Absolute Great Teacher
358 Death Group Battle
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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358 Death Group Battle


Seeing Xuanyuan Po wanting to fight one against five, Li Fen felt a headache. This act was simply crazy.

“Should I help or not?”

Although she was thinking of this, Li Fen’s body was retreating. She didn’t wish to be injured.

The distance between both parties was only tens of meters apart, and both were speeding toward each other. Hence, they clashed just after a few breaths of time. A student from Haizhou stabbed his sword out, and it pierced toward Xuanyuan Po’s eyes. Another student used a swift blade and chopped at his arm.

Xuanyuan Po wasn’t fearful at all. He roared and brandished his silver spear.

Bang! Bang!

Before Li Fen could see clearly, two guys were already sent flying.

“It can’t be, right?”

Li Fen was stunned. She knew Xuanyuan Po was very strong, but she didn’t expect him to be so strong to such an extent. This had toppled all her understanding.

“Don’t be afraid, go at him together!”

Ren Guang roared.

Xuanyuan Po entered his combat state. His entire body began to exude an overwhelming tyrannical aura, like an unsheathed sharp sword that wouldn’t return to its sheathe unless it had annihilated the enemies completely.

“The blazing fire burns the prairie, the silver spear is invincible.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five students from Haizhou couldn’t block Xuanyuan Po’s attacks. Let alone retaliating, they had to put in a lot of effort just to block his silver spear.

Students that could be chosen for the new student group wouldn’t have a bad judgment and cultivation base. Hence, their expressions all changed when they saw this.

This was especially so for Ren Guang. Upon seeing that the situation was bad, he suddenly turned and ran.

It was clear they wouldn’t be able to win this battle. Hence, they had to protect the crested ibis no matter what.

“Ah? Xuanyuan, he wants to flee!”

Li Fen shouted.

Xuanyuan Po turned his waist and borrowed the twisting momentum to toss the silver spear out.


The silver spear was like an arrow fired from a crossbow. Its speed was exceedingly fast as it whistled through the air, directly stabbing into Ren Guang’s thigh.


Ren Guang screamed in agony as he fell onto a grassy area.


Upon seeing Xuanyuan Po no longer possessing his weapon, Zhang Jing was elated. He immediately slashed his blade out, aiming for Xuanyuan Po’s head. But all of a sudden, his vision dazzled as an iron fist punched over.


Zhang Jing rolled through the air. His nose was now broken and fresh blood flowed forth like a river breaking a dam.

Xuanyuan Po stood at his original location and swept his gaze around. Other than Ren Guang who was screaming. The other four students from Haizhou had fainted.

“Isn..isn’t this too strong?”

Li Fen was dumbstruck.

“Let’s go!”

Xuanyuan Po acted like he just did an insignificant thing. He picked up his silver spear and the crested ibis and returned to the camp.


“This flower carp was really captured by you?”

Zhao Zhi glanced at the flower carp in his hand. His face was filled with disbelief.

“You already asked for the fifth time.”

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes.

“Isn’t your luck a little too good?”

Zhao Zhi was speechless. “Speaking of which, why did I suddenly fall asleep? Was there a problem with the mushroom you gave me?”

“I also ate them!”

Tantai Yutang explained, “Actually, if it wasn’t for you falling asleep, I wouldn’t feel so bored as to go fishing and we wouldn’t have been able to catch this flower carp.”

“It means that I have some credit as well?”

Zhao Zhi’s eyes shone. He started to ponder how he should boast about this achievement in the future. Hence, his steps began to have a spring in them.

During twilight, Zhao Zhi’s group returned to the camp.

“Quickly look, we captured a flower carp!”

Zhao Zhi called out.



“Is this real or fake?”

Everyone furrowed their brows and immediately surrounded them. After confirming that it was indeed a flower carp, all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

“Well done!”

Fan Yao praised. “How did you all capture it?”

“Through good luck!”

Zhao Zhi spoke while stealthily casting a glance at Tantai Yutang. Realizing that Tantai Yutang had no intention to expose him, he relaxed and began to boast, adding many dramatic scenes to earn credit and cause others to be impressed.

“Now, we have completed the mission with excess points!”

“Excess points?”

Tantai Yutang heard the implicit assertion.

“Xuanyuan Po snatched the crested ibis of Haizhou. According to the rules, it can be counted as five points!”

Zhang Yanzong explained.


Tantai Yutang glanced at the surroundings. “What about my teacher?”

“They haven’t returned.”

It was already very late, but Sun Mo and the three girls hadn’t returned yet. This caused all of them to feel some worry in their hearts.

“Could they have run into an accident?”

Fan Yao was especially nervous because he knew that Sun Mo was the absolute core of this student group. Once something happened to him, let alone maintaining their current ranking, it was highly possible that it might drop.

“Should we send someone out to look for them?”

Song Ren suggested.

“It’s too dangerous to move around in the dense forest at night.”

Fan Yao shook his head. “If someone really has to search, it should be us three.”

“What are we waiting for then?”

Gu Xiuxun urged.

Just when Fan Yao wanted to instruct Zhang Yanzong on some management matters for the group, Shi Qiao the sentry suddenly called out.

“Teacher has returned!”

A group of people immediately rushed out. When they saw that Sun Mo was fine and completely uninjured, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“Ah, it’s a flower carp!”

Li Fen was pleasantly surprised. Under the moonlight, she could see a rainbow-colored fish being held by Ying Baiwu.

The lips of Tantai Yutang twitched. As expected, his teacher didn’t disappoint him!

“From all of your expressions, it doesn’t seem that you are too excited. Did someone also succeed in catching one?”

Li Ziqi asked.

“Tantai Yutang and Zhao Zhi fished one up.”

Fan Yao was curious. “What about you guys? Don’t tell me you fished one up as well?”

“It’s Zhiruo!”

Li Ziqi credited the papaya girl.

“Alright, everyone, let’s rest early today. We will set off on the return journey tomorrow!”

Sun Mo indicated for everyone to go to sleep.


Gu Xiuxun came over and flashed a thumbs up. Although Li Ziqi had said that it was Lu Zhiruo’s credit, the masochist knew that it must have been Sun Mo who planned the strategy.

Speaking of which, Sun Mo’s students were all very impressive. The two flower carps and one crested ibis were all captured by his students.


Dawn just broke and the students woke up. They were already impatient and wanted to return.

“According to our speed, we should be able to enter the top five, right?”

Zhang Yanzong was elated when he thought about it. If they could get to the top five, it would mean that their school could ascend to the next grade for sure.

The student group packed their stuff and was on their return journey. But roughly about an hour later, their path was blocked.

“We finally found you!”

Wei Lu’s eyes were bloodshot. He glared at Sun Mo. He had spent an entire might to search for them.

“Return our flower carp!”

“You bastards!”

“F*** them!”

The students of Haizhou roared as though the students of the Central Province Academy were despicable thieves.

“The rules of the competition state that plundering from other teams is allowed!”

“You guys are clearly trash and couldn’t hold on to the flower carp!”

“You guys are then the bastards!”

The students of the Central Province Academy were unwilling to be passive and scolded back.

“Why waste time talking nonsense?”

Wei Lu pulled his sword out. “Charge, kill them all!”

A group battle immediately erupted.

“Leave Sun Mo to me!” Wei Lu roared, “Wan Yanlin, you should lead the group battle!”

While Wei Lu was speaking, a coconut-sized fireball suddenly blasted over.

“What the hell?”

Wei Lu instinctively dodged, but he realized that he had just made a mistake. As expected, at the next instant, he heard the students screaming.


The fireball slammed into the body of a student and directly blasted the poor soul through the air. The student’s entire body turned black.


Li Ziqi didn’t have any intention of killing. When she saw this, she started to bend over and vomit.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》