Absolute Great Teacher
351 A Beautiful Smile
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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351 A Beautiful Smile


“I didn’t manage to score high enough to enter. My aptitude is too bad!”

Sun Mo shrugged. There was nothing embarrassing about this. If there was a possibility to do so, who wouldn’t want to join better schools? “You are too modest!” Gu Xiuxun guessed. “You didn’t manage to display your potential well during the entry test, right?” There was also another possibility. Sun Mo might have only displayed his talent after he entered the school. After all, the study period of seven years as a student was quite long. Anything could happen. “No matter what, given your current accomplishments, it’s a loss for the Nine Greats for failing to accept you as a student back then.” The masochist giggled.

“What about you?”

Sun Mo didn’t want to continue discussing this topic anymore. He was actually somewhat curious about Gu Xiuxun as her talent was very high.

“I’m from a poor family!”

Gu Xiuxun bitterly smiled.

Gu Xiuxun could have entered the Skyraise Academy. However, it was a pity that although her aptitude wasn’t bad, when placed in a school where geniuses were as numerous as the clouds, she wouldn’t be able to stand out and obtain preferential treatment.

But in the Myriad Daos Academy, Headmaster Cao had promised to give her a large sum of money for her scholarship. “Ai, this is life!”

Sun Mo sighed. If Gu Xiuxun had gone to Skyraise Academy, she might have been leading a very different life now.

“Why do you have to sigh? This is the path I’ve chosen myself, I’ve never regretted it!” Gu Xiuxun smiled. She wasn’t consoling herself but was really thinking like that. The Nine Greats were good indeed, but would she have a better life just because she had entered a good school?

Who made this rule?

(I’ll wonderfully live my life with streaks of glory and radiance. When I’m old, I will lie on a chair on the balcony and stare at the orange sunset while recalling the times of my youth. As long as I spend my days substantially, as long as I’m happy, as long as I have no regrets, I won’t let down this life of mine!)

Sun Mo looked at Gu Xiuxun. He suddenly felt that her smile was very real and pure. Despite being a simple smile, she exuded a sense of empire-toppling beauty!

This wasn’t a girl that would drift blindly with the waves. She was a mature person that had her own values.

“She’s only 20, yet she understands these!”

Sun Mo recalled his past. His four years of university life were spent in a muddle-headed state. He learned and studied according to the arranged routine. He graduated, found a job, went to the No.2 High School, and began his teaching career. Could it be said as not good?

Nope. But Sun Mo had never thought about what he really wanted.

“Don’t look at me with such a gaze, I might feel proud!”

Gu Xiuxun joked. However, she discovered that not only did Sun Mo not speak, but he was also seriously looking at her.

“Xiuxun, I admire you somewhat!”

Sadly, there was no wine here or he would drink a forfeit!

After hearing Sun Mo’s words that were filled with emotions, and also hearing him calling her name directly, Gu Xiuxun immediately blushed and felt some unease.

“No. Gu Xiuxun, calm down. He is Sister Xinhui’s fiance, you mustn’t fall in love with him.”

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The masochist told herself.

However, when she thought about it carefully, if Sun Mo was her man, she most probably wouldn’t reject him. Also, with the surname ‘Sun’, it was easy to give a name to their future child. (If it was a male, would he be as handsome, rich and talented like Sun Mo?) Gu Xiuxun fantasized.

Half a day later, Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun met up with the new student group led by Fan Yao at a small hillside.

“Teacher, you are so awesome!”

Lu Zhiruo ran over and hugged Sun Mo’s arms.

The other students also had worship in their eyes when they looked at Sun Mo. He had fought against three teachers and even successfully snatched the wax pellet. That was simply too cool.

“Our target is the flower carp, it is quite difficult to catch one!”

Sun Mo passed a strip of paper to Fan Yao. Because of this minor action, Fan Yao’s impression of Sun Mo immediately became much better. This meant that Sun Mo wasn’t resting on his laurels and was arrogant as a result. He still respected him, the group leader, very much. “You should read it instead!” Fan Yao rejected.

“I am tired.” Sun Mo smiled and passed the paper to Fan Yao. “Eh? Why are there three strips of paper?”

Fan Yao was puzzled.

“On our way, we encountered two teachers from Huaijin. Teacher Sun defeated them both!”

Gu Xiuxun shrugged, acting like ‘I’m very helpless with regard to Sun Mo’s impressiveness.’ The twenty students all started. After that, their gaze when they looked at Sun Mo was filled with even more worship. Teachers who could represent a school in the league tournament would surely be very strong. However, Teacher Sun was clearly uninjured. This meant that he had completely crushed his opponents when they had fought. Ding!

Favorable impression points from students +2,120.

“The mysterious species of darkness we have to capture is the flower carp, a fish living in freshwater lakes. The other two are the six-eared macaque and crested ibis!” “Crested ibis is a type of bird that’s hard to capture. Although the six-eared macaque is a landbound animal, it lives in deep forests of mountains and has a very wide living area. Hence, I suggest that we should still capture the flower carp as our first target. “And in the process of doing so, we will send out our members to spy on other student groups, and we will attack them based on the situation.”

Fan Yao spoke frankly with assurance.

The students felt that Teacher Fan’s analysis was very logical. However, Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun exchanged a mutual glance with each other. Fan Yao was only concerned about displaying his abilities, but he had forgotten that this competition was one that belonged to the students. They should be the ones independently thinking of plans instead! “Teacher Sun, what do you think?”

After Fan Yao spoke, he glanced at Sun Mo, seeking his opinion. “Very well!”

Upon seeing how humble Fan Yao was, it wasn’t too good for Sun Mo to suggest anything either.

Gu Xiuxun wanted to say something, but Sun Mo grabbed her wrist.

“Wait when there are not so many people!”

Sun Mo moved closer and whispered into her ear.


Gu Xiuxun’s ears and snowy-white neck turned red. At the same time, she was bowled over by Sun Mo’s gentle consideration of others.

Logically, the relationship between them all should be a competitive one. The worse Fan Yao performed, the more chances Sun Mo would have. However, Sun Mo didn’t want to take advantage of this.

The student group continued their journey toward Panya Lake.

This lake was very large, and it was named due to it resembling the ferocious-looking teeth of the savage beasts.

“Teacher, can I see the three strips of paper?”

Li Ziqi asked.

Fan Yao directly passed them over. He had a very high recognition of this young girl’s intelligence. Li Ziqi’s white tiger mount had been killed by the spiders. But now, her mount had changed to a spider. Although by doing so it went against the principle of spiritual beast control, the little sunny egg didn’t plan to be a spirit controller or a beast tamer. Hence, it was fine.

After some time, Fan Yao took the initiative to ask. “What do you think?”

“The purpose of the Saint Gate holding this tournament is to test the strength of the teachers and students of the various schools. Hence, although the competition’s purpose is for us to capture mysterious species of darkness, from the looks of the rules, it seems that the main thing is still the clash between the various schools. In that case, the habitats of the ten mysterious species would surely be very near to each other.

“Because only with them being near would the probability of schools encountering each other increase.”

Li Ziqi analyzed.

Fan Yao’s expression stiffened. He had only asked casually and didn’t expect her to really express her opinion.

However, after thinking carefully, there was indeed such a possibility. “Sun Mo is really so fortunate!” In the great teacher world, what type of disciples did they lack the most?

Someone who was good at fighting like Xuanyuan Po?


It was people like Li Ziqi who had high intelligence and knew how to use their brains! When Fan Yao looked at Li Ziqi again, there was admiration in his eyes, as well as a little regret.

Li Ziqi’s athletic ability was too inferior; hence, her cultivation speed would be slow. If she couldn’t reach the Longevity Realm, her lifespan would be limited. As a result, no matter how good her brain was, she wouldn’t have any accomplishments.

(If you know that my eldest sister has comprehended ‘Retentive Memory’ and can be considered half a teacher, you most probably would be shocked to death, right?)

The papaya girl wanted to boast a little. From her point of view, Ziqi was someone of her family. Hence, she felt very proud because Ziqi was impressive. Just when Lu Zhiruo was preparing to ask Li Ziqi whether she could reveal this, her little ears suddenly pricked up “Teacher, someone is coming!”

The papaya girl glanced in the 4 o’clock direction. “Halt, everyone, be on your guard!”

Sun Mo shouted.

Everyone immediately stopped and pulled out their weapons, grouping into a formation. However, there was no commotion at all. “There’s someone?” Fan Yao frowned. He felt that his perceptivity was quite good. However, why didn’t he hear anything? Fan Yao involuntarily surveyed Lu Zhiruo. After that, his lips twitched a little. The expression on this girl’s face was filled with trepidation and regret. After that, she muttered in a soft voice to Sun Mo. “Teacher, did I hear things wrongly?” (You don’t know if you heard things wrongly or not?) Sun Mo was speechless. (So it was a false alarm. Didn’t I say it earlier? My perception is so good, but I heard nothing. How is it possible for you, a student, to have a stronger perception than me?)

However, Fan Yao also didn’t intend to scold this


She was Sun Mo’s personal student and Sun Mo treated her very well. Fan Yao didn’t wish to annoy Sun Mo by scolding her. “Continue moving out!”

Fan Yao urged. Sun Mo looked at the papaya girl and patted her head. “Be more confident in yourself.” After speaking, Sun Mo turned to Fan Yao again. “Let’s wait a little?”

What else could Fan Yao do?

Just wait then!

Speaking of which, Sun Mo seemed to trust this girl’s judgment very much. In other words, was he taking the chance to guide Lu Zhiruo?

That was right, encouraging students would always have a better effect compared to scolding them.

Fan Yao thought back to his past. It wasn’t scary to make a mistake. What was scary was that the student would lose their self-confidence after being scolded by a teacher and even lose the courage to attempt to try things.

(Compared to me, Sun Mo knows how to teach students better!)

Fan Yao reflected.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Fan Yao +50. Friendly (140/1,000). After hearing the sudden notification, Sun Mo couldn’t help but look at Fan Yao. (What the hell are you doing? Did you contribute favorable impression points just by looking at my butt?) (Are you gay?) At this moment, Sun Mo suddenly heard subtle sounds rapidly closing in. A few minutes later, a group of teachers and students emerged from the forest, from the 4 o’clock direction.


All of them stopped. They either squatted on the tree branches or stood around the trees. Their expressions were one of astonishment. What the hell? Their target was actually waiting for them in a formation? Did their target discover them earlier?

“They are the new student group from Fengshang Academy!”

Song Ren reminded the others after seeing the insignias on the chests of these uninvited guests.


Lu Zhiruo heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’ve said it before. Be more confident!”

Sun Mo stroked the papaya girl’s hair and had a smile on his face. Yet, he was stunned in his heart. What perception was this? One must know that even if his Wind King Divine Art had improved to the grandmaster-grade, enhancing his six senses by a large margin, he was still inferior to the papaya girl. (Isn’t this a little too terrifying. Are you a human-form radar?) “Everyone, what is your business here?”

As the group leader, Fan Yao stood out. “Hand over the strips of paper you guys snatched!” A young man with a violent look in his eyes stood out. His name was Wang Zhaolun, a representative teacher of Fengshang and a graduate from the Black-White Academy. He was a spiritual controller. Before they moved out, he had ordered his spiritual beast to search for valuable enemies while they proceeded. After discovering them, the spiritual beast would inform him and he would lead his group over to launch a powerful offensive to seize the wax pellets of others.

Wang Zhaolun’s thoughts were the same as Sun Mo: to get all the strips of paper in the wax pellets into their hands and see which species was the easiest to capture.

Before this, through his spiritual beast, Fengshang had managed to stealthily move close to their enemies and succeeded thrice. Hence, they didn’t expect to fail this time around.

“How did they discover us?”

Wang Zhaolun frowned. (Could it be that my spiritual beast was discovered?).

At this moment, Wang Zhaolun hesitated a little. Should they leave now? After all, the competition just started and it was unwise to have any casualties. Besides, this group didn’t seem weak!

“From your meaning, your group should be very strong, right? How many groups have you successfully plundered?” Sun Mo asked, “Two?” “We didn’t snatch anything!” Another teacher chortled, not wanting to divulge any information. However, the students weren’t as scheming. Their faces revealed complacent expressions. A few of them even had looks of disdain and superiority on their faces. “That means you guys have at least three strips of paper then. I didn’t expect this. It seems like Fengshang’s strength is not bad!” Sun Mo clicked his tongue in wonder. After he spoke, the expressions of the four teachers from Fengshang changed. Their gazes turned heavy as they surveyed Sun Mo. “What’s your name?”

Wang Zhaolun asked.

Fan Yao, who stood in front, felt a little awkward. After all, he was the group leader, yet the conversation target was Sun Mo. However, although Fan Yao was depressed, he wasn’t angry at Sun Mo because Sun Mo’s performance had thoroughly convinced him.

(Is this the thought process of geniuses?)

Fan Yao had been thinking about how to phrase his answer to Wang Zhaolun to gain an advantage. Even if they couldn’t gain any advantage, they mustn’t lose. Yet, Sun Mo had directly probed out the information by speaking openly. Hence, Fan Yao contributed another wave of favorable contribution points. “Eh? Teacher, how do you know they have three pieces of paper?”

Lu Zhiruo sincerely asked. Because she was not that clever, she wanted to grab the chance to learn more whenever she could.

“He must have guessed it!”

Song Ren explained, “If not, what should we do? We can’t possibly wait for the other party to reveal the information to us, right?” Song Ren had no intention to mock Sun Mo. He spoke merely to firm his sense of existence. If not, he might soon be forgotten.

“No. It was those students who told Teacher the answer from their expressions!”

Li Ziqi explained.

For some information, one could gather them even without asking specific questions.

“According to the amount of time that has passed in this competition, the probability of meeting five student groups in such terrain is too low. In that case, it’s still possible for them to have met one or two student groups. This is why Teacher probed with ‘two’. As some of their students showed pride and looks of superiority on their faces, this indicated that they felt our teacher has underestimated them.”

When you asked someone who earned $20,000 per month what their monthly salary was, even if the other party didn’t speak, they would show a sense of superiority on their faces.

This was human nature.

“So this is the case!”

The students were enlightened. After that, they glanced at Sun Mo. Teacher Sun was so meticulous and smart. No wonder he could become the logistics department head at such a young age. It was said that if one wanted to become a department head, they should know how to scheme well.


Favorable impression points from the students +1,890.

“He’s so handsome. He should be Liu Mubai from the Central Province Academy, right?”

A teacher at the side surveyed Sun Mo, feeling a little jealous. “I’m Sun Mo!”

Sun Mo smiled, revealing eight pure-white teeth and dazzling all the female students of Fengshang. The girls suddenly felt a little restless like there was a scampering rabbit in their hearts.

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