Absolute Great Teacher
380 I“m Sorry, The Spoils-of-War Belong to Me Now!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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380 I“m Sorry, The Spoils-of-War Belong to Me Now!

Chapter 380: I’m Sorry, The Spoils-of-War Belong to Me Now!

Sun Mo caught up to the White Tiger Guard, his fists striking out like whirlwinds.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud colliding sounds rang out.

The White Tiger Guard couldn’t retaliate at all. It was just one-sided torture.

When the teachers and students from other schools saw this scene, their eyelids twitched non-stop. Other than astonishment, they also felt baffled.

Where did the majestic spiritual beast from earlier go? Why did it feel like a cat from the side of the road?

Other than having a louder cry, it looked extremely weak!


The White Tiger Guard’s voice changed, sounding like a wild dog whose leg had been broken. It cried out in agony.


Now even its domineering voice was gone.

Sun Mo looked neither sad nor happy. The disposition he emitted with his every action was like the Buddha had appeared in the world, looking dignified, magnanimous, and solemn!

Ancient Buddha Oil Lamp [1]!


The entire square had been illuminated completely by the white tiger statue earlier. But after Sun Mo struck out his battle technique, all the light rays suddenly turned dim as if they were entering a dark night where one couldn’t see their own hands.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Only the sound of Sun Mo beating up the White Tiger Guard was clear.

Gradually, faint yellow light lit up from Sun Mo’s body. It was like a small light in front of Buddha but was also like the light tower by the shores.

This light was like hope, attracting people like moths flying into the flame!

It was the same for the White Tiger Guard. Its gaze was completely attracted by Sun Mo. It yearned to enter his wings and listen to his teachings.

Thereafter, its head was hit by Sun Mo’s Buddhist punch. It shattered again.


Light spots splattered.


Light returned to the small square.

Everyone, who felt lost, suddenly shuddered and returned to their senses. They felt a strong sense of lingering fear.

If they were the one to face Sun Mo’s attack head-on, they’d be crushed by now.

“What cultivation art is this?”

Guo Zihao gasped in surprise, his gaze filled with curiosity!

“Saint-tier! It’s definitely at the saint-tier!”

Liang Pei stared at Sun Mo and gulped. It was no wonder Sun Mo was so arrogant. It turned out that he had saint-tier cultivation art. Then, Liang Pei’s countenance became distorted!

Jealousy caused humans to become ugly!

The students there didn’t share the same thoughts. It was because their mind had been completely filled up by astonishment. There was only one thought left.

(This fist technique is so amazing! I want to learn it so much!)


Sun Mo appeared in front of the White Tiger Guard. He clenched his right fist tightly and sent it smashing out!

The Unrivaled absolute technique, Dharma Skyshock!

Spirit qi gushed out from Sun Mo’s body and the illusion of Buddha appeared. A golden arm hammered down on the White Tiger Guard’s body.


The fierce and dominating White Tiger Guard was crushed, shattering into light spots.


Xuanyuan Po’s eyes opened wide. He clutched onto his silver spear tightly, having a strong urge to spar against Sun Mo.

Right now, the other students from the Central Province Academy were also deeply astonished.

Teacher Sun was really powerful!


Congratulations, you’ve received a total of 3,120 favorable impression points.

“This guy’s cultivation realm should at least be at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm, right?”

Guo Zihao guessed.

“I don’t know!”

Liang Pei shook his head. It was because saint-tier cultivation arts were too powerful and it could allow one to engage in a battle against a stronger opponent. Therefore, he couldn’t be sure of this. He only knew that Sun Mo was very strong.

“Don’t panic, the crucial moment is just starting!”

Chunyu Kong stared at Sun Mo while smirking. “If he can’t grab the core, then it’d be useless even if he were to kill the White Tiger Guard 1,000 times.”

When Sun Mo crushed the White Tiger Guard, he activated his Divine Sight and observed those light spots. Various data appeared in front of him.

With the great experience brought by the grandmaster-grade spiritual control technique, Sun Mo only needed three seconds to lock onto the seven core light spots.

Sun Mo reached out his hand.

Pa pa pa!

He grabbed onto the light spots and immediately chanted. Mental energy gushed out from him and formed a connection with the core light spots.

There was no negotiation nor exchange, it was the simplest and most brutal enslaving contract.

As the White Tiger Guard was crushed, its ability to retaliate was extremely low right now. It only struggled for a few seconds before it was enslaved by Sun Mo.

Its ferocious and violent aura disappeared. Lu Zhiruo’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help but clap. “Teacher has succeeded!”

The other teachers and students knew that Sun Mo had subdued this White Tiger Guard even though they didn’t know the spiritual control technique. It was because those shattered light spots didn’t return to the white tiger jade statue but were all shooting out toward Sun Mo’s right hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When Sun Mo opened up his hand, everyone could see a translucent pearl the size of a walnut. It was emitting a clear white light.

There was a shrunken little white tiger in the pearl, looking very life-like.

“How is that possible?”

Chunyu Kong was astonished. This guy had managed to do something he couldn’t do. (No, it must be luck. There’s no way that I’m worse off than him.)

The countenances of the teachers and students from the other schools became extremely grim.

This was also considered a type of secret treasure of darkness. It was probably not an issue for the Central Province Academy to be ranked in the top ten after having gotten it.

“Are we going to lose again this round?”

Liang Pei frowned and suggested in a soft voice, “We have to think of a way to wipe out this student group, snatching the secret treasure of darkness!”

“That’s right!”

Chunyu Kong stared at the spiritual pearl in Sun Mo’s hand, wearing an expression that seemed as if he wanted to take it for himself.

A treasured pearl like this that hosted a ferocious beast’s soul was known as a spiritual pearl. It was very valuable.

“Ziqi, take it!”

Sun Mo tossed the spiritual pearl to the little sunny egg.


Zhang Yanzong immediately came forth to offer his congratulations. There was inevitably some envy in his gaze. The other students also had similar expressions.

The schools’ rankings were based on the treasures of darkness they obtained in the competition. However, after the competition ended, the schools didn’t have to hand over all the treasures of darkness they had. Then, these hidden treasures would belong to the school.

The White Tiger Guard might not be considered too powerful, but it was a little amazing that it could revive endlessly. At the very least, it would be very useful as a reinforcement.

“No, I can’t take it. This is too precious!”

Li Ziqi immediately refused.

“Is this considered precious?” Sun Mo chuckled, “You’re a spirit controller. You can use it!”

Li Ziqi’s chest was filled with bliss because her teacher was doting on her. However, after a moment of hesitation, she still refused.

“Teacher, why not give it to Martial Junior Zhiruo?”

She was the eldest martial sister and should learn to give way to her juniors.

“Eldest Martial Sister, I won’t take it!”

Lu Zhiruo refused. “Your motor skills aren’t good and with this white tiger as your ride, it can make up for your weakness.”

After the papaya girl said that, she suddenly realized that the way she said things could hurt Li Ziqi. Therefore, she quickly changed her words.

“Eldest Martial Sister, I’m not saying that your motor skills are horrible, it’s... it’s...”

Lu Zhiruo didn’t know how to lie and was stumped.

“I understand what you mean!”

Li Ziqi pat Lu Zhiruo’s head.

“Zhiruo is right. The reason I gave it to you is for you to use it as a ride.”

Sun Mo had long since thought of catching a battle pet with strong attacking prowess for Lu Zhiruo. However, he was very satisfied to see the great relationship between the two martial sisters.

When Sun Mo played games in the past, he had seen cases whereby a single weapon had led to the entire guild being disbanded. Take the Greatsword of the Brotherhood for example, it was said that it was a sword of guild disbandment as there’d be no brothers when this sword appeared.

Many top-notch guilds went through great difficulty to defeat the final boss, but they ended up disbanding over the distribution of this high-quality weapon.

Chu Jian looked at this scene and suddenly felt a little regretful. (Back then, if I agreed to enter under Sun Mo’s wings during the student recruitment meet, I’d be his eldest disciple now!)


+100 favorable impression points from Chu Jian. Friendly (410/1,000).

“Sigh, why won’t Teacher take me in?”

Lu Qi felt regretful.

Shi Qiao opened his mouth and almost wanted to ask Sun Mo to accept him as his disciple. However, he still held it back in. He didn’t wish to let other people think that he only wanted to acknowledge Sun Mo as his teacher due to Sun Mo’s generosity.

“Then I’ll be accepting this!”

Li Ziqi bowed at Sun Mo then released her mental energy to communicate with the White Tiger Guard in the spiritual pearl.

“Don’t use a contract of equals. Just enslave it!”

Sun Mo had wiped out the enslavement contract between him and the White Tiger Guard. Otherwise, there was no way the little sunny egg would be able to enslave it.


Li Ziqi looked at the spiritual pearl and started to do as Sun Mo instructed.

“I recall that Ziqi is a spirit rune master, right? She seems to know some herbology as well.” Zhang Yanzong said with great emotion. “However, I didn’t expect that she’s also a spirit controller.”

Zhang Yanzong self-proclaimed to be a genius and was the top person amongst this batch of new students. However, he was feeling a little inferior at this moment.

Li Ziqi’s battle prowess was bad, but she won against him in other areas. For example, her ability to take command and lead, her mentality, and most importantly, her knowledge.

“Ziqi is so amazing!”

Li Fen was envious.

“I’d say Teacher Sun is the amazing one. Don’t forget that these are all things that Teacher Sun had taught her.”

Lu Qi was filled with admiration for Sun Mo.

Look at Sun Mo. Not only was he knowledgeable, but his battle prowess was also on an explosive level. How on earth did he learn all that?

Ordinary people would be considered amazing to be able to accomplish one thing. But he was good in all aspects.

“There’s no way to compare! There’s no way to compare!”

Qian Dun sighed.


Sun Mo secretly felt pleased as he had gained another wave of favorable impression points.

“What should we do?”

“What else can we do? We can only give up! We can’t possibly try to snatch it, right?”

“Don’t be kidding. Who’d be able to win against that Sun Mo?”

The teachers decided to give up, but their gazes landed on Chunyu Kong’s group. (The reason we’re cowardly is because we are weak. You Sky Orchid can’t be cowardly as well, right?)

Guo Zihao saw that Chunyu Kong and Liang Pei’s gazes weren’t right and quickly tried to persuade them.

“Just give up, it’s too risky!”

“I can’t accept this!” Chunyu Kong lowered his voice, “Let’s hold Sun Mo back, then let the students make a move to wipe them out and snatch the secret treasure of darkness!”

As the competition was primarily testing on the students’ capabilities, the rule stated that the students must be the ones holding onto the secret treasures of darkness. Moreover, if the students didn’t attack the teachers, the teachers mustn’t be the first to raise their hands.

“How could the elites carefully selected from our great Sky Orchid Academy not be able to win against them?”

Chunyu Kong didn’t believe it. Right now, he just wanted to see Sun Mo suffering.


White light flashed on the spiritual pearl and a translucent white tiger appeared, releasing a furious roar. Its stripes were a light blue color and it looked extremely beautiful.

“Teacher, I’ve succeeded!”

Li Ziqi beamed.

The white tiger walked over. Like a big cat, it used its neck and back to rub against Li Ziqi’s leg.


Li Ziqi squatted down and rubbed the big cat’s neck.

[1] Chinese idiom to the lonely life of Buddhism through glimmering green oil lamps and an aged Buddha statue.

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