Absolute Great Teacher
391 Darkness Illusion
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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391 Darkness Illusion


“What else can we do? Do you want to suffer the same symptoms as Nangong Dao?”

Wei Xueli rolled his eyes and wanted to curse. (Are you a pig? Nangong Dao has almost gone crazy, do you want to send yourself to your death?)

Jia Wendong’s neck shrank back as he retreated to the side. It was evident that Teacher Wei was scared.


In the past, Jia Wendong admired Teacher Wei very much. But now, he suddenly felt very disappointed. After that, he looked at the stairs and saw Sun Mo’s back heading up to the second floor.

“Cough, cough. Teacher Ming said before that this place is very dangerous. We better wait downstairs to receive him!”

In order to save face, Wei Xueli spun a lie.


Jia Wendong casually mumbled, not believing it at all. He was conflicted right now. In the end, he couldn’t control it and suddenly sprinted toward the stairs after sneaking a glance at Wei Xueli.


Wei Xueli was shocked. “What are you doing?”

Jia Wendong acted like he didn’t hear it.

For such a risky experience, one would at most experience it a few times in their lifetime. This was why he didn’t want to miss out on it. Besides, if he ran into danger, he believed that Teacher Sun Mo would save him.

Although it was a little shameless for him to do this, he believed in Sun Mo’s strength and character.

“Why did you follow us?”

Li Ziqi grumbled. Her teacher had a very strong sense of responsibility. Since there was an additional student, it meant that her teacher might need to waste an additional portion of energy to protect him if something went wrong.

“W...what is this?”

Now, Jia Wendong was dumbstruck because there were seven people in front of him. Other than Gu Xiuxun, the others all had doubles. It was as though their twin had appeared.

Sun Mo, unknown lifeform!

Li Ziqi, unknown lifeform!

Tantai Yutang, unknown lifeform!

Warning: This building contains a strange darkness energy that will affect one’s mental state and generate huge negative effects. Please leave as soon as possible.

Sun Mo looked at his darkness illusion. Other than the words ‘unknown lifeform’, there was no other data. However, the little sunny egg and the sickly invalid’s darkness illusions looked exactly the same as them.

“Tantai, do you want to have a go at it?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I have no interest in killing myself!”

The sickly invalid shrugged.

“Teacher, let me do it first.”

Li Ziqi was eager to give this a try.

“Be careful!”

Sun Mo reminded.

It was unknown why but only the illusion of Li Ziqi from the darkness illusion camp walked over. Clearly, they were also keen on a one versus one.

“If you leave now, you will be spared. If not, after I kill you, I will replace you and become the real Li Ziqi.”

The voice of the darkness illusion was identical to Li Ziqi’s. Even its tone was the same.

Li Ziqi didn’t waste time talking nonsense. She took out a stack of spirit runes and placed them in her mouth. After that, she rapidly tore them


She tore the lightning protection rune first and created seven lightning spheres that revolved around her. After that, she manifested a large fireball that blasted toward the illusion and then the windwave bullet.

On the other side, it was as though the illusion was a mirror. It replicated Li Ziqi’s attacks perfectly.


The large fireball blasted over from the other side, slamming into one of Li Ziqi’s lightning spheres. This caused sparks to explode forth. After that, the windwave bullet shot past her head.


Jia Wendong was badly frightened and felt his scalp turning numb. How should one fight against them?

“It’s pretty interesting!”

Li Ziqi had a calm look on her face and no longer continued to attack.

The two of them started to be in a deadlock.

For a complete five minutes, there were no movements from either side.

“What is she doing?”

Jia Wendong was puzzled.


Tantai Yutang was making various subtle and small movements while observing his own darkness illusion that stood twenty meters away.

“Ah, can things be observed from just standing there like that?”

Jia Wendong didn’t understand. After that, he discovered that Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang were both considering how to deal with the enemies before them. They showed no signs of nervousness or unease.

Their performances were simply much much better compared to him.

Hence, Jia Wendong started to feel a sense of inferiority. He had thought that he was only inferior to Nangong Dao. But from the looks of things, there would always be people superior to you.

All of a sudden, a bright light glowed on the back of Li Ziqi’s left hand. That was a magical and profound rune.

“Wind King Protection!”


Spirit qi gushed out and formed a three-meter-tall giant. Its body was completely formed from wind elemental crystals and linked by a series of mini tornados.


Jia Wendong felt lingering fear. So, Li Ziqi hadn’t unleashed her full strength before. If he had found trouble for her back then, he would have died already.

He didn’t see any way he would be able to win against this giant.

The darkness illusion also summoned the Wind King Protection. Its appearance was completely identical.


A white light flashed as the White Tiger Guard appeared. Li Ziqi climbed onto the tiger’s back and charged at her illusion.


White Bird was unleashed.

The illusion also mirrored her movements.

“Eh? Li Ziqi wanted to brawl? Does she not know of her own flaws?”

The sickly invalid was surprised. But after that, a look of contemplation appeared on his face.

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun’s eyes brightened because the little sunny egg’s battle strategy was the same as what they would do.

Just when the two of them were about to collide, Li Ziqi suddenly waved her hand as a golden halo erupted forth.

“What? A great teacher halo?”

Gu Xiuxun was completely stunned. She almost couldn’t help but rub her eyes.

As for Jia Wendong, he was stupefied.

The darkness illusion also cast the Retentive Memory halo. After that, it was knocked off its white tiger mount by Li Ziqi who charged over.


A dagger stabbed into the illusion’s heart.

No fresh blood flowed.

Li Ziqi’s illusion popped like a fragmented glass and collapsed onto the ground.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Li Ziqi panted. After that, she glanced at Sun Mo and smiled sweetly.

(Teacher, I did it. I didn’t lose face for you.)


Sun Mo praised.

“The enemy died just like that?”

Jia Wendong felt his brains turning into mush. Was that a killing halo?

Because Li Ziqi had just comprehended Retentive Memory, its range was extremely small.

“Teacher Sun, that’s a great teacher halo, right?”

Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo with curiosity on her face.


Sun Mo didn’t conceal anything before Gu Xiuxun.

“You knew it long ago?”

Gu Xiuxun moved over.


When Sun Mo answered, the masochist’s little fist slammed into his chest. After that, she felt that she hadn’t vented enough and directly curled her arm around his throat.

“Why? Why are your personal students all so outstanding? I also want one!”

Gu Xiuxun was so envious that she was almost wet...eh...almost drooling.

A 12-year-old child comprehending Retentive Memory? Wa...wasn’t she too much of a genius?”

“Ziqi, you have to work hard. You will definitely have great accomplishments should you choose to be a great teacher.”

Gu Xiuxun was praising her sincerely. From history, teachers who started comprehending halos at the age of 12 were so rare that they could be counted with fingers.

“Hehe, it’s all thanks to Teacher’s great tutelage!”

Li Ziqi smiled happily. If it wasn’t for her teacher, she wouldn’t have comprehended the self-taught halo either.

“Can you please let me go?”

Sun Mo patted Gu Xiuxun’s arm. Speaking of which, the tactile sensation wasn’t bad. (Masochist, your chest is actually quite sizable.)

“It’s actually a great teacher halo? This small-chested little girl can already become a teacher? Isn’t this too fake?”

Jia Wendong mumbled. He lifted his left hand and exerted a bit of strength as he slapped his left face.


So painful!

“As expected, this isn’t an illusion!”

Jia Wendong suddenly felt an impulse to kneel toward Sun Mo and take him as his teacher. Because in his entire life, his ambition was to become a teacher.

However, he knew that this occupation wasn’t like other occupations where one could simply study and work hard.

If he couldn’t comprehend the self-taught halo, he wouldn’t have any chance even if he was to work hard his entire life.

Just when Jia Wendong was about to kneel, Sun Mo suddenly executed the Wind King Divine Step. With a woosh, he appeared beside Li Ziqi.

“You are injured, right? In the future, don’t take so much risk.”

Sun Mo lifted Li Ziqi’s right leg slightly. When she had charged over earlier and made the darkness illusion fall off, she also fell on her leg.

“It’s not very painful.”

Li Ziqi couldn’t help but lean against Sun Mo’s arms. As long as she could win, what was a little injury? Also, with her teacher’s God Hands, even if she broke a few more bones, she would recover very quickly.

Sun Mo used the bone-setting technique and muscleforge technique to treat the little sunny egg, improving her blood circulation to dissolve any blood clots.

“Teacher, what was going on earlier?”

Jia Wendong asked.

There was no solution to it. The other four people here had an ‘as it should be by rights’ expression on their faces. Clearly, they knew what was going on. If he didn’t ask, Teacher Sun would surely not explain.

“That darkness illusion could copy Ziqi entirely.”

Sun Mo started to explain. “She was most proficient in long-ranged attack. After testing once, she discovered the other party could do it too and their level of might was similar. In that case, if she wanted to win, it wouldn’t be easy. Hence, Li Ziqi chose close combat because her reserve of physical strength and spirit qi were still in abundance.”

“However, Ziqi’s close combat ability is extremely weak!”


Jia Wendong didn’t understand. “Since her close combat ability is weak, why did she still choose it?”

“If the darkness illusion is an exact copy of me, its close combat ability would definitely be weak as well!”

Li Ziqi replied, “I trained that move of mine a lot. It is a feigned attack coupled with an assassination strike. As long as I act first, I will be able to win.”

In truth, the situation earlier was very dangerous. If Li Ziqi had failed to kill the darkness illusion immediately, she would have been the one with her heart pierced.

Li Ziqi’s battle strategy was to compete against her darkness illusion in her own flaws and see who was better in overcoming them.

As an innately intelligent girl, she was very clear about her own weaknesses. All her probing earlier was to collect information about the darkness illusion.

The data showed that the darkness illusion had simulated Li Ziqi’s complete behavior but not at the same time. There was a slight lag in its actions.

“In that case, isn’t it very simple if we want to kill these darkness illusions?”

Jia Wendong finally understood. He was instantly filled with confidence.

“No, it’s only easier if ‘we’ kill them.”

Tantai Yutang explained.


Jia Wendong was bewildered again.

“In this building, the weaker one is, the easier one would be able to win against their darkness illusion. However, if the darkness illusions are copies of teachers, things would be extremely disastrous.”

Tantai Yutang stared at Sun Mo.

His teacher knew too many cultivation arts. This also meant that the darkness illusion of his teacher would also know them.

“Why do I feel that you are actually rejoicing in our teacher’s misery when you say these words?”

Li Ziqi frowned.

“You are slandering me.”

Gu Xiuxun was startled as she looked at Tantai Yutang. She didn’t expect that this youth would also be very clever. Sadly, he was very sick and wouldn’t be able to live long.


Jia Wendong suddenly felt like turning around and heading down the stairs. Being together with these people gave him a strong psychological impact. He felt like he was a dummy.

“Alright, next is my turn!”

Sun Mo walked out and faced his darkness illusion.

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