Absolute Great Teacher
373 Impromptu Lecture, All Hail the Great Central Province!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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373 Impromptu Lecture, All Hail the Great Central Province!


The Central Province Academy wasn’t the only academy that was caught in a stump. Half or more of the academies would face such a gamble.

The most relaxed ones were the 20 academies ranked at the bottom. It was because they had no other choice. They could only go to the Category ‘A’ secret realm. If they didn’t gamble on it, there was a high chance they would be downgraded.

Therefore, they set off immediately after receiving the information.

Mingshao set off at the same time as them. They didn’t hesitate at all. It was because they only had one goal in mind—to go to the Category ‘A’ secret realm and get first place!

“Hey, Central Province, don’t be scared and come with us to the Category ‘A’ secret realm!”

A voice suddenly called out and everyone looked over. It was a teacher from Mingshao.

“Xueli, don’t create trouble!”

Ming Xian frowned slightly. He didn’t like such a situation where everyone’s eyes were on them.

Mingshao’s student group had high morale. When they looked at the Central Province Academy’s students, their gaze was filled with pride, confidence, and a hint of disdain.

“Teacher, the first place is ours! No one will be able to snatch it away from us!”

Nangong Dao’s voice was calm but had powerful confidence. “I’ll be able to crush a group like this single-handedly.”

“It’s a pity that you won’t have a chance to do that!”

Wei Xueli’s lips twitched. “I feel that there’s a high chance that they’d choose Category ‘B’ and then wait at the goal to hunt down other student groups!”


The surrounding gazes then turned toward the people from the Central Province Academy, eventually landing on Sun Mo. It was because all the teachers and students were looking at him.

This meant that this young teacher was the spine of the group.

“These guys’ gazes really give me the urge to beat them up!”

Xu Jialiang felt upset.

“The rules didn’t say that we can’t make a move now, right?”

Xuanyuan Po stared at Nangong Dao and then licked his lips. “Zhang Yanzong, Baiwu, should we do them in?”

The stubborn young girl took the longbow she was carrying on her back.

“Stop it!”

Li Ziqi persuaded them. If they were to fight now, wouldn’t they make things easier for the other schools?

Sky Orchid and Weima’s students quickly set off as well.

“Which secret realm do you think they are heading for?”

Li Fen felt curious.

“Category ‘A’ secret realm!”

Lu Zhiruo replied.


Shi Qiao asked.

“Huh?” The papaya girl scratched her head. “It’s my guess!”


Everyone was speechless. (Your reason is really different.)

“It is Category ‘A’.”

Li Ziqi interjected, “Humans have a sense of superiority. Look at those students’ expressions. They are looking so proud and bold. This means that they chose ‘A’.”

“Hmmm? That seems to be the case!”

Li Fen nodded. If she had chosen Category ‘A’ secret realm, she would feel proud as well. It was because it’d mean that she had greater courage to take risks when compared to the other student groups. However, if she were to choose Category ‘B’, the same effect wouldn’t apply.

Weima’s people silently left the auditorium but when Sky Orchid’s teacher Chunyu Kong left, he looked toward Sun Mo’s side. He stuck out his thumb and drew a line in front of his throat, giving a throat-cutting greeting!

“Central Province, I’ll be waiting for you guys at the Category ‘A’ secret realm!”


A commotion broke out.

Wei Xueli’s words earlier were clearly a taunt, but Sky Orchid’s words, in addition to the throat-cutting greeting, could be considered a challenge!

“Are you still angry?”

Liang Pei chuckled.

“The minor conflict with Sun Mo the other day doesn’t matter, but I can’t stand the way Ten Thousand Maple Hotel’s boss is currying up to the Central Province Academy. Damn it, even if Mingshao can’t get first place, the Central Province Academy wouldn’t be the one to get it either!”

Chunyu Kong was proud. He wanted to wipe out the Central Province Academy’s student group and let Boss Lei realize how blind he was!


“Teacher Sun, don’t be impulsive!” Qian Dun quickly said, “And you guys, calm down as well!”

“They have already done a throat-cutting gesture. I say we should go give them a bashing right now!”

Xuanyuan Po said fiercely.

“Shut up!”

Qian Dun reprimanded, “Is your mind filled with nothing but muscles? They are trying to agitate us to choose the Category ‘A’ secret realm.”

There was a possibility that things might turn out bad for Sky Orchid, and that would allow the lower-ranked schools to surpass them. However, once the lower-ranked schools also went to the Category ‘A’ secret realm, then everyone would have the same amount of risks.

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched, thinking to herself, (Teacher Qian, you’ve guessed it right. Xuanyuan Po’s mind is filled with nothing but muscles.)

“Teacher Qian!”

Zhang Yanzong stared at the door, his tone icy cold. “I can’t take this. I propose we choose the Category ‘A’ secret realm!”

“I choose Category ‘A’ as well!”

“Category ‘A’!”

The Central Province Academy’s students all spoke up.

“You guys are young and hot-blooded!”

Qian Dun felt helpless when he saw that his words carried no weight. He was unable to convince them. He could only turn to Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, say something!”

“To speak the truth, although you guys didn’t perform badly in the first two rounds, what I’m most satisfied with is the battle will that you guys are showing now!”

Sun Mo spoke up.


Both Qian Dun and Wang Chao were stunned. (Teacher Sun, did you say the wrong thing?)

Gu Xiuxun sighed. She had guessed that this would be the outcome. Given Sun Mo’s pride, how could he possibly go to the Category ‘B’ secret realm?

“So what if it’s the Category ‘A’ secret realm? The Sky Orchid, Weima, and Mingshao dare to go without any hesitation at all. Then why doesn’t our great Central Province dare to go?”

Sun Mo said in a clear voice.

In the White Dew Building, all the noises settled down into peace. All the students looked over and felt a domineering feeling when they heard Sun Mo’s words!

“Hmm? Interesting!”

Tong Yiming looked over.

“What’s the reason we’re here for? Is it to travel? To experience how the newbie competition is like? Don’t be joking! The reason why we’re here is to fight for first place!”

Sun Mo’s voice was very strong and powerful.

“Choosing the Category ‘B’ secret realm in itself is doubting your own abilities!

“You are all youngsters around 12 or 13 years old, and you still have a very long life ahead of you. If you were to give in right now, then what would happen if you were to face greater hurdles in the future?

“Would you weigh the pros and cons? Assess the gains and losses?

“Scram! I don’t care about it! I want first place!”

Toward the very end, Sun Mo was already bellowing!

This was his heartfelt feelings. In one’s lifetime, they should continue to encounter difficulty: study, graduate, look for a job, get into a relationship, and eventually get married...

In which phase wouldn’t they be competing with people?

A winner in life wasn’t someone who would just lie in bed and think about it. They needed to continue fighting, fighting, and fighting!


An immense golden light erupted from Sun Mo’s body, radiating out toward the surroundings and encompassing a large half of the White Dew Building.

“Priceless Advice?”

“F*ck! Its range is a little big!”

“Who is this guy?”

The teachers assessed Sun Mo, discussing amongst themselves.

“He is Central Province Academy’s Sun Mo! This guy is really strong!”

Someone replied.

Sun Mo looked at the students, his tone impassionate!

“The more people you defeat, the higher you guys will climb up the mountain of your life!”

“When you’ve defeated everyone, you’ll be standing at the peak of the mountain. You’ll be able to look down on the other mountains that will look very small and insignificant. You’ll be able to admire a majestic view that no one else will be able to see!”

The students’ breathing became heavier, their emotions excited. This wasn’t just the effect of Priceless Advice, but it was also what they were thinking!

Which youngster didn’t have the craving to win?


Sun Mo’s gaze swept out and he looked at the eyes of every single student. “What is the reason for us coming here?”

“First place!”

20 students bellowed out in unison. Even a calm young man like Tantai Yutang, who would usually only take action after developing a plan, wasn’t willing to consider the most conservative battle tactic this time.

(I want the first place!)

“Set off!”

Sun Mo gave the order!

The Central Province Academy’s student group set off for the Category ‘A’ secret realm!

“It’s over!”

Qian Dun felt gloomy.

“F*ck his mom! I want first place!”

Wang Chao cursed. He was affected by the Priceless Advice halo.

“Teacher Gu, you aren’t going to persuade Teacher Sun either, right?”

Qian Dun smiled bitterly. As teachers, the great teacher halo’s effect on them wasn’t huge. This meant that Wang Chao was more ambitious than he was!

“Why persuade him?”

Gu Xiuxun asked back and smiled. “Actually, I also want to choose the Category ‘A’ secret realm!”

Qian Dun was stunned. He then shook his head, mocking himself a little.

“Could this be the mentality of a strong expert?”

Qian Dun suddenly came to a realization. This was the difference between himself and a genius like Sun Mo.

It was no wonder that the great teacher he admired didn’t take him in but had said, “You seek for stability too much!”

So it meant that he was lacking in adventurous spirit!

It was no wonder that Sun Mo could do big things. If he had been scared from the very beginning, he wouldn’t have gotten these elite students’ trust and admiration!


Favorable impression points from Qian Dun +500. Friendly (610/1,000).

Sun Mo and the group left, but the several tens of student groups nearby were still in a state of excitement.

“Teacher, let’s go to the Category ‘A’ secret realm as well!”

“F*ck them! We want first place too!”

“We won’t give up until we die in battle! Let them see that they can’t beat us either!”

The students were making a ruckus, having astonishing disposition as if they could dethrone the Emperor.

“Calm down! Everyone, calm down!”

The teachers tried hard to console them, but it was useless. These students had been affected by Priceless Advice and were filled with battle spirit now.

“Damned Sun Mo!”

The teachers felt very helpless. Amidst their bitter smiles, they had complaints toward Sun Mo. (Sun Mo, you’ve done us in. It’s fine even if you were to encourage the students. But why do you have to use Priceless Advice?)

This was bad for the schools in the middle of the ranking. No matter how hard they tried, they wouldn’t be able to advance anyway, and if they were to make a mistake, they wouldn’t be downgraded either. Therefore, they wanted to seek stability. However, after Sun Mo sent this great teacher halo erupting out, all the students had gone ‘crazy’!

Nevertheless, they also admitted that what Sun Mo had said was not wrong.

The strong didn’t just rely on their capabilities. They must also have a heart that would never give up. Look at Mingshao! That was the disposition of a champion!


Looking at those students acting as if they had taken stimulants, making a ruckus of wanting to explore the Category ‘A’ secret realm, Tong Yiming smiled.

(Youngsters should have such sharpness of ‘if I can’t do it, who can?’. That Sun Mo is really not someone ordinary!)


Favorable impression points from Tong Yiming +50, prestige connection initiated. Neutral (50/100).

It was impossible to hide such a great commotion. Therefore, half an hour later, the headmasters found out about it.

“Is Sun Mo crazy?”

After Zhang Hanfu received his subordinates’ report, he felt that Sun Mo was being too reckless. Why were they talking about getting first place at a time like this? Advancing was the primary mission!

“Headmaster Zhang, the Teacher Sun from your school is really astonishing!”

“Liu Mubai’s limelight has been covered by him!”

“Headmaster Zhang, what is this Sun Mo’s background?”

The headmasters came over to talk to Zhang Hanfu.

Zhang Hanfu was an experienced person by now. Judging by this situation, he knew that these headmasters were harboring ulterior motives. They were probing to see if they could headhunt Sun Mo!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》