Absolute Great Teacher
393 Are Teacher Sun“s Students All Monsters?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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393 Are Teacher Sun“s Students All Monsters?

Chapter 393: Are Teacher Sun’s Students All Monsters?

“Charge! Charge!”

With Soul Imprint in effect, Jia Wendong received Sun Mo’s pre-battle mental state, battle wisdom, as well as his rich experience. He became invincible.

All the illusions of darkness before him were crushed.

As a genius student from Mingshao, Jia Wendong’s physical attributes were excellent. However, he couldn’t unleash it at all.

It was like how some soccer players were teasingly referred to as being world-class from neck down. If they had to score with their heads, they instantly became third-rate soccer players.

Although Jia Wendong wasn’t as bad, his head and his body were incompatible. Now that it had been changed to ‘Sun Mo’s inner core’, his battle prowess immediately spiked up.

This feeling was exhilarating!

“I feel that I can take on ten by myself!”

After defeating his opponent, Jia Wendong put both hands on his waist, looking around proudly. Then, without waiting for Sun Mo, he darted upstairs.

Right now, he couldn’t wait to get rid of his next opponent.

Gu Xiuxun felt very curious as to why Jia Wendong would go through such a great change. However, considering that this was Sun Mo’s secret, she didn’t ask.

Sun Mo noticed this and couldn’t help but smile. “We’re already in such a relationship. If there’s anything you want to say, just say it!”

Sun Mo felt that he was good friends with Gu Xiuxun.

“What... what relationship?”

Gu Xiuxun was surprised and subconsciously thought of how the two of them had taken a bath together. Sun Mo had even touched all parts of her body before. This was considered to be very intimate, right?

It must be beyond friends but not yet lovers!

“Huh? Aren’t we friends?”

Sun Mo was stunned. (Did I think too much? Does Gu Xiuxun not care about me at all?)


For some reason, after hearing the word ‘friends’, Gu Xiuxun frowned. She suddenly felt very uncomfortable. (Would your friends be seen naked and touched all over by you? Hold on! Gu Xiuxun, quickly forget about this matter. You’re letting your future husband down, do you know that?)

This was like how an old monk had carried a beautiful lady across the river on his back. The younger monk then kept on looking back, asking the old monk, “Wasn’t it improper for men and women to come into contact with each other?”

However, the old monk said, “I only carried her across the river and have let go of the thoughts on this. But you, although you didn’t carry her, you’re unable to let go of her in your heart. This is an obsession!”

At the thought of this, the masochist took in a deep breath and smiled, revealing her teeth. “Of course, we’re friends!”

As she said this, Gu Xiuxun gave a strong blow into Sun Mo’s chest. She then kept quiet, not asking about the great teacher halo from earlier.

“Hehe, that’s a brand new great teacher halo!”

Seeing that the masochist looked like she wanted to know but was embarrassed to ask, Sun Mo told her himself. Anyway, all his personal disciples knew about this, and there was nothing to hide.

“That’s really it?”

After getting an affirmative answer, Gu Xiuxun felt a little disappointed.

The difference between them was too great.

The rigid requirement for one to become an 8-star great teacher was to comprehend a brand new great teacher halo.

How difficult was this?

For example, the 7-star great teacher Li Wanjun had lived for 900 years and was known as a five-fold great ancestor.

It was because he was at the great ancestor-grade in alchemy, weaponsmithing, spiritual beast control, puppetry, as well as spirit runes. He had countless students under his wing across the entire nine provinces.

However, despite having such brilliant achievements, as Li Wanjun hadn’t comprehended new great teacher halos, he remained a 7-star great teacher.

How old was Sun Mo?

He was only 20 years old!

“What shitty luck is this?”

Gu Xiuxun exclaimed and then strangled Sun Mo’s neck. “This can’t do. I’m too jealous. You have to give me ten massages, no, twenty massages. Only then will I forgive you. Otherwise, we can’t be friends.”


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +1,000. Respect (6,500/10,000).

Sun Mo smiled as he saw the masochist contributed so many favorable impression points. He wondered if he should use the ancient massage technique to make her boobs bigger and then ‘strangle’ himself in the future. The touch would feel better as well.

“What should I do? Teacher is going to have an extramarital affair. Waiting urgently for a reply!”

Li Ziqi glanced at Sun Mo then at Gu Xiuxun. The atmosphere between the two of them was very good. It totally looked like the scene of a big-scale extramarital affair.

This couldn’t do. It seemed like she could only sacrifice herself.


Li Ziqi called out then sat on the floor. “My legs hurt!”

“You must have gotten hurt from the kick earlier.”

Tantai Yutang squatted next to her. “It’s a small matter. I’ll help you apply some medicine!”

“Can you scram further away?”

Li Ziqi felt like she was going to be driven to death. Thankfully, her teacher was very concerned about her and quickly came over to check her injuries.

The little sunny egg felt very moved by this scene, thinking that she shouldn’t have disturbed her teacher.

So what if a guy were to have multiple wives, concubines, and bosom friends?

The more their numbers, the more it showed that her teacher was really amazing!

(I should be feeling happy for Teacher instead!)

The little sunny egg sunny felt at a loss.


“Teacher, come up quickly!”

Jia Wendong’s shout suddenly rang out from upstairs.

Sun Mo and the other three immediately dashed up.

“Teacher, it’s a student from the Central Province Academy!”

Jia Wendong pointed to the wall in the east. A guy was laying there with his limbs stretched out, his gaze looking at the ceiling spiritlessly.

“Xuanyuan Po?”

Sun Mo dashed over quickly. At the same time, he activated his Divine Sight and observed Xuanyuan Po.


Left lower thigh, left waist, right rib, left shoulder blade, and both wrists show signs of bones fracturing. Moreover, several tens of muscles are torn, along with some slight internal bleeding in his internal organs.

Sun Mo didn’t show any delays and placed both hands on the combat addict.


Spirit qi gushed out, forming a genie. After seeing Xuanyuan Po’s horrible plight, he continued to flaunt his muscles before starting to provide treatment.

He first used the bone-setting technique to mend the cracks on the bones, followed by the muscleforge technique to heal the muscles. He then worked on promoting blood circulation and dispelling stasis.

The whole process took ten minutes.

Sun Mo broke out in heavy sweat as his hands were moving.

“Xuanyuan Po must have fought his way up!”

Tantai Yutang’s lips twitched, then took out some medicinal herbs to apply on the combat addict’s body.

“Do you think he planned before engaging in battles?”

Li Ziqi asked him.


After the sickly guy said that, he couldn’t help but smile. In fact, he quite liked to be friends with such innocent people.

When Jia Wendong saw the horrible injuries on Xuanyuan Po, it was like he could feel the pain as well.

“Why didn’t he stop after sustaining so many injuries?”

Jia Wendong was baffled.

He had also ‘fought’ his way up and thus knew how strong those darkness illusions were. Without Sun Mo’s help, he’d have fallen long ago.

Tantai Yutang?

He relied on all sorts of medicinal items to kill with poison. After all, even though the illusions had duplicated all of the sickly guy’s medical knowledge, they had no poison to use.

Li Ziqi no longer battled.

(I’m an intellectual girl. Battle is rough work and I don’t want to do it.)

To be honest, making the wise decision of giving up was also a type of growth.

The little sunny egg’s wish was to build the biggest library in the nine provinces. There’d always be books to read, and she could figure out questions that no one knew the answers to, such as how tall the sky and how big the world was.

As to becoming the god of battle?

She wasn’t interested!

“If he understood the word ‘stop’, he wouldn’t be Xuanyuan Po.”

Li Ziqi felt emotional.

Jia Wendong looked at Xuanyuan Po in surprise, feeling some admiration for him. To speak the truth, if he were to sustain one-third of these injuries, he’d definitely back off.


Sun Mo called a few times, but there wasn’t any effect.

“This guy must have been dealt a blow like Nangong was.”

After saying this, Jia Wendong was stunned. Didn’t that mean that this Xuanyuan Po was stronger than Nangong Dao? It was because he only broke down mentally after reaching this place.

Sun Mo focused his mind and adjusted his emotions, smashing Soul Imprint right into the combat addict’s head.


Xuanyuan Po’s body shook and he looked around with a dazed gaze. His eyes then landed on Sun Mo’s face.


Xuanyuan Po gradually came back to his senses.

“Have some rest!”

Sun Mo consoled him.


Xuanyuan Po smiled in self-mockery and then struggled to stand up. After he picked up his silver spear that was dropped in the distance, he stroked it.

“Silver-chan, to think that I had become despondent. How could I do that?”

Xuanyuan Po mumbled, suddenly clenching his right fist and smashing it toward his own face.


Xuanyuan Po’s body shook and he bellowed out.

“Scram out here! Fight me again!”


The darkness illusion took form.

“This guy is really crazy!”

Jia Wendong felt puzzled. “Why aren’t you guys stopping him?”

Even after Nangong Dao regained his consciousness, he didn’t head upstairs immediately to challenge the darkness illusions! At the very least, Xuanyuan Po should take a breather and rest for a few minutes.

“Teacher Sun, this student of yours is too impressive. If he doesn’t die, he’ll definitely achieve great things!”

Gu Xiuxun felt envious.

“Huh? He is also Teacher Sun’s personal disciple?”

Jia Wendong’s eyes and mouth were agape.

“Xuanyuan seems to be by himself. How do you guys think he found this place?”

Tantai Yutang was curious.

“Through his scent of smell for combats?”

Li Ziqi guessed.

Jia Wendong didn’t forget the anxiety when he was downstairs. If it wasn’t because he met Sun Mo, he wouldn’t have been able to come here.

There was no suspense with the battle at all. After Xuanyuan Po received Sun Mo’s inner core, he crushed the illusion instantly. Then, his longspear swung out and he pointed toward Sun Mo’s illusion.

“Come to me!”


Jia Wendong was speechless. Did Teacher Sun take in madmen as well? He admitted that this guy was very strong, but there was a problem with his intellect!

“Teacher Sun, I take back what I said earlier. I feel that this guy can’t live past 20 years old!”

Gu Xiuxun changed her words.

“I feel that it should be 15!”

Tantai Yutang felt even less positive.

Of course, Sun Mo wouldn’t let Xuanyuan Po battle his illusion. After letting him take a rest, Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun jointly defeated these illusions. They then headed up.

“This is the top floor, right?”

Looking at a passageway that they had no idea where it led to, Li Ziqi felt excited. On the other hand, Xuanyuan Po had dashed out.


At the end of the passageway, there was a round hall. The floor, ceiling, and walls were all made of some kind of white crystals. All sorts of images flashed past them.

In the center of the hall, there was a small gemstone the size of a walnut floating in midair.

Ming Xian looked and then his gaze landed on the girl next to the gemstone.

She was wearing the Central Province Academy’s uniform and sitting on the floor, resting her cheeks on her hands and dozing off while wearing a bored expression. She didn’t even notice when he had walked over.

“She shouldn’t be an illusion, right? But isn’t she too lax?”

Ming Xian was speechless, then an even bigger doubt barged into his brain.

He was already very strong, right?

However, he still sustained some light injuries on his way here. So why did it look as if this female student hadn’t been through any battles at all?

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