Absolute Great Teacher
346 Your ‘Luck’ Is Unrivaled!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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346 Your ‘Luck’ Is Unrivaled!


In the White Dew Building, the new student groups and participating teachers of the 108 schools had already formed into neat rows and were all waiting. Chen Liqi saw Sun Mo, and his eyes shone with malicious intent. After that, his gaze swept to the students behind Sun Mo. He wasn’t able to defeat Sun Mo, but he could deal with the students from his school. If their competition result wasn’t good, Sun Mo, as a participating teacher, would surely be criticized by his headmaster or even fired.

“Hmph, who do you think you are? How dare you butt into my business. I will make you pay the price for doing so!” Chen Liqi silently began to plan how he should take his revenge.

The main judge Tong Yiming stood on the platform and started to explain the round. “For this round of competition, both teachers and students will participate together. I will only say the rules once. Everyone, please listen carefully. “This round is named the special hunt competition for mysterious species of darkness. Later on, you guys will choose a representative to come up to the platform to draw lots. The species you drew will be the species you have to hunt.

“Capture that species and head back to the endpoint and you will obtain 10 points. If you are unable to find the species you drew from the lot, you can attack other new student groups to seize the mysterious species of darkness they hunted. “But remember, for a species that differs from the lot you drew, you will only gain 5 points. Hence, from theory, if you guys chose to seize them from other student groups, you have to succeed in doing so twice before you can gain 10 points.” After hearing this, the students drew in a breath of cold air. This round would depend on confrontation, so their combat strength would be very important!

However, that was also the true purpose. Whether a student was strong or not, it still depended on whether he could defeat others through combat.

“As for the teachers, please pay attention. You guys can freely attack each other, but you are not allowed to attack the students. However, there’s an exception. Once a student launches an attack at you, you would be able to attack them back.”

“Also, the captured mysterious species of darkness will have to be handed to a student. If a teacher holds it, it would directly break the rules and that group will be eliminated.”

Tong Yiming’s words sparked another round of discussion.

This rule was clearly made for those genius freshmen. Every year, there would always be a new student wanting to challenge a teacher. Regardless of whether they were successful or not, it was a valuable experience. At the same time, this was also a motivation for the teachers. They wanted to let the teachers know that the rising stars of the future were as many as hairs from an ox. Once a teacher wasn’t hard-working enough, not only would they lose the qualifications to guide the students, but they would even be surpassed by the latter.

“Now, the various representatives from the new student groups can head up the platform to draw lots.

“Please take note that if you don’t draw a lot within three minutes, it would mean that you wish to forfeit.”

After Tong Yiming’s announcement, the staff moved a transparent large box onto the platform. At the same time, there was a large white curtain covering

On the curtain, there were nine terms. They were ‘A’ species, ‘B’ species, ‘C’ species, ‘D’ species, ‘E’ species, ‘F’ species, ‘G’ species, ‘H’ species, and ‘I’ species. In the box, there were wax pellets with strips of paper inside them that contained the species grading. Sun Mo noticed that Tong Yiming basically didn’t say anything like getting someone to inspect the box. Also, none of the other teachers requested to do so. This meant that in the hearts of all the academies, the reputation of the Saint Gate was very high. Everyone would trust them unconditionally. After Tong Yiming spoke, he stood to the side and monitored the lot drawing process. However, he didn’t determine the drawing order.

After noticing this scene, the group leaders of over ten student groups immediately rushed up the platform. The earlier one drew a lot, the better their chances of obtaining a good lot would be!

At this moment, what the group leaders were competing in was their movement arts. Nangong Dao from Mingshao Academy had extremely fast speed. In a flash, his body directly appeared on the platform. After that, he inserted his right arm into the large box and took out a wax pellet.

“Isn’t this fellow a little too calm?”

“He was the first to rush up not because he wants to increase the probability of drawing a good lot but rather, it’s because he wants to be the number one to


“Yeah, in any case, no matter what he drew, his school would surely take the first palace.”

The students in the surroundings discussed. There were exclaims of admiration as well as sighs of helplessness. Nangong Dao’s fame was too great. He could single-handedly destroy half of a new student group from other schools

Tong Yiming took the wax pellet Nangong Dao passed over. He directly crushed it and took the piece of paper inside.

“A’ species!” After Tong Yiming spoke, the staff immediately wrote Mingshao Academy’s name in the black space under the ‘A’ species term on the curtain. “Is this considered good or no good?” Someone speculated. The lot-drawing continued. For the various famous schools like Sky Orchid, Weima, Haizhou, the leader of the student group was deeply trusted by the other members. Hence, there was no need for dispute or discussion, the group leader directly went up to draw lots.

But for some other schools, the prestige of the student group leader wasn’t high enough. Some members would request for them to head up the platform personally. For the Central Province Academy, Sun Mo actually wanted the papaya girl to draw the lot as she was simply the goddess of luck. Her luck was so strong that it was heaven-defying.

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However, he was too embarrassed to say it because Zhang Yanzong made a vow. “Trust me. If I cannot draw a good lot this time around, I will abstain from eating meat for three years!”

Zhang Yanzong patted his chest. “Not eating meat will affect your cultivation. How about this? If you fail to draw a good lot, you can’t be in a relationship when you are still in school.”

Tantai Yutang teased. “Eh!”

Zhang Yanzong hesitated, was there a need to be so ruthless?

“If you don’t even have this bit of guts, let me do it instead!”

“No problem, if I cannot draw a good lot, I won’t be in a relationship!”

Zhang Yanzong went all-out.

Just as the sound of his words rang out, everyone started laughing. The atmosphere immediately became harmonious. Li Ziqi actually also wanted the papaya girl to draw the lot, but after seeing this scene, she gave it up. A harmonious relationship between the group members was more important than luck. Zhang Yanzong stood before the box and stretched his hand in.

“I don’t want to be a single dog. So, right hand of mine, I usually don’t use you. Have you rested enough? You have to get some credit for me!”

Zhang Yanzong prayed.

This fellow was a leftie. When he went to the toilet, he would also use his left hand to hold his ‘bird’ and wipe his bum. Hence, he felt that his right hand was surely very clean and wouldn’t be unlucky. “Central Province Academy!”

Tong Yiming opened the paper. “‘A’ species!” “F***!”

Zhang Yanzong howled in anguish and closed his eyes. This should be the worst lot. Although Tong Yiming said that they could snatch the other mysterious species of darkness from other groups and this would gain them five points, he didn’t say they weren’t allowed to snatch the same type of creature. Hence, the students clearly could do so.

Their target was the same as the Mingshao Academy. It meant that the competitive pressure would be exceedingly great.

Firstly, Mingshao would surely be able to hunt one mysterious species of darkness of the ‘A’ grade. Zhang Yanzong felt that the number of species to hunt wouldn’t be much. And the lesser their number, the more difficult it would be for him to snatch them.

Also, even if their side only chose to capture one, the Mingshao Academy might try to snatch it from them. After hearing the news, Zhang Yanzong had also considered whether they should rest to maintain their energy, and instead of hunting the species, they might as well snatch it from the other new student groups. “Group leader, congratulations. You are destined to be a single dog!” Xu Dingjiang teased. “Sorry, you will have to witness my public display of affection with my future girlfriend then!” Shi Jiao laughed. “Scram!”

Zhang Yanzong scolded, but he felt warmth in his heart. Although his group members were saying this, they didn’t have any resentment and were trying to console him.

“We have to eliminate Mingshao. It would make the championship worth its weight in gold!”

Li Ziqi looked over to Mingshao’s group and discovered that they were standing together and discussing their plan on how to capture the species. As for who their competitors were, they didn’t really care at all.

“Group leader Nangong. The Central Province Academy has also drawn the ‘A’ species!” A student reminded him in a low voice. Nangong Dao inclined his head and stared at the student who spoke. “I’ve never minded who is in the same category as us. In any case, they wouldn’t be stronger than us!” After hearing these tyrannical words, the morale of the other students instantly surged. All of them involuntarily shouted. “Long live Mingshao!” This loud shout caused the other students in the surroundings to glance over. As for the other new student groups who also drew ‘A’ species, their expressions were like dead ashes.

Three minutes later, the lot drawing ended.

The 108 schools were divided into nine categories, and each category had a total of 12 new student groups. They needed to hunt the same type of mysterious species of darkness.

“Wait a minute!”

Lu Qi suddenly discovered a blind spot. “What exactly is the mysterious species of darkness for the ‘A’ grade?”

“Alright, you all can move out now!” Tong Yiming spoke loudly, “The competition has started!”

The students and teachers exchanged glances. (Is the judge pranking us?) “Head judge, you haven’t told us the mysterious species of darkness we are supposed to catch.” A student gustily asked. Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun exchanged glances and immediately rushed out of the White Dew Building. Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang moved at the same time as well.

However, Li Ziqi slammed into another student after running for a few steps and almost fell. The sickly invalid smoothly evaded the crowd like a mudfish and slipped his way out. “Teacher Song, rally the students. Teacher Fan, quickly come over!” Sun Mo reminded. At the same time, the teachers and students from over 30 schools also started to run.

“Damn, what the hell?”

Song Ren hadn’t regained his senses, but Fan Yao’s expression turned heavy and unsightly. In fact, there was even a little disappointment. He was more senior compared to Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun, but his intelligence was inferior to theirs.

How would the head judge make a mistake?

So, it wasn’t that he had forgotten to announce the name of the mysterious species of darkness. Rather, he wanted the students themselves to find the answer.

Tong Yiming stared at the situation below from the platform. Ming Xian, Beitang Ziwei, Wei Lu, all these famous geniuses had discovered the crux. Tong Yiming didn’t feel strange about that. However, he was surprised by Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun from the Central Province Academy. The Central Province Academy this year might be able to raise to the ‘C’ grade!

Ming Xian rushed over and rapidly surveyed the surroundings, memorizing the faces of the other teachers that rushed out with him. If there were no unexpected accidents, these people would be formidable opponents during this league tournament.

To rush from the White Dew Building to the public square would take around ten seconds. The amount of distance gained by those who ran out first wouldn’t be too great. Hence, when everyone went out, they saw 30 plus kites flying across the skies. After that, the kites exploded as fist-sized wax pellets dropped down. “Split up and snatch them!” After Sun Mo spoke, he rushed toward the nearest wax pellet.

However, he was unlucky. Three other teachers also turned their attention over.

Gu Xiuxun rushed toward a wax pellet at the 9 o’clock direction. Although the distance was slightly greater, she only had one competitor. Under the pressure of the situation, everyone would be nervous and instinctively go for the pellets nearest to them because they wanted to get it quickly. “Hehe, it is mine!” A skinny teacher heard the sounds of footsteps behind him and had a look of joy on his face. His movement art was a superior heaven-tier art. (Comparing speed? Snatching items?)

(If I may say so, all of you here are trash!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》