Absolute Great Teacher
362 Opening Reward
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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362 Opening Reward


When the headmasters rushed to the goal, they saw that the Central Province Academy’s student group had arrived.

The number of students didn’t decrease, but there were only three teachers. Moreover, one of them had lost his arms and was brought away by the Saint Gate’s medical team with a stretcher.

“Where’s the species of darkness you guys caught?”

The group of judges, formed by the main judge Tong Yiming and the four vice judges, had to perform a check on the spoils that Sun Mo’s group brought back.

No matter if the spoils were snatched or caught by themselves, it was alright as long they had them.

“Shanyue suffered great casualties and they probably have to drop out of the competition. You guys should send a medical team to help them!”

Sun Mo mentioned this out of goodwill.

“What did you say?”

The countenance of Shanyue’s headmaster changed drastically after hearing this. He felt that their school had been humiliated.

Sun Mo shrugged, not saying anything more.

“The other groups are none of your concern.”

Tong Yiming looked at Sun Mo. “Central Province Academy, Category ‘A’, objective is the flower carp. Please present your species of darkness!”


A flower carp was thrown to the ground. Its colorful scales had now turned dull.

The judges immediately went up to check it.

“It’s a flower carp! There’s no mistake about it!”

“Quite amazing!”

“That doesn’t seem right. Judging from this flower carp’s condition, it seemed to have been bitten to death by its natural foe. They couldn’t have been so lucky to have picked up a flower carp that had been bitten to death by a little egret, could they?”

The judges discussed amongst themselves, feeling curious about what method the Central Province Academy’s student group had used.

“Hmph, they were just lucky!”

After hearing the judges’ ratings, Headmaster Wei’s countenance turned grim. This meant that the Central Province Academy had gotten second place, suppressing Haizhou once again.

This felt really bad!

“I’ve long said it. Who doesn’t get to eat a meal of dumplings once in a while?”

Headmaster Wei swung his hand and was planning to leave.

“That’s right, not only did we get to eat dumplings, but we get to eat them twice!”

After hearing Headmaster Wei’s words, Li Ziqi smiled sweetly and purposely spoke up loudly.

“What, twice?”

Just as the headmasters were all puzzled, they saw a Central Province Academy’s student unwillingly bringing out another flower carp.

“One is enough. Can’t I keep this for myself to eat?”

Zhao Zhi sniffed. This was a species of darkness. It might be beneficial for the body if eaten.

“There’s one more?”

The judges were stunned. They were now even more certain that the Central Province Academy’s students were lucky. Otherwise, how could they possibly catch two flower carps in such a short period?

The headmasters who were watching this were all stunned. They then looked toward Headmaster Wei, wearing mocking expressions.

(You said they were just lucky, but they brought out two flower carps. This slap in the face is really resounding!)

Headmaster Wei’s countenance turned even more grim.

“Dumplings with wine, a great life it’d be! But we’re young, we won’t be drinking wine. We’ll add on a side dish!”

Zhang Yanzong laughed and tossed the crested ibis on the floor, then he asked Tong Yiming.

“Main judge, can this bird add another five points?”

“Check it!”

Tong Yiming didn’t ask Zhang Yanzong where the crested ibis came from. The observer would have detailed records anyway.

The headmasters lost their cool. The Central Province Academy couldn’t have so much time to capture three species of darkness. They must have participated in a round of battle and had emerged victorious.

Which student group was the unlucky loser?

“Don’t worry, we didn’t snatch this crested ibis from your student group!”

Li Ziqi looked at Headmaster Wei and said politely.

“Of course. You think the likes of you can defeat our group?”

Headmaster Wei sneered.

Li Ziqi’s group exchanged looks and smiled. (If you were to find out that your student group had been crushed by us, would you cry?)

“What are you guys smiling at?”

Headmaster Wei reprimanded them, feeling that he had been slighted.


Xu Jialiang wanted to speak up but was stopped by Li Ziqi.

“I’m sorry, we had been rude.”

Li Ziqi apologized.


Headmaster Wei didn’t reply.

“Teacher Sun, we’ve checked the spoils. There are no problems. Your competition has ended and you can now be dismissed to rest and regroup.”

Tong Yiming announced.

“Go, let’s go wash up and have a great meal!”

Sun Mo called out at the students.

“Central Province Academy is going to rise this year!”

“Who is this young man?”

“Go investigate!”

Sun Mo’s group left while the headmasters continued to talk amongst themselves. Just as they were also planning to leave, they heard sharp cries.

“Help! Quickly come and help!”

A teacher from Shanyue, whom Sun Mo had spared, had performed a simple emergency first aid on everyone then quickly rushed over to call for help.

“What’s the matter?”

Shanyue’s headmaster lost his cool and dashed out but was stopped by Tong Yiming.

“Headmaster, I’m sorry, our group was wiped out!”

The teacher knelt on the ground, looking very ashamed.

The headmasters were all shocked. They recalled the information they had heard earlier that Shanyue and the Central Province Academy had gotten into a fight.

Shanyue’s headmaster saw that the Central Province Academy had only lost two teachers, and he had felt that both parties must have taken care to stop appropriately. He hadn’t expected their side to have been wiped out!

In fact, even the two casualties hadn’t been done by Shanyue’s teachers.


Headmaster Wei sneered, but he was in no mood to walk with his hands clasped behind his back, pretending to be calm. It was because they were overtaken by the Central Province Academy again. This was atrocious.

(When Wei Lu comes back, I’m going to give him a good scolding.)

After all the fuss, the headmasters then returned to the Jadewave Pavilion. However, Headmaster Zhang and Headmaster Wei had lost the position of second place and were in no mood to talk.

About one hour later, the fireworks rang out again.

“The third team has returned!”

The headmasters moved toward the goal once again. They saw that the group that had arrived was Haizhou’s student group.

“Congratulations, Headmaster Wei!”

The headmasters offered their congratulations.

“It’s just third place. There’s nothing worth celebrating!”

Headmaster Wei pretended to be angry. “These good-for-nothings have really brought me great disappointments!”

“So smug. The creases on your face are like a lump of chrysanthemum flowers from all the smiling, yet you’re saying that you’re unhappy?”

Headmaster Zhang said in despise.

“A vile character flourishes!”

Headmaster Wei also cursed.

“Yanlin, good job!”

Headmaster Wei patted Wan Yanlin’s shoulder then looked around. “Why are you the only one here? Where’s Wei Lu and the other two?”

“Headmaster, they’ve been wiped out! The group has been wiped out!”

Wan Yanlin couldn’t hold back anymore and fell limp onto the ground. She then covered her face and cried.


Headmaster Wei felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He almost couldn’t stand up properly.

A few other headmasters walked over, wanting to congratulate Headmaster Wei, but froze on the spot upon hearing that.


Headmaster Wei grabbed onto Wan Yanlin’s arm and pulled her up, bellowing fiercely while wearing a savage expression, “Quickly tell me, what happened?”

“It’s that Sun Mo. He killed Wei Lu.”

Wan Yanlin cried.

“What? Wei Lu is dead?”

Headmaster Wei’s temple kept on throbbing, and he felt as if his blood vessels were going to erupt. This... this blow was far too great. However, what made him feel worse was the sneers coming from the surroundings.

“Sun Mo? Which Sun Mo?”

Headmaster Wei continued to ask.

“Which other one could it be? It must be the one from the Central Province Academy!”

Headmaster Zhang sneered.

“Old Wei is probably going to be driven to death since his group was wiped out by trash he looks down upon!”

“If I didn’t recall wrongly, Wei Lu was being nurtured as Haizhou’s future headmaster?”

“It seems that we have to place more emphasis on that Sun Mo!”

The headmasters discussed amongst themselves, gloating away. Mainly because Old Wei had always been arrogant, looking down on other schools. Therefore, everyone felt very happy to see him suffering.

“That isn’t right. There must be a problem here. How could Wei Lu die? He’s at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm! How could he be killed by that Sun Mo?”

Headmaster Wei shouted, “That Sun Mo changed his age. Yes, that must be it!”

“Headmaster Wei!”

Tong Yiming suddenly let out an explosive bellow. “Please do not speak recklessly if you don’t have any evidence!”

“Wei Lu is at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm. Is that not enough?”

Headmaster Wei let out a cold snort.

“What if Sun Mo was also at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm?”

Tong Yiming questioned.

“Are you dreaming? Do you know how much resources Wei Lu had depleted and how much effort he had put in before he managed to reach this realm?”

Headmaster Wei shouted, “I propose to perform a thorough check on Sun Mo. He must have faked his age.”

“Go, let’s find Sun Mo and confront him on this!”

Headmaster Wei went off anxiously. He now had a strong urge to kill Sun Mo immediately.

Headmaster Wei wasn’t to blame. With Wei Lu’s death, Haizhou Academy’s hope of advancing by one grade would be dashed. Their grade could even drop.


After taking a bath, Sun Mo had his meal while listening to the system’s notifications.


“Congratulations, you have obtained over 1,000 favorable impression points from other schools’ teachers and students, completing the achievement ‘reverence from other schools’. Rewarded with one silver treasure chest!”

“Congratulations, you’ve led your student group and clinched the amazing result of second place in the second round of the competition. Rewarded with one bronze treasure chest!”

Sun Mo stroked the papaya girl’s head. “Open them all!”

The two treasure chests opened. A time emblem and a book quietly floated in front of Sun Mo.


“Congratulations you’ve obtained a portion of the Great Plants Encyclopedia that contains 100 types of plants from the Darkness Continent.”

“Learn it!”

As Sun Mo’s last note landed, the skill book shattered into light motes and gushed into his forehead. The detailed information of 100 types of plants instantly germinated in his mind.

Sun Mo instantly learned them by heart, bringing up his proficiency index to the grandmaster-grade.

The time emblem was next. Sun Mo gave it some thought and decided to use it to improve his Universe Formless Clone Technique. He had to say that the clones were really useful.


“Congratulations, the number of your clones has increased to four!”

Sun Mo smiled in satisfaction, feeling that he had gotten stronger again. Since had gotten a few heaven-tier cultivation arts in this competition, should he buy a few time emblems to increase their proficiency index?

“Oh right, system, how many favorable impression points do I have now?”

Sun Mo asked.


“Huh? It’s already at 50,000?”

Sun Mo felt happy about this. Wouldn’t this mean that he’d be able to buy Complete Focus? Should he buy it now? Or implement some kind of ritual after taking a bath and burning some incense?

Just as Sun Mo was feeling undecided, he entered the Ten Thousand Maple Hotel. He then frowned. Many people were gathering at the hall, and they were all of the headmaster-level.

“Sun Mo, aren’t you going to confess?”

Headmaster Wei bellowed.

“Who are you?” Sun Mo retorted, “Mind your speech. You’re spitting saliva on my face!”

It had been a very solemn atmosphere, but after Sun Mo said this, all the headmasters felt like laughing. They then realized that he was a strong-headed guy. Headmaster Wei definitely wouldn’t be able to succeed if he was thinking of relying on his status to suppress him.


Headmaster Wei was enraged. A golden halo instinctively erupted from his body. It was Teacher for a Day, Father for Life.

“Isn’t this too much of a bully?”

Headmaster Zhang’s lips twitched. This Old Wei really didn’t want his face anymore. However, everyone quickly noticed that Sun Mo was still standing there properly and hadn’t knelt on the ground.

“That can’t be.”

All the headmasters’ eyes and mouth were agape. This Sun Mo was quite something!

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