicing gesture across his neck. His meaning was simple. (At that time, I will slaughter you!)

Sun Mo’s gaze turned solemn.

“Who is this? Why is he so arrogant?”

Li Ziqi came over. When she saw this scene, she was very unhappy. “I’ll slaughter him!”

“A crazy person!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled.

“Teacher Sun, don’t be angry. These new teachers just joined Sky Orchid so they are more arrogant. They would be better after a few years.”

Boss Lei was someone who had experienced this before. If young people weren’t impetuous, how would they be young people?

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