Absolute Great Teacher
386 Why Is Your Teacher So Young?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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386 Why Is Your Teacher So Young?



Li Ziqi didn’t expect that she would encounter Sun Mo here. She immediately leaped down from her white tiger in joy and ran to Sun Mo’s side, hugging his arm directly.

“Excellent performance!”

Sun Mo patted the little sunny egg’s head.

“Hehe, it’s all due to Teacher’s good guidance!”

Obtaining Sun Mo’s approval caused Li Ziqi to beam with joy.

Jia Wendong surveyed Sun Mo in bewilderment. He assumed that only a great teacher was able to teach a student like Li Ziqi, so wasn’t this person a little too young?

“Could it be that this fellow has an impressive background?”

Jia Wendong guessed.

A great teacher was different from a martial artist. A great teacher was like a doctor. The longer they lived, the more knowledge they would accumulate and the wider their horizons would be.

In that case, this young girl might have been coveting the vast resources of this young man.

However, when Jia Wendong glanced at Li Ziqi again, he suddenly shook his head and discarded this thought.

This young girl was so beautiful and her smile was so pure and adorable. How would she do something so scheming? (My thoughts are definitely wrong.)

Sun Mo looked at the departed spirit. “Is this something you summoned using the spiritual controlling technique?”

The departed spirit before his eyes was a type of soul. It was in a half-transparent state. Its upper body was completely undamaged, but its legs were replaced by a wisp of cloud. It looked like duckweed simply floating in the air.

Its face was covered with stubble, which meant that it was quite old. Its black hair was worn in a coil above its head. It exuded the feel of a decadent uncle.

However, at this moment, this departed spirit had a charming smile on its face as it floated by the side.

Sun Mo was a spiritual controller. The aura he emitted would cause souls to be afraid.

Ordinary people would find it very troublesome and hard to kill spirit bodies if they didn’t have a spirit weapon. However, it was very simple for spiritual controllers.

Also, spiritual controllers would usually capture and feed them to their spiritual beasts.

“Mn, I summoned it from a damaged skeleton.”

Li Ziqi explained.

“Well done!”

Sun Mo praised. The little sunny egg’s battle strategy was the same as his.

“It’s all due to Teacher’s excellent guidance!”

Li Ziqi smiled sweetly. She had discovered a few bug-type departed spirits beside her teacher. There was no need to ask. It must have been them leading the way.

Jia Wendong, who discovered the truth by himself, suddenly felt his heart shaking when he heard this.

“What? She really took this young man as her teacher?”

Jia Wendong glanced at Li Ziqi. He discovered that this beautiful girl was inclining her head slightly and staring at the young man. There was a cute smile on her face and a look of worship in her eyes.

It was unknown why, but Jia Wendong’s heart suddenly wrenched. It felt like he was suddenly beaten up ruthlessly by a large rod.

After that, Jia Wendong suddenly loathed this young man very much.

Sometimes, love was born in an instant, with a glance, a smile, or a gentle greeting. It might cause one to sink so deep that they were unable to extricate themselves!

“What’s your name?”

Sun Mo asked.


If the departed spirit was still alive, it would surely be so anxious that it had a head full of sweat. However, since its memories were fragmented, it wasn’t able to recall anything.

“Teacher, it doesn’t know anything.”

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched. “Since we have already found you, it has no use to us now!”

After speaking, Li Ziqi was preparing to turn this departed soul into food for the bugs.

Spirit bodies could only grow by devouring other spirit bodies.

“No please!”

The old-looking departed soul shouted. It directly knelt and kept kowtowing.

“I’m still of use. I can lead the way. I can smell the auras of living beings and provide early warnings to you all. I can even eat them up.”

The departed soul begged as tears covered its face.

“I can be your lackey. Yes, my name is Ma Qianzu.”

The spirit uncle continued jabbering on, not seeming to have any dignity at all.

“Get up first!”

Li Ziqi was a kind girl, and she couldn’t stand such a scene.

“If master has an order, Ma Qianzu wouldn’t dare to not obey it!”

The departed spirit floated beside Li Ziqi and bowed with a respectful expression, like it was waiting for orders.

“Teacher, what should I do?”

Li Ziqi asked.

“Since it is summoned by you, you should make the decision!”

Sun Mo didn’t mind it.


Ma Qianzu pitifully gazed at Li Ziqi. If he had a tail at his bum, it would already have started wagging.

“Don’t call me master!”

Li Ziqi had no wish to be the master of a departed spirit. Her junior sister’s first spiritual beast was a spirit qi roaming dragon. Even if she was inferior to her, she couldn’t possibly have a damaged departed spirit as her first spiritual beast, right?

Besides, this departed spirit was summoned from a tattered-looking skeleton. It was disgusting and horrifying when she thought about it.

“Alright, eldest miss!”

Ma Qianzu was very intelligent. Or more accurately, his pragmatism was very strong.

“I’m also not your eldest miss. Forget it, you can just leave.”

Li Ziqi decided to ignore Ma Qianzu.

“Eldest miss, if I’m aliv...I mean if I’m dead, I will be your ghost. Even if I die one more time, I will still be yours!”

Ma Qianzu smiled charmingly.

Leaving Li Ziqi?

Stop joking. For a weak and tiny departed spirit like it, it would either be eaten off by other strong spirit bodies or would disappear in the long river of time.

In any case, it would be obliterated either way!

“Alright, you should shut up!”

Li Ziqi grew impatient. “If not, I will make sure you die right now!”

Ma Qianzu immediately stretched out his hands and covered his mouth.

Sun Mo glanced at Jia Wendong. “Have you thought things through?”

Jia Wendong had wanted to leave. But after looking at Li Ziqi, his reply was somehow different from his intention. “I will have to trouble you then.”


Li Ziqi frowned, having heard the disrespect in Jia Wendong’s tone.

“Forget it!”

Sun Mo stopped the little sunny egg. He was not only older than them, but he was a teacher as well. Hence, he could stomach the emotions of a child.

Jia Wendong bit his lips and felt some regret for his slight. This teacher was quite magnanimous.


Jia Wendong apologized because he didn’t wish for Sun Mo to be ‘superior’ to him in terms of character and make it seem like he was very petty. Besides, Sun Mo had invited him to travel with them for the sake of protecting him.

“That’s better!”

Li Ziqi was satisfied now.

Jia Wendong quickly walked over while glancing at the side of Li Ziqi’s face. He told himself that he had to be more reserved, but he couldn’t control himself and asked, “What is your name?”

“Oi, scram a little further!”

Ma Qianzu immediately roared and blocked Jia Wendong. Ma Qianzu looked like a loyal dog protecting its owner.


Time slowly passed by, and Jia Wendong grew increasingly anxious.

This teacher named Sun Mo was a spiritual controller. His actions weren’t like a headless fly, but there was a purpose behind them.

(Teacher Ming Xian, you have to move faster or the secret treasures would be taken away by this guy.)

No matter how dumb Jia Wendong might be, he understood that this illusionary realm was formed by some valuable secret treasures of darkness.”

“Teacher, there’s a corpse!”

Li Ziqi called out.


Sun Mo walked over and activated Divine Sight.

Bai Qiao. Male. Time of death: 50 years ago. Divine Sense Realm.

The death of a human was like an extinguished light. There was nothing here anymore. Sun Mo glanced at the things left behind by the corpse.

Its clothes had already rotted. In its pouch, there was some medicine, but they were all already spoiled. The most valuable item was a longsword.

Jingxie, peerless-grade spirit weapon. Made by a grandmaster.

Ma Qianzu cast a meaningful glance at Sun Mo. It floated over and brought the sword over, passing it to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Gu, do you want this? This is a peerless-grade spirit weapon!”

Sun Mo asked.

“Peerless-grade spirit weapon?”

Jia Wendong inhaled. He then stared at the sword with envy in his eyes.

Weapons could be classified into different tiers. The spirit-tier, saint-tier, and divine-tier. And for each tier, they could be further classified into inferior, average, superior, or peerless.

A peerless-grade spirit weapon could be sold for at least 200,000 spirit stones. Yet, this Sun Mo was willingly giving it away? Wasn’t this a little too generous?

Sun Mo must be fond of Gu Xiuxun!

Jia Wendong felt that other than this reason, no one would give the sword away to others. After all, the sword represented a huge amount of wealth.

Naturally, the sword belonged to Sun Mo because he was leading the way.

“Teacher Sun, you should just keep it!”

Gu Xiuxun rejected.

Sun Mo didn’t force her. He then turned and tossed it to Li Ziqi. “You should take it then!”


Li Ziqi took out a handkerchief and wiped the dirt on the sword away. She decided to give the sword to her junior sister Zhiruo after they returned.

Jia Wendong was stunned again. But after that, he discovered a blind spot. Hence, he mumbled in a low voice, “He can tell it’s a peerless-grade spirit weapon with just a glance? Only a grandmaster in sword forging can do something like that.”

“What do you mean by this?”

Li Ziqi immediately questioned.

Jia Wendong’s lips twitched. (Am I not saying this because I’m worried you might be swindled by him?) However, he didn’t dare to say these words. Hence, he tactfully replied, “It’s better to get a grandmaster smith to identify this item to ensure its tier and quality.”

“No need. Since my teacher said it’s a peerless-grade spirit weapon, it definitely is one!”

Li Ziqi’s tone was so resolute that it could sever iron.

Upon hearing this, Jia Wendong’s lungs were about to explode from anger. He really wanted to scold, (Are you a retarded fan of his? You would believe whatever he says? Have all your judgment abilities gone to the dogs?)

“You are not allowed to insult the teacher of the eldest miss or I will bite you to death!”

Ma Qianzu bared its teeth, instantly displaying its loyalty.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo took a few steps forward, but at this moment, Ma Qianzu suddenly shouted.

“Eldest miss, I smell the aura of a living person. He’s coming, he’s coming!”

Ma Qianzu shouted and hid behind Li Ziqi.


Li Ziqi was speechless. (I thought you said you will fight for me?)

Sun Mo turned his head and saw a young man dressed in robes of the Mingshao Academy. That person took a few leaps and entered the alley they were in.

“Teacher Zhen!”

Jia Wendong was elated and immediately rushed out.


Zhen Yuanxiong started. He was nearby earlier and heard the sounds of people talking. This was why he rushed over for a look. He didn’t expect that he would meet a student of his school. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Jia Wendong immediately told everything he knew about Sun Mo to Zhen Yuanxiong. “Oh right, he also said that sword was a peerless-grade spirit weapon. How ridiculous, I think he’s just boasting.”

Jia Wendong said this because he wanted his teacher to expose Sun Mo and make Li Ziqi understand that her teacher was boasting.

“A peerless-grade spirit weapon?”

Zhen Yuanxiong glanced at the sword in Sun Mo’s hand. His eyes then brightened. “Good sword!”


Jia Wendong was stunned.

“It’s average-grade at the very least!”

Zhen Yuanxiong’s eyes shone with the light of admiration.

[1] Ma Qianzu literally means the word ‘lackey’

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