Absolute Great Teacher
359 Accomplished An Insta-kill!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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359 Accomplished An Insta-kill!


The student that was charred black didn’t move at all. He looked dead no matter from which angle one looked at him.

After the students of Haizhou cried out in shock, the entire place fell silent. Even their steps were slower by half a beat because no one had expected that one of them would die.

“I...I didn’t do it intentionally.”

Li Ziqi had a look of agony on her face.

“This is a competition, life and death are ruled by fate. You don’t have to be too bothered.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

Priceless Advice was activated.

Golden light shone forth, cascading down on the little sunny egg. It immediately caused her to feel better.

“Don’t overthink. If you guys don’t kill others, others will kill you.” Gu Xiuxun reminded them. “Prepare for battle!”

After Wei Lu was startled, he immediately roared with rage, “Kill all of them for the sake of your future!”


Golden light burst forth from Wei Lu. He had also cast Priceless Advice.

The students were immediately encouraged and killed their way over with ferocious momentum.


Fan Yao didn’t retreat. He took the lead and attacked Wei Lu.

Teachers against teachers, students against students. A battle to the death instantly began.

The observer who was hiding in the shadows didn’t stop them. This was a very familiar scene that would occur in the competition every year.

If the students were cowardly, they could choose to give up. But by doing so, their morale and sharpness would decline greatly.

“Go to hell!”

Wei Lu stared at Fan Yao and unsheathed his sword.


In an instant, tens of thousands of sword shadows engulfed Fan Yao.


Fan Yao was badly shocked. His eyes directly widened to the limits, wanting to find the true body of the sword and block it. However, at the next instant, a lingering agony akin to ‘death by a thousand cuts’ spread through his entire body.


Fan Yao screamed in pain.

After the sword shadows vanished, Fan Yao’s entire body was riddled with wounds. He became a bloody-man and fell onto the ground. His entire body was twitching and convulsing in pain.


Song Ren felt his scalp turning numb as coldness filled his heart. He knew Fan Yao’s strength, but even Fan Yao was insta-defeated by Wei Lu? In that case, he would most probably die.

“Teacher Song, be careful!”

Gu Xiuxun reminded loudly.

Sadly, it was too late.

The two other teachers from Haizhou joined forces and directly sliced off Song Ren’s arms. They didn’t kill him not because they couldn’t do it. Rather, they were intentionally humiliating the Central Province Academy.


Wei Lu didn’t even glance at Fan Yao. Right at the start, he had guessed that Fan Yao wouldn’t have dodged. Hence, he had directly used his ultimate skill and managed to hit his target.


The Central Province Academy’s students took in gasps of cold air. They seemed to be in a daze. Was there a mistake? They had already lost two teachers just by coming here.

“Teacher Wei is invincible!”

“Crush Central Province Academy to death!”

The morale of Haizhou’s students was greatly boosted.

“Sun Mo, leave this fellow to me!”

Gu Xiuxun shouted. Her tone was extremely solemn. “A life-and-death battle!”

Her words were filled with decisiveness and determination.

Why didn’t Fan Yao evade?

Because he was the group leader, and he was the flag of the entire student group. This was why he couldn’t dodge. Right now, Gu Xiuxun would bear this heavy responsibility.

“Don’t snatch my prey!”

Sun Mo executed Wind King Divine Steps and arrived at Wei Lu’s location before Gu Xiuxun despite her moving first. He passed Gu Xiuxun and said, “His target is me!”

Through Divine Sight, Sun Mo could already tell that Wei Lu’s cultivation base was at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm. If Gu Xiuxun fought him, it would be a tough battle for her. Since that was the case, she might as well fight against the other two.

Wei Lu’s lips curled. He waved his sword with one hand and was filled with incomparable confidence.

As the young man with the highest talent in the Royal Wei Clan, while also being nurtured by vast amounts of cultivation resources, Wei Lu had always been the strongest among his peers. He was being nurtured as the future headmaster of Haizhou Academy!

When facing a new teacher who had just joined the Central Province Academy, if he couldn’t win, what face would he have left?

No, it was not simply about winning. It was about insta-killing!


The lightning-fast sword was blocked by the wooden blade.


Wei Lu’s expression sank and he subconsciously blurted, “You are at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm!”

Sun Mo blocked Wei Lu’s sword attack effortlessly. This indicated that his cultivation base was extremely high and his cultivation art was also top-grade.

Sun Mo wasn’t idle enough to answer the question. Wei Lu had instantly destroyed their group leader. Since that was the case, Sun Mo would return the favor. An eye for an eye!

West River Moon, Broad Cold Autumn, Late Fragrance.

Charm Remembrance, Skynet Sand, Riverful Spring Water!

Sun Mo unleashed a flurry of attacks. The gorgeous and magnificent strikes instantly constrained Wei Lu’s attacks.

“The cultivation art you train in is indeed a saint-tier one!”

A look of excitement flashed in Wei Lu’s eyes. Such an opponent was a formidable adversary for him.

“This fellow is pretty powerful!”

Sun Mo stared at Wei Lu and activated Divine Sight. This was the first time an enemy managed to block Immemorial Vairocana.

Wei Lu, 23 years old. Self-confident, proud and arrogant, violent. He is proficient in quick attacks.

Flaws: His lower body is unstable. He isn’t proficient in dealing with attacks coming from his right back. He has an inpatient personality and loves to take risks!

Sun Mo took note of Wei Lu’s data in his mind.

Although Immemorial Vairocana was a saint-tier cultivation art, it was mainly used to ‘hit out’ the cultivation arts of others. Hence, its attacking prowess was considered ordinary. As for the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, its main purpose was to be used in teaching. Therefore, when encountering such a powerful opponent, Sun Mo’s superiority in terms of cultivation arts would be insufficient. He needed to use battle strategies to make up for it.

Sun Mo exerted too much force on his left leg and he slid slightly to the side. This caused his body to be slanted a little as he had to exert even more force to stabilize himself, leaving behind a huge mark on the ground.

“Haha, this fellow made a mistake. As expected, even the heavens are on my side!”

Wei Lu felt extremely elated. Sun Mo’s cultivation art was very powerful. If he didn’t grab this chance when Sun Mo obviously screwed up, he would have to commit to a long and arduous battle. To Wei Lu who wanted to insta-kill Sun Mo, a drawn-out fight was undoubtedly a great humiliation. Hence, he didn’t hesitate and immediately lunged forward to attack.

Ultimate skill, Meteor Flash!


Wei Lu abrupt shot forward. The sword in his hand seemed to transform into a meteor shooting across the starry sky, glowing with a silver light as it pierced toward Sun Mo.


The sword pierced through Sun Mo’s chest.

If it was others, they would be smiling now, enjoying the sweetness of victory. However, Wei Lu didn’t do so because the tactile feel when the sword pierced in felt off. Hence, he focused on all six of his senses.

“Right side!”

Wei Lu brandished his sword and glanced to the right. As expected, Sun Mo appeared there and was attacking with his wooden blade.

“Too naive, this type of battle strategy...”

Wei Lu mocked. However, before he could finish his sentence, he heard Wan Yanlin exclaiming in shock.

“Be careful, behind you!”

“What? There’s actually a clone?”

Wei Lu was badly shocked but unfortunately, it was too late.

Sun Mo used ‘Paying someone back in their own coin’ to unleash Meteor Flash. His wooden blade poked into Wei Lu’s thigh, causing him to be unable to stand stably. After that, his second attack arrived.


The wooden blade ruthlessly smashed into the back of Wei Lu’s head. After that, Wei Lu’s head exploded like a watermelon.

Red blood, white brain matter, and chunks of mushy matter flowed out.


The corpse fell onto the ground.

Sun Mo finished his ‘insta-kill’!

The area fell silent. The two student groups stopped as they watched Wei Lu’s headless corpse rolling on the ground.

“Teacher Wei died?”

“He is at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm, how was he insta-killed? Such a cultivation base should be considered the highest among teachers participating in the newbie competition, right?”

“Impossible. It’s impossible for Teacher Wei to lose!”

The students of Haizhou felt their minds crumbling.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》