Absolute Great Teacher
376 Two-Faced Male-and-Female Pair
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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376 Two-Faced Male-and-Female Pair


The attacking prowess of these giant apes was ordinary. However, there were too many of them and their speed was very fast.

Hence, the giant apes were still dangerous for the students.

If the students couldn’t enter the ancient castle, they wouldn’t have a chance to find valuable secret treasures of darkness. In that case, there would be no hope for this round then.

The judging group gave them three secret realms with far distances from each other on purpose. If they changed to another secret realm now, it would already be too late.

Ren Yong had entered this place to investigate and had seen a giant ape king. If not because of it, he would have long since led his students into the ancient castle.

“Sun Mo, since you guys are unwilling to cooperate, go to hell then!”

Ren Yong coldly laughed. He really wanted to see the scene of them wailing miserably.

From Ren Yong’s perspective, given the strength of Sun Mo and the others, their group most probably wouldn’t be annihilated. However, they would suffer some casualties.

At this moment, if one looked down from above, they would be able to see Sun Mo taking the lead, continuously firing arrows to draw the attention of the giant apes.

Qian Dun realized that no matter how Sun Mo moved about, he would always maintain a distance of 35 meters from the group. This meant that he was handling the current situation with ease.

“Isn’t Teacher Sun’s perception a little too terrifying?”

Chu Jian sighed.

Each of Sun Mo’s arrows would cause a wall to explode, startling giant apes and causing them to expose themselves.

“I feel that Teacher Sun is very gusty!”

Zhang Yanzong sighed ruefully.

In order to attract the giant apes effectively, Sun Mo didn’t slow down and continued attacking frenziedly. Hence, about just a minute later, over thirty apes rushed within 10 meters of Sun Mo. The seven fastest apes lunged over to attack him.


The apes brandished their claws, and their arms were like heavy metal boards. If these arms came in contact with something, that thing would surely be squashed into mush.

Sadly, when these giant apes neared Sun Mo, he suddenly lifted his arm and pulled the bowstring back, firing.


The bowstring trembled as arrows were launched.

Wind King Chaotic Shots!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Several semi-transparent arrows blasted out in all directions with Sun Mo as the center. At that moment, Sun Mo was like a sea urchin that had just bloomed.

In such a close distance, there was no chance of the arrows missing. Hence, the giant apes were extremely unlucky!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The arrows directly penetrated their bodies. Fresh blood flew everywhere as howls and wails of agony could be heard.

Bang! Bang!

The gigantic bodies of the apes that weighed over 100 kg slammed onto the ground, causing the surrounding dust and soil to fly about.

“Damn, so strong?”

“This archery skill is so impressive!”

“Boohoo, I want to learn it!”

The students sighed in admiration. Even people who had no interest in archery felt like learning a little from Sun Mo at this moment.

“Everyone, pay attention! More giant apes are coming!”

As the vice group leader, Gu Xiuxun directed the battle. “Wang Chao, charge over and lure those apes away!”

Wang Chao’s lips trembled as he rushed out. He felt that the pressure was exceedingly great. There was no problem if he wanted to draw the giant apes away. However, if he was to compare himself with Sun Mo, he would surely not be able to do it so gracefully.

It was really embarrassing if they were compared.

Wang Chao sighed. Since this situation was like this, something like an irresistible process, he should just ‘enjoy’ it then!

(However, this archery skill of Sun Mo is truly gorgeous. I even feel like changing my profession into an archer!)


Favorable impression points from Wang Chao +100. Friendly (280/1,000).

“Teacher Gu, plan A!”

Sun Mo called out. He no longer killed the giant apes and started to use his movement art to evade them.

Giant apes were like monkeys and they lived together in a large group. In that case, there would definitely be a giant ape king.

Sun Mo was worried that if they killed too many giant apes, the giant ape king would nurse a grudge and even if they smeared muli grass juice on themselves, it would be ineffective.


Gu Xiuxun turned her head back and glanced. While she was monitoring the situation, she silently counted the time. Given her current speed, she needed three minutes to rush to the ruins’ entrance.

Since Wang Chao couldn’t draw all the giant apes away, the battle erupted. Gu Xiuxun and Qian Dun started to fight.

Xuanyuan Po’s eyes burned with heat. He couldn’t control his urge to fight and sincerely asked, “Teacher, can you let one ape come over?”

“Shut up!”

Gu Xiuxun berated.

After that, the other student groups, who saw the Central Province Academy’s performance, were involuntarily stunned. No wonder the Central Province Academy was ranked so highly.

There was no need to mention anything about the four teachers. Even their students were very calm, maintaining a good formation.

“It’s because they haven’t encountered an attack. I don’t believe they won’t screw up!”

Ren Yong’s lips twitched.

At this moment, the Central Province Academy’s students were running past the region where Sun Mo had run amok earlier. All of a sudden, one of the ‘corpses’ stood up and rushed toward Ying Baiwu who was very close to it.


When the other students saw this, they couldn’t help but cry out in shock.

However, Ying Baiwu didn’t even frown. She directly took out her short blade and prepared to engage in close combat.

“Let me do it!”

Zhang Yanzong and Xuanyuan Po both shouted out in unison. However, it was a pity that when they rushed over, a semi-transparent arrow had shot through the air.



The arrow penetrated the gigantic ape’s brain.

Ying Baiwu went with the flow and launched a spinning kick at the ape’s body.


The giant ape flew through the air, deader than dead.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that Sun Mo was currently about 70+ meters away. There were over 50 giant apes following him, yet in such a situation, he could still fire an arrow to save the students. Just thinking about it caused the scalps of everyone to feel numb.


The people behind them were all dumbstruck as they watched this. Were these students from the Central Province Academy crazy? They actually wanted to take the initiative to fight the giant apes?

Moreover, they all had a look of disappointment on their faces because they didn’t get a chance to fight!

A feeling of ‘not wanting to encounter them’ started to rise in the hearts of the other student groups.

“It’s over, our morale just dipped!”

Ren Yong noticed this scene and immediately roared, “Believe me, you guys can do better than them!”


Priceless Advice was activated, its glow illuminating the surroundings.

The students were filled with a sense of confidence as their battle will surged.

“Hmph. They will soon reach the nest of the giant ape king. I want to see what they will do then.”

Ren Yong coldly laughed. He then reminded his students in a low voice, “Everyone, pay attention. When the Central Province Academy attracts the giant ape king’s attention, we will immediately rush over!”


Sun Mo’s leg came in contact with a giant ape’s head and sent it flying over seven meters away. After that, his ears pricked as a sense of danger rose in his heart.

The grandmaster-grade Wind King Divine Art not only gave Sun Moi powerful arrows, but it also heightened his six senses. Hence, he discovered the giant ape king’s presence immediately.

“It’s here!”

Sun Mo knew that the time had arrived and he immediately changed his direction, rushing toward the Iron Cliff Academy’s student group instead.


A roar of anger echoed out, resounding through the clouds. The powerful sound waves were like metal bristles poking through the eardrums of everyone.

“They are coming!” Ren Yong roared in a low voice, “Prepare yourself!”

“Teacher Ren, we are in trouble!” Du Feng was badly shocked. “Sun Mo is rushing toward us!”


Ren Yong was astonished. He turned his head and saw Sun Mo madly rushing over. Behind him, over 70 giant apes were chasing his tail.

“Damn, Sun Mo, what do you want to do?”

Ren Yong roared.

Sun Mo ignored him.

The other student groups were panicking too. They didn’t know whether they should stop and turn to flee or increase their speed and rush ahead.

The nest of the giant apes was underground. At this moment, a rumbling sound could be heard as stones and soil flew around. The giant ape king, which was more than five meters tall, leaped into the air. When it landed on the ground, it waved its arms randomly and smashed a building nearby.


The building crumbled. The shattered stones were like cannonballs blasting toward the Central Province Academy’s student group. After that, the giant ape king charged over.

Sun Mo fired his arrows.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The arrows were akin to shooting stars, blasting toward the giant ape king. However, the giant ape king easily blocked the arrows by punching them. After that, it rushed toward Gu Xiuxun’s group.

“Qian Dun, bring the group away!”

Gu Xiuxun shouted as she rushed toward the giant ape king.

“You guys should flee too. Quickly!”

Ren Yong was very decisive. He turned and lunged toward Sun Mo, blocking him from getting near. Otherwise, Ren Yong’s student group would be finished.

“Wanting to play tricks on me? Stop dreaming!”

There were 12 meters between them. Ren Yong brandished his weapon and slashed out.


A golden-colored spirit blade penetrated the ground as it slashed out, leaving behind a gorge with a thumb-size depth.

Sun Mo somersaulted to evade the slash.

Increasing his speed, Ren Yong appeared before Sun Mo just in time and slashed his blade out again.

“Go to hell!”


The blade slashed through Sun Mo’s body but no blood appeared. This caused Ren Yong’s expression to change.

“Oh no!”

(Could it be a clone?)

Just when this thought appeared in Ren Yong’s mind, someone kicked him at his back, causing him to stumble a few steps forward.

The giant apes rushed over and blocked Ren Yong’s vision. It was already too late for him to continue finding trouble for Sun Mo.

“It’s over.”

Staring at Sun Mo leading the giant apes toward the student group of his school, Ren Yong had a look of despair on his face. After that, he began howling in rage.

“Sun Mo, don’t think that your student group will be able to barge through!”

Since Gu Xiuxun and Wang Chao had broken away from the formation, there was only one teacher left to guard the Central Province Academy’s student group. At this moment, another batch of over twenty giant apes appeared, attacking them. Although these apes weren’t that many, they could cause huge trouble for the students.

“I don’t believe you guys won’t have any casualties!”

Ren Yong thirsted for the Central Province Academy’s student group to be unlucky. However, the scene that happened next almost caused his eyeballs to explode from widening too much.

After these giant apes got very close to the new student group, they suddenly halted and moved away. A look of disdain could be seen on their faces.

That feeling was like when they were about to have a sumptuous meal, they looked down and discovered that rotten salted fish were on their plates!

The apes took a detour around these ‘salted fish’ and started rushing toward the new student group from Iron Cliff Academy!

At this moment, Sun Mo executed the Wind King Divine Step and used his wondrous footwork to rush past the students from Iron Cliff, succeeding in fully drawing the giant apes over.


The teachers of Iron Cliff Academy could only do their utmost to fight the apes.

“Why didn’t the giant apes attack them?”

“Who knows?”

“Damn, no wonder they don’t want to form an alliance. So it turns out that they have a method to evade the giant apes!” Those teachers directly cursed.

The Central Province Academy was so toxic. Luckily, they hadn’t joined the battle yet, so they immediately chose to retreat when they saw the situation.

“Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!”

“Leave here quickly!”

Qin Su shouted, urging the students to leave quickly. This time, they should forget about finding valuable secret treasures of darkness to turn their fates around. They should just do their best to maintain their ranking!

Sun Mo was very satisfied. Over half of his battle strategy was completed. Now, the only problem left was how he should throw the giant ape king off his trail.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》