Absolute Great Teacher
367 Sun Mo’s Guidance, A Complete Transformation!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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367 Sun Mo’s Guidance, A Complete Transformation!

Chapter 367: Sun Mo’s Guidance, A Complete Transformation!

Some lucky people could easily obtain things others would never get.

Chen Ying was an example. He was very lucky to have received a saint-tier cultivation art. However, the content of the cultivation art had some mistakes. If he continued training in it, he would only die in the end.

“The sequence is wrong?”

Chen Ying frowned.

“This cultivation art is written in an ancient tongue, and only a few people in the current era understand it. In order to learn this, you must have self-studied the ancient nine province language, right?”

Sun Mo asked.


After hearing Sun Mo’s words, Chen Ying’s expression grew even more respectful. “Teacher, do you know the ancient language as well?”

“Are you not talking nonsense?”

Ying Baiwu was unhappy. “Is there anything my teacher doesn’t know?”

Sun Mo’s proficiency in the ancient language was expert-grade. It was sufficient for him to understand the majority of ancient texts.

“I have been disrespectful.”

Chen Ying hurriedly apologized.

Gu Xiuxun didn’t speak. She only cast a glance at Sun Mo. (I didn’t expect you to actually know so much stuff!)

(Speaking of which, you also have a great understanding of the study of spirit runes, spiritual beast control, medical cultivation...The standards of your knowledge on these subjects are very deep. How did you manage to squeeze out time to study ancient languages?)

Gu Xiuxun couldn’t understand.

There must be a heaven-shaking secret within Sun Mo!

“Since you learned it before, it’s simpler to resolve this then. At first glance, the second part, fifth part, and ninth part are topsy-turvy. Their sequences are swapped.”

Sun Mo explained.

To give an example, it was like those rarely seen languages. Sometimes, in a conversation, when the words were swapped around, even linguists might find it very difficult to differentiate them.

For example for that famous saying – people can be shown the way but they cannot be made to understand it*. If someone wasn’t a chinese native speaker, they wouldn’t understand the meaning of the phrase itself despite it being made up of simple words.

Chen Ying had naturally memorized the cultivation art so well that he could recite it backward. There was no need for him to check the bone and he already knew which part Sun Mo was talking about.

He carefully contemplated and discovered that after following Sun Mo’s modifications, his spirit qi in his ‘Shentang’, ‘Qihai’, and ‘Jiyuan’ acupoints was flowing differently.

“There are a total of five mistakes. You just have to swap the sequences for these parts and cultivate them.”

Sun Mo was very curious. Who exactly had written this cultivation art?

It seemed like the person whom the writer wanted to swindle must be extremely powerful. This cultivation art was so real because the writer only swapped the sequences around for five parts. Besides, he didn’t dare to miss out any word.

If its purpose was to swindle people, doing this much was already sufficient.

“Many thanks for Teacher Sun’s guidance!”

Given Chen Ying’s standard, he naturally wouldn’t be able to immediately experience the benefits Sun Mo brought him, so he was still skeptical. This was why he didn’t contribute favorable impression points.

“Go to the backyard and show me your punching routine!”

Sun Mo took the lead and went out of the guest room.

Gu Xiuxun and the others hurriedly followed behind him.

In the backyard, Chen Ying began his punching routine.

He was already very familiar with the Dharma Skyshock Fist. Hence, changing the five flows of spirit qi due to the wrong sequencing was extremely simple.

Besides, Chen Ying’s talent was extremely high. Even before he finished a round of punching, he already experienced the benefits brought upon by Sun Mo’s modification of the cultivation art.

Firstly, his body no longer felt pain.

Secondly, his punches were smoother. It had also been smooth in the past, but Chen Ying had felt some awkwardness during some parts. But now, he felt he could enjoy executing the punching routine to his heart’s content. It was like drinking a can of iced soda after playing a basketball match on a hot summer day. The feeling of satisfaction was indescribable.

Lastly, he could feel an increase in might.

Whether a cultivation art was powerful or not, it depended on the amount of might it could produce. An increase in might proved that Sun Mo was right.

After Chen Ying finished one round of his punching routine, he was so agitated that his body was trembling.

Right, this was the feeling. He had confidence that if Chen Liqi came and found trouble with him, even if he couldn’t win, he wouldn’t let Chen Liqi leave smugly either.

After he thought of this, Chen Ying hurriedly ran toward Sun Mo and knelt with a thudding sound.

“Chen Ying has nothing to repay the gratitude Teacher Sun has shown me.

Chen Ying kowtowed thrice very forcefully and sincerely.


Favorable impression points from Chen Ying +1,000. Reverence (1,210/10,000).

“It can’t be, right? Sun Mo has modified a saint-tier cultivation art successfully?”

Gu Xiuxun was stunned. Even a secondary saint might find it hard to accomplish such a thing. What sort of brain did Sun Mo have?

Wasn’t he a little too impressive?”

“Chen Ying. This Dharma Skyshock Fist is a fist of righteousness, a fist that vanquishes evil. I hope that after you master it, you can also inherit its original concept and not neglect the proper way!”

Sun Mo warned with a heavy tone, “If you use it to commit evil, I, as the person who showed you the correct path, will strip you of your qualifications to use it.”

“I wouldn’t dare!”

Chen Ying kowtowed again.

Sun Mo wasn’t saying this for nothing. A peerless saint-tier cultivation art was something that could be the ultimate art of a school. In Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, its power was equivalent to a nuclear warhead. Once Chen Ying mastered it, if he used it to do evil, he would definitely become extremely dangerous.

One must know that the desires of humans were endless. After obtaining extreme power, their desires would only increase boundlessly.

(I can crush you with one punch. Also, when others have no qualifications to judge me, why should I speak logic with you?)

Since Sun Mo had taught Chen Ying the proper way to cultivate this art, this meant that he had to take up the responsibility to ensure Chen Ying didn’t stray from the right path.

In the Nine Provinces, teachers didn’t merely impart skills. They also had to guide the students in terms of how to behave with integrity and how to walk on the correct path.

“Stand up!”

Sun Mo helped Chen Ying up. Generally, this was a good youth who knew how to repay debts of gratitude!

“I will remember Teacher’s teaching with reverence!”

Chen Ying kowtowed three more times and stood up.

“That relative of you keeps on bullying you. I know you would surely feel very sullen. However, this isn’t the time for you to find him for a fight. You should calm your heart down and focus on cultivation!”

Sun Mo didn’t want to see Chen Ying going to find Chen Liqi for revenge just because of his newly built confidence. Honestly speaking, Chen Ying wouldn’t be able to win against Chen Liqi at this moment.

“I’ll follow your instruction.”

Chen Ying really wanted to kill his way back and challenge Chen Liqi in front of everyone, defeating him, making Chen Liqi lose all face. He also wanted all those great teachers who looked down on him to know that he was then the genius.

However, after listening to Sun Mo’s words, he decided to give it up.

“I’ve said what I ought to say. You can return, just do your duty well!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he placed his hands behind his back and walked up the stairs.

He felt that at this moment, he should have the style of a great teacher. Sadly, there was no wind to flutter his robes or he would have looked extremely graceful.

Chen Ying bowed deeply. He only straightened his body after Sun Mo’s figure vanished. Thereafter, he departed the Ten Thousand Maple.

In the guest room, the system notification rang out.


“Congratulations on helping a student to rebuild his confidence. Also, you won his respect and allowed the prestige connection between you two to be unlocked. You are hereby awarded 1x golden treasure chest!”

“Sun Mo, do you already know the Dharma Skyshock Fist before this?”

Gu Xiuxun suddenly came over and asked in curiosity.

“Why don’t you take a guess?”

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and patted the papaya girl’s head. “System, open the treasure chest!”

After a golden light flashed, a number of green-colored bronze plates appeared before him.


“Congratulations, you have obtained 5x time emblems!”

The result wasn’t bad. After Sun Mo whistled, he started to think about what he should use them for.

Should he use them to improve his proficiency in the Dharma Skyshock Fist?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》