Absolute Great Teacher
349 Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Her!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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349 Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Her!


“Half-step grandmaster isn’t an official grade. It is just a description. You can understand it as a nick.”

The system explained. “As the name implied, it means that your proficiency level has surpassed the expert-grade but is just half-a-step away from reaching the grandmaster-grade.”

“However, for this half-a-step, some people could cross it in half a day while others wouldn’t even be able to move an inch past it throughout their entire lives.

“At this level, training bitterly is not enough. It depends more on comprehension. If you cannot comprehend it, you will never be able to take this additional half-a-step forever. Do you understand now?”

The system’s tone suddenly turned profound as though it was an enlightened expert guiding an ignorant disciple. It exuded the air of a great scholar. “Understood!” Sun Mo nodded. “But I choose to take a shortcut!”


The system started. “Open the merchant store, I will use 1,000 points to purchase one 10-year time emblem!” Sun Mo requested.

“Can I curse at you?” In the system’s heart, it was already cursing and it felt like roaring. (It isn’t easy for me to share my experiences with you, yet in the end, your attitude is like this?)

(Where is the ‘adopting a humble attitude toward learning’?) “What? The merchant store is refusing to provide me with the service?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Naturally, it will provide!” If the system had teeth, it would be so angry that it would bite its tongue off. Ding! “Purchase successful. The time emblem has been sent to your storage!” Sun Mo’s lips curled. “Use it directly to upgrade the Wind King Divine Art!” Recently, Sun Mo had earned quite a lot of favorable impression points, and it was very close to 50,000. Ding! “Congratulations, your Wind King Divine Art’s proficiency has improved to the grandmaster-grade!” The system’s notification sounded dry, filled with zero emotions and exuded a robotic presence. Sun Mo felt as though he could smell the stench of engine oil.

Sun Mo was with the system for about a year. Hence, he had a certain understanding of it. When it spoke like a human during their interaction, it meant that the ‘main person’ was here. However, when it replied emotionlessly, it meant that the ‘main person’ wasn’t around and the system was like Siri, only capable of interacting based on a set of parameters.

“Could it be that the system needs to sleep?”

Sun Mo was puzzled. (Speaking of which, what is the system exactly? Its life is linked to mine and will it die if I die? Or can it be separated from me and it will look for a new host after I died?)

However, Sun Mo was soon too lazy to continue thinking about this question. As the Wind King Divine Art improved to the grandmaster-grade, his mind and spirit seemed to be enhanced.

For the past Sun Mo, even if he focused all his concentration on it, he wouldn’t be able to hear the murmurs of nature.

For example, on a hazy rainy day, some would be able to hear the sound of raindrops falling on the ground while the others could hear nature itself breathing

When you opened an umbrella and took a walk on a grassy path, you would feel a connection with heaven and earth through the falling rain, becoming one with them.

For some, they felt it was easy to quieten themselves down during rainy days. This was because their six senses were influenced by nature. Right now, Sun Mo closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. He could hear the rustling sound created when little bugs crawled across green leaves. He could hear the chirping sounds of migratory birds preparing to return home. He could hear the ‘withering’ and ‘death’ of vegetation, the thudding sound created when ripe melons fell, and the sound of new lives being born. The Wind King Divine Art stated that a true godly archer didn’t depend on their physical eyes. They depended on the ‘mind’s eye’ instead. It was able to peer through all fog to see the truth. At the grandmaster level, there were basically no problems with the archer’s fundamentals. What they had to practice was their mind’s eye. They had to deepen their understanding of humans, nature, and society. A true godly archer… Could kill the myriad of laws. Could kill the ‘reason’ of heaven and earth.

Could kill the human heart.

Could kill the world.

Ultimately, they would reach a realm known as ‘firing without shots’. That was the highest realm in archery!

Sun Mo suddenly stopped. He half-squatted on a thick tree branch.

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The sudden ‘movement into stillness’ action was simply filled with a wondrous charm and beauty.

Gu Xiuxun frowned. They had two wax pellets that were the targets of others. They absolutely couldn’t stop now and had to lengthen the distance to shake off their competitors.

“What are you do-?”

Gu Xiuxun instinctively asked. However, as she asked the question half-way, she suddenly stopped. The current Sun Mo had his eyes closed as he squatted there. It was as though he became a tree leaf, melding with nature as one. His personal aura had vanished. “His state of heart improved again?” Earlier, Gu Xiuxun could already sense that Sun Mo’s mental state was different, but it wasn’t that easy to discover it. But now, even a blind man could see that Sun Mo was currently in a state of epiphany.

Swish~ Swish

Gu Xiuxun moved lightly and leaped away from Sun Mo.

Firstly, she was afraid that her presence might affect Sun Mo due to them being too near. Secondly, she was guarding him, not letting any uninvited guests disturbed him.

An epiphany always struck you all of a sudden, however, it was too rare and fleeting. Many cultivators might not even encounter it in their entire lives. From this, one could see how valuable it was.

(Even if we fail the competition, I must not let anyone disturb Sun Mo!)

A thought flashed in Gu Xiuxun’s mind. But after that, she started. When did the relationship between her and Sun Mo become so good?

She was thinking of him so much?

Based on what?

However, after the masochist turned and looked at Sun Mo’s handsome face, the unhappiness in her heart vanished.

The current Sun Mo was expressionless. He was taciturn as metal and was like a mud statue. However, the aura exuded from his body during this state would cause one to revere him.

It wasn’t a reverence for Sun Mo, but his mental state!

How could a person weigh as heavy as a thousand gold bars?

The answer was through their thinking and far-sight! The system also noticed this and was instantly speechless.

The Wind King Divine Art was an archery-type cultivation art. In the end, Sun Mo didn’t even fire a single arrow and had reached the grandmaster-grade. He even had an epiphany on top of that.


A genius would always cause others to despair! Why were the Wind King Divine Steps only improved to the half-step grandmaster level?

Because it was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art, one of the cultivation arts at the highest peak of the nine provinces. At this level, the time emblem could only give you ten years worth of experience. One had to gain enlightenment themselves through the experience they obtained. If the aptitude of the cultivator was too bad, they would have to use many more time emblems to gain more experience.

However, Sun Mo had just used one and entered a state of epiphany!

“Could it be that Sun Mo was an innate archery god until he took an arrow to the knee?”

The system guessed.

Sun Mo’s aptitude was simply too good. Or in other words, he was adept at thinking. For things others had to use tens of years to comprehend, he could comprehend them within ten years. In all industries, including learning, this was the case.

For those with high comprehension abilities, they would learn things in a single day that would take others ten days to learn.


Sun Mo opened his eyes. At that instant, his eyes seemed to resemble the stars.

The masochist was stunned. She looked at Sun Mo’s eyes and was a little engrossed in them. (Isn’t he a little too good-looking?) His eyes were deep, steady, and intelligent, like an ocean of knowledge. A casual glance by him would immediately make others feel that he was a deep person.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo smiled.


Gu Xiuxun’s face instantly turned red. She hurriedly lowered her head, but because she was too frantic, her feet skid and she fell from the tree branch.


Gu Xiuxun screamed. After that, she was held by a pair of strong arms. “Are you alright?”

Sun Mo was worried.

Sun Mo treated Gu Xiuxun as a friend. One must know that in the earlier situation, if the masochist was jealous and wanted to be up to mischief, she could have coughed a few times to disrupt his comprehension state. However, she didn’t do that and was guarding him instead.

“I’m fine!”

Gu Xiuxun pushed Sun Mo away, not daring to look him in the eye. “System, I’m praising you”

Sun Mo felt heartfelt gratitude.

“No need to thank me, it’s because your aptitude is good!”

The system didn’t want to accept this praise.

The effectiveness of time emblems actually depended on the individual. It could only give ten years of training experience to Sun Mo and couldn’t completely transform the experience into nutrients necessary for improvement and growth. That would still have to depend on one’s talent.

For example, even if Qi Shengjia used a 100-year time emblem, his attainments in archery would merely reach the grandmaster-level. According to logic, Sun Mo could only live 100 years. There was a limit to his lifespan, and it was impossible for him to learn every subject. However, the time emblems gave him a possibility to do so. Seeing Gu Xiuxun not speaking and even distancing herself from him, Sun Mo scratched his hair. He didn’t know what he should say. Sun Mo was a single dog for so many years for a reason. Now, with such a good atmosphere, it was clear that he should just give up on speaking and kiss her directly! “F***, I spotted a couple engaged in an illicit love affair. Everyone is doing their best for the competition, yet they are having the time of their lives, taking a stroll for sightseeing?”

A muscular guy cursed. He paused. “No, I can’t take it. I have to punch that guy or I won’t be able to eat for the next half of the month!”

This emotion came from the anger of a single dog! Upon hearing a commotion, Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun immediately became wary and stared at the 10 o’clock direction.

Two teachers appeared in their vision.

“Alright, hurry up and leave. This fellow is very powerful. He can even suppress Huang Shaofeng from Weima. It isn’t that you didn’t see it earlier!”

A young man urged the muscular guy. These two teachers from Huaiqin had quite good luck and managed to snatch a wax pellet that they needed. If it wasn’t for the muscular guy being provoked, they wouldn’t have stirred trouble.

“No, the thing I can’t stand the most is people having public displays of affection in front of me!”

The muscular guy stared at Sun Mo. However, when his eyes shifted to Gu Xiuxun, his expression turned a little urgent as he quickly turned away.

“Her legs are so long!”

The muscular guy couldn’t control it and snuck another glance. Sadly, he wasn’t able to see her feet. How disappointing. Gu Xiuxun, who noticed this scene, immediately gripped her attire near her leg with her left hand and lifted it up slightly, revealing one of her fair ankles. Gurgle!

The muscular guy involuntarily gulped down some mouthfuls of saliva. “Aiya, how shameful. That muscular guy must have been fantasizing about me, right?” Gu Xiuxun let her imagination run wild and didn’t let go of her grip. “Leave quickly!” The young man urged. “There are so many pretty girls in Lichun Brothel. After the competition is over, I will treat you for a trip there.” “Scram!”

The muscular guy cursed. “Don’t insult me. What I need isn’t a body, I need love!”

“Is that the reason why you hung a portrait of An Xinhui at your bedhead?” The young man teased. After hearing this, Gu Xiuxun involuntarily glanced toward Sun Mo. (Someone is secretly in love with your fiancee. What do you plan to do?) “Brat, in the future, you better find a private spot to display affection. If I see it again, I’ll make sure to smash both of your heads.”

After the muscular guy scolded, he turned and prepared to leave. “Wait a minute,” Sun Mo spoke. “Did I allow you two to leave?”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》