Absolute Great Teacher
350 Sorry, It Isn’t That I Want to Humiliate You. I Only Want Your Cultivation Art!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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350 Sorry, It Isn’t That I Want to Humiliate You. I Only Want Your Cultivation Art!


Sun Mo’s voice was like a heavy hammer, resounding out loud in the air. It was impossible for the autumn wind to ‘blow’ it away. The muscular guy and young man, who originally wanted to leave, suddenly turned their heads and looked at Sun Mo. “What did you say?”

The eyes of the muscular guy widened in rage as he glared at Sun Mo. “If you have the guts, repeat what you said one more time.” “Oh sorry, so you are a deaf person!” Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade. “In that case, let me say it once more with a louder volume. Both of you, get your a*ses over here and prepare to die!” “I’LL SLAUGHTER YOU!”

The muscular guy roared. Just when he wanted to lunge over, he was stopped by his colleague.

“Forget it, if we can’t endure a small thing like this, it will spoil our great plan. We should focus on the competition.” The young man persuaded. “Sun Mo, I know that because he places Sister Xinhui’s portrait at his bed’s head, you are very angry. But now, we should also focus on the competition and try to avoid stirring up troubles.”

Gu Xiuxun advised.

“You are mistaken. This matter has nothing to do with An Xinhui. I only want to finish them off and get one more name list of mysterious species of darkness!”

Sun Mo shrugged.


Gu Xiuxun started before coming to a realization. That was right. The flower carp was a kind of fish and lived in freshwater lakes. It wasn’t easy to capture one. Hence, they had to prepare some backup plans.


Gu Xiuxun glanced at the young man and muscular guy. From the looks of their insignia, they came from Huaijin Academy. For the first round, they obtained the #25 ranking. And from their results of the past years, they were also a school that had a chance to ascend to the ‘C’ grade. It wouldn’t be easy to deal with them. From Gu Xiuxun’s point of view, if they wanted the name list, they should hunt the weaker schools instead. “Teacher Gu, I understand your meaning. We should be weighing the cost-performance ratio, but I don’t want to do this. I feel that if we want to return to being a part of the Nine Greats, we need tyranny even more than cost-performance ratio.” Sun Mo glanced at the muscular guy. “What is tyranny? It is when the other schools have to take a detour or retreat when they see the students and teachers of Central Province Academy walking by. The other schools have to be so frightened that they voluntarily conceal themselves, not daring to stand out.”

Putong~ putongGu Xiuxun’s heartbeat was very fast. Her face was slightly red, as her spirits stirred.

That was right!

Wasn’t she following An Xinhui because she wanted such a day to come? She wanted everyone in the world to feel respect, worship, a deep sense of inferiority, and sorrow when they mentioned the Central Province Academy.

She wanted to make it so that others wouldn’t dare to think about challenging the Central Province Academy!

ClangGu Xiuxun brandished her sword and stared at the two of them.

“Sun Mo, you are correct.”

“Hehe, it goes without saying!” Sun Mo laughed loudly. “Those who offend our Central Province Academy shall be destroyed no matter the distance!”

When Gu Xiuxun heard this, she mulled it over and the light in her eyes grew increasingly brighter. This sentence of Sun Mo was incomparably tyrannical.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +500. Reverence (3,110/10,000). “Teacher Jin, now we can’t leave after hearing that!” The muscular guy coldly snorted. The teacher with the surname ‘Jin’ wasn’t deaf. Moreover, Sun Mo didn’t lower his voice to hide it from them when he said this. Hence, they heard his words very clearly. “How brazen, do you really think I’m a pushover?!”

Jin Ze roared.

“Which one do you want to pick?”

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Sun Mo ignored Jin Zhe. He turned and asked Gu Xiuxun.

“I’ll take this Teacher Jin!” Gu Xiuxun continued, “That muscular guy is too ugly. I’m afraid I might puke if I face him!”

“Courting death!”

The muscular guy couldn’t take it anymore. His legs exerted force as he shot forth like a cannon.

“Teacher Yuan, calm down. They are intentionally provoking you!” Jin Ze reminded his colleague. His expression was somewhat heavy. Even at this moment, their opponent was playing psychological tricks. Besides, there were no expressions of nervousness on their faces at all. Their mental state was overbearingly strong. The muscular guy was named Yuan Zhuanghan, and his weapon was a heavy long blade. From the looks of things, it seemed that it was heavier than 300 jin. Without powerful arm strength, it was impossible for anyone to wield it. “Go to hell!”

Yuan Zhuanghan rushed to Sun Mo and slashed out with his blade.

Galloping Thunder! BOOM!

This blade was not only quick in terms of speed, but it also caused a thunderous sound. Besides, when it slashed out, the weapon’s speed suddenly increased. If it was an ordinary person, they would surely be caught unaware. However, Sun Mo was different. Under ‘Copy’ and Divine Sight, Yuan Zhuanghan’s blade was as slow as a crawl!

Pak! Pak! Sun Mo used the Wind King Divine Steps and moved behind Yuan Zhuanghan, attacking with his wooden blade.

Eighteen Words Order!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The wooden blade struck out continuously, forming a ball of shadow that instantly enveloped Yuan Zhuanghan. “What?”

Yuan Zhuanghan was so shocked that his soul shuddered. Why did his enemy disappear in the blink of an eye? Also, after hearing the sound of sonic booms behind him, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to evade in time. He could only brace himself and defend against it.

Multi-directional Vajra!


The long blade whirled angrily, making a large circle. In that instant, that muscular guy seemed to have three-heads and six-arms.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The wooden blade was blocked 15 times and only managed to hit three times. The places it hit were covered with thick flesh. It was meaningless to strike there.

“This cultivation art is quite interesting!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled as he attacked again. Crows Crying at Night! Dotting Crimson Lip “So strong?”

Yuan Zhuanghan panted heavily. Blocking the attacks earlier had taken a lot out of him as he was using his trump card, an ultimate defensive move. Although he had blocked the attacks, his arms were numb from the impact, and before he could recover, Sun Mo’s attacks came again.


The wooden blade was like a poisonous snake, stabbing toward Yuan Zhuanghan’s throat. When the muscular guy blocked that area, the wooden blade suddenly twisted upward and pointed at his forehead.


In Sun Mo’s vision, motes of golden light akin to gold coins emerged and transformed into a golden page that flew out from the muscular guy’s head.


A look of lingering fear could be seen on the face of Yuan Zhuanghan. He was angry as well. If Sun Mo used enough force for that strike, his skull would have been penetrated. However, Sun Mo didn’t do so. “Is he humiliating me?”

After the muscular guy roared, he was engulfed in Sun Mo’s might again. (Sorry, I don’t want to humiliate you. I only want your cultivation art!) Sun Mo continuously attacked.

Right now, he was at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm. Let alone saint-tier cultivation arts, even if he used a garbage cultivation art where one could find from roadside stalls, he would still be able to depend on the disparity of cultivation bases to secure a win against Yuan Zhuanghan. “So powerful!” Jin Ze clashed against Gu Xiuxun. After exchanging two blows, he knew that he had rammed his toes into an iron board. This woman was terrifyingly powerful. Even if he could win, it would be a pyrrhic victory. Hence, he could only depend on Teacher Yuan now. However, when Jin Ze turned his head for a look, his eyeballs almost exploded from shock. Teacher Yuan, who had always been advocated as someone proficient in attack and with the physique of a bull, was currently being crushed by the young man. The scene looked like a parent using a rod to hit a disobedient child.

Strength to retaliate?

Sorry, Yuan Zhuanghan didn’t even have time to cry. When Yuan Zhuanghan had heard fairy tales in his childhood, he had also learned the term ‘hell’, but he had no idea what hell looked like.

However, he knew it now!

Boundless terror, a sense of helplessness that caused one to feel despair, as well as self-loathing from being crushed by someone. All these emotions erupted in the muscular guy’s heart. He wanted to die as a means of escape. Colors of Autumn!


Yuan Zhuanghan felt a pain in his cheek. His chin was then hit and before he lost consciousness, he felt himself flying through the air. After that, his head drilled into the shrubbery as the smell of soil assailed his nostrils. Sun Mo glanced at the floating golden pages in the air and snapped his fingers.


The pages were like birds returning home. They gathered together and formed a book. Ding!

“Congratulations for obtaining a peerless-grade earth-tier cultivation art – Berserk Blade Nine Stances!


Sun Mo had no regard for it. After glancing at it, he tossed it away.


The golden book vanished into the air. Sun Mo’s lips twitched. (My time is so precious. If it’s a heaven-tier art, I would still consider whether I want to learn it or not.)

“It can’t be, right? How is he so strong?”

Gu Xiuxun was bewildered. “Did you grow stronger since I last saw you fighting a few days ago?”


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Reverence (3,210/10,000). “I ate a lot recently!” Sun Mo smiled, he then looked at Jin Ze. “What reason is this? Are you trying to fool me?” Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes.

Yet, Jin Ze was as nervous as a dog. He turned and fled immediately. Going to help Teacher Yuan? Stop joking. If he did that, he would surely fall here.

Now, the most important point was to survive.

If he was eliminated, the new student group of his school would have two teachers less. It could very well be imagined how disadvantaged they would be. “Wanting to run?” When Gu Xiuxun wanted to chase him, she already saw Sun Mo appearing before Jin Ze despite reacting later than her.

“So fast!”

The masochist was stunned. What movement art was Sun Mo using?

“If you run again, I will break you!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he put away his blade. However, Jin Ze didn’t even dare to move a single finger. “Alright, hand me your paper and I can let you leave.”

Sun Mo commanded.


Jin Ze didn’t expect that Sun Mo would let him go. However, he soon understood. It was already impossible for him to pose any threat to the Central Province Academy. However, if Sun Mo let him go, he might bring trouble to the other schools. This fellow was so scheming!

“I’ve torn the strip of paper!”

Jin Ze squeezed out a smile. “But I have memorized it. I can reveal it to you!”

“Do you think I’m so dumb to trust your words?” Sun Mo’s eyes narrowed. “One last chance, hand over the paper!”

Jin Ze hesitated awhile but still took out the paper. He had wanted to give false information, but it was a pity that Sun Mo wasn’t fooled.

After Sun Mo inspected the paper, he was very satisfied. “Alright, you can leave now!”

“Can I bring him along?”

Jin Ze glanced at his unconscious colleague. “Up to you!” Sun Mo didn’t really care. Jin Ze carried his colleague and left. Right now, he simply hated the fellow on his back so much. If it wasn’t for him being nosy and wanted to stop here, they wouldn’t have to endure such humiliation. One could say that Sun Mo let them go because he completely didn’t have them in his eyes. This made Jin Ze even more sullen compared to being defeated.

(Speaking of which, that fellow is really powerful. With his strength, he should just go and join the other competition. Why is he in the new student competition? Is it fun to bully those weaker than you?)

(The Central Province Academy? Handsome and charming? Could he be Liu Mubai?) Jin Ze pondered. He truly regretted the fact that he didn’t check the Central Province Academy’s information in advance. It wasn’t that he was lazy. The info network of his school simply felt that the Central Province Academy wouldn’t constitute any threat, hence, they didn’t prepare anything. “Too cool!” Seeing Jin Ze leave in such a miserable state with his colleague, Gu Xiuxun was so happy that she lifted her hand.

Sun Mo responded and high-fived her.


The sound was crisp and clear. “It’s too invigorating! The satisfaction of completely crushing someone is simply too pleasurable!” Gu Xiuxun exclaimed. She then looked at Sun Mo. “How many times have you ignited your blood?” “Seven times!”

Sun Mo didn’t conceal this.

“How many times?”

Gu Xiuxun felt that she had heard wrongly. She fell silent after Sun Mo repeated once more. Sun Mo was 20 years old and was already at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm. This cultivation talent was explosively strong, alright?! “Sun Mo, why didn’t you manage to join the Nine Greats when you were a student?”

Gu Xiuxun was like a curious baby, surveying Sun Mo.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》