Absolute Great Teacher
374 Do You Have to Show Off So Much?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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374 Do You Have to Show Off So Much?


Zhang Hanfu’s current heart state was extremely complex.

The Central Province Academy was famous once again, causing others to view him with respect. However, this was because of Sun Mo that he loathed.

“Sun Mo, you should quickly get poached away!”

Zhang Hanfu sighed, feeling some regret about his clashes with Sun Mo back then. However, who could have guessed that a nameless graduate from Songyang Academy would be so outstanding?

(Tell me, are you crazy?)

(With such strength, why didn’t you join the Nine Greats?)

If Sun Mo was a graduate from the Nine Greats, Zhang Hanfu would have never underestimated Sun Mo and would have treated him as his greatest, most formidable enemy.


Favorable impression points from Zhang Hanfu +100. Friendly (410/1,000).


In the category ‘A’ secret realm. If one took a carriage, the distance between it to White Dew City was about a day and a half. But to cultivators, this wasn’t troublesome at all.

They could travel long distances by foot. This was their most basic ability.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of +3,100 favorable impression points.”

Some of the points were contributed by students of other schools. Although they didn’t make up a big portion, their contribution still represented that Sun Mo’s impromptu lecture had convinced them.


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Xue Tianlei has improved. Reward: 1x lucky treasure chest!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

Staring at the red-colored treasure chest with the word ‘fortune’ on it, Sun Mo directly opened it.


“Congratulations on obtaining a bag of dark soil. Please continue to work hard!”


Sun Mo had once again proven his unluckiness.

“Sun Mo, what do you think?”

Qian Dun asked. After speaking, he discovered that Sun Mo was distracted.

“What do you mean?”

Sun Mo turned his head.

“I mean, do you have any thoughts about the ruins?”

Qian Dun repeated.

The ‘A’ secret realm was a castle that was located under an abandoned ruin. Because an earthquake happened half a year ago, it was accidentally discovered by someone.

“We should explore it cautiously.”

What else could Sun Mo say?

Half a year ago, he was still a normal college teacher. Let alone exploring ruins, he had never even set up a camp in the wilderness before.


Qian Dun really wanted to ask ‘Are you sure you are reliable or not? Could your spirited lecture earlier be just you shooting your mouth off?’

However, seeing the absolute trust the students had toward Sun Mo, he still decided to maintain his silence.

“Where is the information? Let me take a look.”

Sun Mo took over the information from Li Ziqi. He snapped his finger and opened it up for a look.


Golden light erupted forth, cladding the surrounding 100 meters in its glow.

The students, who were speaking in low voices discussing the ruin, immediately felt their spirits and minds stirring. They felt much more clear-headed and were in much better condition than before.

“I feel that I can achieve ‘photographic memory’ now!”

Li Fen was full of confidence.

“Encyclopedic Knowledge?’

Wang Chao stared at Sun Mo in astonishment. (Is there a mistake? You are only looking through some data yet you cast a halo?)

(Are you boasting? Definitely yes, right?)


Qian Dun wanted to curse in his heart. (Do you have to be so outstanding?) But then again, the range of this great teacher halo was so wide.

Even for great teachers in the same star rank, there would be differences in their strength. The easiest way to determine who was stronger was to check the range of their great teacher halo. The greater the ranger, the stronger they were.

Just from the look of this halo alone, Sun Mo absolutely had the strength of a 1-star great teacher.

Gu Xiuxun’s lips twitched. Because she was also proficient in Encyclopedic Knowledge and saw how casual Sun Mo looked when he cast it as well as the wide range of the halo, she knew that this wasn’t Sun Mo’s full strength.

“I can’t win against him!”

Gu Xiuxun sighed. She decided not to play with Sun Mo anymore in the future. Her morale would surely be crushed badly.

“A brush and paper!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Li Ziqi, who followed beside him, acted like a maid and passed the paper and brush to Sun Mo. She was extremely considerate in her actions.

This scene caused the other three teachers to become jealous. (We also want such an obedient and understanding personal disciple!)

Sun Mo drew a total of twenty ‘muli grass’ pictures and got Li Ziqi to pass it to everyone.

“Pay attention to the surroundings. Harvest this grass immediately if you discover it!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“What is this?”

Qian Dun frowned, not understanding what Sun Mo was doing.

“This is the muli grass!”

Sun Mo explained, “Didn’t the information state that there’s a type of darkness beast that roams the ruins? If we grind this grass into powder and cover our bodies with it, we will be able to avoid the attacks from those beasts.”

“You know which mysterious species of darkness that ferocious beast belongs to?

Qian Dun was curious.

The information stated that this mysterious species of darkness could walk in a semi-upright manner. Their skin was black, and they were furry with long horns, resembling apes. However, the information didn’t state the name of the species.

Either the Saint Gate had no idea, or they were intentionally concealing this fact to increase the difficulty of the competition.

“It must be a type of ape species!”

Sun Mo explained.

He also didn’t know, but the information given was extremely detailed regarding the external appearances of these darkness apes. Using Divine Sight and looking at the information, he could infer some things.

The things he inferred weren’t very detailed, but he had discovered the living habits of this type of giant apes. This was already enough.

Sun Mo even had detailed information about 1,500 types of plants on the Darkness Continent. It wasn’t difficult for him to find a plant that eased the difficulty of their mission.

From his point of view, giant apes, gorillas, humans were all creatures with similar external appearances. Since the muli grass could make gorillas run away with disgust, it might be able to evoke the same effect against the giant apes.

In any case, it wasn’t wrong to make more preparations.

“Are you also knowledgeable about the study of darkness creatures?”

Wang Chao was curious. This was a subject that specialized in researching animals who lived on the Darkness Continent.


Sun Mo shook his head. He indeed didn’t have any knowledge of this.


Qian Dun was speechless. (Why do you still get people to harvest the muli grass then?)

“However, I understand botany in the Darkness Continent!”

Sun Mo added.

“Haha, didn’t I say that Teacher Sun would never speak without thinking?”

Wang Chao patted Qian Dun on his shoulder while silently saying, ‘bro, you should stop worrying and do what Sun Mo says’.

In any case, Sun Mo would be the one responsible because he was the group leader.


Tantai Yutang came over.

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo was surprised. It was very rare for the sickly invalid to take the initiative to talk to him.

“I wish to know the relevant information regarding the muli grass.”

Tantai Yutang sincerely implored.

There was no need to conceal such things. Sun Mo directly told him everything.

As Tantai Yutang listened, his brows furrowed.

“Teacher, I have a question!”

After Tantai Yutang finished listening, he hesitated a little but still decided to seek Sun Mo’s guidance.

When the other students heard this, they immediately pricked their ears and were prepared to secretly learn some knowledge.


Sun Mo was very calm because he had guessed what the sickly invalid wanted to ask.

“Teacher, for a plant species like muli grass, their medical value is extremely low, so it’s very rare for herbalists to research it. Hence, the information available about it is extremely limited as well. From which ancient records or books did you see this information?”

Tantai Yutang was curious.

Because of his clan, Tantai Yutang had been in close contact with herbs ever since he was young. Since he was sickly, the number of medical books he had read before were countless.

This naturally included a large number of books with regard to herbs.

Tantai Yutang felt that his knowledge on these subjects was extensive enough to the point where he wouldn’t be inferior even if he was compared to some great teachers. But why had he never seen the muli grass’s detailed introduction before?

“I saw it in the [Darkness Continent Great Plants Encyclopedia]!”

Sun Mo bluntly spoke.

“There’s such a book?”

Tantai Yutang frowned. He tried to recall but couldn’t seem to remember anything about this. “Which grandmaster herbalist compiled this?”

“I have no idea. I found this book randomly in an old bookstore.”

Sun Mo casually found an excuse. He couldn’t possibly say that this was given to him by the system, right?

“I see!”

Tantai Yutang didn’t suspect anything. Because when Sun Mo introduced the muli grass, he seemed very familiar with it and his words were clear and logical. All this knowledge must have been compiled by the ancients.

“If you wish to learn, I will teach you when we return!”

Sun Mo knew that Tantai Yutang wasn’t very respectful when facing him, but when it came to learning, Sun Mo would never be stingy with his students.

“Thank you, teacher!”

Tantai Yutang bowed.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +50. Friendly (870/1,000).

“Teacher Sun knows so many things!”

“Yup, he’s like an encyclopedia!”

“With Teacher Sun leading the group, it’s so good. We will definitely be able to get the championship this year!”

The students were extremely confident and contributed even more favorable impression points.

Qian Dun felt a lingering fear, but he also heaved a sigh of relief. (Luckily, my attitude was proper and I didn’t think about snatching the group leader’s position. If not, I would have lost all my face.)

Given Sun Mo’s level of talent, who could win against him?

It was better just to be his subordinate!

Because they had to harvest muli grass while journeying, when Sun Mo’s group reached the ruins, quite a few student groups were already waiting here.

These student groups were gathering outside the ruins’ entrance and had heavy expressions on their faces.

“They are the Central Province Academy’s student group!”

“Why did they only arrive now?”

“It’s great. We can follow behind them and sneak our way in!”

The few student groups here were currently discussing in low voices.

“Why are these student groups not going in?”

Li Fen didn’t understand.

“They definitely tried and failed to enter!”

Li Ziqi picked up a rock and passed it to Xuanyuan Po. The combat addict understood and immediately tossed it inside.


After the stone landed and made a sound, it immediately caused a few roars of rage to echo out!

“Teacher Wang, can I trouble you to do some scouting first?”

Sun Mo lowered his voice, “Do things according to our plan!”


Wang Chao nodded. After that, he entered the ruins. His movement arts weren’t bad and he specialized in agility. He was chosen by An Xinhui precisely for his scouting ability.

As for Qian Dun, he complemented Wang Chao because he specialized in attack.

“Teacher Sun, I’m a teacher from Iron Cliff Academy!”

A male teacher walked over. “There are ferocious beasts that look like a giant ape. Moving alone is too dangerous. How about forming an alliance with us?”

“Teacher Sun, I’ve long since been impressed with your name. I wonder if you are keen to group up with us?”

Another female teacher came over. She had a smile on her face even before she said anything.

“Why don’t you two form an alliance instead?”

Gu Xiuxun mocked, feeling disdain in her heart. They were actually using a honey trap. (You guys are looking down on Teacher Sun too much!)


The two teachers exchanged a mutual glance and didn’t say anything. However, the meaning was clear without words. Even if they wanted an ally, they would look for a stronger school. What was the point of allying with a burden?

“Teacher Sun, I really admire you very much...”

Even before the female teacher could finish, she was interrupted.

“Alright, enough. We won’t be forming a team with you!”

Gu Xiuxun grew impatient. “If I didn’t remember wrongly, your school is ranked at the bottom few, right?”

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