Absolute Great Teacher
360 Do You Want This Vibrantly-Colored Flower Carp or This Not So Vibrantly-Colored One?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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360 Do You Want This Vibrantly-Colored Flower Carp or This Not So Vibrantly-Colored One?


“Wei Lu!”

Wan Yanlin’s voice was mournful. Her charming face had a look of incredulous disbelief.

Wei Lu actually lost?

(Is your cultivation base of the seventh level of blood-ignition realm false?)

(Is your reputation as the Wei Clan’s descendant with the strongest talent false?)

(Is your experience as a graduate from one of the supreme-tier academies, the Black-White Academy, false?)

(You actually lost to such an unknown? Could it be you snuck out last night and had s*x with some woman, causing you to exhaust too much energy that led to your failure?)

(If not, why would you lose?)

When Sun Mo’s gaze turned over, Wan Yanli instantly felt chills, and she subconsciously turned to run.

Earlier, they had been extremely forceful and wanted to annihilate the Central Province Academy’s student group. Besides, they had heavily injured Fan Yao and destroyed Song Ren’s arms. The grudge between both sides was extremely deep.

Sun Mo wasn’t used to killing women. Hence, he allowed Wan Yanlin to run. His gaze turned to the other two teachers from Haizhou.

“Even if you want to concede now, we won’t spare you!”

“Can our actions be considered as destroying a beautiful flower?”

The two teachers had trash-talked while attacking Gu Xiuxun, causing her to feel some psychological pressure. However, the instant they saw Sun Mo exploding Wei Lu’s head, they felt as though they were suddenly slapped. They directly shut up.

The two of them shivered.

“He got insta-killed just like that?”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips curled. She knew of Sun Mo’s cultivation base, hence, she wasn’t surprised by this result. While the two teachers were distracted, she took the opportunity to attack.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Her sword was ethereal, warping and weaving through space.

The two of them wanted to dodge, but they discovered that their limbs were beyond their control. After that, they felt intense pain from their shoulders.

Bang! Bang!

Four hands dropped onto the ground.


Fresh blood leaked from the severed arms, drenching the thick leaves red.


The two teachers screamed in pain and retreated quickly. However, they couldn’t walk properly and directly fell onto the ground. Lowering their heads, they discovered that their kneecaps had cracked and bloody wounds could be seen on their knees.

“Killing in a competition is only logical. The losers should have no resentment!”

Gu Xiuxun stared at the two of them. “However, abusing a weaker foe for fun is too over-the-top, especially since you were doing it before the students!”

“Should we start cheering now?”

Li Fen moved closer to Li Ziqi and asked in a low voice. This was their first time experiencing such a cruel scene. Hence, they had no idea how to react to it.

“Tantai Yutang, Zhiruo, go and treat our casualties!”

After Li Ziqi spoke, she looked at the students from Haizhou.

According to the rules, teachers couldn’t participate in the battle of students. Hence, before the students from Haizhou left, her side mustn’t relax.

In truth, the little sunny egg had overestimated the battle intent of these students.

Out of their four teachers, one was dead, two were injured, and one escaped. Also, since their pillar, Wei Lu, had fallen to Sun Mo’s blade, the Haizhou’s students felt extreme despair.

The students hadn’t started running yet as they were shocked silly by this development.

“Rush together and kill them!”

Tantai Yutang shouted. He even picked up the pace and rushed forward.

At this moment, the students from Haizhou were like poor sheep being pounced on and attacked by lions. They directly scuttered in four directions, not even intending to put up a fight.

A student lost his head due to panic and ran toward Sun Mo’s side. After seeing Sun Mo, he was so frightened that his face turned pale. He hurriedly stopped and stumbled from the momentum, falling onto the ground.

Sun Mo only cast a glance over and the student started to cry.

“Don’t kill me!”

The student tragically cried out and started crawling back, wanting to distance himself from Sun Mo. After all, this fellow had used a wooden blade to explode his teacher’s head.

That wooden blade was still dripping with blood.


Favorable impression points from a frightened student +100. Friendly (100/1,000).

“I can gain favorable impression points like this as well?”

Sun Mo was surprised.

“Striking fear into the hearts of your enemies is an inner quality of great teachers!”

The system explained.


Favorable impression points from the students and teachers of Haizhou +4,020.

“So much?”

Sun Mo was speechless. “Are they treating me like a great demon king?”

“Ai, these poor children. You might have planted a permanent shadow in their hearts!”

The system sighed ruefully.

Tantai Yutang ran toward Fan Yao, while Gu Xiuxun had gone over to staunch Song Ren’s bleeding.

“Is there still hope of saving him?”

Sun Mo walked over. He didn’t know medical art and could only watch from the side.

“Impossible, he has lost too much blood. That teacher’s sword qi not only cut through Teacher Fan’s flesh, but it even injured his energy channels, heart, and lungs. Even if he could survive, he would be a cripple from now onward.”

Tantai Yutang explained.

“Alright, go and help treat Teacher Song!”

Sun Mo instructed as he squatted beside Fan Yao.

“Teacher Sun, don’t feel upset. You will get used to it in the future.”

Song Ren looked at his severed limbs calmly. If one wanted to get famous through the competition, they naturally had to embrace the risk.

“This year, the Central Province Academy will ascend a grade. However, as the level of league tournaments increases, the risk of death will be greater as well.”

Song Ren had a look of sorrow on his face as he looked at Fan Yao.

This was their only chance. Meanwhile, Sun Mo would become the star of the Central Province Academy for years to come and lead the student group to victories after victories.

He was really envious of Sun Mo!

The observer honestly recorded this scene down.

On the return journey, it wouldn’t be smooth and unimpeded. But when other student groups see Sun Mo carrying a corpse on his back, their battle intent would surely weaken a lot. No one would want to antagonize someone like that.

At a distance of roughly 2.5 km away from the endpoint, the students of Shanyue Academy were waiting here.

Their mission target was also the flower carp. As a new student group formed from mountain people, they had an innate dislike of water, so they didn’t go into the water to hunt the flower carp. They were camping here and were prepared to plunder the others.

Mountain people basically meant people living on the mountain. Shanyue was also one of the rare academies that were located in the deep mountains.

What they were proficient in was creating traps and hunting land prey.

When Sun Mo led his student group and entered their hunting zone, Lu Zhiruo suddenly felt an immense sense of danger.

“Teacher, I feel that there’s something wrong ahead!”

Nervousness could be seen on the papaya girl’s face.

“Send someone to scout the way.”

Gu Xiuxun suggested.

“We will take a detour!”

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered about wasting this bit of time. In any case, given the Central Province Academy’s speed, they would surely be among the top.


In the dense forest.

“The Central Province Academy took a detour. What should we do? Should we continue to chase them?”

Ji Jinyuan who was responsible for monitoring their target looked for his group leader Cheng Xiu and asked in a low voice.

“There’s no need, right? If we leave the area where we set traps, our combat strength would dwindle by half.”

Zou He didn’t wish to take the risk.

“The Central Province Academy is returning so early. They must have captured their mysterious species of darkness!”

Ji Jinyuan’s eyes glowed. “Also, if I didn’t remember wrongly, their group belonged to the ‘A’ category and their target is the same as us.”

“That school that’s about to be delisted? Are you saying that they caught the target? You overestimate them too much. Most probably, they are returning because their casualties are too high and aren’t able to endure it.”

Zou He mocked.

“How are their casualties?”

Cheng Xiu asked.


“One teacher died, another was injured. They didn’t lose any students. From the looks of things, their morale seems pretty high.”

“Hehe, as expected. Casualties appeared.”

Zou He showed a complacent expression indicating that ‘hey, I guessed it correctly’.

“Set off!”

Cheng Xiu made the decision.

“Group leader!”

Zou He frowned. In the past, Shanyue Academy had no hope of ascending and no worries about maintaining their rankings. They didn’t need to take any risks.

“If we continue fooling around like this every year, Shanyue would be looked down upon by others.

Cheng Xiu had another plan. Leaving aside whether the Central Province Academy had captured the flower carp or not, they were ultimately once a part of the Nine Greats.

Once Shanyue destroyed the Central Province Academy’s student group, everyone would talk about them, the team who was responsible for delisting the Central Province Academy.

Although this was quite unethical, who could the Central Province Academy blame but themselves for being weak?

About 1.5 km away from the endpoint, the student group from Shanyue caught up to those from the Central Province Academy.

“What do you want to do?”

Gu Xiuxun shouted.

“Hand over the flower carp you guys caught and I can let you all live!”

Ji Jinyuan roared and waved his hand.


The student group from Shanyue roared and twenty of them fitted arrows to their bows, ready to fire them.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Zhang Yanzong shouted. He stood at the forefront.

“They are students from Shanyue. Their archery skills are relatively outstanding!”

Seeing these students clad in beastskins, Li Ziqi reminded everyone, “Once the battle started, we must rush toward them immediately and kill them at close distance. Baiwu, try to insta-kill their leader.”

Ying Baiwu nodded and brandished her bow.


“Good bow!”

Many people praised.

“This teacher. We have four teachers against two of you. You guys can’t win. How about giving up?”

Zou He persuaded. He truly didn’t want to fight.

“Zou He, don’t lose face for Shanyue!”

Ji Jinyuan added. His gaze swept through the students of the Central Province Academy. “Where’s the flower carp? Hand it over!”

The eyes of this fellow resembled the cruel eyes of a wolf in the forest. It was so sharp that it seemed as though it could pierce through people. The students couldn’t bear it and chose to evade his gaze.

“Oh? You want the flower carp?”

Tantai Yutang nodded. He took out the flower carp from Shi Qiao’s pocket. “Do you want this fish that’s vibrantly colored?”

The students of Shanyue were wild with joy. They didn’t expect that their battle strategy of waiting for their prey would actually work!

Cheng Xiu was taken aback as well. But after that, he frowned. The students from the Central Province Academy could capture the flower carp so quickly. It seemed that they indeed had some capabilities.

However, their bows were already nocked with arrows. They had to fight this battle no matter what.

Just when Ji Jinyuan wanted to reply, he saw the sickly invalid taking out another flower carp. “Or do you want this fish that’s not so vibrantly colored?”

“Damn, two flower carps?”

“They are from the Central Province Academy, right? They are truly quite impressive!”

“But no matter how good they are, didn’t they end up as our stepping stone?”

Some of the students from Shanyue were shocked. Some were nervous, while some were elated, feeling as though they had just gotten some huge benefits.


Zhao Zhi was speechless. “Do you have to provoke them so much? Are you afraid they won’t put their lives on the line to snatch the carps away from us?”

“What are you afraid of? If they dare to act, we will finish them!”

Zhang Yanzong felt a ball of fire in his heart. He was extremely angry and really wanted to kill someone.

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. She could guess what the sickly invalid was planning, but she couldn’t be bothered to stop it. Since these people from Shanyue wanted to waylay and plunder them, they best be prepared to pay the price in blood.

“You want it? I’ll give it to you!”

Tantai Yutang chortled and tossed a flower carp out.


The flower carp soared into the air. The golden rays of the sun shone on its scale, causing it to look even more beautiful.

The gazes of the students from Shanyue were drawn over involuntarily.


Tantai Yutang instructed in a low voice.

Ying Baiwu, who had been prepared, directly fired her arrow.


The arrow shot straight toward the enemy’s student leader.


Cheng Xiu shouted the moment Tantai Yutang tossed out the flower carp. However, an arrow shot using the Wind King Divine Art was simply too quick. Besides, the semi-transparent arrow was seemingly invisible.


The instant Cheng Xiu’s voice rang out, the left chest of that student leader was struck. His entire body was blasted backward from the impact.

“Brother Luan!”

All the students were badly shocked. A few of their faces were covered by their leader’s blood, and they naturally panicked.


Cheng Xiu was extremely anxious. (How many times have I said that when we encounter a sudden attack, we mustn’t panic. We have to retaliate immediately and suppress our enemies, can’t you all understand it?)

Naturally, A few arrows were also shot toward the students from the Central Province Academy. However, they were easily blocked by Zhang Yanzong and Xuanyuan Po. When the students from Shanyue wanted to attack again, they no longer had a chance to do so.

Because Li Ziqi already acted.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

She tore five lightning protection runes continuously. A total of 21 fist-sized lightning spheres immediately appeared beside her. As she waved her arm, the lightning spheres shot toward the student group from Shanyue.

“Dodge quickly!”

Cheng Xiu roared.

The speed of the lightning spheres was extremely quick. It exploded in an instant.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blue lightning blasted out. The bodies of the students struck by the lightning directly trembled as they lost control of their bowels, causing their pants to be stained.

Ah! Ah!

Miserable screams filled the air.

A few students who ran away quickly enough managed to dodge to the side. However, it was useless. The lightning spheres were not like fireballs. They would be attracted by the static electricity from the human body and would zoom toward the source

Hence, those who reacted quickly didn’t manage to escape either. They were directly electrocuted. The only good point was that the amount of lightning they suffered was lesser in comparison. Hence, they didn’t die directly.

As the cracking noises of the lightning vanished. The scene fell silent again.

Ying Baiwu held her Wind King Bow and glanced around. A moment later, she lowered her bow.

No more students from Shanyue remained standing. The iron-headed girl disdained killing these injured enemies.


Cheng Xiu was shocked. His mouth opened and closed. He wasn’t able to say anything.

“The team got annihilated just like that?”

Ji Jinyuan turned pale. He was still fantasizing about plundering the flower carp from the Central Province Academy. If their luck during the third round was good, they might even be able to squeeze their way into the top ten. But now, their student group was completely crushed.

“Is there a mistake?”

Zou He covered his eyes, not daring to look.

The lightning spheres around that girl had killed five students at least.


Li Ziqi lowered her head, wanting to puke again. However, she endured the impulse.

“Eldest martial sister!”

The papaya girl patted Li Ziqi’s back, helping to smoothen her qi.

Zhang Yanzong glanced over and shook his head repeatedly. “I can’t afford to offend her! I can’t afford to offend her!”

Li Ziqi’s athletic ability might be bad and her combat strength was weak. However, most of her enemies died in her hands.

“Isn’t your spirit rune technique of releasing these lightning spheres a little too terrifying?”

Zhang Yanzong felt a little nervous. He felt that there was an 80-90% chance that he wouldn’t be able to evade if he was suddenly faced with so many lightning spheres.

“Speaking of which, I’ve never seen this type of spirit rune before. Did you discover this from some ancient texts?”

Xu Jialiang was also someone who studied spirit runes, but he had never seen this particular type of spirit rune before.

“It was created by our teacher!’

Li Ziqi explained.


The gazes of everyone turned to Sun Mo, and they immediately contributed a large number of favorable impression points. Li Ziqi’s talent might be good, but without Sun Mo’s meticulous guidance, she wouldn’t be able to do things to such an extent.

“Kill them!”

Cheng Xiu was enraged. Since he wasn’t able to kill students, he could only take out his anger on Sun Mo.

The observer couldn’t bear to see this.

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