Absolute Great Teacher
378 Once I Subdued the White Tiger Guard, All of You Will Die for Sure!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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378 Once I Subdued the White Tiger Guard, All of You Will Die for Sure!


Sun Mo’s group quickened their steps without prior consultation with each other. After that, they heard the voices growing louder and louder.

“Someone is coming, should we be on our guard?”

“There are so many people here, what do you mean by being on guard?”

“Damn, I wonder which school it is?”

“No matter which school it is, those who could barge through the territory of the giant apes to arrive here wouldn’t be simple!”

The sounds of discussion rang out.

When Sun Mo’s group ran out of the tunnel and arrived at the small public square, they saw that several people were already there.

Gu Xiuxun rapidly counted the number of people. “There are four student groups, and one of them has some casualties.”

Sun Mo’s gaze directly landed on Chunyu Kong. He didn’t expect that the path of mutual enemies was narrow indeed. They actually met with the Sky Orchid’s student group here.

“They are from the Central Province Academy!”

“There are a total of 24 people. They have no casualties and none of their members are injured. How impressive!”

“Damn, the competitive pressure grows more intense again!”

A few groups revealed expressions of wariness and depression. No one dared to underestimate the Central Province Academy anymore.

The school had declined and was about to be delisted?

Stop joking. The Central Province Academy would be able to ascend to ‘C’ grade this year. If things went well, they might even seize back their glory of the past.

When the teachers and students of the other student groups were guarding against Sun Mo’s group, they suddenly discovered that the Central Province Academy and Sky Orchid Academy seemed about to clash.

They were staring at each other with hatred, wanting nothing more than to crush their opponents.

“Teacher, go and finish them off!”

Xuanyuan Po brimmed with the will to fight.

“Sun Mo. Cool down, think of the big picture!”

Qian Dun hurriedly persuaded Sun Mo, praying that Sun Mo could maintain his rationality because Qian Dun truly had no authority to speak much in the group.

Once Sun Mo announced to attack, the students would definitely listen to him.

Sigh, Qian Dun suddenly felt that he was very small and powerless. (Could it be that I’m naturally born to be a sidekick?)

Qian Dun mocked himself.

“Teacher Sun, we meet again!”

Chunyu Kong jeered.

Sun Mo ignored Chunyu Kong. Instead, he looked at the center area of the public square. There was a jadestone white tiger statue erected there.

“Wow, so beautiful!”

The students exclaimed.

This jadestone white tiger statue shone with a pure white light. It was like moonlight was cascading down on it, causing it to illuminate the public square.

“Si~ This item is definitely made by a famous grandmaster sculptor!”

Wang Chao praised it greatly.

The jadestone white statue was extremely vivid and lifelike. Its posture was like a ferocious tiger descending the mountain. Its fur seemed to move as the wind blew, rippling gently. Its eyes were filled with intelligence. No matter from which angle you looked at it, you would feel like the white tiger was staring back at you.

“We should dig it up and put it at our house’s entrance as a showpiece!”

Qian Dun felt that this item would be worth a lot of money.

“Teacher, this item is alive!”

Lu Zhiruo reminded them in a low voice.


Everyone was astonished.

“Everyone, be careful!”

Sun Mo reminded. After that, he surveyed his surroundings. In the small public square, there were four gates at the north, east, south, and west. His group entered from the east gate.

Given architectural norms, west was the most important direction. Hence, any buildings in the west area would usually be vital buildings. That could explain why the west gate was the most magnificent-looking one.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and surveyed the jadestone white tiger statue. Various pieces of information immediately appeared around it.

Jadeite White Tiger Guard.

“During ancient times, statues were placed in public squares or used to guard residences. After a residence was invaded, the statue would immediately transform and attack the invaders.

“For guard statues like this, only grandmaster spiritual controllers could make them. One has to graft the soul of a living ferocious beast to the statue!

“However, this spiritual controlling technique is too brutal, harming heaven’s peace. It is classified as a forbidden technique by the Saint Gate, forbidden to be taught, spread, and learned. Those who disobey would be exiled as a punishment.”

Sun Mo continued reading.

“The White Tiger Guard. It is proficient in fighting and has extremely quick speed. It’s even claimed to be like wind and lightning and belongs to the close-combat spiritual beast type. After it’s ‘killed’, as long as the core is undamaged, it would be able to revive itself rapidly.”

“Ze, impressive!”

Sun Mo clicked his tongue. This item was so powerful, belonging to the type of spiritual beast that ‘even if I can’t kill you, I can exhaust you to death’.

Its flaw was that it lacked long-range attacks.

“Those fellows seemed to be waiting for us to make a fool out of ourselves!”

Ying Baiwu’s lips twitched.

“Teacher Sun, what should we do now? We can’t simply continue waiting here, right?”

Wang Chao asked.

“Everyone, if you guys don’t want to take action, we won’t be polite and will act first then!”

Sun Mo turned to the other student groups and clasped his fists.

For adventurers and risk-takers, there was this unwritten rule: first-come first-serve.

The Central Province Academy’s student group had arrived last. In that case, even if they knew how to break through this White Tiger Guard, they had to wait for the other student groups to attempt it before they could act.

Naturally, if the Central Province Academy felt that they had overwhelming strength, they could crush and suppress everyone. They could also ignore the rules and directly do it.

However, if they did so, their reputation would be damaged.

“Teacher Sun, please!”

“Please feel free!”

“Let’s see Teacher Sun’s performance!”

Other than the teachers from Sky Orchid, the other leaders of the three academies spoke out.

It wasn’t that they were modest and wanted to allow Sun Mo to try it. But rather, they had already tried and all of them failed. Hence, before they knew the secret of this statue, they didn’t plan to go all out.

Besides, probing the secret would surely be accompanied by risk. The one acting first might very well become cannon fodder. Their efforts would only serve to benefit others.

Sun Mo looked at Chunyu Kong. “Oh, do you want to go first? Please feel free!”

Chunyu Kong glanced at the White Tiger Guard and took two steps forward, preparing to act. However, he was stopped by Liang Pei.

“What are you doing?”

Liang Pei frowned.

“Subduing the White Tiger Guard!”

Chunyu Kong was astonished. (You even needed to ask me this?)

“Let those from the Central Province Academy do it first.”

Liang Pei suggested.

“Teacher Chunyu, you tried it earlier. How do you feel about this White Tiger Guard?”

Guo Zihao asked.

“It’s quite powerful, but as long as we find the flaw, we will be able to settle it!”

Chunyu Kong was very confident because he had startling talent in the spiritual beast control art.

“Do you think Sun Mo can do it?”

Guo Zihao glanced at Sun Mo.


Chunyu Kong’s tone was filled with disdain. His gaze swept through the crowd as he spoke, “Other spiritual controllers have to try at least four of five times before they can see through a tiny bit of the secrets within the White Tiger Guard!”

“In that case, why are you so anxious about it? Just let the Central Province Academy take the lead. If they are killed by the White Tiger Guard, things would be interesting!”

Gao Zihao believed in Chunyu Kong’s judgment.

“Che, I have never treated them as my opponents. I will subdue the White Tiger Guard in front of them and won’t even give them a chance!”

Chunyu Kong’s lips twitched. “Besides, what’s the point if we let the White Tiger Guard kill them? This daddy will personally take their lives later.”

The conversation was also heard by students of Sky Orchid. They immediately cast gazes of worship toward Chunyu Kong.

Chunyu Kong then walked toward Sun Mo and revealed a smile on his face. “Sun Mo, you will definitely regret making me act first!”


Sun Mo stretched out his hand and made an inviting gesture. “Just try your best. If you can subdue this spiritual beast, it can be considered as my loss!”

“Spiritual beast? Most probably, you don’t even know how to activate it, right?”

Chunyu Kong mocked. At the same time, he walked toward the north gate and just when he was nearing the ten-meter range, the jadestone white tiger statue suddenly began to shine. After that, a beam of white light blasted out like a bolt of lightning, shooting toward Chunyu Kong.

Chunyu Kong agilely evaded.

The white light blasted into the ground. It then transformed into a white tiger that threw its head back at the sky as it roared.


King of the hundred beasts, its roar of anger echoed through the mountains and forest.

The immense soundwave immediately engulfed the public square, causing the area to vibrate so much that the dust was flying all around.

Everyone felt that their eardrums were about to be broken.

Chunyu Kong then snapped his fingers.


A bracelet on his right hand immediately shone with a flash of red light. Huge amount of fog billowed and when the light vanished, a giant ape appeared in that location.

“Eh? This fellow actually caught a giant ape and made it into his spiritual beast?”

Everyone was shocked.

The white tiger lunged over while the giant ape blocked its attack!


The two ferocious beasts clashed together.


The white tiger waved its claws, swiping at the giant ape’s body.


The giant ape rolled back. However, it soon climbed to its feet and continued fighting.

This spiritual beast was formed after Chunyu Kong killed a powerful giant ape. Chunyu Kong used the ape’s soul and fresh blood to ‘form’ it. Hence, it didn’t know what fear was. It only had a single reason to live on and it was to fight for Chunyu Kong until it died completely.

The intelligence of the White Tiger Guard was very high. It wanted to circle around the giant ape and directly attack Chunyu Kong. However, the giant ape was extremely intrepid and kept blocking the white tiger despite suffering injuries.

Chunyu Kong wanted to subdue the White Tiger Guard as fast as possible, displaying his talent. Hence, he decided to use a secret art. He bit the skin of his finger and after chugging on a mouthful of blood, he spat it on his bracelet.


The bracelet shone with a malevolent red light. At the same time, the giant ape howled in anger and its body began to glow red as well. It became larger and its combat prowess swelled.

Using a secret technique like this would harm the spiritual beast, resulting in its combat prowess to be reduced by a tier forever. However, Chunyu Kong didn’t mind it. In any case, there were so many giant apes here. At most, he would just abandon this one and capture a new one.

“The giant ape king would be a nice collection.”

Chunyu Kong was slightly distracted.

“Teacher Sun, this fellow is quite powerful!”

Gu Xiuxun felt a bit of worry.

“What if he captured the White Tiger Guard successfully before us?”

Wang Chao frowned.

“Don’t overthink too much. He won’t be able to do it!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled. Even if Chunyu Kong managed to subdue the statue, Sun Mo could always kill Chunyu Kong to seize it!

(God praise the Darkness Continent!)

Over here, strength was everything. As long as you were strong enough, you could do whatever you wanted to. You didn’t need to worry that you would be jailed after killing someone.

When the White Tiger Guard was injured by the giant ape, chips of jadestone would fall from it and wounds could be seen. Finally, after struggling for a minute, the White Tiger Guard managed to kill the giant ape by smacking its head with explosive force. It then lunged toward Chunyu Kong.

However, just when it got near, a thick tail swept over and blasted it back.


A five-meter long monitor lizard guarded the area before Chunyu Kong.

“Haha, that giant ape is merely the opening dish!”

Chunyu Kong laughed loudly. After that, he stared at Sun Mo with a look of provocation. (Do you see it? This daddy is simply so strong. Everything is within my control.)

(Wanting to snatch my White Tiger Guard? Go back and dream, everything exists in a dream!)

“I can’t bear it anymore. This fellow is asking for a beating. I really want to smack his face!”

Gu Xiuxun was very angry. She rolled up her sleeves and was preparing to fight.

“Don’t be so anxious!”

Sun Mo dissuaded her. “The good show is still yet to come!”

When the giant monitor lizard and white tiger clashed, no result could be determined even after three minutes. This caused Chunyu Kong’s expression to turn somewhat unsightly.

This was a spiritual beast that his father had left for him, his main combat strength. This was why he was reluctant to use a secret technique to increase its attacking prowess.

“Oi, how long do you want this to drag on? If you can’t settle it, just come back quickly!”

Sun Mo urged.


Chunyu Kong wasn’t able to stand for such taunting. He hesitated a little but eventually chose to bite his finger and draw a mouthful of blood. “Damn. After I subdue the White Tiger Guard, all of you will die!”

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