Absolute Great Teacher
371 God Hands Was Really Amazing!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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371 God Hands Was Really Amazing!


After the competition had ended, Jin Mujie had gone to see the doctor. She was told to rest for half a month and during this period, she mustn’t fight. Otherwise, her injuries could worsen and she might even leave a hidden ailment in the future.

However, how could Jin Mujie do that?

She was An Xinhui’s right-hand woman, confidant, and elder sister. She knew that An Xinhui had devoted too much effort to the Central Province Academy. Therefore, she wished to help An Xinhui.

If An Xinhui found out about this, she wouldn’t let Jin Mujie participate in the next round of the tournament.

“Teacher Jin, I can guess what you’re thinking, but it’s important to take care of injuries and illnesses. Otherwise, you’ll regret it for life.”

Sun Mo said with a sincere tone.

When he watched soccer in his previous life, he had seen some players continuing to play before they fully recovered from their injuries, all just to ensure that they wouldn’t lose their position as the main player of their team. This resulted in repeated relapses of their injuries and they ended up having a fragile physique.

Sequelae were definitely something that one shouldn’t be negligent about.

“Since you can tell that I was hurt by the Sandpoison Palm, then are you able to cure it?”

Jin Mujie asked back.

“I can heal it a little!”

Sun Mo could use the Bone Setting Technique and Muscleforge Technique to remove the poison that had entered Jin Mujie’s bones and muscles. This would remove the Sandpoison Palm’s sequelae.

He could then use the Circulation Technique to provide additional support to patch up the energy channels.

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Jin Mujie wasn’t expecting this surprise.


Sun Mo didn’t move.

“What’s the matter?

Jin Mujie felt baffled but then came to a realization. The position of her injury was special. If Sun Mo were to provide treatment for it, she’d have to take off her clothes.


Jin Mujie frowned. Ever since her husband died in the Darkness Continent, she hadn’t let other men see her body before.

“I’ll go tell An Xinhui that you won’t be able to continue participating in the league tournament!”

Sun Mo turned to leave.


Jin Mujie quickly got up and grabbed Sun Mo’s wrist. “This year, the Central Province Academy has a very high chance of advancing. You have no idea how long Xinhui has been waiting for this. I mustn’t screw up.”

“Do you not want your life anymore?”

Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly that they could clamp a crab to death.

“You are able to treat it, right?”

Jin Mujie bit her red lips hard and tugged off her clothes.

Sun Mo immediately turned his head away, but his dynamic visual acuity was too good. He had seen everything.

Jin Mujie, who had been a little shy, laughed when she saw Sun Mo’s reaction. This was an innocent and shy boy.

“Alright, don’t waste any more time. Quickly come and give me treatment!”

Jin Mujie returned to the bed. “Or are you trying to drag out the time, wanting to take a few more looks?”

Since she had said this, what else could Sun Mo do?

“I’ll be offending you then!”

After saying that, Sun Mo performed the Bone Setting Technique!


Jin Mujie instantly felt so much pain that her brows furrowed tightly together. She bit onto her index finger and sweat soon broke out from the tip of her nose.

However, Sun Mo didn’t notice this at all. He was fully focused on performing the ancient massaging technique.

After seeing Sun Mo in this state, Jin Mujie’s nervousness and embarrassment lessened. With nothing to do, she started to observe Sun Mo.

His skin was so smooth. Although his complexion looked really good, his eyes were the most charming part of his face. They were black like the deep night sky, making one want to probe deeper into them.

His lips were a little straight, occasionally slanting and twitching a little, his brows furrowed lightly. He must have met with some trouble during the treatment. However, his expression remained restrained from the beginning to the end, very calm and steady.

Overall, this was a guy that made one feel at ease!

Jin Mujie suddenly realized that she wasn’t against Sun Mo’s treatment. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let him touch her.

Gradually, Jin Mujie failed to observe Sun Mo rationally. It was because Sun Mo’s massage felt too good.

(Ah! Is this heaven?)

Jin Mujie seemed to have returned to her school days, experiencing her youth once again. She studied, fell in love, graduated together, got a job, until... that man died in the Darkness Continent.

All the beautiful memories suddenly came to a stop.

The crescent moon hung up above the tree, scattering the silvery-white moonlight.

Jin Mujie woke up and looked at the ceiling. Her memories from the afternoon gradually appeared.

“I actually slept for a day?”

Jin Mujie looked out of the window, feeling stunned. Her ears then twitched as she heard the sound of breathing. She subconsciously looked over.

Sun Mo was sitting by the table, reading.

(Even his side view looks good!)

Jin Mujie realized that Sun Mo looked quite perfect from this angle. Her hands grabbed onto the blanket tightly as she looked at him.

Her chest wasn’t hurting anymore. Instead, there was a warm sensation inside that felt very comfortable!

(The curves of Sun Mo’s skull, tsk, if his skin, flesh, and hair were removed, then it should look perfect. Sigh, I really want to add it to my collection!)

Jin Mujie gulped.

Sun Mo suddenly shuddered, feeling as if he had just been targeted by some kind of carnivorous animal. He then threw a glance toward the bed and realized that Jin Mujie was looking at him with her eyes wide open.

Uhh, to make things clearer, she was assessing his forehead or to be even more accurate, his skull!


Sun Mo was a little speechless. (Are you the man-eating Dr. Hannibal in The Silence of the Lambs? Or an influential American who likes to tear off the scalps of the Indians?)

“I wrote a prescription for you, but I suggest you look for a doctor to get a second prescription. The focus should be on promoting blood circulation and dispelling blood stasis.”

Sun Mo picked up a prescription, waved it, and then placed it back on the table.

“You know medical skills?”

Out of curiosity, Jin Mujie put on her clothes and walked over.

Her impression of Sun Mo was extremely good now because he was such a gentleman. If it was some other men, they’d definitely use the excuse of checking her injuries to look at her body!

Jin Mujie was very proud of her looks and figure.


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +500. Reverence (1,360/10,000).

“No, I just happen to know of a few medicinal herbs that can help you with your injuries.”

Sun Mo explained, “But I feel that the prescription from a professional doctor should be more effective!”

“It’s okay, I’ll use this!”

Jin Mujie stood by Sun Mo’s side and looked straight into his eyes, sounding sincere. “Thank you.”

“It’s something I ought to do!” Sun Mo got up. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave you to rest first.”

“Hold on a moment!”

Jin Mujie turned over and opened up her clothes to check her chest. Her intention was to check if there was a need for another massage. However, when she lowered her head, she was stunned.

There had been a purple palm bruise on her chest, but now, not only had the mark disappeared, but even her skin had become pale and glowing. It was as if she had taken a milk bath.

“What the hell?”

Jin Mujie was astonished. As a woman, she understood her skin very well. It was now better than before she had gotten injured!

“I used the skin nurturing technique to help you take care of the scar.”

Sun Mo explained.

“Skin nurturing technique?”

Jin Mujie was curious.

“It’s ancient... uh, it’s a branch of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. It’s primarily used to remove wrinkles and maintain the moisture of the skin. It’s pretty useless otherwise!”

Sun Mo shrugged. He was worried that Jin Mujie would think that he was a pervert since he had prolonged the treatment and given her an extra massage.


Jin Mujie’s tone immediately shot up. “Are you kidding? In my opinion, this is much more useful than the Muscleforge and Bone Setting Technique!”

Jin Mujie’s eyes gleamed. “What restrictions does the skin nurturing technique have? Can it be used repeatedly?”

“There are no restrictions!”

Sun Mo thought about it a little. There really wasn’t any.

“Teacher Sun!”

Jin Mujie suddenly appeared a little bashful and blinked her eyes. “The league tournament is too tiring. I feel that I’ve become a lot haggard. Can you...”

In the beginning, Sun Mo didn’t understand. But when he saw Jin Mujie stroking her face, he suddenly realized that she wanted to have a beauty treatment!

“Sit down!”

(Sigh, women really pursue beauty right from their bones.)

“I’ll be troubling you!”

Jin Mujie immediately sat down. She couldn’t wait.

“Your skin is actually pretty good!”

Sun Mo looked and felt that Jin Mujie didn’t need such treatment.

“Stop with the crap! Be quick!”

Jin Mujie urged. (I want to go back to when I’m 18 years old!)

Sun Mo pressed his hand on Jin Mujie’s snow-white neck while pressing three fingers of the other hand on her forehead. He then started to perform the skin nurturing technique.

Even though his proficiency index was only at the expert-grade, the effect was still quite good.

Five minutes later, Jin Mujie stood in front of the mirror and noticed that her complexion had gotten a lot better, especially her skin. It was glowing, tender, and bouncy as if she had returned to her teenage days!

“It’s too amazing! As expected of the God Hands!”

Jin Mujie was full of praises.


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +1,000. Reverence (2,360/10,000).

Hearing the notifications, Sun Mo was flabbergasted. (I gave you such a long massage that completely tired me out, curing you of the Sandpoison Palm, yet you only contributed 500 favorable impression points. But after a five-minute beauty treatment, you’re contributing 1,000 favorable impression points! Is something wrong in your brain?)

The reason for this was because Jin Mujie was filled with gratitude for Sun Mo. It was like stacking favorable impression points, doubling the amount!

“Teacher Sun, I’m not very satisfied with my nose. Can you help to make it a little perkier?”

Jin Mujie looked and looked. All women would feel that their face shape wasn’t perfect enough.

“I feel that it’s quite good!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to do it anymore.


Jin Mujie was stunned and she looked at Sun Mo.

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo was stunned.

“I was just mentioning this in passing. Are you really able to make my nose perkier?”

Jin Mujie was astonished.


Sun Mo was speechless, but it was true that it could be done with the Bone Setting Technique. Not just the nose, it was even possible to make one’s cheekbone higher.

To make things clear, the ancient massaging technique’s Bone Setting Technique and Muscleforge Technique were divine skills that were comparable to cosmetic surgery.

“My god, isn’t your God Hands too amazing?”

After the exclamation, Jin Mujie looked downward and asked, feeling embarrassed, “This... can’t you make it bigger?”

“I’m sorry!”

Sun Mo pursed his lips together. (Even if I can do it, I won’t!)

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll be making a move first!”


After Sun Mo left, Jin Mujie took off her clothes and admired her body in detail. Her chest had been nurtured and it was a lot fairer than other parts of her body.

Jin Mujie suddenly felt like calling Sun Mo back for another round. Moreover, she wanted a full-body treatment!

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