Absolute Great Teacher
352 ‘Teacher of life’, Black Doggy Sun
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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352 ‘Teacher of life’, Black Doggy Sun

Chapter 352 (Teacher of life’, Black Doggy Sun

“Sun Mo?”

That male teacher who was jealous of Sun Mo glanced toward Wang Zhaolun after hearing this. “It isn’t Liu Mubai?”

“Teacher Sun, what can I help you with?”

Wang Zhaolun stared at Sun Mo’s eyes and gave up the thought of leading his group away. If he did so, it would be too damaging to their morale. Besides, given Sun Mo’s attitude, it was evident that he didn’t plan to allow them to leave so easily.

“Hand over the strips of paper you all snatched!”

After Sun Mo spoke, the teachers of Fengshang immediately became angry. Because this was what Wang Zhaolun had said earlier, and everything was being said back perfectly, without a single word missing by Sun Mo. This was clearly a provocation. Wow!

The students of the Central Province Academy were cheering instead. Their teacher was so tyrannical!

“How arrogant. Do you guys really think that you are impressive because you got #4 in the first round?” The male teacher mocked. (We are from Fengshang. The Fengshang that just finished off three students group and snatched three wax pellets!) “If we, the #4, isn’t impressive. Could it be that you guys are…?”

Sun Mo paused a little, “Eh, sorry. I have never remembered the rankings of salted fishes who are lower than us. Can I ask you guys what ranking you guys have exactly?”


The students from the Central Province Academy all laughed.

Fan Yao glanced at Sun Mo, wanting to persuade him not to get into a conflict with Fengshang. But after hesitating for a while, he decided to give up. Then again, Black Doggy Sun’s mouth really lived up to its reputation. When it targeted someone, it would anger that person so much to the point where that person would cough up blood. “Arrogant, too arrogant!”

“Crush them!”

“F*** them to death!”

The teachers and students of Fengshang roared, their expressions were filled with rage.

Sun Mo’s question was too face-smacking. They basically had no way to reply. “I don’t like to fight verbal wars. If you want to fight, let’s get on with it. The loser has to leave behind their paper.” Wang Zhaolun lifted his chin at Sun Mo. “Group battle or individual battle?” “Given your low ranking, I will give you all the authority to choose. Regardless of what you choose, I will accept it!” Sun Mo continued being toxic.


The students once again couldn’t help but laugh. (Teacher, you are going to anger them to death!) “How about individual battles among the students? The side that wins two out of three rounds will be the victor. How about it?”

Wang Zhaolun suggested. “Who is this fellow? Do you know him?”

Sun Mo moved closer to Gu Xiuxun and silently asked.

Because the competition just started, if they engaged in a group battle now, it was a lose-lose decision. Sun Mo intentionally taunted these people because he wanted them to lose their cool and ability to think as they sank into rage. He wanted them to be so angry that they wanted to rush over to beat him to death.

Sun Mo had ignited his blood seven times, so he was confident that he could defeat these teachers.

However, this Wang Zhaolun was still as calm as ever. He wasn’t angry. His mental state was simply terrifying and he also picked the right choice.

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“Group leader, why don’t you let the teachers fight instead?”

The three teachers grumbled. All of them wanted to punch Sun Mo to vent their emotions. “If I didn’t remember wrongly, the Myriad Daos Academy is also in Jinling and their level seems to be one level higher than the Central Province Academy. Since that’s the case, it means that the student supply of the Central Province Academy would be lacking.” Wang Zhaolun explained. Even if their students lost all three rounds, it was fine. But if any of the teachers were injured, what would they do in the later phase of the competition? (Also, Sun Mo. I understand your scheme. I won’t let things unfold according to what you want.) “Fine, but let’s make things clear first. The loser has to pass over three strips of paper!” Sun Mo held out three fingers and wriggled them “Haha, what joke are you making? Do you want to trade for three pieces of our information just with your one? Are you dreaming?”

The male teacher that was jealous of Sun Mo started to shout.

“Who said that we only have one? We also have three!”

Sun Mo shrugged. “This teacher, can you don’t look down on others so much? You are acting like you are the number one under the heavens.” “Teacher. Above us, there’s still Mingshao and Sky Orchid. Even if they are not here, there are still the Nine Greats. Fengshang can never be the number one under the heavens.”

Li Ziqi seemed to be reminding Sun Mo, but the volume of her voice was loud enough that the other side could hear it clearly.

At this moment, the expressions of those from Fengshang were no longer angry. Their expressions turned heavy. They understood that any school that could snatch three wax pellets were all very strong. “Tang Shuai, you will take the first round!” Wang Zhaolun named a student who was in the top three of the group. He was prepared to get a good start and stun the crowd.

“Which of you wish to battle?”

Sun Mo turned his head and surveyed the students.

Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu didn’t hesitate and directly raised their hands.

The other students couldn’t make it. Their expressions were filled with trepidation. They were considering what would happen if they lost.

“All of your mental attitudes are not up to the mark. Feeling cowardice before the battle began? You have already lost 30% of the match then!”

Sun Mo guided them, his tone was strict. Golden light erupted forth from him. “Damn, Priceless Advice?” The students of Fengshang were startled. What was this teacher doing? Was he conducting a public teaching? The students from the Central Province Academy started. After that, all of them looked ashamed and lowered their heads. “Teacher, we understand!”

The students admitted to their mistake.

“At this moment, what you all should be thinking about isn’t victory or defeat. Rather, how you should unleash your advantages to the greatest limits. Sometimes, you guys won’t have a chance to pick your opponents.”

Sun Mo continued guiding.

Chu Jian’s lips curled. (I’m not afraid.) “Chu Jian, I know you want to choose an opponent you can defeat for sure. This thought isn’t bad but it would only make you lack an initiative spirit.” Sun Mo looked at Chu Jian. He had met this youth before in the student recruitment meet. He was very young and already had his own independent thoughts, knowing what his future path would be.

He was indeed mature, but if one was too mature, they would lack a portion of sharpness!

Chu Jian looked at Sun Mo with a dumbfounded expression. (It can’t be, right? You even know what I’m thinking about?) But after that, he fell into deep contemplation.

(Teacher Sun’s words seem to have some logic in them!)


Favorable impression points from Chu Jian +30. Friendly (350/1,000).

Fan Yao and Song Ren were stunned. Weren’t they about to fight? Why did Sun Mo suddenly become a ‘teacher of life’? However, Sun Mo’s words were really impressive and cool. By thinking about this, the two teachers felt a deep sense of shame. They were older than Sun Mo and had even joined the school earlier than him. Yet, in the domain of teaching, they were inferior in comparison.

Gu Xiuxun sank into deep contemplation as well. That was right, ‘teaching’ didn’t simply refer to guiding the students on cultivation. It included helping them to grow their physiological and mental states. (Ai-) (Sun Mo, can you stop being so outstanding?) (If this continues, I won’t be able to treat you as my competitor anymore!) Honestly speaking, the impact was too great. “Yanzong, you did a good job. I know that you didn’t raise your hand intentionally. You feel that since you are the group leader, you should do your best to avoid being injured so you can continue giving commands to the group later on.” Sun Mo praised. “Teacher!”

Zhang Yaozong covered his mouth, feeling a little like crying. Honestly speaking, back when he didn’t raise his hand, he was very worried that he might be looked down upon by his group members as they might have felt that he was afraid.

“Everyone knows how gutsy you are!” Sun Mo consoled. Understanding shone on Zhang Yanzong’s face. He felt happy, and a little regretful. Back then, if he had taken Sun Mo as his master, what sort of life would he be leading now? Ding! Favorable impression points from Zhang Yanzong +100. Friendly (410/1,000). “Don’t be afraid, this fellow is establishing his might!”

That teacher whose features were contorted uglily due to jealousy did his best to encourage his students.

The students didn’t relax because of these words. Instead, their expressions grew heavier. As long as one wasn’t a fool, they could see the momentum of the other party rising. Because of that handsome teacher’s guidance, the students of the Central Province Academy were brimming with battle intent!

Wang Zhaolun didn’t say anything, surveying Sun


He felt that he had lost this round. He had only thought about winning and forgot that the fundamentals of being a teacher were to guide students and help them grow their strength and heart states, eventually becoming a pillar of the nation.

In the dense forest, an observer recorded down this scene in his notebook.

Sun Mo’s guidance, an immense boost of morale for his new student group!

Each new student group would have an observer following them, recording the performances of the participating teachers and students at every moment. This was especially so for teachers. If they performed outstandingly, they would be noticed by the Saint Gate as potential people to be nurtured.

“Xuanyuan, as our strongest firepower, do you know what to do?”

Sun Mo named a student. “I know!”

Xuanyuan Po grinned and stepped out. His gaze swept past the new student group of Fengshang. “Come quickly. My silver paste’s thirst is unbearable already!”

“What the hell is ‘silver paste’?”

The students of Fengshang didn’t understand, but they soon saw Xuanyuan Po’s silver spear. It glistened brightly under the sunlight. Tang Shuai stepped out in response to the challenge. His weapon was also a silver spear. “Tang Shuai, eighth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!” Upon hearing this cultivation base, a commotion appeared at the Central Province Academy’s side. (Damn, such a high cultivation base?)

As expected of there being many geniuses under the heavens.

“We will win for sure!” “Look at their expressions. They are all filled with


“Brother Tang, crush them!”

The students from Fengshang shouted, their morale was returning. However, after Xuanyuan Po reported his cultivation base, they felt like roosters being grabbed by their necks. All of them instantly fell silent.

“Xuanyuan Po, ninth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!”


All of them were stunned, even the students from the Central Province Academy. They had their eyes wide open as they looked at Xuanyuan Po. They knew that this fellow was very impressive, but none of them had imagined that he would be so impressive to this extent!

Tang Shuai had feigned composure when he heard the cheers of his fellow students earlier. However, there had been a streak of arrogance in his eyes when he looked at Xuanyuan Po.

(This fellow is very muscular and should be about 1.9 meters tall? However, it was fine. I will win for sure.) However, in the blink of an eye, Tang Shuai’s arrogance was shattered by Xuanyuan Po’s words.


Tang Shuai had a look of disbelief on his face. Because he was at the eighth level of the body-refinement realm, Tang Shuai could understand how much effort and energy was needed for one to reach this state.

Other than cultivating unceasingly through the days and nights, Tang Shuai was also guided by three great teachers and would soak in top-grade medicinal baths every day. The amount of money he spent was astronomical. Naturally, the most important factor was talent. Without superior talent, no matter how many medicinal baths one took, it was useless.

“How old are you?”

Tang Shuai involuntarily asked.


Xuanyuan Po didn’t have any intention to boast, yet everyone was stunned by his words.

“Brother Tang is also 14!” The students from Fengshang mumbled. In the past, they were very proud of Tang Shuai who had reached the eighth level of the body-refinement realm by 14 years old. But now, when compared to Xuanyuan Po’s ninth level, Tang Shuai was nothing.

The morale of Fengshang that just rose immediately plummeted again after hearing Xuanyuan Po’s cultivation level.

“Teacher Sun is so lucky!”

Fan Yao and Song Ren’s eyes turned red from jealousy. Who wouldn’t want a good seedling like Xuanyuan Po? How did Sun Mo manage to recruit him?

“Are you ready?” Xuanyuan Po was impatient now. (After I finish the fight, I still have to meditate.)

“Last question, which great teacher is your personal teacher?”

Tang Shuai felt that Xuanyuan Po must have received the careful nurturing of a great teacher. If it was a 5-star or 6-star, okay, even if it was a 4-star great teacher, Tang Shuai could still maintain a sense of superiority. If his teachers were inferior to the teacher guiding Xuanyuan Po, then it was understandable why Tang Shuai’s cultivation base couldn’t compare to Xuanyuan Po’s.

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