Absolute Great Teacher
361 Second Round Ends
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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361 Second Round Ends


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four arrows shot out.

Gu Xiuxun slashed her sword out consecutively, while Sun Mo disappeared from his spot with a flash.

“Sun Mo, the leading teacher is mine!” Gu Xiuxun warned, “Don’t fight with me over him!”

“I’ll give him to you!”

Sun Mo had appeared in front of Cheng Xiu, but when he heard this, he pounced toward Zou He with another flash.

“So fast!”

Gu Xiuxun’s alluring red lips twitched, having a hint of complaint. (What kind of movement technique is this? You’re so fast! Hmph, I hope that you’re as fast in bed! Three pumps, no, to end after just one pump!)

“So fast!”

Ji Jinyuan’s heart wrenched up. They were natives of the mountains for generations, hunting for their livelihoods. Hence, their archery and eyesight were quite exceptional. They could even see things in the dark. However, they had lost traces of Sun Mo earlier.

How fast did he have to be?

“Really arrogant!”

Cheng Xiu was so angry that he felt like exploding. (What do you guys treat me as? A big experience hamper?)

He was a man and didn’t want to fight against women. However, his arrow that was aimed at Sun Mo was now pointed toward Gu Xiuxun.


The arrow pierced through the air.

Gu Xiuxun swung her sword, slashing the arrow into six parts. Thereafter, she launched a series of quick attacks at Cheng Xiu.

“F*ck you, why did you come for me?”

Zou He had an urge to cry. Sun Mo’s sudden appearance in front of him gave him a big fright. There was no helping it. He could only draw his short blade to put up a block. However, he still focused mainly on defense.

“Two against four? That’s so dangerous!”

Li Fen gulped. “Should we go and help?”

“Don’t worry, that guy is doomed!”

Li Ziqi was very calm.

“Don’t be too positive!”

Zhang Yanzong reminded her.

“There are a total of three targets. Teacher didn’t choose mindlessly. In the earlier exchange, this guy’s battle will is the weakest. This means that after the battle starts, he’ll mainly focus on defense to protect himself.”

Li Ziqi explained, “You guys have seen our Teacher’s attacking prowess before. If his opponent were to fight back, they might be able to hold on for a while. But if they were to defend...”

“They’d be crushed outright!”

Ying Baiwu chipped in.

Just as the stubborn young girl’s last note ended, Zou He was sent flying out while spurting out blood, knocking into a big tree.

His right arm and left leg were twisted irregularly, his chest sunken in. They were clearly broken.


The Central Province Academy’s students didn’t know what to say. Although they had witnessed how amazing Sun Mo was before, wasn’t this power too much of an exaggeration?

He was really the one and only!

“There’s no need to be surprised. Just shout out amazing!”

The papaya girl clapped.

The three teachers from Shanyue were shocked. Who was this guy? For Zou He, who was at the fourth level of the blood-ignition realm, to be instantly defeated. Wasn’t this too fake?

Could it be that this guy was an old-age participant who falsely reported his age?

However, they didn’t have any time to be astonished. It was because Sun Mo continued with his attack.

Ji Jinyuan felt anxious the moment they crossed each other. Sun Mo was too strong. His eyes opened wide and he stared at Sun Mo’s each and every movement. However, despite using his full power, he was unable to fend off his attacks.

Ji Jinyuan felt like a small boat in a heavy storm, being wrecked crazily. He could be trampled to death at any moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Mo attacked consecutively, smashing Immemorial Vairocana incessantly onto Ji Jinyuan’s head, hitting out many golden pages.

(This guy knows a peerless-grade heaven-tier sword technique. It’s no wonder he’s so proud and likes to battle.)


Ji Jinyuan felt like crying. He was feeling extremely regretful. If only he hadn’t incited Cheng Xiu to attack these people! And was his Origin Return Sword Art a fake peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art?

Otherwise, why would his attacking prowess be so much weaker than his opponent’s?


Ji Jinyuan was sent flying.

The last remaining teacher jumped and backed off for over 30 meters. He instinctively aimed his longbow at Sun Mo. However, when Sun Mo’s gaze turned toward him, he quickly put down his longbow, indicating that he had no hostility.

(I’m sorry, Leader Cheng Xiu and students. It’s not that I’m not trying hard, but I really can’t win!)

Sun Mo shrugged and said, “Go help them!”

The last teacher felt as if he had been granted great amnesty.

Only Cheng Xiu was left.

“Don’t be on your guard. Sun Mo won’t make a move. Your opponent is me!”

After saying that, Gu Xiuxun exerted a bit more force.

Cheng Xiu wanted to tell them to attack together. However, when the words reached his mouth, he still didn’t feel confident to voice them out.

“Xiuxun, you have quite a bit of battle experience!”

Sun Mo exclaimed as he observed the masochist. Her long legs looked very sexy when moving about.


Gu Xiuxun was distracted for a short moment when she heard Sun Mo calling her name in front of all the students. She was almost hurt as a result of this. She then couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Sun Mo, take note of the situation!”

Gu Xiuxun reminded him.

“Eldest martial sister!”

Lu Zhiruo poked the little sunny egg’s arm. “Why do I feel that the relationship between them isn’t right?”

“Your feeling is wrong!”

Li Ziqi retorted but felt very nervous inside. “Teacher, are you planning to have the best of both worlds?”

Cheng Xiu was almost driven to death. (You guys are actually flirting with each other? Do you think that I don’t exist?)

Thereafter, Cheng Xiu’s head was kicked by Gu Xiuxun!

That was true. It didn’t matter either way!


The finish line for the second round of the competition wasn’t at White Dew City but next to Jadewave Lake.

This was quite a well-known location on the first level of the Darkness Continent. The reason why the Saint Gate set the final location here seemed as if it was because of the nice scenery, but it was to maintain the image of the league tournament test to the public.

The second round of the competition would definitely have people killing each other. So it was inevitable for there to be casualties.

When the remaining student groups returned to the White Dew City, how would the normal citizens think when they saw them?

Out of consideration for their publicity, the Saint Gate wanted to leave the most positive image for the citizens. They wanted to appear great,= and that becoming a student of a famous school would mean that they’d be the cream of the crop.

There was one more thing. Teachers or students alike should all be strong. If they were to reveal their weak and fragile side, it’d make the citizens feel disappointed. They might lose their respect if that was the case.


The Jadewave Pavilion was a building that had several hundred years of history. The sculptures on it were some kind of species of darkness.

Some people said that they really existed, while others said that they were drawn from imagination.

The various schools’ headmasters fought over this for two days, but thereafter, the focus of their conversation changed. They waited for the student groups’ return while making use of this opportunity to discuss various cooperations.

Such as having exchanges!

Such as trading resources!

However, when Mingshao’s student group came back, the interaction broke off. All the headmasters felt jealous as they watched Mingshao’s headmaster encouraging his students calmly.

He got the chance to act cool again.

“Headmaster Zhang, Mingshao is probably going to clinch this year’s first place again!”

Weima’s Headmaster Wei mocked while having an ulterior motive.

In terms of capabilities, Weima was a little weaker than Mingshao. Besides, since Headmaster Wei’s target was to advance as the best group in this tournament, he wanted to sow discord between Mingshao and Sky Orchid’s Headmaster Zhang.

As long as Sky Orchid and Mingshao went hard against each other, Weima would be able to reap the benefits from the side.

“You should be telling this to Old Wei!”

Headmaster Zhang wanted the first place, but he wouldn’t fall for this.

(Hmph, these horrible old men are all very black-hearted!)

Of course, the reason they were scheming like this was because they wanted their school to climb to greater heights. After all, the positions on top were fixed. If someone were to advance, then there’d be people dropping out.

“Tell me what?”

Headmaster Wei had a fiery temper. When he heard someone mentioning him, he immediately called out.

“Old Wei said that it’ll all depend on Haizhou to suppress Mingshao!”

Headmaster Zhang chuckled.


Old Wei let out an arrogant snort. (Just you wait. I’ll let you guys experience an eye-opener in this round. Wei Lu, you better buck up!)

“I wonder which student group will be the second to return.”

A headmaster said.

“It should be the Sky Orchid. After all, they are strong!”

“Do you guys think that it could be the Central Province Academy? Their performance in the last round isn’t bad.”

“That might be possible!”

The headmasters discussed amongst themselves.

When Headmaster Wei heard this, he felt unhappy and immediately retorted, “Forget it. Given the Central Province Academy’s capabilities, it’d be good if they could occasionally have dumplings [1]. How could they enjoy great delicacies for every meal?

“That’s true. Haizhou is quite strong this year. The next group might just be Haizhou’s student group.”

Someone said respectfully.

When Headmaster Wei heard that, he immediately broke out laughing and said humbly, “I wouldn’t dare say that we’d get second, but we’d definitely get into the top five!”

Just then, the surveilling people came back to report that the groups from Shanyue and the Central Province Academy got into a fight three lis away from the goal.

“What the hell?”

Headmaster Zhang.

“They must be turning against each other!”

Headmaster Wei chuckled. They had watched the competition for so many years, so what kind of situation hadn’t they seen before?

Both Shanyue and the Central Province Academy must have thought of conserving their energy and taking down a student group, who had caught a species of darkness, to complete their mission.

However, both groups might be afraid of being stabbed in the back, and thus they could only fight each other.

“Headmaster Wei, you’ve gone overboard with your words. What if Shanyue or the Central Province Academy had accomplished their mission?”

Headmaster Ming frowned. He didn’t like this old man.

“If I didn’t remember wrongly, the mission objective for these two groups are both the flower carp. Shanyue are natives to the mountains so how would they know how to swim?”

Headmaster Wei’s lips twitched. “Go and ask Shanyue’s headmaster. He probably didn’t have the confidence to catch a flower carp even if he was the one participating!”

“There’s still the Central Province Academy!”

Headmaster Ming let out a cold snort.


Headmaster Wei looked at the goal. If a certain group returned after completing their mission, then there’d be firecrackers set off.

The other headmasters talked amongst themselves and felt that Headmaster Wei’s analysis made sense. They were talking about the flower carp, a species of darkness that lived in the water. It was extremely hard to catch.

“It’s almost noon, let’s go for lunch!”

Headmaster Wei kept both hands behind his back and was planning to leave when two bangs rang out. Two fireballs with red trailing flames rose up into the sky, then erupting to become a brilliant firework.

A student group had returned after completing their mission!

Headmaster Wei’s countenance instantly turned pale. This meant that his earlier judgment was completely wrong. When he saw some headmasters looking toward him with a mocking gaze, his expression turned even more grim.

This was f*cking embarrassing!

Headmaster Zhang and Headmaster Wei’s countenance was grim. It was because their school wasn’t in second place!

Without any invitation required, everyone moved toward the goal in unison, wanting to see which student group had clinched the second place.

[1] Dumplings have a great significance in Chinese culture. On days where food was scarce, dumplings were seen to be a great treat and would only be made during important occasions like Chinese New Year or weddings. Their shapes resemble ancient gold or silver ingots, so they are symbolic of wealth. In this particular context of the story, they represent good results in the competition.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》