Absolute Great Teacher
370 Meeting An Old Friend Again
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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370 Meeting An Old Friend Again


“I feel that we can’t really compare Sun Mo to others!”

Gu Xiuxun stated.

If she had to choose a boyfriend between Liu Mubai and Sun Mo, she would choose the latter.

An Xinhui fell silent. Her understanding of her childhood sweetheart was so low. It seemed like she had to have heart-to-heart talks with him more often. (But I’m a woman. For matters like this, shouldn’t the guy take the initiative?)

“Could it be that my charm isn’t enough?”

An Xinhui suddenly felt a little lack of confidence.


After she left Gu Xiuxun’s room, An Xinhui went to look for Sun Mo.

“Is something the matter?”

Sun Mo was currently giving a lecture to Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo about the art of spiritual beast control.

Soul Imprint halo wasn’t omnipotent. Given Sun Mo’s current proficiency level, it would only allow the information to be ‘contained’ in the student’s mind for 30 minutes.

All types of knowledge would become a subject after being developed for over a thousand years. Eventually, they would become a vast knowledge system.

What Sun Mo possessed was the grandmaster-grade spiritual beast control, something that couldn’t be learned by simply memorizing stuff. Since Sun Mo had mastered the subject through a comprehensive study of the surrounding aspects, he could use it flexibly and freely.

To give an example, even if someone was dead set on memorizing the chemistry textbook and learning the various formulas, it was only the elementary-grade mastery. What counted was whether they were able to use the knowledge to solve the various problems.

Naturally, through the lecture, Sun Mo’s understanding of this subject also grew.

“Headmaster An!”

The little sunny egg and papaya girl hurriedly stood up to greet An Xinhui.

“You guys can continue!”

An Xinhui nodded to the two girls. After that, she looked at Sun Mo. “I heard that your performance is very outstanding during the second round of the competition!”

Sun Mo simply listened attentively.


Seeing Sun Mo’s reaction, Li Ziqi couldn’t control herself and tapped her hand to her forehead. (Teacher, you really depend on your ‘strength’ to be single. Quickly answer her! What are you listening so attentively for?)


An Xinhui also didn’t expect this. Hence, all her prepared sentences couldn’t be put to good use. Luckily, Sun Mo’s performance was very good and she had many other things she could say.

“I have to thank you. Now I see hope for the school to ascend to the ‘C’ rank!”

“Why do you have to thank me?”

Sun Mo’s voice was calm.

(Oh no, I misspoke!)

An Xinhui felt some self-reproach. Sun Mo was her fiance and also half an owner of the Central Province Academy. By thanking him, An Xinhui behaved as though she was regarding him as an outsider.

(I really don’t mean things this way!)

An Xinhui wanted to explain, but Sun Mo was already replying.

“I’m a teacher of the Central Province Academy, so this is just what I ought to do!”

Sun Mo’s way of thinking was very simple. (Since I get a salary from the Central Province Academy, I’ll naturally do my best to make sure that my value will surpass the amount of salary I’m taking.)


An Xinhui was stunned. (So, this was what you meant?) But after that, she felt a little disappointed. In the end, it was Sun Mo who was regarding her as an outsider.

The two of them chatted awkwardly for a little more and An Xinhui left.

She stood at the corridor and listened to Sun Mo’s voice as he taught his students. An Xinhui felt that as a fiancee, no matter how busy she was at work, she should show more concern to Sun Mo.

“There are at least ten types of spiritual contracts. No matter what you end up using, please take note that your own safety is the most important thing! Throughout history, there have been many cases of spiritual controllers being careless. They ended up being enslaved by their spiritual beasts instead!”

Lu Zhiruo scratched her hair and had a depressed look on her face. It was so hard to set up a contract. It must be done using the ancient nine provinces language, and she basically couldn’t remember it.

Speaking of which, a spiritual controller? Wouldn’t simply playing with the spiritual beasts do?


Sun Mo could see that the little sunny egg was distracted.

Li Ziqi hesitated but still said, “Teacher, the third round will only start two days later. I feel that you should go and tour the streets with Headmaster An to relax.”

“No need. If I walk too much, my legs will feel sore!”

Sun Mo rejected it directly.

As a single dog, the only time he ever toured the streets with a female was because his parents had arranged a blind date for him.

Touring the streets, watching a movie, eating a meal, and buying a red lipstick as a gift for the girl, Sun Mo felt that the date went pretty well, but in the end, after they went home, he received a text from the girl saying that she felt they were incompatible.

That experience was Sun Mo’s black history. Hence, when someone mentioned things about touring the streets, he would immediately feel somewhat conflicted.

Ever since then, Sun Mo stopped attending blind dates. If he had the time, he would rather play games or watch p*rn.


Li Ziqi was speechless. (Teacher, could it be that you think as long as there’s a marriage agreement, this wedding is fixed for sure? With your straightforward actions, Teacher An might be unsatisfied!)

(But wait a minute, if An Xinhui broke the marriage agreement because she was unsatisfied with my teacher, wouldn’t that mean I could choose Teacher’s wife that’s to my liking?)

Although An Xinhui wasn’t bad, if Li Ziqi could pick a wife for her teacher, she would naturally feel happier.

But then again, her teacher didn’t seem too good at interacting with women. Her male cousin was still so young but had already trained various women to submit to him. He was living a happy life.

However, her cousin’s appearance was ordinary and couldn’t be compared to her teacher. Their looks were worlds apart.

“Could it be because my cousin is someone very experienced in coaxing people?”

Li Ziqi analyzed. Her elder cousin did have a way with words.

If this situation was known by Sun Mo, he wouldn’t even be bothered to analyze it. It was because even if Li Ziqi’s elder cousin looked like a pig, he wouldn’t lack women.

(Do you think his status of royalty is fake?)

A second-generation royal child was umpteen times higher in status compared to the children of officials.


Out of the six students of Sun Mo, Li Ziqi was the hardest to teach. This was because she had learned everything and would even offer her own insights into the various subjects. She could be considered a ‘questions’ young girl.

However, in a sense, she was also the best to teach. Other than her combat strength being weaker, she learned everything at an extremely fast pace.

Xuanyuan Po was excellent as well. Other than the Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique, he wasn’t interested in anything else.

What Sun Mo needed to do was spar against Xuanyuan Po, attacking him with different moves to increase his combat experience.

As for Tantai Yutang, he would often give the excuse like ‘I’m dying soon’. If he had the time, he would spend it on researching and studying his medical arts. Hence, Sun Mo decided to impart all his herbology knowledge to him.

Lu Zhiruo loved playing and also liked to learn, but her attention span was woefully short and she was unable to focus. Fortunately, she was very hardworking. Besides, she followed Li Ziqi around, and Li Ziqi would usually answer any questions Lu Zhiruo had.

As for Ying Baiwu, she was emotionally scarred from poverty. Thus, she was only keen on learning skills that could potentially earn her money in the future.

Sun Mo didn’t mind teaching saint-tier cultivation arts to her, but he still suggested her to focus on archery because her talents laid in this area.

Lastly, it was Jiang Leng. Due to his body, Sun Mo didn’t recommend him to cultivate. However, this youth would always disobey Sun Mo’s command.

Sun Mo’s expertise in the study of spirit runes was considered at a higher level than before. However, he was still helpless with regard to the broken spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body. From Sun Mo’s estimation, those spirit runes were either ancient spirit runes or something specially created by a spirit rune grandmaster.

When teaching students, Sun Mo discovered that Divine Sight was a great tool to use. It could monitor the student’s condition at any moment. Once a deviation occurred, Sun Mo could correct it on time.


“Sun Mo, you are really the role model for all teachers!”

Jin Mujie came to find him.

“Teacher Jin!”

Sun Mo greeted. After not seeing her for so many days, he could see a trace of fatigue on Jin Mujie’s face and detect a sense of weakness from her voice.

“Are you injured?”

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight.

The data showed that five days ago, Jin Mujie suffered a palm strike, and her heart and lungs were damaged as a result.

“I’ve already got a doctor to check it. It won’t be a problem, I will recover after three days!”

Jin Mujie smiled, not treating this as a serious matter. The one who did this had been beheaded by her and died a pitiful death.

However, it was a pity that she couldn’t bring one of his bones back for her collection.

“If Teacher Jin doesn’t mind, I could help you relieve your injury.”

Teacher Jin was a participating teacher. Hence, Sun Mo hoped that she would be in her optimal stage and help the Central Province Academy to get a good result.

“Not hiding things from Teacher Sun, I came to find you this time around because I wish to ask you for your help. Might I request you to use God Hands to give me a massage?”

Jin Mujie didn’t beat around the bush.

Very soon, the two of them went to the guest room.

Jin Mujie casually climbed onto the bed.

Looking at Jin Mujie, for an instant, Sun Mo truly wanted to break the genie’s hand and do this himself.

However, he was clearly thinking too much. When the genie appeared, it took a glance at Jin Mujie and spat out a mouthful of saliva before floating off to the side and crossing its arm, refusing to budge.


Jin Mujie wanted to hit someone.

“I will have to offend you then!”

Sun Mo criss-crossed his fingers and cracked them. After that, he placed them on Jin Mujie’s body and exerted a bit of force.


Jin Mujie instantly felt a sense of comfort.

She involuntarily closed her eyes, like a tabby cat enjoying the massage given by its owner. She felt so comfortable that even her toes were tingling.

“Teacher Jin, could you please turn over?”

Sun Mo instructed.

Jin Mujie turned her body over. After that, she spread her limbs and lay on the bed.

However, Sun Mo’s eyes didn’t roam her body. His gaze was attracted by a bruise left behind by a palm strike.

“Teacher Jin, the attack power behind this injury is extremely strong. Your bones and energy channels are damaged, and you won’t be able to fully recover if you don’t rest for ten days to half a month!”

Sun Mo reminded her.

Through Divine Sight, Sun Mo could get the accurate data.

“It’s fine!”

Jin Mujie was used to such injuries.

“Teacher Jin, your injury is very serious!”

Sun Mo reminded her once again.

Jin Mujie opened her eyes and said, “I’ve already said that it’s fine!”

“What do you mean by ‘it’s fine’?”

Sun Mo frowned and warned in a strict voice, “You are injured by a sandpoison palm that was mastered to the major completion level. If you do not seek treatment in time, hidden injuries will remain. In the future, when it rains, you will begin to feel extreme continuous pain!”

“You can even tell my opponent was using the sandpoison palm. The God Hands are truly impressive!”

Jin Mujie was astonished. Sandpoison palm was a rarely seen cultivation art, and only a few doctors would know about it. She didn’t expect Sun Mo to be able to identify it right off the bat.


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +100. Friendly (860/1,000).

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