Absolute Great Teacher
381 Group Annihilating Exper
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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381 Group Annihilating Exper

Chapter t

“Let’s wait for the other student groups to leave before we act.”

Liang Pei asked.

“What are you afraid of? Let’s just do it directly. I don’t believe those people would dare to act as the oriole!*”

Chunyu Kong coldly snorted.

“No, I don’t agree!”

Guo Zihao objected. If casualties appeared and the other schools joined forces to deal with them, what should they do?

“Teacher Sun, the people from Sky Orchid seem like they want to create trouble!”

Gu Xiuxun noticed Chunyu Kong and Liang Pei’s expression.

As a genius, self-confidence was something important. Sun Mo was indeed impressive, but Chunyu Kong and Liang Pei had no plans to kill him. It would do as long as they could delay him and get their students to seize the secret treasure of darkness from the Central Province Academy.

“Teacher Sun, let’s retreat quickly!”

Qian Dun suggested.

After getting the battle spoils, their side was already the biggest winner. Now, they should leave this small public square and search for the next secret treasure of darkness.

“We won’t leave. We will finish them off!” Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo. “How about it?”

“Are you crazy?”

Qian Dun was shocked.

“For the rise of any schools, they would have to trample on the foundation, corpses, and fresh blood of others. If you didn’t defeat these strong opponents and show any outstanding battle achievements, you would forever be unable to gain their recognition.”

Gu Xiuxun’s voice was ice-cold.

“Teacher Sun, quickly persuade her!”

Qian Dun urged.

“I’m of the same opinion too!”

Sun Mo’s expression was solemn. He knew that if he made this decision, he would have to bear with the consequences. However, he had to do this.

Gu Xiuxun was right. If the Central Province Academy wanted to return to the ranks of the Nine Greats, they had to participate in the various slaughtering competitions.

One must know that there were 72 schools in ‘C’ grade, 36 schools in ‘B’ grade, and only 18 schools in ‘A’ grade.

The higher the rank of the school, the better their comprehensive strength would be.

If Sun Mo and the others couldn’t even settle a school in the ‘D’ grade, even if the Central Province Academy rose to ‘C’ grade this year, it would only be a temporary thing as they would slip back to ‘D’ grade next year.

“Yo...you guys...”

Qian Dun didn’t know what he should say. He could only turn his gaze filled with pleading toward Wang Chao.

“I think this is a good opportunity. Right now, Teacher Sun has already subdued the White Tiger Guard and our morale has risen greatly. Besides, the students of Sky Orchid are currently in shock. They would surely need time if the teachers wanted to build their morale up. We might as well take the chance and attack them now!”

Wang Chao analyzed.

“Three against one. Teacher Qian, let’s fight bravely!”

Sun Mo patted Qian Dun on his shoulder. After that, he turned his gaze toward Zhang Yanzong and the other students.

“Now, the time to test you all has come. Whether we have the qualifications to get the championship or not, it would have to be proven by using the blood of Sky Orchid!”

After Sun Mo spoke, Priceless Advice was activated. He was filled with hope toward these students.


The golden halo radiated its glow. With Sun Mo’s strength, the glow of his halo could cover the entire small public square. However, he controlled it intentionally and only used it in the area where his student group was at.

The teachers and students of the other schools glanced over with astonished looks on their faces. What was Sun Mo trying to do?

“Baiwu, Xu Dingjiang! Suppress their movements with a rain of arrows! Yanzong, Xuanyuan, Chu Jian, the three of you will be the vanguard. The others will follow behind them. Kill!”

Li Ziqi spoke while taking out ten flame explosion runes. She tore one of them with her teeth and activated it.


Flames generated and condensed into a coconut-size fireball. After that, Li Ziqi pointed a finger toward those of the Sky Orchid Academy.


Zhang Yanzong roared. His curved blade was unsheathed and his entire being was like a hungry wolf rushing at prey. However, Xuanyuan Po’s speed was even quicker than him.

At this moment, Xu Dingjiang lifted his bow, while Ying Baiwu had fired her first arrow.

Wind King’s Rage!

Woosh~ Woosh~ Woosh~

The iron-headed girl only fired once, but over a hundred semi-transparent arrows were shot out.

“Everyone, for the glory of Sky Orchid and our own glory, we have to destroy the...”

Chunyu Kong started the opening speech before the battle. However, before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted.

“Teacher, look over there quickly!”

The students cried out. When Chunyu Kong turned his head, he saw a fireball blasting over.

“What? The Central Province Academy actually launches an attack?”

Chunyu Kong had a startled look on his face. Also, the speed of the fireball was so fast. Given the ability of the students, they would surely not be able to evade it. Hence, he instinctively drew his weapon and slashed on the fireball.


The fireball exploded and countless sparks flew about, landing on the bodies of the students.

“Argh, so painful!”

“F***! Those students from the Central Province Academy actually attack us. They must have eaten the guts of a leopard!”


The students from Sky Orchid roared and prepared for the battle. However, fireballs were blasting toward them one after another.

“So swift!”

Guo Zihao turned pale with fright. He knew that if they were hit by the fireball, quite a few students would be heavily injured. If worst comes to worst, the students might even die. Hence, he was prepared to break the rules of the competition and saved the students. But even before he could act, Sun Mo already appeared before him.

Charm Remembrance, Skynet Sand, Riverful Spring Water!

Sun Mo’s blade attacks instantly enveloped the four teachers, causing them to be unable to act as reinforcement for the students.

“So fast?”

Chunyu Kong was shocked. His spiritual beast was just summoned.

Swish~ swish~ swish~

Ying Baiwu fired a rain of arrows. Because the area of effect was simply too large, many of the opponents were injured.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

One-third of the students were struck by the arrows.

There was no solution to it. The destructive might of Ying Baiwu’s arrows was simply too strong. A few students used their weapons to block the arrows, but they weren’t able to change their trajectory.

At this moment, the fireball blasted into them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The fireball was hurled into the midst of the student group from Sky Orchid. Three of them had bad luck and were struck directly. Not only were they sent flying by the impact of the explosion, but blazing flames ignited on their bodies as well.

When they landed on the ground. Two of the students were already charred black, emitting white smoke. The other one was screaming miserably, rolling on the ground.

“Save me! Quickly save me!”

The student cried out in agony.

Gu Xiuxun, Qian Dun, and Wang Chao rushed over, each of them facing off against a teacher.

In such a crucial moment, no one would hold back. Hence, they immediately went all out when they started clashing.

Gu Xiuxun and Sun Mo had the upper hand, while Qian Dun was fighting equally against his opponent. As for Wang Chao, he was the weakest, but this fellow was very smart. When he saw that he wasn’t able to win against his opponent, he immediately focused on defense to drag the time.

As for the students, Xuanyuan Po was in the lead.

“Bao Li!”

Chunyu Kong shouted.

“Fei Er, Wang Meng, protect my left and right side. Li Xin, suppress them with arrows.”

Bao Li was the student leader of the Sky Orchid’s new student group. He knew what Chunyu Kong meant when the latter shouted his name. Chunyu Kong wanted him to make decisions and stabilize the situation.

He had no time to reply. Instead, he roared directly and executed his battle strategy.

At this moment, they mustn’t panic and fall into chaos.

The calm Bao Li gave everyone confidence. As for Li Xin, he started to suppress Ying Baiwu, not allowing her to fire her arrows freely.

“Oi, you have violated the rules. Teachers cannot interfere with the group battle between students!”

Sun Mo ridiculed.

“I’ll f*** you!”

Chunyu Kong rapidly retreated and bit the tip of his tongue. He then spat the blood onto his bracelet.

Sun Mo wanted to rush forward, but the monitor lizard swept its tail horizontally to block him. A falcon also shrieked and swooped down from the air, wanting to attack Sun Mo’s head.


Then, a venomous snake whose entire body emitted purple fog swiftly rushed over and attempted to bite Sun Mo’s leg.


Sun Mo evaded the sharp talons of the falcon as well as the tail whip of the lizard. However, he wasn’t able to dodge the sneak attack of the venomous snake.

The venomous snake bit Sun Mo’s left leg and immediately let go after that. It didn’t wind around Sun Mo’s thigh to climb up. Rather, it shot up like a bullet, rushing for Sun Mo’s face and launching another bite.


Sun Mo’s neck was bitten.

“You dared to take the initiative and attack our Sky Orchid Academy! Truly courting death!”

Chunyu Kong taunted with a malevolent smile on his face.

(I’ve said it back then. You simply don’t understand the strength of spiritual controllers. How are things now? Aren’t you suffering badly?)

(Hmph, just slowly wait for death!)

Just when this thought appeared in Chunyu Kong’s mind, a sense of crisis suddenly flooded his heart, causing him to shiver as the fine hair of his entire body stood on their ends.


The sound of wind breaking rang out behind his head. He hurriedly rushed forward to evade the incoming attack but was unable to do so in time.


Sun Mo’s wooden blade smashed into Chunyu Kong’s head, causing Chunyu Kong to roll on the ground.


Sun Mo was surprised to have failed to explode his opponent’s head. Hence, he activated Divine Sight.

The data showed that a layer of ‘D’ grade armor was covering Chunyu Kong’s skin.


Sun Mo praised. This was a type of rare spiritual technique, which allowed one to gain the characteristic of their spiritual beast and upgrade their combat strength.

As the leading young teacher of Sky Orchid Academy, Chunyu Kong did have some capabilities.

“You should die for me!”

Chunyu Kong howled. This fellow actually knew a cloning technique?

Things were troublesome then!

(Well, it doesn’t matter. If I can’t explode his head with a single attack, I will use two!)

Sun Mo executed the Wind King Divine Step and used the formless clone. He easily slipped through the three spiritual beasts’ defenses and got near Chunyu Kong.

When fighting against a spiritual controller, the correct choice was to furiously attack the master and not the beasts.

Chunyu Kong’s expression drastically changed. He immediately got the three spiritual beasts to return and protect himself.

On the other side, Xuanyuan Po was fighting against Bao Li.

“Silver Paste, time to see blood!”

Xuanyuan Po’s silver spear trembled. It was like a flood dragon emerging from the ocean, brimming with towering might as it killed toward Bao Li.


Bao Li blocked a strike, but he coughed out blood and stumbled backward.

“This fellow...”

Originally, Bao Li’s strength was similar to Xuanyuan Po’s. However, he didn’t expect the combat addict to go all out. Bao Li had held about 30% of his strength in reserve when they had first clashed. But by doing so, it resulted in him being unable to block Xuanyuan Po’s momentum. Hence, he suffered a great disadvantage.

After gaining the advantage in the first clash, Xuanyuan Po continued launching his attacks.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

The pearflowers bloomed in the hundreds.

For a time, Bai Li’s vision was covered with spear shadows. He already couldn’t bother about directing the student group and had to focus completely to survive.

“Xuanyuan Po, can you do it or not?”

Zhang Yanzong grumbled. (At the very least, I’m your group leader in name. Couldn’t you let me fight against their group leader?)

“Very good!”

Wang Meng who was fighting against Zhang Yanzong saw that he was being underestimated. However, not only was he not angry, but he was actually happy. He would have a chance to secretly erupt with power and crush Zhang Yanzong.

However, once they exchanged moves, he discovered that he was imagining stuff.

Even if Zhang Yanzong was distracted, he couldn’t defeat Zhang Yanzong.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Zhang Yanzong attacked swiftly and was like a gust of freezing wind. After pushing Wang Meng’s sword aside, his curved blade slashed at Wang Meng’s arm.


Fresh blood sprayed through the air as an arm flew out.


Wang Meng cried in pain.

The Sky Orchid’s students, who just calmed themselves down, almost pissed their pants when they saw this scene.

[1] It comes from the idiom ‘the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind’.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》