Absolute Great Teacher
385 Ancient Use of the Spiritual Control Technique
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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385 Ancient Use of the Spiritual Control Technique


In the earliest days, the spiritual control technique had all sorts of interesting uses.

Those talented spirit controllers acted as if they had obtained an interesting toy and kept on inventing new variations of spiritual control techniques.

Summoning a bunch of ghosts and creating a haunted house!

Having exchanges with death bone and soul remnants!

Seizing the souls of small animals and turning them into puppets!


Back then, many strange spiritual control techniques appeared. Out of which, some were later listed as forbidden techniques.

Any living creatures, humans included, craved power.

It was because power represented food, a filled stomach, and a higher cultivation realm. It thus represented dominance and even freedom.

It was like how in modern days, every time battles erupted, the introduction of new weapons would speed up. In Middle-Earth’s Nine Provinces, each time wars erupted, there’d be a new wave of cultivation arts introduced.

This was no exception to the spiritual control techniques.

As the generation developed, the spirit controllers that were crushed by the cultivators stopped studying those strange spells. They started to focus on how to summon more powerful spiritual beasts.

The stronger the spiritual beasts, the stronger the spirit controllers.

In history, there had been no lack of spirit controllers who managed to summon powerful spiritual beasts. However, there had been instances in which the spiritual beasts went out of control and had annihilated an entire city.

The days where the spiritual control technique bloomed had long since ended. It was like everyone had gushed off to choose to learn Information Technology to learn programming and become low-level programmers. Now, the paths that spirit controllers took were all on how to summon the most amazing spiritual beasts.

It was very rare to see cases like how Sun Mo had done it, summoning a large swarm of dead bugs’ remnant souls to ask for directions. It was a retro method of usage.

Sun Mo headed toward that ‘black infrastructure’ while letting some of those flying bugs scatter off to search for the students. Half an hour later, there were results.

“Teacher Gu?”

Sun Mo assessed Gu Xiuxun. Seeing that she wasn’t hurt and her condition wasn’t bad either, he felt relieved. “What did you experience in the fog earlier?”

“I called for you guys, but no one replied. After the fog disappeared, I realized that all of you weren’t around anymore, so I went to look around anxiously.”

Gu Xiuxun dashed over quickly, looking elated. “How did you find me?”

Sun Mo raised his hand and a small bug that was glimmering with faint light landed on the back of his hand.

“Spiritual control technique?” Gu Xiuxun exclaimed, “Teacher Sun, you’re really amazing!”

“Hehe!” Sun Mo didn’t deny it. “Let’s go and quickly look for the students!”


Gu Xiuxun took the lead.

Sun Mo walked a few steps forward but suddenly felt that some matters seemed a little awkward. However, after more careful thought about things, he didn’t notice anything wrong.


Li Ziqi rode on the White Tiger Guard and stopped in front of a wall.

The little sunny egg found this place very familiar. She should have passed by this place once, but she didn’t find the mark she had left on the wall earlier.

“You did pass by it before!”

A voice that sounded as if it had been iced by the winter rang out, making one’s ears feel the chill.

“Are you lying to me?”

Li Ziqi turned and pointed the White Bird longsword at the half-transparent soul. This was what she had summoned from a set of bones using her spiritual control technique.

“I’ve been dead for many years and my memories have become very vague. You need to give me some time to think about it!”

The soul explained.

Li Ziqi put down the longsword, seeming as if she believed the soul’s explanation. However, the little sunny egg knew that she had made a mistake.

What this soul said was right. As he had died for too long, although he had ‘lived’ again through the spiritual control technique, his memories had become incomplete. He was only left with the memories of the period before he died.

The reason he was lying was because of his desire to live. It was because once it was verified that he was useless, then he’d be a goner after Li Ziqi removed the spiritual control technique.

“This guy should be an adventurer. He was probably also stuck in this maze and eventually died.”

Li Ziqi analyzed. She rode on the white tiger and after discerning the direction, she continued to head north.

After over ten minutes, the soul that was drifting behind the white tiger suddenly screamed.

“There’s the aura of a living person! I smell it! I’m going to eat him!”

The soul shouted and suddenly turned to drift toward a building at the side.

Li Ziqi didn’t stop him but immediately rode on the tiger and gave chase.

“Li Ziqi, you mustn’t be scared!”

The little sunny egg encouraged herself.

In such a sudden encounter, if she were to dodge far away, she’d expose that her battle prowess was low. Therefore, she must put up an act and pretended that she was performing a strong attack.

The soul dashed into the room through the battered window. In just a few seconds, he screamed again.

“Mistress, save me! I don’t wish to die!”

The soul rushed over, but before he drifted too far away, he was caught up by a sword qi. He was slashed into two.

Thankfully, souls were spiritual forms. Such sharp blades could hurt him but couldn’t kill him.

“This is bad! We’ve encountered a strong enemy!”

Li Ziqi looked calm but was feeling very bitter inside. The other party wasn’t even scared of a soul. It seemed that she had met someone tough.

A guy with a tall stature walked out of the room. When he saw Li Ziqi’s appearance, his eyes lit up.

This girl was so pretty!

He did feel that the top beauty in Mingshao this year was very pretty, but she was clearly one notch uglier than this girl.

“The Central Province Academy?”

Jia Wendong looked at Li Ziqi’s chest and saw the school emblem. His gaze then slid down to look toward the white tiger she was riding.


Jia Wendong tsked.

“So it’s student Jia Wendong!”

When Li Ziqi saw his face, she immediately recognized him. He was the vice-leader of Mingshao’s student group, the second strongest amongst them.

The little sunny egg had gathered information before the competition. This person, like Nangong Dao, was considered the kind of strong people who could wipe out a group by himself.

In the Central Province Academy, Xuanyuan Po was probably the only one who had the capability to put up a fight against him. The others wouldn’t work.

Jia Wendong smiled reservedly. “Student, to prevent any injuries, you better hand over this white tiger ride!”

In a competition like this, other than weapons, it was forbidden for students to bring in spiritual equipment like secret treasures. Moreover, given Li Ziqi’s age, Jia Wendong didn’t believe that she could summon a ride like this.

This was definitely something that the Central Province Academy had found and was handed to her for safekeeping.

Spiritual equipment was the general name for equipment with spirit qi. The spiritual pearl and White Bird longsword were both considered spiritual equipment.

“Student Jia, since you want it, then you can ask the longsword in my hand!”

Li Ziqi smiled calmly.

“It’s useless to put up an act in front of me!”

Jia Wendong said this and exerted force in his legs. He suddenly darted out toward Li Ziqi. For someone as strong as him, nothing else mattered. He’d fight first.

Li Ziqi swung her sword!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three white birds darted out from the sword’s blade, shooting out toward Jia Wendong like swifts skimming on the water.

“Good sword!”

Jia Wendong’s eyes gleamed, but he was undaunted. He kept on flicking out his longsword.

Pffft! Pffft! Pffft!

Three white birds were pierced.

“Student, is the reason why you aren’t getting off the ride because you are thinking of running? Or is it because you’re incompetent in battling?”

Jia Wendong asked, staring at Li Ziqi’s face and observing her expression.

It was a pity that although the little sunny egg was feeling anxious, she didn’t reveal anything on her face.

Her acting was amazing.

“Ultimate move, Hundred Birds Return to Forest!”

Li Ziqi let out a proud bellow, slashing out with her longsword angrily.

Jia Wendong didn’t dare to be careless. This longsword was clearly a spirit weapon. Moreover, the reason she could gain her teachers’ trust and be the one to hold onto this white tiger ride meant that this girl was very strong and was worth trusting.

“But why can’t I feel her disposition?”

Jia Wendong was baffled.

In most cases, strong students tended to have a form of disposition, especially right before they performed an ultimate move. The surge of the spirit qi on their body was when their disposition was the strongest. However, this girl was like a neighborly younger sister, seemingly harmless!

It couldn’t be that she had already reached the ‘return to origin’ state, right?

Jia Wendong guessed, swinging his sword to put up a block warily. In the instant both swords clashed, he felt that something was amiss. This was definitely not an ultimate move as it was too weak.

“Feign attack!”

These two words immediately darted into Jia Wendong’s mind. Therefore, he immediately changed from attack to defense, going on full defense.

Li Ziqi’s left hand immediately pointed toward Jia Wendong.

A half-transparent sphere the size of an apple instantly formed in front of her palm, shooting out toward Jia Wendong like an artillery shell.

Windwave Bullet – Burst!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jia Wendong was sent flying from the impact. However, he immediately adjusted his stance in midair, tapping onto the force from the impact to draw his distance away.

“Cough cough, pffft!”

Jia Wendong spurted a mouthful of blood, and his face when looking at Li Ziqi was now very wary.

“Sigh, it was my greatest chance!”

Li Ziqi sighed. As expected of the vice-leader of Mingshao. He was really strong to be able to dodge even a sneak attack like this.

“Mistress, you’re amazing!”

The soul drifted back and cheered loudly.

“I’m Teacher’s first disciple. I mustn’t escape. I can’t become Teacher’s humiliation!”

Li Ziqi’s gaze became determined.

“Student Jia, it feels bad, right?”

Li Ziqi intentionally challenged.

The little sunny egg’s attitude caused Jia Wendong to be frozen.

“What should I do? Should I fight or retreat?”

Jia Wendong’s consideration wasn’t just for this battle. Even if he were to win, he’d definitely get hurt. How would he continue with the competition later on?

It had been ten hours since Mingshao entered this maze. Moreover, he had no idea how long they would have to stay here. Therefore, Jia Wendong wanted to maintain good condition.

“By the looks of it, you clearly don’t know the method of obtaining that secret treasure. Then you’re useless.”

Li Ziqi let out a cold snort and pretended as if she was going to make a move.

“Wait a minute. Why don’t we work together?”

Jia Wendong proposed, “Compared to fighting each other, the main mission is to find out how to leave or get the secret treasure!”


“Tsk tsk, to think that Li Ziqi managed to scare this student.”

Gu Xiuxun, who was hiding in the dark and observing, was very surprised. The little sunny egg’s motor skills were bad, but she had a good brain.

Sun Mo frowned slightly and looked toward Gu Xiuxun.

“I’m really envious of you for having such a good student!”

Gu Xiuxun said politely.

“Thank you. Zhang Yanzong isn’t bad either!”

Seeing that the two of them didn’t break out into a battle, Sun Mo walked out.

He had arrived long ago, but he didn’t come out because he wanted to see Li Ziqi’s performance.


Jia Wendong’s gaze immediately stared over. When he saw that they were teachers from the Central Province Academy, his wariness spiked up.

“Don’t be anxious. I don’t have ill-intent. It’s too dangerous for you to move around by yourself. Why don’t you come along with us?”

Sun Mo suggested. This was for the student’s safety.

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