Absolute Great Teacher
383 Teacher Sun, I“ve Benefited from Your Teaching!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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383 Teacher Sun, I“ve Benefited from Your Teaching!

Chapter 383: Teacher Sun, I’ve Benefited from Your Teaching!

“What should we do? Should we run?”

When the other teachers saw that Sky Orchid was not a match for the Central Province Academy, they were hesitant if they should retreat, and in the blink of an eye, Sky Orchid collapsed.

The students scattered in all directions!

“F*ck, is the Sky Orchid Academy nowhere as good as they were made out to be? How come they dropped to their knees so quickly?”

“The Central Province Academy is really strong!”

“Did you guys see those students’ performances? They are amazingly strong. Their school is probably invincible.”

All the teachers around were stunned. They were still waiting to benefit like the fisherman did from the fight between the stork and the clam, but it turned out that the Central Province Academy wasn’t the stork, nor were they the clam. They were sharks. Given the current situation, they’d probably bite the ‘fisherman’ to death as well.

En, and it was over ten fishermen in this case.


The students stared over with extremely strong battle will.

“Teacher Sun, we don’t have any hostility between us!”

“We haven’t gotten a secret treasure of darkness. Even if you were to defeat us, you wouldn’t get any spoils of war. You’ll be wasting your energy for nothing!”

“Teacher Sun, your school’s performance is really exemplary!”

The teachers from a few schools immediately gave praises with smiles.

When the students of their schools saw this scene, they felt that it was really embarrassing. This was giving in, right? This was definitely them giving in, right? Damn it, why wasn’t it a battle to the death?

“Teacher Sun, after getting the White Tiger Guard, your rankings will definitely be higher than ours. As long as you defeat Weima, you’ll be the undeniable champion!”

A female teacher smiled. “I’ll offer my congratulations here first.”

“Teacher Sun, this is right!”

Qian Dun persuaded.

However, Qian Dun was feeling exhilarated in his heart. (When had our Central Province Academy ever been so impressive? This is the treatment given to a top-notch famous school.)

Why was Mingshao and Sky Orchid’s ranking so high?

It was because they had fought their way up with their capabilities. After a few years of the league tournament, everyone knew how powerful these few famous schools were. Therefore, if normal schools were to meet them in the competition, the former would try to avoid the latter.

Only the stubborn Sun Mo had forced his way through!

“It’s really good to be able to enroll in the Central Province Academy!”

Li Fen was so agitated that she was in tears. Back then, she had been undecided for very long between going for the Central Province Academy or the Myriad Daos Academy. In the end, she had chosen the Central Province Academy because she admired the Central Province Academy’s motto.

She had been given a big scolding by her father over this, being told that she shouldn’t have chosen the Central Province Academy over a strong ‘C’ grade school. After the Central Province Academy had its title removed the next year, she’d be at a loss.

“Hmph, title removed? We’ll be a ‘C’ grade famous school next year as well.”

Li Fen looked toward Sun Mo with an admiring gaze.

(This is all brought by Teacher Sun. No, I must think of a way to become his personal disciple.)

Sun Mo was feeling annoyed from all the ruckus and bellowed outright.

“Shut up!”


The entire square instantly fell silent.

“You guys can leave!”

Sun Mo waved his hand.

Hearing this, the random teachers felt as if they had been granted a great pardon. They quickly brought their students away and fled.

They couldn’t afford to offend Sun Mo!


The people left on the square were their own people. As the white tiger jade statue had lost its spiritual beast, its glow became dim.

“Teacher Sun, what should we do next?”

Wang Chao was now following Sun Mo’s lead.

“Teacher Sun, I have a proposal!”

Qian Dun gulped and explained, “I have no intention to overstep my boundaries and am just bringing this up. It’s fine whether you listen to me or not!”

After seeing how solemn Qian Dun was, Sun Mo quickly said, “Teacher Qian, you’re making things sound too serious!”

(How can I not do that?)

Qian Dun said secretly to himself.

Given Sun Mo’s abilities and status as An Xinhui’s fiancé, he’d be half the owner of the Central Province Academy in the future.

Meanwhile, Qian Dun was just a normal teacher here. If he didn’t know how to assess things, what if Sun Mo were to make things difficult for him?

However, participating in the league tournament together with Sun Mo was a great opportunity to improve their relationship.

If he were to grasp onto the chance, he might be able to become Sun Mo’s underling.

It was true that he was a little weak, but it’d be sufficient if he was loyal and subservient.

“Teacher Qian?”

Wang Chao tugged at Qian Dun. “Why are you in a daze?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was trying to sort out my words!”

Qian Dun smiled.

“Teacher Sun, we’ve already gotten the White Tiger Guard. I feel that there’s no need to continue taking risks. After all, this ancient castle is very dangerous!

“We should go to the entrance and attack the other student groups with great reaps.”

In the past, Qian Dun would definitely not dare to say something like this. After all, it was a very dangerous thing to attack other student groups. However, Qian Dun was feeling a great surge in his confidence now.

Even Sky Orchid Academy had been crushed!


Gu Xiuxun thought. (You still don’t know what Sun Mo is like. The stronger one is, the more they like risks because an unknown crisis would bring them extremely great pleasure.)

“Teacher Qian, what does it mean to be strong?”

Sun Mo didn’t refuse outright but spoke in a tone as if he was out to discuss things.

He continued, “I feel that the strong like challenges and grow amidst them. The weak, on the other hand, like security and are unwilling to take risks. I know that your proposal has a higher cost-performance ratio, but does our Central Province Academy need to do it? Why don’t we look for the most precious secret treasure of darkness in this ancient castle?”

Sun Mo asked.

Qian Dun sank into deep thought. He knew that Sun Mo wasn’t sneering at him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used such a tone.

Sun Mo looked toward the students. “Confidence isn’t something you gain from just saying it more often. It’s accumulated through countless victories!”

Priceless Advice erupted, causing the students to feel Sun Mo’s words.

Sun Mo looked toward Qian Dun.

22 years old, fourth level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength 27. As great as a cow. He likes strong attacks.

Intellect 25. Average.

Agility 23. Shortcoming.

Endurance 28. He won’t die from running, won’t collapse from fatigue.

Will 23, A little weak.


High potential value!

Note: As his luck isn’t bad since young, with everything being smooth-sailing, his will hasn’t been tempered enough. Therefore, he’s always thinking conservatively. If he doesn’t change his character, his future prospects would be worrisome!

Note: Currently at the fourth level of the blood-ignition realm. As he failed once in breaking through, he is a bit sensitive.

“Teacher Qian, can I touch you for a moment?”

Sun Mo smiled and asked.

Qian Dun became spirited. (Is he going to help me with the God Hands?) He quickly nodded. “I’ll have to trouble Teacher Sun!”

Sun Mo reached out his hand and pressed Qian Dun’s shoulder, exerting a bit of a force.


Qian Dun immediately gritted his teeth and cried out. However, after the pain, it was the feeling of comfort spreading throughout his body.

“Ah, Teacher Sun, what if I were to fail the breakthrough this time?”


Spirit qi gushed out from Sun Mo, forming a genie.


The genie shouted out, landing a punch on Qian Dun’s head after assuming a bodybuilding pose as usual.


Qian Dun was almost stunned from the punch.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Genie, do you have some dissatisfaction with him?)

Qian Dun felt great pain. However, he wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he wore an expression as if he was in deep thought. Could the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands be used to massage the head and increase one’s intelligence?

“Teacher Qian, your problem is that when you face difficulty, you’re always thinking of finding the most stable solution. In a way, this is also a sign of compromise.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“It’s like how you’re at the fourth level of the blood-ignition realm now. After failing to level up, you’ve been trying to find the reason, but you didn’t continue to try.

“What reason is there? You only failed because you were too unlucky!

“Your accumulation has long been enough. If you were to go for it, you’d already be at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm.”

Qian Dun sank into deep thought after hearing Sun Mo’s words.

He had also thought about it. However, he was scared of failure and wanted to go with stability. That was why he didn’t strive for it. Otherwise, at the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm, he’d be able to replace Song Ren and become the fourth participant.

“It’s true that I’ll have to change my character.”

Qian Dun thought things through.


The genie’s massage stimulated Qian Dun’s muscles, clearing his meridians and causing a tremendous amount of spirit qi to gush in.

This time around, without a need for Sun Mo’s reminder, Qian Dun strove to level up immediately.

Three minutes later, Qian Dun successfully reached the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm.

“Teacher Sun, thank you!”

Qian Dun was elated. It was quite an amazing feat to reach the fifth level of the blood-ignition realm at age 22.


Favorable impression points from Qian Dun +500. Reverence (1,200/10,000).

“Teacher Qian, even without my massage, you’d still be able to level up as long as you are more confident.”

Sun Mo didn’t claim the credit.

Qian Dun was stunned, then his countenance turned solemn. He bent over and bowed, “Teacher Sun, Qian Dun has benefited from your teaching!”

Qian Dun was very sincere in his bow.

When the students saw this scene, their admiration for Sun Mo grew even more. Teachers at this age were usually aggressive and arrogant. It’d be next to impossible to acknowledge another young teacher like this.

“Teacher is so amazing!”

Ying Baiwu looked at Sun Mo, her gaze filled with admiration.

“Of course!”

The papaya girl raised her chin proudly, sharing the honor. However, her little ears then twitched as the spirit qi roaming dragon was talking.

“Amazing, Teacher!”

Tantai Yutang assessed Sun Mo. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“Teacher Sun, could you take a look at me as well?”

Wang Chao asked.

It was a little embarrassing to ask this in front of the students. After all, they were colleagues. However, if it was Sun Mo, then Wang Chao could accept it.

“Teacher Wang, don’t be modest. You’re someone with your own views and your plan for your own development is well-done too. It’ll be fine for you to continue progressively.”

Sun Mo had nothing to say about Wang Chao.

He had exceptional capabilities to be selected as a participant in this league tournament.


Wang Chao was happy, feeling that Sun Mo was good with his words. However, he then felt a little regretful. (With Sun Mo saying this, doesn’t it mean that I won’t have any chance to enjoy the ‘God Hands’?)

“Alright, let’s pack up and set off!”

Before Sun Mo finished his words, the papaya girl came over like a little kitten. She reached out her small hand and tugged at his sleeve.

“Teacher! Teacher! Little loachie found a good place!”

The papaya girl reported.

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