Absolute Great Teacher
390 Great Teacher Halo Unleashing Its Might Again!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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390 Great Teacher Halo Unleashing Its Might Again!



Jia Wendong nodded furiously.


Wei Xueli almost asked, ‘are you f**king kidding me?’. Who was Zhen Yuanxiong? He was a genius teacher from the Black-White Academy whom the headmaster personally headhunted with a huge sum of money.

Leaving aside his teaching capabilities, Zhen Yuanxiong was extremely talented in cultivation and was already at the sixth level of the blood-ignition realm. How terrifying was this achievement?

(You are telling me now that he got killed?)

“What sinister trick did this fellow pull?”

Wei Xueli stared at Sun Mo, but his eyes were now filled with wariness. He felt that Sun Mo was a scheming fellow who would employ all sorts of tricks just to achieve his goals.

If not, how would it be possible for him to defeat Zhen Yuanxiong?

“He didn’t use any tricks!”

Jia Wendong shook his head.

“Before Teacher Zhen fought with him, was Teacher Zhen injured?”

Wei Xueli thought of another possibility.

“Nope, Teacher Zhen was in his optimal condition!”

Jia Wendong continued to shake his head.

“It was a two vs. one?”

Wei Xueli felt that he had discovered the main point. It seemed like he really had to be cautious. These two teachers should be teachers from ‘A’ grade schools that the Central Province Academy had hired at a great price.

Why didn’t he feel that they were from the Nine Greats?

Graduates from Nine Greats were all targets to be highly focused on. Hence, Headmaster Ming had collected their information.

Wei Xueli checked before. The names ‘Sun Mo’ and ‘Gu Xiuxun’ were definitely not among them.

“‘A’ grade schools are really powerful!”

Wei Xueli retracted his feelings of contempt. He might not be able to win if it was a one vs. two. He had to think of a solution.

“No, Teacher Sun fought one on one against Teacher Zhen!”

Jia Wendong had a bitter smile on his face.

“Stop farting!”

Wei Xueli couldn’t stand it anymore. “You should open your eyes and take a look. Are there any injuries on this fellow’s body? Does he look like someone who just fought against someone at the sixth level of the blood-ignition realm?”

(Let alone light injuries, there aren’t even any scratches. Do you think the identity of Zhen Yuanxiong who is an honor graduate from one of the Nine Greats is false?)

“You have to be smarter in the future. Don’t believe what people say so simply. You have to see it personally before you confirm it!”

Wei Xueli lectured.

“I saw it personally with my eyes!”

Jia Wendong didn’t blame Wei Xueli as this matter was too unfathomable. Even though he saw it with his own eyes, he still found it hard to believe even now.


Wei Xueli had a mouthful of words, but he wasn’t able to say anything now. He glared at Jia Wendong and asked, “Are you sure you are not blind?”

“Teacher, I truly saw it with my own eyes. Teacher Sun fairly and uprightly killed Teacher Zhen in a duel!” Jia Wendong reiterated.

He added, “Oh, it’s also a complete victory!”


Wei Xueli suddenly felt his mouth going dry. He wanted to drink a mouthful of water to moisten his throat. After that, he gazed at Sun Mo and discovered that Sun Mo was currently surveying the stairs at the side.

As for the beautiful teacher and female student, both of them were staring at him with a look of ridicule on their faces.

Things were extremely awkward now.

Wei Xueli was arrogant because he was a teacher from the number one school in the ‘D’ grade, with the hopes of many people on his shoulders. Also, his strength was pretty good and he had remained undefeated in the first two rounds of the competition despite encountering many battles.

However, being arrogant didn’t represent that Wei Xueli was an egotistical idiot.

(This can’t be blamed on me. Who would have expected that a soon-to-be-delisted school would have a teacher of this level?)

(If you are so powerful, why didn’t you take a job at a higher-grade school?)

Wei Xueli was preoccupied.

After that, he recalled that during dinner last night, Headmaster Ming seemed to have said that the results of the Central Province Academy weren’t bad?

But at that time, everyone was in high spirits and basically didn’t care about other schools. In any case, no matter which schools they were facing, none of them could be a threat.

“Is this fellow at the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm?”

Wei Xueli asked in a low voice.


Jia Wendong nodded with certainty.


Wei Xueli cursed and felt incomparably embarrassed. He wanted to say something so he could leave the conversation with his dignity intact, but he wasn’t able to find anything to say.

“Eldest miss, this fellow is afraid now!”

Ma Qianzu was filled with disdain.

Just when Wei Xueli wanted to shoot back verbally, his tongue seemed to become knotted after he saw Sun Mo.

“Do you still want to fight?”

Sun Mo asked.

(Fight your head!)

Wei Xueli silently mumbled in his heart.

He cast a glance at Nangong Dao. This crazy fellow wasn’t paying attention to the surrounding matters, but Jia Wendong was still conscious.

(Wait a minute, I thought of a solution to resolve everything!)

“Teacher Sun, right? As teachers, our combat strength is secondary. The most important thing is to educate and guide our students on the correct paths of life!

“Nangong Dao before us is the number one freshman of our Mingshao Academy. However, earlier when he was in this spire, he was defeated and was mentally impacted. Can you stir his spirits and get him to return to normal?”

Wei Xueli spoke righteously, acting as though he wanted to compete with Sun Mo in terms of guiding ability.

Sun Mo looked at Nangong Dao. His appearance was normal, but there was a vacant look in his eyes as he sat limply on the ground.

“Teacher Sun, don’t fall for his trick. This student clearly has a problem.”

Gu Xiuxun reminded him.

“What? Teacher Sun can’t do it?”

Wei Xueli forcefully asked.

However, he already knew the answer. Sun Mo would surely not be able to accomplish it because even Ming Xian was helpless when it came to such a situation.

After the fog had cleared up, everyone went missing.

However, Wei Xueli’s luck was not bad as he had encountered Ming Xian right away. After that, under Ming Xian’s lead, they came to the bottom of this spire and chose to climb it.

When they reached the fifth level, the two of them saw Nangong Dao. At that moment, this number one student was already in a daze, seemingly as though he had lost his soul. He was kneeling on the ground and was in a stunned state.

Ming Xian thought of some ideas but still failed to cure him. He could only get Wei Xueli to bring Nangong Dao away while he continued to attack the spire.

From Ming Xian’s point of view, everything was caused by that secret treasure of darkness. As long as he obtained it, all the problems would be easily resolved.

Sun Mo stared at Nangong Dao.

13 years old, ninth-level of the body-refinement realm.

Strength: 9. Incomparable.

Intellect: 7. An intelligent youth, but it is slightly inferior when compared to his other stats.

Agility: 9. As steady as a tree when he is standing and as fast as wind when he is moving!

Endurance: 9. Terrifying endurance.

Will: 0. Mental breakdown.


Potential value: Extremely high!

Note: Suffering from the corrosion effect of a darkness illusion. Having tasted the first defeat in his life, he continued to challenge it but failed again and again, leading to him ultimately having a mental breakdown and sinking into self-doubt.

“A potential value of extremely high!”

Sun Mo sighed ruefully. This data was simply off the charts, but such a genius was actually suffering from a mental breakdown? Sun Mo was suddenly very curious toward that darkness illusion.

“Teacher Sun? If you cannot accomplish it, you can always decline my offer!”

Wei Xueli heaved a sigh of relief. He could be considered to have gained the advantage.

“What if I can accomplish it?”

Sun Mo looked at Wei Xueli. “Although as a teacher, I’m bound by duty to help a student, I really feel very unhappy looking at your attitude. Why don’t you start first?”


Wei Xueli was at a loss.

“What ‘I’? If you can’t do it, just admit it directly!”

Sun Mo’s tone turned heavy.

Wei Xueli gritted his teeth.

“Is your face more important than your student?”

Sun Mo questioned.

“This teacher, stop treating others as fools! Such a method is simply too low class. Oh right, we are competing. Even if we gang you two against one, the judges also won’t say anything against it.”

Gu Xiuxun coldly laughed.

Wei Xueli smiled bitterly and lowered his head. “Sorry, I admit defeat.”

Wei Xueli wanted face, but he wanted to live even more.

Sun Mo walked toward Nangong Dao and persuaded him with meaningful and heartfelt words.

“Student Nangong, victory and defeat are common in the path of cultivation. There’s no need to take it too seriously. You are still young, and in the future, you have more than enough time to win your honor back.”


A great teacher halo erupted.

However, Nangong Dao continued sitting limply there, not having any reaction at all.

Wei Xueli retreated to the side and couldn’t help but have a mocking smile on his face. (Priceless Advice? Sorry, Ming Xian already tested it, but it was ineffective.)

Sun Mo drew in a deep breath. In his mind, memories of those movies about encouragement surfaced. At this instant, ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Seabiscuit’, etc were recalled by him.

Sun Mo’s state of heart immediately began to stir.


Sun Mo’s right hand shone with a milky-white radiance. After that, he punched out with his fist, but it stopped right before it hit Nangong Dao’s face.


The light from the fist entered Nangong Dao’s mind.


“I can’t even defeat my own clone. What’s the point of me living on?”

“No, I should be the clone, right?”

“Who am I? Where should I go? What should I do?”

Nangong Dao’s mind was flooded with all sorts of negative emotions as though it was covered in gloomy dark clouds.

All of a sudden, a ray of sunlight penetrated the thick layer of clouds and shone at his heart, bringing with it a hint of warmth.

Nangong Dao saw a man running and a soul that refused to give up despite being imprisoned for tens of years.

He could also see a horse that was running unceasingly for the sake of becoming the best it could be!


After he regained his senses, Nangong Dao discovered that tears were flowing down his face.

“What am I doing? Can’t I simply endure this bit of difficulty? Nangong Dao, to think that you proclaim yourself as a genius? In the end, you are so soft and weak!”


Nangong Dao smashed his fist onto the ground, hating himself for his weakness.


Wei Xueli was stunned. (Was this a great teacher halo? Why have I never seen it before?)

(Could this be a brand new halo that Sun Mo comprehended himself?)

(No, it can’t be. He is just a new teacher. How can he be so accomplished to this extent?)

“The path ahead is still long. If you give up now, you would miss out on many beautiful sceneries!”

Sun Mo looked at Nangong Dao and smiled.

Nangong Dao turned his head and looked at Sun Mo.

He was also an intelligent guy. Hence, he instantly understood that it was Sun Mo who saved him.

“Thank you for your guidance, teacher!”

Nangong Dao turned and knelt on the ground respectfully, kowtowing three times.


Favorable impression points from Nangong Dao +100. Friendly (100/1,000).

“Damn, he really managed to stir Nangong Dao’s spirits?”

Wei Xueli was badly shocked.

“You are the one who was enlightened.”

Sun Mo was modest. When he used Divine Sight again, he discovered that Nangong Dao’s will already rose to 5.

Nangong Dao stood up and glanced upward. “Teacher, do you want to head up? I think it’s better to think thrice before acting. The situation up there is very bizarre.”

As he spoke until here, Nangong Dao felt a lingering fear in his heart.

“Teacher Gu, you should stay here and take care of Ziqi and the others. I’ll head up first for a look!”

Sun Mo suggested.

“Since you can save Nangong Dao, I feel that there shouldn’t be any problems if all of us head up together.”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t want to miss out on something so interesting. “Also, I feel that such a situation might be able to temper the students’ wills.”

“Alright then.”

Sun Mo compromised.

The four of them began to head up via the stairs.

“Teacher Wei, what should we do?”

Jia Wendong anxiously looked at Wei Xueli.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》