Absolute Great Teacher
353 Winning Two Out of Three Rounds. Absolute Domination
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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353 Winning Two Out of Three Rounds. Absolute Domination


The teachers and students were very interested in this question.

“Right before your eyes!”

After Xuanyuan Po spoke, his silver spear shook. “Alright, quickly get the battle started!” “Before my eyes?”

Tang Shuai was stunned. He gazed toward Fan Yao who was the group leader. Although Fan Yao should have the most prestige, it didn’t seem that he was Xuanyuan Po’s teacher. After that, Tang Shuai glanced at the other three teachers. There were no exceptions, all of them were extremely young “Are you fooling me?” Tang Shuai was unhappy.

“What am I fooling you about?”

Xuanyuan Po didn’t understand. “Who exactly is your personal teacher?”

Tang Shuai asked. “Sun Mo, Teacher Sun. Is that very hard to understand?” Xuanyuan Po didn’t understand why Tang Shuai was so shocked. Tang Shai opened his mouth, wanting to tell Xuanyuan Po to stop joking. But after he saw Xuanyuan Po’s straight face, he understood Xuanyuan Po was speaking the truth. (But why? Is he not treating his future seriously?)

Tang Shuai immediately surveyed Sun Mo.

According to the rules of the Saint Gate, teachers who wanted to participate in the new student competition had to be teachers who had joined the school for less than two years. Also, they mustn’t have participated in the great teacher qualification exam. If they took the great teacher qualification exam and failed, such teachers wouldn’t be qualified to join the league tournament.

“You are only 14 years old, yet you are already at the ninth level of the body-refinement realm. Such talent is absolutely rare and even secondary saints would appreciate you. Why do you have to take that fellow as your master?” Tang Shuai asked.

If he didn’t ask, he would feel so unbearable that he felt like dying. “Oi, take note of your tone. What do you mean by ‘this fellow’? He is my personal teacher, please put some respect in your words!” Xuanyuan Po frowned. “Also, are you going to fight or not? If you don’t dare to fight, just scram. Get another person to come up!”

Tang Shuai still didn’t reply.

“Could it be that this fellow is an idiot?”

“Or that his teacher has an impressive background?”

“No matter how impressive his teacher’s background is, a genius like that wouldn’t stake his entire future on this, right?” The students of Fengshang discussed. They couldn’t understand.

“Hehe, how can mortals like you understand Teacher Sun’s impressiveness?”

Shi Qiao spoke in contempt.

(That’s right. He’s the God Hands. All of you students from another school will never be able to experience it in your entire lives!) Xu Dingjiang completely didn’t doubt Sun Mo’s teaching capabilities. “Xuanyuan Po. This fellow looked down on our teacher. Crush him quickly!” Li Ziqi urged. “Tang Shuai, stop letting your thoughts run wild. Start the battle!” Wang Yaolun consoled. However, he still felt some envy for Sun Mo in his heart. A genius like Xuanyuan Po would surely have high achievements in the future.

As long as one was a teacher, who wouldn’t hope that a famous person would arise from their tutelage? Xuanyuan Po and Tang Shuai locked gazes. After that, they sped toward each other in a confrontation of spears. Meteor Descent!



Two spears collided, and the impact generated from the collision spread to the surroundings. “How strong!” Tang Shuai’s expression changed. An immense rebound force shot into his body from the spear. This caused his arms to turn numb and when he was trying to get used to it, Xuanyuan Po’s second attack arrived.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

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Chi- Chi- ChiOver a thousand spear shadows flashed, resembling silver pear flowers blooming. Each of the flowers blasted toward Tang Shuai. Tang Shuai gritted his teeth and wanted to defend against it. However, the number of flowers were astronomical, blasting forth layers upon layers. The two of them were so close yet worlds apart. Every time they clashed, a huge impact would be generated, spreading to Tang Shuai’s inner organs. Bang! Bang! Bang! Tang Shuai started to retreat.


The students from Fengshang were stunned. Tang Shuai was proficient in attacks and his overall strength was ranked within the top three among their new student group. However, there was no doubt that he was absolutely the number one in attacking prowess. Hence, how could he have been suppressed?

Was his opponent a monster?

The students of Fengshang looked at Xuanyuan Po. They discovered that his spear technique contained an extreme sense of beauty exuded from force. It was like a great river flowing east; its currents would never stop!

Great Flame Azure Dragon!

BOOM! Spirit qi erupted from the silver spear and transformed into a dragon from eastern mythology. The dragon flew forward, wanting to bite Tang Shuai.


The huge dragon roared in anger. “Damn!”

Tang Shuai rapidly retreated and was in full defensive mode. However, after the attack, the robes on his body were now torn and tattered. He was feeling extremely dizzy as well. This ‘Great Flame Azure Dragon’ had completely stunned Tang Shuai.

“Be careful!”

Wang Zhaolun shouted and pulled out his sword.


The sword blocked Xuanyuan Po’s silver spear. “What are you doing?” “Are you refusing to acknowledge the loss?” “Shameless!”

The students of the Central Province academy immediately cursed.

The students of Fengshang had ugly expressions. The interference of a teacher could be considered as damaging the combat integrity. However, they knew that Teacher Wang was forced and had no choice but to do this. From the looks of things, Tang Shuai would have been killed if he didn’t act.

“We have lost this round!”

Wang Zhaolun also felt that it was extremely shameful. But for the sake of his student, this amount of face couldn’t be considered anything. If Tang Shuai was injured so heavily, his future cultivation would be affected.

Sun Mo shrugged and didn’t pursue things. After all, if he was in Wang Zhaolun’s shoes, he would have acted as well. This magnanimous attitude from Sun Mo actually caused the teachers and students of Fengshang to have a little bit of a good impression toward him. They contributed a few favorable impression points. “Lift your chest up. You merely lost a round. It isn’t like losing your life, alright?” Wang Zhaolun shouted when he looked at the despondent Tang Shuai. Priceless Advice was activated. Tang Shuai, who had lost his battle intent, instantly felt his spirits stirring. Right now, his heart was filled with fighting spirit. “Wang Qi, you will go up for the second round!” Wang Zhaolun named a name. “Teacher, let me!”

Ying Baiwu spoke. “Sure!”

Sun Mo nodded. What the iron-headed girl lacked was an actual combat experience.

“Wang Qi, seventh level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!” “Ying Baiwu, sixth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!” After Ying Baiwu reported her cultivation base level, the teachers and students of Central Province Academy were shocked. It couldn’t be, right? The talent of this girl was actually so high? Ying Baiwu’s incident had caused a huge commotion in the past. Everyone in the school knew of it. She was a girl who had transported swill for a living and hadn’t had enough to eat. However, she cultivated and reached such a height in just half a year! My heavens, wasn’t she a little too talented?

In an instant, the students on the scene began to feel ashamed and embarrassed. (I thought that I was very impressive but when compared to her, I’m actually nothing much!)

“Seems like Sun Mo does have some capabilities!”

Fan Yao decided to properly seek guidance from Sun Mo after the tournament ended. Even if Ying Baiwu was a greater genius than now, she couldn’t achieve this alone. It must be due to Sun Mo’s guidance. As the battle started, Wang Qi rushed toward Ying Baiwu. This girl was armed with a bow, so it was clear that she was a long-range attacker. Hence, he had to grab the time and go as near to her as possible. “Is she a little too careless?”

Li Fen was worried. The bow was still strapped to Ying Baiwu’s back. It wasn’t in her hand at all.

“Don’t worry. Junior martial sister Baiwu is very impressive.” After Lu Zhiruo spoke, Li Fen screamed. She saw that not only did Ying Baiwu not retreat, but she even brandished her bow and aimed it at Wang Qi. However, the most crucial point was that Ying Baiwu had forgotten to arm the bow with an arrow! Was she making a mistake because of panic?

(Her mental state is just at this level?)

Wang Qi had a calm look on his face. He was laughing out in his heart.


The bowstring trembled.


Wang Qi was unable to restrain a smile on his face. But an instant later, a hissing sound rang out. His eyes widened in shock as his laughter was swallowed back into his throat.

There was suddenly a semi-transparent arrow shooting toward him.

Its speed was too quick. Wang Qi had no time to react when saw the arrow flying past his ears. The gust of wind generated by the arrow caused his hair to be disheveled.


Ying Baiwu pulled her bowstring again and spoke in a cold voice.

Wang Qi froze on the spot. His expression was one of embarrassment and he felt conflicted. He knew that he had already lost earlier. If Ying Baiwu had aimed at his head, it would have been blown off. “Is that a spirit weapon? There’s actually no need for it to be equipped with material arrows. It’s too powerful!”

“This girl actually didn’t back off when Wang Qi rushed at her. How brave!”

“Her confidence is off the charts!’

The students of Fengshang discussed. Their gazes all landed on the bow in Ying Baiwu’s hands As the personal weapon of the Wind King, this divine bow was gorgeous and dazzling! “Wang Qi, why are you in a daze? Rush her!”

One of the teachers, whose expression contorted uglily due to envy, wasn’t able to accept this failure. Hence, he roared at Wang Qi. Wang Qi gritted his teeth and lunged over again. He wanted to cleanse his humiliation!

The students of Central Province Academy immediately cursed. (Ying Baiwu has shown mercy, yet you guys are actually so shameless?) However, Ying Baiwu didn’t feel any rage at all. She exerted force with her feet and evaded Wang Qi. After that, she retreated gracefully for twenty meters while shooting with her bow simultaneously! “How swift!”

Wang Qi was badly shocked. The gazes of the teachers also froze. The movement art this girl was using was at least a superior heaven-tier cultivation art. “Wang Qi, just concede!”

Wang Zhaolun spoke.

Wang Qi couldn’t even catch up to Ying Baiwu. How was he supposed to fight?

Ying Baiwu fired a barrage, and Wang Qi could only dodge the arrows miserably or block them. Wanting to get close? There was basically no chance. Hence, the Wind King Divine Art in addition to the Wind King Divine Steps and the Wind King Bow, could allow Ying Baiwu to lengthen the distance between her and her opponent whenever she wanted and launch a barrage of attacks.

“I’ve lost!”

Wang Qi was reluctant, but there was no solution to it. What made him even more depressed was a realization that if he didn’t have a peerless movement art, he wouldn’t be able to defeat this girl even if he trained his entire life.

The Central Province Academy won two out of three battles. There was no need to fight the third round.

The students of Fengshang had dejected looks on their faces. This was a crushing defeat and it was truly too despairing. The students they sent out were the strongest two among them. “We can’t even defeat the Central Province Academy. I’m afraid we won’t be able to ascend to the next grade this year.”

Even the teachers felt discouraged.

“These are three names of the mysterious species of darkness. They belong to you now!” Wang Zhaolun placed the papers on the ground and led his group away. “Teacher Sun, we will do our utmost to win if we meet again in the future.” “I look forward to it!”

Sun Mo smiled.

Shi Qiao rushed out and picked the three strips of paper before returning. “Oh yeah, we won!” The students cheered. “This is just a small victory. Leave your cheers for when the school ascends to the ‘C’ grade!”

Sun Mo’s confident smile also influenced the students. Actually, everyone felt trepidation before the competition because their last year’s results were too abysmal. Hence, everyone only wished to maintain their ranking and not be delisted. But now, they really had a chance to ascend to the ‘C’ grade.

The group then set off, moving toward Panya Lake.


“Congratulations, two of your students have won in combat and obtained a victory for the group. You are hereby awarded 1x black-iron treasure chest!”

Ding! “Your prestige connection with Chu Jian has improved. Reward: 1x lucky treasure chest!” Merely two trash-tier treasure chests, so Sun Mo didn’t plan on wasting Lu Zhiruo’s luck on them. He directly opened them up. One was a bottle of ancient whale oil, while the other was a packet of spirit gathering spiral medicinal packet. These rewards could be considered pretty good.

On the second afternoon, the group arrived at Panya Lake. They didn’t start searching for the Flower Carp immediately but patrolled the surroundings to get themselves familiar with the terrain first.

In the process of this, a student from Mingshao suddenly appeared before everyone.

“I’ll give you a minute. Leave immediately and retreat ten miles away. If not, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

“Ah? They are clearing the place for themselves and want us to leave?”

Gu Xiuxun blinked her eyes.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》