Absolute Great Teacher
355 The Radiance of A Genius!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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355 The Radiance of A Genius!


Lu Zhiruo didn’t understand that Sun Mo was testing them. She would always feel a sense of security as long as she was with Sun Mo and Li Ziqi. There was no need for her to think. She would just do things according to their instructions and all would be fine.

“I’ve also thought of using the little loachie to hunt a flower carp. This should be doable, but the amount of time needed might be too long.” Li Ziqi was already thinking of a solution when she knew the content of the second round of the competition. The spirit qi roaming dragon had the word ‘dragon’ in its name as though it stood at the top of the food chain. Yet, it was a vegetarian and its diet consisted of spirit fruits with a high spiritual qi content. It didn’t even eat the leaves or roots of the fruits with bad taste.

As for other animals?

Blood would overflow its mouth if it was to eat them. This was too filthy and unhygienic. There might even be parasites! Naturally, as a peak-grade ferocious beast and a mysterious species of darkness, although the little loachie was still in its adolescent phase, it would be able to capture a flower carp. However, little loachie didn’t know the crux of the problem! It was like a newborn lion cub. If it didn’t learn, it wouldn’t know how to hunt either. Moreover, what they wanted little loachie to catch now was a type of fish.

The difficulty was very high. “So, I changed my idea. We can use the natural predators of the flower carps!”

Li Ziqi analyzed. “What’s their natural predator?”

“There’s a type of bird that loves to eat the flower carps, but such birds are too limited in their number. Besides, they are also a mysterious species of darkness that the people in the ‘D’ category have to capture. Hence, it isn’t easy to catch one.

“In that case, we might as well settle for the next best thing and find a large group of birds that feast on fish. For example, cormorants, egrets, or even ospreys. We will then control them through the spiritual beast control technique and get them to hunt a flower carp for us.” After hearing this, Lu Zhiruo clapped her hands. Her face was filled with a look of worship. “Eldest martial sister is so awesome!”


Li Ziqi shrugged. “Teacher must have thought of this earlier!”

“Teacher having thought about it is one thing, while you having thought about it is another. Both of you are very impressive!”

The papaya girl plucked off a berry from the nearby shrubbery and placed it into her mouth to eat.

“Ah? Are you not afraid of being poisoned?”

Li Ziqi was worried.

“Being poisoned?” Lu Zhiruo’s mind had never thought about such a concept because she had experienced it before. The papaya girl’s trust and worship caused huge pressure on Sun Mo. Luckily, he wasn’t stupid and had thought of a way to solve the problem. If not, things would have been embarrassing. “Teacher, if I didn’t guess wrongly. Little Silver already went to search for those birds?”

Li Ziqi asked.


Sun Mo nodded.

The flying speed of the eight-gate cloud was extremely quick. With it being present, it was like an unmanned surveillance aircraft. One or two birds might not be easy to find, but a large group of birds would definitely be as easy as pie.

30 minutes later, Little Silver returned. At a swampy area about 50 li* away, there was a large group of egrets resting. Their food was the fish in Panya Lake. Little Silver swelled up in an instant, resembling a gigantic cotton candy. “Let’s go.” Sun Mo called and jumped on the eight-gate cloud. Half of his body sank in; it was very comfortable.


Li Ziqi was shocked and hurriedly surveyed the surroundings. If the observer saw this, a huge commotion would surely occur. The eight-gate cloud was ranked tenth on the mysterious species listing. This was a species so rare that wealthy clans wouldn’t mind emptying their coffers just to obtain one. “There’s no need to look. He’s no longer around, he left with Gu Xiuxun.”

Sun Mo chortled.

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The observer didn’t expect that the Central Province Academy’s group would split up. He felt a headache. Logically speaking, he should follow Sun Mo. After all, Sun Mo’s performance was very outstanding. However, as a man, the observer still chose to follow Gu Xiuxun.

Observing a beauty would naturally be much more interesting! “Eldest martial sister, quickly come up. It’s so comfortable!”

The papaya girl sat on Little Silver and jumped about like she was playing on a trampoline.

When the four were seated, Little Silver directly soared into the clouds. After ascertaining that no one on the ground would discover them, it began to fly toward the dwelling place of little egrets. Ten minutes later, it arrived at their targeted location.

Li Ziqi stood on the wet ground and felt the water vapor in the air. She looked at the over thousand little egrets here and heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, they had accomplished the first step. Next, they would have to see how many birds could the spiritual beast control art enslave. When the little sunny egg was prepared to act, she heard the papaya girl’s light laughter. “Haha, so interesting. Teacher, senior and junior sister, quickly come and play!”

Lu Zhiruo already ran into the crowd of birds.

Logically speaking, if the little egrets saw strangers barging into their territory, they would definitely launch a heavy attack. At the very least, they would fly away and maintain a sense of wariness.

But now, things were completely different. A large group of little egrets directly flew over and surrounded the papaya girl, like pigeons in a public square waiting for humans to toss scraps of food to them. They weren’t afraid of humans at all!

“Oh, they are not afraid of strangers?” Li Ziqi took a few steps forward. In the end, the birds before her immediately flew away upon seeing her. This caused her to stand there in embarrassment.

The papaya girl’s affinity with animals was off the charts. No one could compare to her!

Li Ziqi chose a beautiful little egret and drew in a deep breath as she began to cast the spiritual beast control technique, using her mind to initiate communication with it.

Sun Mo was doing the same thing. His spiritual beast control art was at the grandmaster-grade. Although he had never used it before, its effect would surely be strong.

When he issued strange chirping noises with his mouth, over ten little egrets flew over. Sun Mo bit his finger and sucked a drop of fresh blood before spitting it out. The droplet of blood didn’t land on the ground. It transformed into motes of red-colored light and flew toward the minds of those startled little egrets.


The little egrets flew toward Sun Mo, and some stood on his shoulders, pecking at his hair gently. This was a type of beast taming technique. It could temporarily set up a contract with the targets and make them submit. However, the spellcaster had to pay a price. For example, like now, the fresh blood containing Sun Mo’s spirit qi essence was the reward. Hence, he took out the chasing cloud dagger and slashed lightly across his palm. Pitter patter! Fresh blood flowed and dripped onto the grass, transforming into red mist. Over ten little egrets immediately crowded over and feasted on the spirit qi of the fresh blood.

Li Ziqi’s side succeeded as well and she controlled eight birds.

“Take note of your body. Just act within your own competence!” Sun Mo reminded. The art of spiritual beast control was more dangerous compared to other subjects because this involved the aspects of soul and mind. Once the technique failed, the user could suffer a backlash. After all, all lifeforms had instincts caved in their genes. If one wanted to enslave something, one had to bear the appropriate amount of risk.

Usually speaking, the higher the intelligence a creature had, the more difficult it would be to enslave it. Also, the harm caused by the backlash would be more intense in that case! “I understand!”

Li Ziqi glanced at Lu Zhiruo, wanting to see how she was doing. In the end when she turned her head, she saw a large group of little egrets fluttering their wings as they flew toward Panya Lake.

“Thank you! I will catch worms for you all to eat!”

Lu Zhiruo waved her hand at the little egrets in the sky.


Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu were both dumbfounded.

“Alright, I’m going to catch the worms.” Lu Zhiruo clapped her hands. “I’ve promised them!” “Did you use the spiritual beast control technique?” Li Ziqi was curious. “Ah? Why should I use the spiritual beast control technique?” The papaya girl was puzzled.

“Never mind, pretend that I didn’t say anything!”

The little sunny egg decided not to ask anymore. Because Lu Zhiruo was too innocent and pure, she exuded an aura of complete harmlessness. This was what made it possible for her to play with small animals.

“I will help you to catch the worms!” “Me too!”

Ying Baiwu followed them.

Sun Mo got Little Silver to search for the other student groups. As for himself, he continued to practice the art of spiritual beast control.

Panya Lake.

“Move quicker!”

Zhao Zhi urged. He and Tantai Yutang belonged to the searching team that was responsible to find the traces of other student groups. Honestly speaking, he didn’t want to be in the same team as the sickly invalid because he felt that Tantai Yutang might be a burden. Once they encountered an enemy, let alone fight, Tantai Yutang might not even be able to flee successfully “Why are you in such a hurry?” Tantai Yutang was chewing on a mushroom and walking idly in a relaxed manner. It was as though he was taking a stroll in his own backyard. “Do you want to eat one?”


Zhao Zhi looked at the brightly-colored mushroom and mocked, “Are you not afraid of being poisoned to death? Let’s make things clear first, I don’t know first-aid. So, by the time I got someone over to help you, your body might have already turned cold.” “Please, have you forgotten that I’m a doctor?” Tantai Yutang chortled.

Zhao Zhi was startled. That was truly the case. After all, when they had traveled through the Ten Thousand Snake Caves, the snake-repellent powder had been concocted by the sickly invalid.

“Don’t stand on ceremony, have some. Let me tell you a secret, this mushroom can boost the male virility. It can even cause your ‘little brother’ to become bigger!” Tantai Yutang lowered his voice.


Zhao Zhi subconsciously lowered his head and peered toward his crotch. After that, he gulped down a mouth of saliva. “Eh, if you cannot finish the mushrooms, give me some then!” Being bigger and being able to pee further was the dream of every man! Zhao Zhi took the mushrooms that the sickly invalid passed over and bit on one. It tasted smooth and the texture wasn’t too bad.

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m not eating this because I want to become bigger down there. I only want to try new things!”

After Zhao Zhi spoke, his eyes rolled back and he fell onto the ground with a thud. “This mushroom has no way to make your ‘little bro’ become bigger, but I can do an operation and change your ‘little bro’ with the ‘little bro’ of a wild beast and fulfill your wish!”

The sickly invalid laughed. After that, he dragged Zhao Zhi and hoisted him up on a tree for his own safety. This was so that Zhao Zhi wouldn’t be eaten by wild beasts. Tantai Yutang then walked toward the lake’s side. “I really hate living in wild places such as the forest. Hence, let’s quickly complete the mission and return!”

Tantai Yutang muttered to himself. He then took out a walnut-sized pellet and crushed it. After that, he blew at it.

The powder contained inside the pellet floated out and landed on the surface of the water that was reflecting the sunlight.

A strange fragrance began to permeate the area. Roughly three minutes later, a bubbling sound could be heard from the lake. To be precise, there were simply too many large fish swimming over for the sake of eating a mouthful of that powder. They then began to slaughter each other.

The originally clear waters immediately became blood-red. The corpses of several fish floated up. “Kill slowly, don’t rush!”

The sickly invalid squatted at the side and hummed a melody, admiring the scene. Roughly about 15 minutes later, the slaughter among the fish stopped. Fish heads bobbed in and out of the water. One could see the malevolent-looking teeth in their mouths.

“Alright, go and catch a type of fish named ‘flower carp’. Bring back at least one alive!” Tantai Yutang instructed. With a swishing sound, hundreds of large fishes split up in all directions. Their swimming speed was extremely quick like a fired torpedo.

[1] 1 li is approximately 500 meters.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》