Absolute Great Teacher
354 The Start of Worship
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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354 The Start of Worship


Panya Lake was very large. If one had to search through the lake inch by inch to capture a flower carp, it was unknown how long it would take. Luckily, they could confirm the regions the flower carps would appear in based on their diet and living habits. Hence, they only needed to focus their attention on a few water regions. Now, Mingshao was clearing the targeted areas and wouldn’t allow others to enter. Such behavior was simply too tyrannical. “Right. I’m clearing this area. You guys have to leave.”

After the male student heard Gu Xiuxun’s words, he immediately replied. Gu Xiuxun’s personality had always been friendly and good-natured. Her style was to make friends with students. As a result, it was very rare for her to be angry. But now…

“Zhang Yanzong, go and crush him.”

As a teacher, Gu Xiuxun couldn’t act but she could get her personal disciple to do so. “Crush me?”

The male student mocked. “You guys better think through it carefully. I’m a student from Mingshao. If you don’t leave now, you all don’t need to think about leaving later on!”

“Are you threatening us?”

Fan Yao frowned.

“Hehe, threatening you? Are you guys even worthy? I’m only telling the truth!”

The male student’s expression was filled with arrogance. Mingshao was on a tier of its own when compared to these schools. The other famous schools had to work hard to ascend to the ‘C’ grade, but Mingshao would surely be able to ascend. They were working hard for the sake of getting the championship! “Let me tell you guys another thing. Before you all are here, the Huaijin Academy came as well. However, they still obediently scrammed.

“Although I’m only a single person, I represent Mingshao. Alright, stop wasting time. Quickly screw


Before the male student could finish his sentence, he saw a golden-colored halo being cast by a handsome young teacher, its golden glow spreading out toward the four directions. After that, he felt as though there was a weight of 1,000 jin on his shoulders.

Putong! The male student knelt on the floor. His palms and legs were pressed on the floor and his posture was now in the shape of ‘OTL’. He wished to climb up but it was impossible.

“How dare you! I’m a student from Mingshao!”

The guy wanted to roar, but he discovered that he basically couldn’t make any sound at all. The students of the Central Province Academy were fine, but they were enveloped by an invisible might. It was as though they saw a huge demon king descending from the sky, and it caused all of their expressions to be extremely heavy. “This…this…”

Song Ren was stunned as he glanced at Sun Mo.

“Te.. Teacher Sun, this can’t possibly be Teacher for a Day, Father for Life halo, right?” Fan Yao asked. It appeared to be that but how old was Sun Mo? How could he possibly comprehend the Rest in Peace halo that only respected elders could comprehend?


Sun Mo nodded. “Let’s go!” Fan Yao discovered that Gu Xiuxun’s expression was calm. He couldn’t help but ask, “Do you know about this?”

“Mn, I’ve seen it before during a bath!” Gu Xiuxun sighed ruefully. She looked at that student kneeling on the ground with no way to resist. It was truly very shocking. Ai, she really wanted to comprehend this too! However, Gu Xiuxun knew that if she were to comprehend this great teacher halo, she most probably had to wait until she was 40 years old.

“A bath?”

Fan Yao cast a glance at Sun Mo. (Earlier when the two of you were speaking, I already felt that your relationship was a little too close. Now, from the looks of things, there must be something going on between the two of you!)

(Could it be that you guys are already intimate with each other?)

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(What should I do?) (Should I inform Headmaster An? After all, a betrayal in terms of emotions is also a betrayal.) “Let’s go!”

Sun Mo urged. “Teacher Sun, I’m thoroughly convinced!”

Fan Yao flashed a thumbs up. Song Ren flashed two.

Ding! Total favorable impression points from the new student group +1,902. The kneeling male student couldn’t even lift his head. He could only hear the footstep sounds of everyone leaving, and it caused him to be incomparably angry.

“Just wait and see. I will soon lead the new student group of Mingshao to eradicate you all!” The male student vowed. He definitely wanted to see Sun Mo crying from being utterly defeated. “This student, do you want revenge very badly?” Sun Mo asked. “Hehe, are you afraid now?” The male student coldly snorted. “It’s too late. You guys are surely dead since you have offended Mingshao!” Clearly, these words were only spoken in his heart. He wasn’t able to articulate them. “Student, before you borrow the name of Mingshao Academy to strut around, what have you done for the school? By entering a school, it doesn’t mean that its glory represents your glory! Instead, you should treat the school’s glory as a target for your hardwork and effort. After that, you should be the one bringing new glory to the school.”

Sun Mo guided.

He disliked such people the most. (Do you think you are a champion because you joined a champion team? To put in unpleasantly, you aren’t even qualified to be the water carrier for the team.) The male student before his eyes didn’t have the capability to be the champion yet, but he was already strutting around and showing off, acting like he was the champion, exuding extreme arrogance. The student gritted his teeth, clearly didn’t take the advice to heart. However, Sun Mo didn’t really mind. To say this was his responsibility as a teacher. But whether the student would follow his advice or not, that would be the problem of the student.

The male student originally planned to hurriedly climb to his feet and report this after Sun Mo left. However, he wasn’t able to do so. He knelt for an entire hour before he could move.

“The students from Mingshao are too arrogant. A single person dared to attempt such a thing. Do they really feel that the other academies are afraid of them?”

Zhang Yanzong felt indignant. “That’s right, f*** them!” The battle intent of the student surged. They didn’t feel nervous or panic at all. Fan Yao sighed ruefully. These changes were all brought by Sun Mo. Before the competition, everyone’s goal was just to maintain their current rankings. If they had the chance to enter the top ten and ascend to the ‘C’ grade, they would really have to thank heaven and earth.

However, now, the students even dared to challenge the Mingshao Academy that was a shoo-in for the first place! “Is this the charm of a great teacher?” Fan Yao had another new understanding of the title ‘great teacher’. “Too rude and impetuous!” Song Ren sighed. “We shouldn’t clash with Mingshao. It’s not worth it!”

From Song Ren’s point of view, the clash between the first place and second place would only serve to benefit the third place! Upon hearing this, Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched. She was really fond of Sun Mo’s arrogance. (I don’t care who the hell you guys are. If you guys dare to block this daddy’s path to the championship, this daddy will slay you all!) Ding!

Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Reverence (3,310/10,000) Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo turned his head and glanced at the masochist. (What are you doing?) (Do you want to become a crazy fan of mine?)

Gu Xiuxun, who was originally speaking with Zhang Yanzong, noticed Sun Mo’s glance. She immediately revealed a sweet smile.

“Adulterous couple!”

Song Ren was jealous. He actually felt a little like pursuing Gu Xiuxun, but now, it seemed that he had little hope.

Flower carps were omnivorous animals. Their diet mainly consisted of a water plant named ‘zicao’, some toads, and insects. They would also eat little shrimps occasionally. Zicao couldn’t grow everywhere. They could only grow in areas with fresh air and a lot of sunlight.

After Sun Mo ascertained a water region, he began to distribute missions. They would split into four teams of three, and their mission was to search four water regions to capture a flower carp under the lead of a teacher. The remaining eight students would break up into groups of two and check the surroundings for traces of other student groups. If they weren’t able to locate the flower carps and the other student groups had managed to capture their mysterious species of darkness, they could only attack them then. This was the backup plan.

“Remember, safety first in all things. If you cannot flee and cannot win against your opponents, give up immediately!”

Sun Mo reminded.

The competition allowed students to give up, but after giving up, they wouldn’t be able to participate in the later rounds of the competition.

“Teacher Sun, the flower carps are too difficult to catch. I feel that it’s better to preserve our strength and wait to attack other new student groups!”

Fan Yao felt a headache as he looked at the lake waters of Panya Lake. In any case, he wasn’t able to think of any solution.

(Fishing?) (Stop joking. Even if someone were to fish for a year, they wouldn’t even see a flower carp’s shadow.)

Fan Yao asked, “Oh ya, should we also reduce the number of people catching the flower carp?”

Song Ren also suggested, “Or maybe we should try capturing another species? At the very least, we should change our target to a land-bound one?” “Alright, it’s fine. You guys should act freely according to your plans!” Sun Mo didn’t mind this. He didn’t plan to depend on these two since the start. “As for the rest, let’s start moving!” With a command from Sun Mo, the students split up. No one noticed that Sun Mo’s influence had imperceptibly grown. He already started giving out commands. Even the group leader Fan Yao didn’t feel it was inappropriate. “Sun Mo, let’s make a bet to see who can capture the flower carp first.”

Gu Xiuxun moved closer to Sun Mo and whispered

“If I lose, I’ll scrub your back and give you a massage. If you lose, you will give me one. How about it?”

“Fine, if I win, you will give me one then*.”

Sun Mo laughed. “It’s a promise then!”

Gu Xiuxun left. Clearly, she didn’t understand the implicit meaning of Sun Mo’s words.

Actually, the masochist knew that given their current relationship, if she asked Sun Mo for a massage, Sun Mo definitely wouldn’t reject her. However, she had nothing she could use in exchange for it. If she took the initiative to ask Sun Mo for a massage, her behavior might not seem ‘proper’ for a female. Gu Xiuxun didn’t want Sun Mo to think that she was a licentious woman. Hence, she chose to make a bet. “I feel a little excited just thinking about it!” Sun Mo scratched his head. However, if the person making the bet was Jin Mujie, it would be for the best. “Why do I suddenly feel that Teacher Gu has a possibility of becoming our teacher’s wife?”

Lu Zhiruo mumbled in a low voice.

“It’s the teacher’s little wife!”

Li Ziqi reminded her. “Don’t bother with this topic first. How should we catch a flower carp?” Ying Baiwu glanced at Sun Mo. She felt that her teacher would surely have a solution.

“Let’s walk while we speak!”

As Sun Mo moved at the edge of the lake, he asked, “Baiwu, do you have an idea?” “Can we use the spirit qi roaming dragon to capture a flower carp?” Ying Baiwu asked. “Eh, this idea isn’t bad!” Lu Zhiruo’s eyes brightened. “Zhiruo, what about your idea?”

Sun Mo glanced at the papaya girl. “Ah? Do I need to think of one? With Teacher and the eldest martial sister here, no problem will be left unsolved!”

Lu Zhiruo was surprised.

“Your trust in me is too heavy!”

Li Ziqi mocked. “Zhiruo, even if you can’t do it, you should try to think of a solution too. After all, there would be a day where you have to roam the world independently.”

Sun Mo guided.

“Why must I roam independently? Can’t I just stay together with you guys forever?” The papaya girl’s question was very sharp. This was especially so when she blinked his large beautiful eyes when she stared at Sun Mo. Her pure and innocent gaze was enough to make everyone sink into them.

“You can. If you don’t want to leave, you can stay with me forever!”

Li Ziqi wanted to move over to tousle the papaya girl’s hair. In the end, she stumbled and almost fell. “Aiya, be careful!”

Lu Zhiruo hurried over to help her.

“Hmph. I’ve changed my mind. Zhiruo, it’s better that you leave!” The little sunny egg sulked. (You can only return after my chest grows ‘bigger’ than yours.) “Ziqi, do you have an idea?” Sun Mo decided not to discuss questions regarding life with Lu Zhiruo in the future. She completely wouldn’t be able to understand. She was like a house kitten. As long as you didn’t abandon her, she would always follow you.

[1] I’m not to sure as to what the author meant by ‘give me one then’, I assume s*xual connotations. However, I can’t be sure since there’s no further information. I will leave it up to the imagination of you readers.

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