Absolute Great Teacher
363 This Will Be A Black Horse!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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363 This Will Be A Black Horse!


Although the various schools didn’t have any fixed requirements about a famous school’s headmaster, their cultivation base mustn’t be too weak, and their star level couldn’t be too low either. Otherwise, how were they going to convince people?

If they didn’t at least have 15 great teacher halos, it’d be too embarrassing.

A disciplining halo like the Teacher for a Day, Father for Life could be said to be basic.

Which headmaster would beat others up when they flew into a rage? That’d be too low class. Instead, all of them would send out halos when they flared up, getting the students or teachers to drop to their knees in submission!

When these headmasters heard Sun Mo retorting, they knew that things would go bad for him. Headmaster Wei would be able to crush Sun Mo just by using a great teacher halo.

(You have a reason? You want to retort? I’m sorry, you won’t be able to even open your mouth!)

However, Sun Mo just stood there like a towering pine tree on the peak of a mountain.

“My god, he has comprehended the Rest in Peace halo?”

A headmaster asked.

The others didn’t chip in. However, their gazes when looking at Sun Mo were filled with interest.

As a judge, Tong Yiming came along as well. His identity had allowed him to meet too many geniuses in the past. However, Sun Mo wouldn’t lose out to those geniuses.

“The Central Province Academy has picked up a treasure.”

Tong Yiming assessed Sun Mo. His great experience told him that this person was going to be a black horse.

Seeing Sun Mo standing there without bending his knees at all, Headmaster Wei’s countenance turned even more grim. He secretly cursed himself, as his anger had gotten over himself. How could he forget that this guy had comprehended Teacher for a Day, Father for Life?

He had made Sun Mo famous for no reason.

Headmaster Wei wasn’t to be blamed for this. All humans acted by instinct. It was like how they’d drink water when thirsty and scold people when angry. When the headmasters flared up, their first reaction would definitely be to release this punishing halo.

Sun Mo could only be blamed for being too strong.

In the hotel, there was also the Central Province Academy’s logistics group. They had been a little anxious being confronted by a famous school’s headmaster in public, but when they saw that Sun Mo was unscathed, they were all shocked.

This was especially the case for Zhang Hanfu. He had been ready to watch a good show but yet didn’t see a single thing. He was even so shocked that his jaw almost dropped.

“Teacher... Teacher for...”

Zhang Hanfu’s eyes and mouth were agape. His heart was filled with tremendous envy and hatred.

F*ck your mom!

Was Sun Mo the Lucky Goddess’ lover? Otherwise, why was it that he could even comprehend this Rest in Peace halo?

My god, this was a halo that Zhang Hanfu wished to have even in his dreams!

“Why are you coming to someone else’s hotel and going crazy?”

Sun Mo’s brows furrowed so tightly that they could clamp a crab to death.

Although Sun Mo was a teacher, he also hated other teachers who didn’t talk reason but used their status to pressure and reprimand others.

If he hadn’t comprehended Teacher for a Day, Father for Life, then he’d be on his knees now, unable to say a single word.

“Are you an idiot?”

Sun Mo shot out.

“Haha, have a look at how Black Doggy Sun bites others!”

The people from the Central Province Academy were elated. Headmaster Wei would definitely be driven halfway to his death from fury today.

“Who are you calling an idiot?”

Headmaster Wei was so angry that his chest was dilating like a dying toad.

“Oh, you still have a clear estimation of yourself, knowing that you’re the one I’m talking about!?”

Sun Mo let out a cold snort.


A commotion broke out in the Ten Thousand Maple Hotel’s hall. Of course, there was also a lot of laughter mixed in. Some headmasters had just come to watch the excitement. Then

Headmaster Wei shook his head, thinking that Sun Mo was young and arrogant. However, if he was in his shoes and had such capabilities, he would probably just be as headstrong.

At the thought of this, Headmaster Wei felt that Sun Mo should be at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm.

It was because ordinary people wouldn’t have the level of confidence he had!

“Main judge, it’s our rest time now. These people creating a ruckus here will bring mental pressure on my students. Who will account for it if they end up not being able to perform well in the next round?”

Sun Mo questioned.

“Teacher Sun, please keep your calm!”

Tong Yiming knew that it wasn’t right to be doing this and he couldn’t help but look toward Headmaster Wei.

“Why the hell are you guys still participating in the competition when you can’t even handle a little pressure? You might as well scram home now!”

Headmaster Wei sneered.

“Alright, I’ll go to your hotel every day to shout and holler. Don’t go chasing me off then!”

After Sun Mo said that, he pretended to be troubled and slap his head. “Oh, I forgot. Given your school’s performance in the second round, it’s a problem whether you’d be able to hold on at this grade. If I have the time to do that, I might as well investigate Mingshao!”


All the headmasters laughed.

“You... you...”

Headmaster Wei’s countenance turned pale.

“This headmaster, you should be thankful to us. If it wasn’t because our teacher is kindhearted, sparing that female teacher as well as your students, your Haizhou Academy will be the first one to have its grade dropped.”

Li Ziqi explained.

The headmasters who were laughing restrained their expressions and appeared solemn as they observed Sun Mo. So there was still this reason!

How could Headmaster Wei possibly be able to hold it in after being spoken to so sarcastically in public? He coughed up a mouthful of blood.


Blood dyed the clothes in front of his chest.

“Old Wei!”

“Are you alright?”

“Don’t be angry. You win some, you lose some!”

A few headmasters who were quite close with Headmaster Wei quickly came over to support him up, their expressions seemingly disappointed.

They understood Headmaster Wei’s difficulty. Once their school’s grade dropped, their title would be removed. They would no longer be able to assume the title of a ‘famous school’.

How great of a blow was this?

Not only would their reputation be affected, but the fundings given out by the country and the donations from various people in the society would be gone as well. This would lead to a tremendous financial loss for them.

The most important thing was that without the title, the most outstanding students would choose to study at other famous schools. Once such a vicious cycle was established, it’d be impossible for them to rise again.

Because Headmaster Wei was aware of how terrifying it was to be downgraded, he insisted on having Sun Mo’s age verified, wanting to make use of alternative measures to salvage things a little.

After some simple resuscitation measures were implemented, Headmaster Wei calmed down.

“Teacher Sun, I asked Wan Yanlin. In the battle between yourself and Wei Lu, you won by dealing an instant kill. May I ask how you did it?”

Headmaster Wei questioned. This was also one of the reasons why he was certain something was wrong with Sun Mo.

(Wei Lu was at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm, but you managed to beat him so easily. Do you still dare to claim that you didn’t change your age to take part in the competition?) In Headmaster Wei’s eyes, Sun Mo was an old monster who was wearing the skin of a 20-year-old young man.

“He is too weak! It’s as simple as that!”

Sun Mo shrugged.


Headmaster Wei jumped up as if he was an old dog whose tail had been stepped on.

“Do you know of Wei Lu’s background? He was a genius recognized by our Grand Wei Royal Clan and had received the guidance of a 7-star great teacher. Countless peak-grade resources had been depleted in nurturing him. He also cultivated a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art. He was an unparalleled genius who had managed to reach the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm at the age of 21. You’re saying that he is weak?”

All the headmasters looked at Sun Mo, assessing him while waiting for an explanation.

“He was really weak, yet we aren’t allowed to say that?”

Lu Zhiruo pouted and mumbled softly, feeling aggrieved.

When the students heard that, all of them looked at Sun Mo, stunned.

(My god, is Teacher Sun so strong?) Back then, they had seen him exploding Wei Lu’s head with one blade attack. Even Li Fen felt that the guy was really weak.


+6,102 favorable impression points from the students.

Hearing the notification, Sun Mo wondered if he should thank this old man instead. Otherwise, these students wouldn’t have understood what his ‘head explosion from one blade attack’ represented.

“Teacher Sun, in order to prove your innocence and show that the Saint Gate’s competition is fair, I hope that you can be checked by the judges!” Tong Yiming spoke up.

“Sure, but I want all the teachers to receive the checks as well!”

“Teacher Sun!”

Tong Yiming spoke earnestly.

“Don’t talk reason with me. Why is it that I have to be the aggrieved one?”

Sun Mo’s tone was headstrong. “Of course, I can also accept the investigation. But if there are no problems, then I request for Haizhou Academy’s rights to participate in the league tournament to be removed for at least three years.”


Hearing this, the headmasters couldn’t help but draw in a cold gasp. This Sun Mo was out to do Haizhou in. If a school couldn’t participate in the league tournament for three years, then their strength and reputation would plunge drastically. It wouldn’t be easy for them to climb back again.

Tong Yiming frowned. He couldn’t decide on something like this.

“Headmaster Wei, you’re a headmaster. You should understand that everyone has to take responsibility for what they say. Since you’re doubting me, then you must be prepared to pay the price for it!”

When Sun Mo said this, he was speaking from the bottom of his heart. Therefore, Priceless Advice was activated!


Golden light spots scattered out.

However, the headmasters were no longer surprised by such a halo. What astonished them was Sun Mo’s ideology and maturity.

To speak the truth, in this era, even if a teacher was wrong, no one would dare to question them or ask them to apologize. They’d only suffer quietly as teachers were revered over everything else.

“That’s right. Our Central Province Academy, both teachers and students alike, don’t do things that go against our conscience. Since you guys have doubts, then bring out the evidence.”

Zhang Hanfu eventually stood up. He recalled how he was indebted to the old headmaster and felt that he mustn’t shrink back cowardly at a time like this.

It was a pity that Headmaster Wei didn’t give a hoot about him.

“Headmaster Wei, are you still going to insist on this?”

Tong Yiming asked. Before the competition started, the Saint Gate had conducted some checks. Although the checks weren’t detailed enough, they had gone through everyone’s basic information.

Moreover, if any signs of cheating were discovered, one would be robbed of their rights to become a teacher. Who would dare to do something like that?

Headmaster Wei was aware of this as well, but what he couldn’t understand was how Sun Mo had managed to defeat Wei Lu.

If it was geniuses like Ming Xian, Beitang Ziwei, and Huang Shaofeng, he’d accept it. However, where the hell did this Sun Mo pop up from?

Why did a genius like him not have the slightest bit of reputation?

To put things clearly, Headmaster Wei couldn’t accept their loss.

It was like being crushed by a primary school student while playing games. Who would be able to accept that?

Headmaster Wei had started to shy off in his heart and was planning to search for evidence in private. However, a few headmasters started to take this opportunity to create trouble.

“Headmaster Wei, you came here to kick up a big ruckus. You should be giving him a chance to prove his innocence, right?”

“That’s right. You can’t just malign someone just because you’re a headmaster!”

“Haizhou Academy is acting so proudly!”

Wherever there were people, there’d be groups, and there’d be competition.

Some of these headmasters, who had spoken up, were either those who couldn’t stand Headmaster Wei’s character or would directly benefit from his downfall.

For example, some famous schools that didn’t perform well were at the risk of being downgraded. However, if they were to get Haizhou downgraded now, then wouldn’t that mean that it’d be one less risk for them?

Under normal circumstances, Haizhou would definitely be able to keep their grade.

“So amazing!”

Gu Xiuxun had been standing at the side, watching as Sun Mo continued to speak casually without showing any weakness under Headmaster Wei’s oppression. She felt that this guy was really charming.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +100. Reverence (3,810/10,000).

“Oh my, Gu Xiuxun, how can you think like this? You’re going to let down your future husband.”

Gu Xiuxun warned herself not to continue thinking of all this nonsense. Sun Mo was An Xinhui’s fiancé.

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