Absolute Great Teacher
379 Dharma Skyshock Fist, Amazing Display of Migh
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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379 Dharma Skyshock Fist, Amazing Display of Migh

Chapter t

As Chunyu Kong’s blood splattered on the bracelet, the spiritual monitor lizard’s battle prowess immediately surged tremendously.

It bellowed away, and its entire body was enveloped by a red glow. It entered a berserk state and its tail was sweeping out like a steel whip, its sharp teeth tearing out.

The White Tiger Guard was latched onto, unable to break free. It could only bite at the monitor lizard’s neck. However, as a spiritual beast, spots like these were no longer considered vital ones.

“Sun Mo, did you see that? You’re unable to understand how strong I am!”

Chunyu Kong sneered.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re the strongest!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. To speak the truth, he looked down on Chunyu Kong’s battle tactic.

After Sun Mo’s art of spiritual beast control reached the grandmaster-grade, he focused on studying this subject.

Whether beast tamers or spirit controllers were powerful or not depended on their beasts. The stronger their beasts, the more terrifying they were!

As the era developed, some spiritual controllers started to reflect that they couldn’t solely rely on their spiritual beasts.

Once the enemies bypassed the spiritual beasts and killed the spirit controllers, the spiritual beasts would stop attacking.

Some spirit controllers started to temper their own battle techniques, but the others viewed such acts as vices. They said that people who didn’t put their full focus on cultivating spiritual beasts weren’t fit to be called spirit controllers.

These traditional spirit controllers then tried hard to temper their mental energy to catch even more spiritual beasts to take on different responsibilities.

Main attacker, main defender, and even one to coordinate both attack and defense!

If spirit controllers wanted to catch even more spiritual beasts, they’d need powerful mental energy as their support. However, in normal battles, mental energy was useless.

Chunyu Kong was a traditional spirit controller who relied on his spiritual beast for battle. However, he was a little different at the same time because he treated spiritual beasts as tools that he could easily deplete, not a companion.

To use such a self-detrimental battle technique just to prove yourself was too merit-driven.


An eagle’s sharp screech suddenly rang out. Then, a black shadow flashed and pinned down the White Tiger Guard’s head.

Everyone discovered that it was a majestic eagle the size of a herding dog. Taking the opportunity when the White Tiger Guard was being latched on by the monitor lizard, it used its sharp claws to crush the White Tiger Guard’s head.

Before other people reacted, Chunyu Kong had already darted over.


The White Tiger Guard was shattered, becoming light spots like fireflies, scattering on the small square.

Chunyu Kong immediately focused his mind and tried to sense the White Tiger Guard’s core. As long as he got it, he’d be able to obtain this guard. However, he was immediately stunned.

He couldn’t sense the White Tiger Guard’s core!

“Why is that so?”

Chunyu Kong couldn’t understand. Without a core, how would a spiritual beast be propelled? Could it be on that jade statue?

Chunyu Kong didn’t have much time left.

After ten breaths’ worth of time, the scattered light spots shot out at the white tiger statue.

Left with no choice, Chunyu Kong could only randomly grab a few times at the light spots. It was a pity that he wasn’t right on those attempts.

Thereafter, great light burst from the statue. A new White Tiger Guard was born.


It still had its majestic roar.

Chunyu Kong’s countenance changed and called out.


If he didn’t find out where the White Tiger Guard’s core was, then it’d be useless even if he were to rush it 1,000 times.

The spectators retreated from the small square at the fastest speed possible. The White Tiger Guard didn’t chase after them and just disappeared.

“Oh, so this is what you mean by being strong?”

Sun Mo turned his head slightly, revealing an admiring expression. He looked at Chunyu Kong. “Of course, I can’t understand it!”


Chunyu Kong’s entire face had turned red like a monkey’s butt.

Awkward! Indescribably awkward!

Sky Orchid student group’s atmosphere was also very gloomy. After all, they had boasted so much but ended up failing. This was too embarrassing.

A few other student groups were in no mood to mock Chunyu Kong. Right now, there were both excitements and worries on their faces.

They were excited because this White Tiger Guard was considered a secret treasure of darkness. If they were to bring it back, they’d get quite a good ranking. The worrying thing was that Chunyu Kong, who worked in the Sky Orchid, was an outstanding graduate from the Nine Greats. He was also a spirit controller. If he couldn’t handle it, then the possibility of them being able to handle that wouldn’t be high either.

“Then spirit controller master, should it be my turn now?”

Sun Mo asked.


Both Li Ziqi and Gu Xiuxun couldn’t hold back their laughter. Was Sun Mo trying to drive the other guy to death with his sharp tongue?

“Please go ahead!”

It was just a simple reply, but Chunyu Kong said it while gritting his teeth.

“Teacher Sun, can you do it?”

Qian Dun was worried.

“Don’t worry, I have never seen a problem that Teacher Sun can’t resolve!”

Lu Zhiruo looked very confident and put up a thumb. “It’s all good! Just get prepared to cheer!”

“What is it? Aren’t you going to make a move? Be quick!” Chunyu Kong urged, “You can’t be scared, right?”

“Hey, you’re a teacher of a famous school after all. Can you not be such a schemer?”

Sun Mo asked. “Aren’t you just trying to agitate me, not wanting me to be prepared before I make a move?”


“Tsk, this term is a little interesting!”

“But it’s true that this teacher is scheming and isn’t open and aboveboard.”

The surrounding students mumbled.

Chunyu Kong heard that and he was so angry that he almost coughed up blood. What was the most important thing that a teacher should have? It was character and teaching ethics. If students were to think that he was a schemer, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

But very soon, the students ignored Chunyu Kong because Sun Mo had walked out.

“Teacher Chunyu, could he subdue this White Tiger Guard?”

Liang Pei was worried.

“Don’t worry, if I can’t do it, then it’d be even more impossible for him.”

Chunyu Kong was very confident. He then let out a stifled laugh. “Don’t worry, he’s dead!”


Guo Zihao was baffled.

“The White Tiger Guard’s responsibility is to guard this place. Therefore, if an invader were to walk toward the city gate, it’d charge over to block them. However, Sun Mo is walking toward that statue. Tell me, isn’t it like a sheep walking into a tiger’s mouth?”

Chunyu Kong sneered.

However, after a while, he realized that the statue didn’t show any reaction at all.


Chunyu Kong was stunned. What was going on?

Sun Mo released his mental energy, wanting to call a truce with the White Tiger Guard. As a spirit controller master, this was the fundamentals.

There were many strange species in the Darkness Continent such as ghosts, astral world’s lifeforms, and undying lifeforms. They couldn’t speak the same language as humans and it was impossible for them to communicate.

However, spirit controllers could perform simple communication. It was because mental energy was their ‘language’.

Sun Mo’s guess was right. As the work of an ancestor-grade spirit controller, the White Tiger Guard’s level was extremely high and it had simple spirit intelligence.

“Leave here, human! Otherwise, die!”

The White Tiger Guard bellowed.

Sun Mo tried to calm it down. However, the White Tiger Guard kept on repeating this.

“This guy seems to be a spirit controller?”

Guo Zihao looked toward Chunyu Kong, wanting to get an answer. He then noticed that all his colleagues looked very envious.

“Communicating with the White Tiger Guard? Isn’t this something that only grandmaster-grade spirit controllers can do? No, how old is this guy? No way!”

Chunyu Kong’s mind was in chaos.


White light flashed on the jade statue and the guard appeared. However, it didn’t attack Sun Mo outright. It just roared at him in an attempt to drive him out.

Sun Mo wanted to persuade him, but the White Tiger Guard’s patience ran out. It charged toward him, pouncing to kill him.

“Is fighting the only way?”

Sun Mo was helpless.

If he could get this White Tiger Guard to submit through peaceful communications, then it would still retain its memories, capable of acting as a guide to help Sun Mo. However, once it was killed and forced into submission, then that would wipe out its previous memories. This was to prevent it from rebelling.

A battle erupted.

Since there was no cultivation art for Sun Mo to obtain from the fight, he went all out from the very beginning.


Sun Mo let out a furious bellow!

Buddha’s Mouth Serpent Heart!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Golden waves suddenly appeared in the air and entangled onto the White Tiger Guard, binding it tightly.


Some students couldn’t stand the furious buddhic chants. It made them feel giddy. It was as if they had been hit in the head by a big hammer and it was extremely painful.

Sun Mo looked very dignified as he swung his fists heavily.

Eternalism, Great Mercy!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His heavy punches landed on the White Tiger Guard. With each strike, a large area on the white tiger’s body would sink in.


The White Tiger Guard backed off, planning to break free from the golden snakes on it first.

That was right. On a closer look, those golden waves were actually slithering golden snakes.

Sun Mo gave chase and glared over.

Buddha Look!


Two streams of golden light shot out of Sun Mo’s eyes, hitting the White Tiger Guard’s head and smashing off a chunk of it.

“My god, what cultivation art is this?”

Qian Dun was so astonished that his mouth was agape. One could see his thick throat.

No one replied. It was because everyone was shaken from astonishment.

Everyone saw how strong the White Tiger Guard was. Chunyu Kong had used three spiritual beasts to barely be able to kill it. However, Sun Mo was able to steadily suppress it.

“With this attacking prowess, it’s at least a heaven-tier cultivation art!”

Wang Chao guessed.

“Sun Mo, is the reason you’re alive so that you can deal blows to others’ morale?”

Gu Xiuxun was completely astonished. The prowess of this fist technique looked like a saint-tier one. This gave her a strong sense of defeat.

There was probably no way she’d be able to catch up to him in her lifetime.

“Teacher has kept things so well-hidden. He hasn’t displayed such an amazing cultivation art before!”

Tantai Yutang exclaimed. Sun Mo was really a schemer.

The sickly guy knew that Sun Mo treated Li Ziqi and the other two extremely well. As long as it was something they wanted to learn, he would teach it to them. However, given their expressions, they had never seen this cultivation art either.

Although the sickly guy had no idea what this cultivation art was called, Sun Mo must have put in a lot of effort to train it to this stage!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》