Absolute Great Teacher
364 Great Teacher Halo, Complete Focus Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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364 Great Teacher Halo, Complete Focus Obtained!


Headmaster Wei was placed in a difficult position.

Once they lost the title of a famous school, then Haizhou Academy’s reputation would plunge greatly. If the teachers were headhunted, then there’d be a high chance that they would leave.

This was how reality was. You would either give a great teacher a good platform to increase their reputation or pay them high salaries.

It was impossible to shine by relying on love.

“No, I mustn’t let Haizhou fall!”

With his many years of experience, Headmaster Wei thought of a plan.

Although his heart ached because his nephew was killed, he mustn’t focus on this for now. What they needed was to perform well in the remaining rounds.

At the same time, he could observe Sun Mo. If this guy continued to show outstanding performance, then it’d prove that he was a genius and that they were the lacking ones. If he didn’t show a good performance, then it wouldn’t be too late for Headmaster Wei to request a thorough investigation then!

After thinking things through, Headmaster Wei swung his hand and left. “Hmph, I don’t wish for you to have an excuse after you lose the third round of the competition. We’ll talk about this after the league tournament is over!”

“F*ck, this old guy is really sly!”

The few headmasters didn’t expect Headmaster Wei to suddenly become smart and hard to handle. Just as they were wrecking their brains out, Sun Mo spoke up.

“Hold on!”

Sun Mo questioned, “Did I say you can leave?”


All the spectators’ gazes landed on Sun Mo. This guy was really headstrong!

Zhang Hanfu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Headmaster Wei stopped pursuing the matter. However, Sun Mo’s words caused his heart to thump uneasily again.

“Teacher Sun, why don’t we talk less?”

Zhang Hanfu persuaded. Headmaster Wei was a 5-star great teacher, so it was better not to offend him if they could help it.

“Vice-headmaster Zhang, just because you’re used to kneeling, do you think that others should kneel as well?”

Sun Mo asked. His voice wasn’t loud, but it was like a shocking thunder on a clear day to Zhang Hanfu. It shook him there and then.

“So what if he’s a 5-star great teacher? So what if he’s a headmaster? Is he allowed to recklessly tarnish someone else’s reputation because of that?”

Sun Mo looked at Headmaster Wei. “You can either apologize to me or use your school’s quotas of league tournaments to bet that I lied about my age!”

Headmaster Wei’s lips twitched and green veins popped up on his forehead. He was an influential character in Wei Country, enjoying a great reputation and status. When had he ever received such treatment?

If it wasn’t because he knew that he couldn’t do this, he would kill Sun Mo with a slap.

“That’s right. Even though Sun Mo isn’t a great teacher, you shouldn’t be treating him like that!”

“You can’t do that even if he is a great teacher!”

“I think that some headmasters are used to throwing their weight around that they have already forgotten the meaning behind the words ‘education as the foundation’.”

Some headmasters started to speak about Headmaster Wei sarcastically.

“I don’t have the time to waste here with you guys. Please quickly make a decision!”

Tong Yiming urged.

“Headmaster Wei might still apologize if it’s in private, but he can’t do that in front of so many headmasters. Otherwise, he would lose all of his face. Given Sun Mo’s intelligence, it’s impossible for him to not think of this. What is he planning?”

Gu Xiuxun analyzed.

“Did he want money?”

Just as the masochist thought of this, Li Ziqi spoke up.

“Headmaster Wei, putting the apology aside, with how our teacher has been scolded and doubted by you like this, he has received mental harm. Shouldn’t you be giving some compensation for that?”

When Li Ziqi said this, her expression was aggrieved as if she was a young wife who had been bullied.

What rubbish was this?

Headmaster Wei wanted to say that this was preposterous, but when he looked toward Sun Mo’s bright eyes that were like stars staring at him, he instantly understood.

This was Sun Mo’s idea. If he didn’t agree to it, then Sun Mo would continue to kick up a ruckus.

(Hehe, am I being threatened now?)

Headmaster Wei smiled out of fury, but in that instant, he realized that he had no other solution to resolve the current situation!

“Ziqi, don’t spout gibberish!”

Zhang Hanfu reproached.

“Vice-headmaster Zhang, you’re better off going to the side and rest. They don’t give a hoot about you!”

Sun Mo tried to sound more polite on the account that Zhang Hanfu had tried to defend the school’s reputation. Otherwise, he’d have spoken out harshly.


Zhang Hanfu was angry and anxious, but it was true that he was very disappointed. From the beginning until the end, Headmaster Wei hadn’t paid any heed to him at all.

“Headmaster Wei, even a member of our logistics team should get an apology if they had been doubted for no reason!”

Gu Xiuxun said strongly.

(Good job, masochist!)

Sun Mo secretly smiled in his heart. He knew that Gu Xiuxun had realized what his plan was. That was right. He was going to extort money from Headmaster Wei.

What was the use of spoiling Haizhou’s reputation or causing them to be downgraded?

Getting compensation money was more practical.

Sun Mo was very happy, as Li Ziqi was too good at understanding others. After all, as the person involved, Sun Mo would be too embarrassed to ask for money himself.

“How much?” Headmaster Wei asked.

“10 million silver taels!” Li Ziqi said.


Headmaster Wei’s face turned black. He really wanted to shout ‘why don’t you ask me to die instead?’ However, as someone with great experience in society, he understood that the other party was just calling an exaggerated price. He could still try to fight for a lower price.

“Three million taels!”

Gu Xiuxun brought up a price while secretly checking out Sun Mo’s expression. She felt that this wasn’t a small sum.

Headmaster Wei wanted to reject. It wasn’t a large sum of money, but money also wasn’t something that came by out of nowhere. Moreover, he hadn’t gotten anything good this time around. It would be very upsetting if he still had to fork out money.

“Headmaster Wei, this isn’t a lot of money, and we aren’t expecting to use it for our families’ livelihoods. It’s just a formality. If you continue to kick up a fuss, the Central Province Academy wouldn’t be the one embarrassed.”

Li Ziqi persuaded.

“As Haizhou’s headmaster, when you conduct a lecture and say some words, you’ll definitely earn more than this, right?”

Upon hearing this, the words that almost came out from Headmaster Wei’s mouth was swallowed back. That was right. Things were already too shameful for him. So what if he managed to reduce the compensation by one million taels after kicking up a fuss?

Since people were already treating him like a monkey, he might as well leave quickly.

“I’ll get someone to send over the money. But remember, this isn’t compensation money. It’s my apology for having disturbed your school’s students from their rest!”

Headmaster Wei said clearly, “This matter isn’t over yet. After the league tournament is over, I’ll request for the Saint Gate to conduct a thorough investigation. I hope that your performance will continue to be just as outstanding!”

After saying that, Headmaster Wei left.

“This headmaster isn’t bad!”

Zhao Zhi felt that Headmaster Wei had spoken impressively.

“Forget it, he’s just finding a way out of this embarrassing situation. The money is just compensation for Teacher to come to a compromise!”

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes.

“Ziqi, you’re quite good!”

Gu Xiuxun praised. She didn’t expect Li Ziqi to know of such political plays despite her young age.

If Gu Xiuxun were in her shoes, she’d definitely continue to put up an argument on the compensation amount. However, Li Ziqi didn’t do that. She used a reason to let Headmaster Wei give way.

As expected of a member of a royal clan!

Gu Xiuxun was really envious of Sun Mo. Not only was Li Ziqi a pleasant sight to see, but she was also sensible. She was like a considerate little manager.

“You did very well!”

Tong Yiming gave a word of praise and then left.

The spectating headmasters didn’t expect Headmaster Wei to lose and even end up paying three million taels after kicking up a big fuss.

This Sun Mo wasn’t a simple character!

“Teacher Sun, do you want to join our Sky Orchid Academy?”

Headmaster Zhang smiled and asked.

Hearing this, the students immediately became anxious.

At the sight of this scene, Headmaster Zhang, who had only said this as a joke, was tempted. Sun Mo must have his capabilities to be so loved by the students.

“Thank you for your kindness, Headmaster Zhang. But I’m very happy at the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo refused.

Gu Xiuxun chuckled. Sun Mo was considered half an owner of the Central Province Academy. Was there a need for him to go to the Sky Orchid to be a teacher?

The headmasters left. They decided to remind their student groups to avoid the Central Province Academy for the next round of the competition.


The outsiders had all left. Sun Mo took a look around and smiled.

“Come, let’s go for a big meal. Someone is treating us anyway!”


Everyone laughed. It was three million taels. How many great meals could they have with that?

At the same time, Sun Mo’s prestige rose to a peak once again.

After a sumptuous meal, Sun Mo returned to his room.

“System, open up the system shopping store!”

Sun Mo instructed.


The shopping racks were displayed!

Many skill books were enveloped by golden light at the very top.

“Purchase Complete Focus!”

Sun Mo felt like someone spending money lavishly.


“Successful expenditure! The skill book has entered your storage cabinet!”

Sun Mo took it out and after admiring it for a bit, he shattered it.

The fine golden light spots were like fireflies in the summer, drifting around and then darting into Sun Mo’s forehead.

Many profound and mysterious knowledge was being engraved into his mind.


“Congratulations, you’ve grasped the great teacher halo, Complete Focus. Proficiency index, elementary-grade.”

“After releasing it, you can make the target abandon all distracting thoughts for an hour. They will forcibly enter a condition of complete focus, and their learning efficiency will increase tremendously.”

Sun Mo studied this halo and realized that this was a great treasure for students. If he were to throw out a Complete Focus halo, even an underachieving student who hated studying would study diligently.

It was equally suitable to be applied to good students.

Learning was too much hard work and anyone would go through times when they’d procrastinate. However, once Complete Focus was thrown out, it’d resolve the problem perfectly.

Sun Mo couldn’t hold it in. He raised his hand and applied it to himself, but it turned out to be a tragedy.


After the golden halo flashed by, Sun Mo anxiously wanted to study. That feeling was more intense than the urge to masturbate. He couldn’t hold it in at all.

It was only until Sun Mo had taken out a book and started reading it that the anxiety in his heart started to calm down.

In this one hour, Sun Mo did think of other things but was immediately corrected by the ‘impulse of wanting to study’.

When the effect disappeared, Sun Mo drew in a cold gasp. This halo was too terrifying.

“System, open up the system shopping store!”

Sun Mo was going to take a look at the other great teacher halos!

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