Absolute Great Teacher
375 Matchless Archery Skill!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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375 Matchless Archery Skill!


Gu Xiuxun’s words were like a gigantic hammer smashing heavily into Qin Su’s mouth.


Qin Su wanted to tell Gu Xiuxun that she remembered wrongly. (We are not bottom feeders, we are ranked in the eighties!) However, saying this would invite humiliation.

The Central Province Academy’s new student group had gotten #5 in the first round and #2 in the second. Hence, even if Qin Su’s school were ranked #50, in the eyes of the Central Province Academy, it was the same as bottom feeders.

“I’ve been too presumptuous.”

After Qin Su spoke, she turned and left.


The male teacher Ren Yong from Iron Cliff smiled confidently when he saw this scene. “We are #35...”

“Sorry, not keen!”

Gu Xiuxun frowned. “Please step aside. You are affecting my observation of the ruins!”


Ren Yong’s expression stiffened. He then flicked his sleeves and left. Clearly, there was no hope of cooperation.

The volume of their conversations wasn’t loud, but to the other teachers who were not far away, as long as they paid attention, they would be able to hear it.

They had also planned to come and ask for an alliance, but now, all of them had astonished looks on their faces.

“Isn’t the Central Province Academy thinking too highly of themselves?”

“They have the possibility of getting the championship. It’s understandable that they are arrogant!”

“Che, those giant apes wouldn’t care about which school they are from!”

Some teachers mumbled, wanting nothing more than for the student group of the Central Province Academy to be torn apart by those giant apes.

“Teacher Ren, don’t be so angry. It’s good too that they don’t want to form an alliance. We will follow behind them and pick up the scraps!”

Du Fengming sneered. “We, the Iron Cliff Academy, are ranked #35. If our luck is slightly good, we might be able to ascend to the next grade!”


“There’s a total of five student groups. Among them, Iron Cliff Academy ranks the highest and poses the greatest threat to us!”

Qian Dun analyzed. After speaking, he discovered that Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun had calm expressions. It was as though they didn’t think this was important at all.

“What’s with your reactions? Are you guys not fearful at all?”

Qian Dun didn’t understand.

“Why must we be afraid?”

Gu Xiuxun counter-asked. After that, she looked at Sun Mo. “I have a battle strategy, do you want to finish them?”

“It isn’t too good, right?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Oioi, are you sure you are so kind-hearted?”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. They were in the middle of a competition now, and they could do anything to reduce the number of opponents.

“Alright then!”

Although Sun Mo had killed before, he had never tried taking the initiative to swindle people.

“Let’s do this then!”

Gu Xiuxun then explained her plan in a low voice.


Qian Dun was speechless. (Can you guys be more serious? They are ranked #35 but why are they like a plate of food in your eyes?)

“This battle strategy isn’t bad. But let me be the one to execute it!”

Sun Mo suggested.

“I will naturally be the one!”

Gu Xiuxun glanced at the students. “Your strength is higher than mine. You will be responsible for their safety!”

“Your movement art isn’t as fast as mine. You might not be able to shake the giant apes off!”

Sun Mo rejected, “Also, I can confirm that the muli grass definitely has a repellent effect on the giant apes. Hence, I won’t be in danger.”

“Am I being completely disregarded?”

Qian Dun sighed. Without strength, there would be no authority. (Why didn’t I discover this before? This male-and-female pair is so two-faced!)

Half an hour later, Wang Chao returned.

“How is it?”

Qian Dun asked.

“Teacher Sun is truly extremely impressive!”

Wang Chao had a look of excitement on his face. After smearing the muli grass juice on his body, those giant apes who had chased him left as expected.

To them, humans were considered a sumptuous meal. However, after being smeared with the juice of the muli grass, it was like a piece of delicious cake smeared with shit. Besides, the shit was from diarrhea. Other than a pervert, who would have the appetite for it?


Favorable impression points from Wang Chao +30. Friendly (180/1000).

“In that case, it’s time to announce our battle plan!”

“Teacher Gu, Teacher Qian. The two of you have to follow the student group and ensure that before the students are attacked, you have to kill the giant apes.

“Teacher Wang, your mission is something I cannot control. Do your best to draw away the giant apes that are heading toward our student group.”

After arranging the missions for the three teachers, Sun Mo started to assign other missions to the students.

“All of you must stick closely. Without the instruction of a teacher, you must not take any excess actions!

“All of you will be split into teams of five people. Remember, you all have to stick closely!

“Xuanyuan, Yanzong, Baiwu, Chu Jian. You guys have the strongest combat strength, so each of you will be in one of the small teams. Once the defense line of a teacher is broken through, you guys can attack the giant apes!”

“Teacher Sun, you are too cautious.”

Qian Dun felt that Sun Mo’s arrangement was simply not trusting him.

“There’s no mistake to be cautious!”

Sun Mo didn’t look down on Qian Dun. He understood that this was because of a difference in personality. If Sun Mo wanted to participate in a battle, he would always prepare a backup plan.

“Alright, let’s rest here to re-adjust our conditions. We will move out in five minutes!”

Sun Mo took out his pocket watch and glanced at it.

The other student groups saw the actions of the Central Province Academy’s student group and felt a little astonished.

“It can’t be, right? They are preparing to take action now?”

Ren Yong was stunned!

“Their ego is too inflated. This must definitely be the case!”

“Just wait and see, those terrifying giant apes will definitely show them who’s the boss!”

The teachers of the other schools were relatively fine, at most a little shocked. However, the teachers from Iron Cliff and Fenghua were humiliated before. They wanted nothing more than to watch the Central Province Academy’s student group being annihilated.

But after that, they started to ask their students to prepare, planning on following behind the Central Province Academy’s student group.

Five minutes later, the students of the Central Province Academy’s group gathered before the ruins’ gate.

Their movements immediately caused the other schools to take action as well. Clearly, everyone agreed without prior consultation with each other. They were planning to get some benefits after the Central Province Academy drew the attention of the giant apes.

Sun Mo swept his gaze across the surroundings.

None of the teachers dared to match his eyes. After all, doing something like this was somewhat shameless.

In the end, Sun Mo glanced at Ren Yong.

Ren Yong wasn’t willing to admit that he was weaker, hence, he stared back at Sun Mo. He hesitated awhile but eventually still walked over. He persuaded in a low voice, “The two of us can work together and force the other student groups to enter the ruins first. They will become the cannon fodder to draw the attention of the apes!”

“This suggestion isn’t bad!”

Gu Xiuxun snapped her fingers.


Ren Yong smiled complacently. (You guys couldn’t understand my intelligence back then. How about it? You guys want to fawn on me while kneeling now, right?)

“But we don’t care about it!”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips curled.

Ren Yong’s expression sank. He involuntarily roared, “What do you mean?”

“Making the other schools become the cannon fodder? This isn’t our Central Province Academy’s style!”

Gu Xiuxun spoke righteously.

When the teachers of the other schools heard this, their expressions were filled with bewilderment. They felt shocked when they heard this. Hence, when they looked at Ren Yong, their gazes were filled with wariness and hostility.

(F*** you. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but why must you say it out loud? Are you trying to find trouble for me?)

Ren Yong glared at Gu Xiuxun, feeling extremely angry.

“I’ve said it before, we won’t cooperate with salted fish!”

Gu Xiuxun shrugged.

Sun Mo smiled secretly. He knew that Gu Xiuxun was saying this because she wanted to infuriate Ren Yong. Otherwise, if those fellows were too cautious and didn’t follow them in, Gu Xiuxun’s battle strategy would be wasted.

Ren Yong left angrily. He would definitely remember this grudge.

“Baiwu, lend me the Wind King Divine Bow for a while!”

Sun Mo took the bow and tugged on the bowstring lightly.

“Teacher Sun, you know archery as well?”

Wang Chao was surprised.

“I don’t really train much in it!” Sun Mo honestly replied.

“Alright, let’s move out. Everyone, stick closely together and follow me!”

Sun Mo broke into a jog. After that, he exerted force with his legs and leaped onto the top of the seven meter-tall dilapidated-looking gate. He then jumped down while holding the bow with his left hand and pulling on the bowstring with his right.

Spirit qi swirled from his fingers and caused a semi-transparent arrow to materialize!

Wind King’s Roar!


The arrow whistled through the air as it shot out.


An abandoned room fifty meters away was struck by the arrow and exploded into smithereens.


A giant ape howled and flew out from within. Many stones smashed onto the ground from its sudden movements.

“My heavens!”

Qian Dun was stunned.

(I thought you said you didn’t train much in archery?)

Wang Chao was speechless. (Also, what is this archery skill? Why is it so powerful?)

“Everyone, follow him!”

Gu Xiuxun instructed.

Sun Mo pulled on his bow again!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The spirit qi arrows that were shot out using the Wind King Divine Art exploded in the ruins.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

For a time, dust flew everywhere as shattered stones blasted in all directions.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Those wandering giant apes in the ruins were completely angered. They immediately rushed over from the surroundings, moving toward Sun Mo.

Sun Mo didn’t feel fear at all. He answered with a storm of arrows!

Puchi~ Puchi~

The chests of the giant apes were penetrated!

“Wow, Teacher Sun is so impressive!”

The students were dumbfounded as they watched.

Xu Dingjiang looked at the longbow in his hands and had a dejected look on his face. He really felt like tossing his bow onto the ground. (I’ve trained ten years in archery, but I don’t even have 30% of Teacher Sun’s standard.)

(Sigh, what’s the point of me having you?)

Although Sun Mo had never really come in contact with bows before, the Wind King Divine Art was a saint-tier archery cultivation art and he had spammed many time emblems on it, directly upgrading it to the grandmaster-grade.

Counting like this, Sun Mo had actually spent ‘quite a few decades’ training in it!

“Sun Mo, don’t forget about our strategy!”

Gu Xiuxun was speechless. (If you continue to slaughter them, all these giant apes would flee.) However, Sun Mo’s archery skill was very strong!


“Congratulations, you have obtained 1,890 favorable impression points.”

Outside the ruins, the five student groups were stunned when they saw this scene.

“The Central Province Academy is truly impressive. Are they really planning on soloing the ruins?!”

Their attitude was simply too tyrannical.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s follow them!”

Ren Yong urged. “Quick! Quick! Quick!”

Out of the five student groups here, one of the student groups rushed in.

Actually, the teachers from the other schools had thought about the strategy the Central Province Academy was using. However, by doing so, the frontmost group would suffer a great pressure.

Their perceptions had to be extremely sharp and they must discover the giant apes before they could be discovered. Since they were drawing the attention of the giant apes, their own firepower mustn’t be too weak either.

Naturally, the most crucial point was how they should shake these giant apes off their tails after attracting their attention.

Animals could have vengeful hearts as well. For example, bears and wolves. These giant apes were no exception. After being injured by Sun Mo, they chased him down in rage, wanting to tear him into pieces.

However, as the student group proceeded further, more troubles appeared.

The number of startled giant apes grew and they were all gathering here. A small portion of them rushed the students. After all, even with their low intelligence, they could tell that these younglings were easier to hunt!

“Hehe, the Central Province Academy is going to be unlucky!”

Ren Yong was joyful. They were about to reach the territory of that large fellow.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》