Absolute Great Teacher
348 Half-step Grandmaster
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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348 Half-step Grandmaster


In the public square outside the White Dew Building, a chaotic battle unfolded. This round tested the judgment ability, intelligence, as well as practical combat strength of the participating teachers. All meticulously prepared competitions were like this. Even before they started, the intelligence of the teachers was already tested. If the participants stupidly thought that the test would only start after the competition started, they would already lag behind the geniuses by an unknown amount of distance.

At this moment, over 30 student groups had realized this and rushed toward the public square. Sadly, there were only 30 wax pellets. Hence, it would depend on the individual group’s strength.

Beitang Ziwei from Sky Orchid, Ming Xian from Mingshao Academy, and Wei Lu from Haizhou Academy were truly powerful. Not only did they manage to seize a wax pellet right at the start, they even began to snatch the wax pellets of others. At such a time, having more wax pellets would naturally be better.

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun both succeeded. They didn’t stay behind and directly sprinted outside the city.

As for grouping up with their students again, there was no need to worry about this. Each school would have their own secret communication method.

“What school is that?”

The students were dumbfounded. Weren’t those two teachers a little too fast? The female one was beautiful and the male one was handsome. The main point was that they weren’t only good-looking, but they were so strong and sharp as well! Many teachers saw this and immediately stopped chasing. But there were still a few iron-headed ones who felt that they had no chance in the chaotic battle here and decided to continue chasing after Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun to snatch the pellets from them.

“Teacher Bai, come back!” The leading teacher of a student group called out loudly. At this moment, let alone the students being dazed and at a loss, being only able to spectate, several teachers also felt a headache.

The second round of the league tournament was so fraudy!

The more ruthless everyone was when fighting here, the greater the advantage of the Central Province Academy would be. Leaving aside the two wax pellets they seized, their strength wouldn’t be exhausted through the chaotic battle. Even if those participating in the chaotic battle ended up uninjured, they would still have wasted their strength, stamina, and spirit qi! As for some students, their gazes were filled with envy and enmity as they stared at the new student group from the Central Province Academy!

“What school is this?”.

“The Central Province Academy!”

“Eh? I thought that they are on the verge of being delisted? Why are they still so strong?” “A skinny camel is still larger than a horse!” Upon hearing the soft discussion, Fan Yao was extremely happy. Even the students felt pride and glory. “Sun Mo, Gu Xiuxun, beautifully done!” Fan Yao praised. These two had such outstanding performances. Not only did they allow their group to be leading, but they also greatly intimidated the other schools. This meant that in a situation where other schools had better choices, they wouldn’t take the initiative to find trouble with the Central Province Academy. Everyone would select soft persimmons to pinch. It had been so since ancient times!

After seeing the immense strength of Beitang Ziwei, Ming Xian, Wei Lu, and those teachers who were from the top five schools, no one went to surround them. The others all decided to aim for the other schools.

It was one thing for Gu Xiuxun. After all, she was the top graduate of the Myriad Daos Academy and was headhunted by An Xinhui. It was understandable that she would have such a shocking performance. However, Sun Mo was also so strong that it was a little terrifying.

Right now, Fan Yao was surprised and also disappointed. This was because he knew that despite him being the group leader, he was inferior to Sun Mo.

He was able to be the group leader because Sun Mo didn’t care for the title. If not, Sun Mo would surely be able to become the group leader if he wanted. Ding! Favorable impression points from Fan Yao +30. Neutral (90/100). The thoughts of the students were simpler. They envied Li Ziqi’s group and felt that it was really good if one could become a personal student of Sun Mo. Hence, they contributed another huge wave of favorable impression points. “Teacher Song, what are you doing? Quickly go!”

Fan Yao urged. Just when Fan Yao spoke, Song Ren who was currently fighting against three other teachers in a chaotic battle got kicked in his chest and the impact blasted him out of the circle. Bang!

Song Ren fell onto the ground as dust-colored his face grey.

Although his chest wasn’t painful, his heart was. Because he was now inferior when compared to Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun!

Sun Mo’s shout earlier had caused Song Ren to rush out as well. After that, he had seen a wax pellet and prepared to display his skill to prove his value. Who could have known that when he attacked, he discovered that the other competitors were explosively strong? The more Song Ren fought against them, the less confident he became. Everyone here was a new teacher that was carefully chosen by each school. Their strength levels should be about the same. Naturally, people like Ming Xian and Beitang Ziwei belonged to the class of monsters. There was no need to compare oneself to them. Song Ren just wanted to compete with Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun to see which of them was better. After all, he had joined for a year. However, the reality caused him to feel so ashamed that he wanted nothing more than to find a hole and dive into it.

“Damn, why am I so freaking weak?” Song Ren started to doubt himself. After he climbed to his feet, he dashed into the battle once more.

(I don’t believe it!) “Teacher Song, don’t fight anymore!” Fan Yao frowned, wanting to stop him. Upon seeing this, due to his mental state being imbalanced, Song Ren, whose level of strength was already slightly inferior to the others, was once again sent flying. “It’s impossible for all participating teachers of the Central Province Academy to be monsters!”

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The prestige gained by Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun was wasted by Song Ren now.

The twelve student groups, who had obtained their pellets, left the scene, rapidly setting off.

This was the first group of people, and their losses were the smallest.

Three minutes later, the second group of people also obtained wax pellets through the chaotic battle and finally began to set off as well. There were 12 pellets remaining and everyone was crazily snatching them. The strength of these schools was similar, hence, the competition was very intense! “Wait a minute, everyone. Why should we kill each other and waste our strength? We can all share the wax pellets together! The judges didn’t say that this was not allowed, right?”

A youth with a birthmark on his forehead stepped out and shouted.

This sentence caused everyone to stop. Their expressions were filled with astonishment and remorse. That was right, the judges didn’t say that they couldn’t share the wax pellets. “Now, those who have the wax pellets should crush them and read the information out. If you guys belong to the same group, please share it!” The youth with the birthmark spoke as he crushed his wax pellet. He then took out the paper strip. “Mine is ‘D’ species.” The others who obtained wax pellets were hesitating. After all, the initiative was with them, why would they want to share it with others. The number of mysterious species of darkness was surely fixed. If they were a step quicker, the chance of them capturing one would be greater! “Seems like someone is unwilling to cooperate. How about all of us join forces to destroy that new student group?” The youth continued to suggest. The majority of the people here didn’t have a wax pellet, hence, everyone was moved. Their expressions immediately turned unfriendly. “You guys also cannot guarantee the wax pellet you have is the one that you need. Do you want to exchange it with someone else? Please… Ignoring the schemes going on during an exchange, can you guarantee that you guys will meet people with the wax pellets that you need?”

The youth continued persuading. Although this fellow was a little ugly, he was very eloquent. Also, each of his words was targeted at vital points. After everyone hesitated for a while, they decided to share instead.

The youth immediately cast a glance to signal a few students, telling them to silently move over to hear the names of the mysterious species of darkness the student groups needed to hunt.

A small portion of people did what the youth did, sending people to collect information. However, many of them also felt that since they had already gotten the wax pellets, they could relax and involuntarily slight the importance of this.

Honestly speaking, when they saw the people of Central Province Academy, Mingshao, and a few other academies leaving, the pressure on them was exceedingly great. But now, they weren’t too far behind yet. All of them still had a chance to win! Tong Yiming stood on the platform of the White Dew Building as he saw everything. “What is that youth’s name?” Tong Yiming was curious. “Sun Shao!”

The assistant introduced him. “Yet another person with the surname ‘Sun’?” Tong Yiming chortled. This year, those with the surname ‘Sun’ were all strong. Actually, the Saint Gate had wanted to release the wax pellets at the entrance of the White Dew Building, the street leading to the city gate, and the city entrance. This was to ensure that every group would be able to get one. However, Sun Shao’s suggestion directly allowed everyone to share the pellets and prevented the chaotic battles among teachers. Five minutes later, all the student groups received the information they wanted and started to set off. “By doing so, those student groups who snatched wax pellets earlier are now at a disadvantage. Their wax pellets might not contain what they need.” The assistant furrowed his brows.

“Only like this would the competition be more interesting!” Tong Yiming felt a little anticipation for the Central Province Academy’s performance.

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun sped up after leaving behind the secret signals. The mysterious species of darkness that they had to hunt was something named ‘flower carp’. It was a type of fish that lived in freshwater lakes. Honestly speaking, they were a little hard to capture. “Damn, why isn’t it a land-bound species. It would be fine even if we had to capture an avian species!”

Gu Xiuxun was depressed. What if they weren’t able to fish it out?

Sun Mo didn’t reply because he was listening to the system notification that had just rung out. Ding! “Congratulations, your prestige connection with Gu Xiuxun and Zhang Yanzong has both advanced by one level. Reward: 1x bronze treasure chest and 1x lucky treasure chest.”

Because Zhang Yanzong’s prestige connection was upgraded from neutral to friendly, the reward for it was slightly inferior. “Open them!”

Sun Mo didn’t wait for Lu Zhiruo because he didn’t want to waste her luck. Besides, he didn’t manage to seize an ‘A’ species wax pellet earlier. Since he was already unlucky once, he most probably wouldn’t be unlucky again, right? Ding!

“Congratulations, you have obtained 1x clump of dark soil and ix time emblem!”



Sun Mo was speechless. (Can I not open any more soil? I’m already on the Darkness Continent and can just grab it from the ground with ease!)

Luckily, he managed to get a time emblem, or he would surely cough up blood from anger.

“Do you want to use it?”

The system asked.

Sun Mo fell silent. He naturally wanted to use it. After experiencing the power of the Wind King Divine Steps, he understood that the power of the Wind King Divine Art shouldn’t be bad.

Also, speaking from the perspective of the cultivation art’s effect, it didn’t simply enhance one’s archery skill but also all six senses.

After all, if one wanted to be accurate in archery, all six senses must be sharp enough. Being able to locate one’s target was the most important aspect! “Let’s upgrade the Wind King Divine Art!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The time emblem was crushed and became motes of light that entered Sun Mo’s body. In his mind, some profound and mysterious knowledge appeared a moment later.


“Congratulations, the proficiency level of your Wind King Divine Art has improved to the half-step grandmaster level!” Gu Xiuxun, who was currently running, suddenly turned and looked at Sun Mo beside her. Strange, why did he give her the feeling that he suddenly became stronger? “What the hell is a half-step grandmaster?”

Sun Mo frowned. He didn’t seem to have heard of a proficiency level like this in the past.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》