Absolute Great Teacher
347 Jixia Academy, Flying Sword Withers
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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347 Jixia Academy, Flying Sword Withers


Just when this skinny teacher was brimming with confidence and arrogance, a light breeze suddenly generated beside him, causing his eyes to narrow slightly. (Mn, the autumn wind is sending warmth to me, wanting to bring me up to the clouds. It’s a good omen!) A young man rushed toward him with incredible speed. In the blink of an eye, that young man had passed him by several meters! One must know that the skinny teacher was currently running at full speed. “Did I encounter a ghost this early in the day?”

The skinny teacher gritted his teeth and did his utmost to speed up. However, the distance between them grew even larger. “It’s over!”

He was defeated in the aspect he was the proudest about. This skinny teacher’s heart suffered 10,000 damage, and he immediately gave up. Before the wax pellet landed on the ground, Sun Mo stretched his hand out to grab it. “My movement art is a superior heaven-tier one, how is it possible that I lost?” The skinny teacher couldn’t understand. After that, his expression stiffened as he thought of a possibility. If the other party cultivated a saint-tier movement art, it was indeed possible for his opponent to suppress him. (But who is this fellow?) (Teachers who are qualified to cultivate such top-tier arts would surely already be famous, right? Wait a minute, this attire should be from the Central Province Academy?) (Could it be that he is Liu Mubai?) (Mn, that makes sense!) He heard that Liu Mubai was known as one of the twin jade annulus of Jinling and was extremely handsome. This person was even more handsome than what the rumors had stated.

Upon thinking of this, the skinny teacher suddenly felt somewhat envious.

Sun Mo had no idea that his appearance was being assessed now. After he leaped and stretched his hand to grab the wax pellet, a small animal with an appearance similar to a squirrel with a red tail suddenly sped over with lightning speed and grabbed it before his hand could come in contact with it.


The small animal held the wax pellet in its mouth and its silhouette flashed past Sun Mo.


Huang Shaofeng whistled. He had a complacent look on his face. (It’s true that I can’t run fast and am slower than the two of you. However, it doesn’t matter because my spiritual beast can run fast!)

This little animal was called the lightning mouse. Just from its name, one would know how fast it was.

Sun Mo grabbed out in the air but his momentum had ended, and due to gravity, he began to fall back. He didn’t plan to use the clone technique of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, but right now, he couldn’t care less about keeping it a secret. If he failed to grab the wax pellet, no one knew how much time they would be delayed by.


A large amount of red-colored spirit qi suddenly burst from Sun Mo. After that, a clone materialized. It then executed Wind King Divine Steps and sped out with the speed of a violent gust. Boom!

The savage impact disturbed the flow of qi around the lightning mouse. This caused its body to tremble a little. And a moment later, a large hand grabbed onto it with a loud thud.


Huang Shaofeng turned pale with fright. (He is actually faster than my lightning mouse?)


The lightning mouse screeched and spat out the wax pellet. It opened its mouth and bit down on the clone’s finger.


An index finger was bitten off. If it was any ordinary person, they would have instinctively let go due to pain. However, the clone basically couldn’t feel pain. Its other hand stretched out and grabbed hold of the wax pellet. As for the first hand, another of its fingers was bitten off by the mouse. At this moment, Huang Shaofeng arrived. He pulled his sword out and slashed in anger. The edge of his sword was golden in color!


A beam of golden light slashed toward the arm of the clone. But before the slash could cut in, it was blocked by a wooden blade. Huang Shaofeng’s eyes narrowed violently. “How swift!” But it was fine. He would still be able to get the pellet after killing the other party! When this thought appeared in his mind, Huang Shaofeng’s wrist trembled. His longsword slashed directly at Sun Mo and when it arrived, it erupted into countless droplets of sword rain.

Flying Sword Withers!

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“Sorry, I don’t want to kill you. But I have to win this match no matter what!”

After Huang Shaofeng unleashed his technique, he didn’t wait to see the result. His gaze already left Sun Mo and landed at the wax pellet in the clone’s hands. This wasn’t arrogance but self-confidence. Huang Shaofeng graduated third best last year from Jixia Academy of Western Liang. After that, the headmaster of Weima Academy spent a heavenly price to headhunt him.

In the Jixia Academy, Hua Shaofeng was famous for his flying sword. The number of people in Jixia Academy who could parry his flying sword was less than 10. Hence, these competitors from non-supreme-grade schools naturally wouldn’t be able to do so.

Huang Shaofeng was a proud individual, teachers who didn’t graduate from a supreme-grade school weren’t worthy to be treated seriously by him.

This flying sword was quick indeed.

However, Sun Mo still blocked it. Invulnerable Golden Body! Ding!

The sword touched Sun Mo’s throat and caused some sparks to be generated. “What?”

Huang Shaofeng’s mouth was wide open as his expression froze. (What the hell? Was this fellow made of metal?)

Naturally, he thought like this due to shock, but he soon regained his composure. Given Huang Shaofeng’s horizon and experiences, he instantly guessed that Sun Mo must be using a defensive-type cultivation art.

Also, because he was from the Jixia Academy, Huang Shaofeng had the qualifications to go for an exchange to the other supreme-tier schools. Hence, when he saw Sun Mo using this defensive technique, he felt that it was somewhat familiar.

However, because the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was too precious and not allowed to be taught to outsiders, he didn’t think too deeply about it.

Dotting Crimson Lip! Sun Mo unleashed his attack. Huang Shaofeng had wanted to block it and defeat Sun Mo in a single breath. But as a genius, his sixth sense told him to be careful. He involuntarily shivered. This move wasn’t simple, and he had to respond to it cautiously. When Huang Shaofeng blocked the attack, he saw Sun Mo rapidly retreating. At the same instant, his clone grabbed the lightning mouse and squeezed. Kacha- The mouse’s neck was broken and it got tossed out. After that, the clone sped toward Sun Mo and transformed into a ball of red spirit qi before vanishing. Sun Mo took the wax pellet. “Little Flash!”

Huang Shaofeng screamed. He ignored Sun Mo and rushed toward the lightning mouse, grabbing it before it landed on the ground. But after that, he discovered that his lightning mouse had no more hope to be saved. “What is your name?”

Huang Shaofeng shouted, his eyes glistened with rage as he glared at Sun Mo. “If I don’t get revenge for this, I, Huang Shaofeng, will never rest!” “What a joke. You are permitted to kill me, but I cannot kill your pet?” Sun Mo coldly snorted. If his reaction had been slightly slower, his throat would have been penetrated.

Huang Shaofeng started. After that, his expression sank.

Indeed, due to him being in too much pain because of the lightning mouse, Huang Shaofeng had lost his cool. Leaving aside the fact that he was the one who attacked first, even if he didn’t attack, this was the league tournament after all. Why couldn’t the other party kill his pet? The skinny teacher and another person froze on the spot and stared at the wax pellet with conflict in their eyes.

There was no solution to this as they didn’t dare to rush Sun Mo for it. Those who could become participating teachers in the league tournament would surely have decent strength and judgment. Although the exchange between Sun Mo and Huang Shaofeng was short, it was enough to give huge insights to the two spectators. They instantly knew they wouldn’t be able to win against either of the combatants.

Although it might be embarrassing to admit this, this was the truth.

At this moment, the skinny teacher’s heart was pounding. All of a sudden, he felt fortunate that this Central Province Academy ran faster than him. If not, the sword of Huang Shaofeng would have pierced his throat.

He wouldn’t have been able to block that and would die for sure.

“This fellow is clad in the teacher attire of Weima Academy, and his sword edge is golden. There’s no doubt, he must be the Flying Sword Huang Shaofeng, a graduate from Jixia Academy!” The skinny teacher glanced toward Sun Mo, wondering who Sun Mo was. He actually got the advantage when he clashed against Huang Shaofeng. Ding! Favorable impression from Chang Chang +15. Prestige connection unlocked. Neutral (15/100).

Sun Mo, who sped away and lengthened the distance between them, couldn’t help but turn his head for a glance. (Who is this Chang Chang, why did he suddenly contribute favorable impression points?) Sun Mo had no idea what was the mysterious species of darkness written on the strip of paper in the wax pellet. But for safety, he prepared to snatch one more.

Naturally, Sun Mo was on his guard against Huang Shaofeng. After all, he had killed Huang Shaofeng’s spiritual beast. However, he discovered that after Huang Shaofeng glared ruthlessly at him, Huang Shaofeng ignored him and rushed toward another wax pellet instead. Sun Mo’s expression grew heavy.

An enemy that could control their rage was the most terrifying

Huang Shaofeng knew that if he fought against Sun Mo, victory and defeat wouldn’t be able to be determined within a short time. Now, time was pressing. This was why he chose to place his emphasis on the competition first.

Without the pressure from Huang Shaofeng, Sun Mo immediately stopped and crushed the wax pellet.

On the strip of paper, ‘B’ species, Six-eared Macaque was written.


Sun Mo cursed. What the hell was a six-eared macaque doing here? He knew that this should be a type of primate. However, if it was truly the six-eared macaque from (Journey to the West), he might as well concede right away. There was no way for him to defeat a legendary opponent like that! “It scared me for nothing!”

Sun Mo had a self-mocking smile. After that, his smile turned bitter.

‘B’ species! Zhe, he was very unlucky. Although ‘B’ species was quite near to ‘A’ species, the probability of him snatching a wax pellet with an ‘I’ species was the same.

Sun Mo wanted to snatch one more wax pellet, but he was running out of time. At this moment, the students in the White Dew Building already rushed out. “Quickly come and snatch the wax pellets!”

“The names of the species of darkness are written on them!”

“This competition is too shady!”

The other teachers shouted, summoning their colleagues over for help. “Sun Mo, how is it?”. Gu Xiuxun called out. Sun Mo then wriggled the strip of paper in his hand and made a finger gesture. If one looked closely, it was an ‘OK’ gesture. This was something Sun Mo had told everyone before the round started.

If there was anything inconvenient to be spoken, they would use this gesture. Gu Xiuxun didn’t say anything about her wax pellet. Gu Xiuxun wasn’t only strong in the martial department, but she was very intelligent as well. If she revealed that she had obtained the correct name list, others might be able to deduce the name of the mysterious species of darkness that the Central Province Academy had to capture. At that time, the other student groups of the ‘A’ category would rush over madly. Also, even those not in the ‘A’ category would come over because as long as they snatched it successfully, they could exchange it for the species they needed. Quite a few student groups had rushed over. No other forms of communication were made after the gesture. At this time, when everyone was fighting to seize a wax pellet, they would surely aim for weaker newbies.

“Let’s go.”

Sun Mo turned and ran. “Let’s get out of the city first!”

Gu Xiuxun also broke out in a run. She had thought she would catch up to Sun Mo quickly, but she soon discovered this wasn’t the case. This fellow had extremely quick speed! “Teacher is so awesome!”

Lu Zhiruo was so moved that she was radiant with delight. The other students also had similar expressions. After they rushed out of the White Dew Building, they were just in time to see Sun Mo snatching the wax pellet and forcing Huang Shaofeng to back off.

Huang Shaofeng was a teacher from Weima Academy, yet he had been similarly suppressed by Sun Mo!

[1] The Six-eared Macaque from Journey from the West was one of the strongest opponents Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, had to face.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》