Absolute Great Teacher
394 Seizing Secret Treasure
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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394 Seizing Secret Treasure


“Cough! Cough!”

Ming Xian felt that as a teacher, one should have prestige. Taking the initiative to speak would lower his status. Hence, he coughed twice, wanting to gain the attention of that girl.


Li Zhiruo opened her eyes and lifted her head.


Ming Xian was speechless. (I’m over here, alright? This girl was actually looking in the opposite direction. How weak can you be exactly?)

“Ah, it’s an enemy!”

Lu Zhiruo finally saw Ming Xian. She stood up in a fluster and pulled out her sword.

“There’s no need to be nervous, I won’t attack you.”

Ming Xian consoled. Even if there were no rules restricting the teachers, he wouldn’t harm a student.

“However, I will attack you because I have to guard this treasure. This belongs to my teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo’s tone was solemn. She even shifted her feet and stood between Ming Xian and the darkness illusion gemstone, not allowing him to take it easily.

“Do you think you can block me?”

Ming Xian made fun of her while feeling envy for this girl’s teacher. She must worship her teacher a lot to have taken such an action, not retreating despite facing an enemy that far surpassed her ability.

“Even if I can’t block you, I can delay you.”

Lu Zhiruo turned her head, wanting to glance at the sky. However, there were no windows here in the crystal great hall. “I believe that my teacher will soon arrive!”

“Is it your personal teacher?”

Ming Xian was curious.


Lu Zhiruo nodded heavily. “Since the start until now, I’ve always been the one troubling teacher. So, this time, I have to guard this darkness illusion gemstone!”

“You know what this thing is called?”

Ming Xian was surprised

“Yup, it told me.”

The papaya girl had no sense of wariness at all and directly told Ming Xian.

“So this item has its own consciousness!”

Ming Xian looked at the darkness illusion gemstone that had the size of a walnut. His eyes gleamed with a hint of desire to possess it. A sentient secret treasure was priceless.

However, after that, Ming Xian frowned and started to survey Lu Zhiruo.

What origin did this girl have?

What did it mean when she said ‘it told me’?

Ming Xian was a publicly acknowledged genius and was overflowing with talent. However, the darkness illusion gemstone had never communicated with him.

This girl was endearingly silly and looked like a harmless house kitten. There didn’t seem to be anything special about her.

“May I ask you an impudent question?” Ming Xian couldn’t control it. “How did you get up here?”

“I walked up!”

Lu Zhiruo felt very surprised. (It can’t be that I fly, right?)


If it was someone else saying this, Ming Xian would absolutely feel that the other party was insulting him. After that, he would ruthlessly crush that person. But when he looked at the large eyes of this girl, he knew that she wasn’t lying.

But this answer...

(I can’t accept it!)

“Why are you not injured?”

Ming Xian changed his style of questioning.

Lu Zhiruo frowned. “I’m different from my eldest martial sister. I won’t stumble and fall flat on the ground.”

“What the hell is fall flat?”

Ming Xian kneaded his forehead. “Were there any darkness illusions trying to attack you?”

“Illusion?” The papaya girl blinked. “What is that?”

(There’s definitely something special about this girl!)

Ming Xian contemplated. If not, she wouldn’t have enjoyed the preferential treatment from this secret treasure of darkness.

“Do you have other questions?”

Lu Zhiruo asked in a low voice.

Ming Xian’s heart suddenly grew soft when he stared at the papaya girl’s hopeful gaze. It resembled a wild kitten begging for food.

(How can I bear to act against her?)


Ming Xian involuntarily replied.

“Oh yeah!”

Lu Zhiruo couldn’t help but wave her small fist. After that, she put on her listening face. As long as she continued answering questions, she would be able to delay until Sun Mo arrived.

“You are very confident in your teacher!”

Ming Xian understood the thinking process of this girl. “You feel that once he is here, he would be able to defeat me and obtain this darkness illusion gemstone?”


The papaya girl nodded with certainty. “My teacher is the most impressive teacher there is!”


When Lu Zhiruo said this, somehow, the look of worship on her face caused Ming Xian to feel like crushing her teacher’s head very much.

“Are there more questions?”

Lu Zhiruo asked.

“No more!”

Ming Xian smiled. “But since you have answered my questions, I will wait here for one hour to repay you!”


Lu Zhiruo’s eyes brightened. She then praised him, “You are really a good person!”


Ming Xian was speechless. (I know you are praising me but why do I feel a faint sense of disappointment?)

Lu Zhiruo sat down again and continued to rest her chin in her hands, falling into a daze.


(Can you be a little warier of others in your heart? Why do you trust me so much?) Hence, he also sat cross-legged beside Lu Zhiruo.

He was observing the secret treasure. However, his gaze would often involuntarily turn to Lu Zhiruo.


When Sun Mo and the other four came up, they saw a young man staring at a female student.

“Why would your Mingshao Academy select a pervert as a participating teacher?”

Tantai Yutang asked.

“Teacher Ming isn’t a pervert!”

Jia Wendong’s face flushed. However, after that he felt a burst of pride. (Did you see it? Our Teacher Ming Xian arrived here so quickly. He’s really awesome.)

“Not a pervert? Why does he keep staring at the female student then?”

Tantai Yutang also knew that Ming Xian didn’t have any nefarious thoughts. He was only bored and was intentionally teasing Jia Wendong.

“Stare...right, he’s staring at her aptitude and preparing to accept her as his personal disciple!”

Jia Wendong found an excuse.


Upon hearing the sounds of people talking, Lu Zhiruo turned her head and saw Sun Mo. After that, she happily jumped up and broke into a jog as she rushed over.


Gu Xiuxun was astonished. “How did you come up here?”

“I walked up!”

Lu Zhiruo stared at Gu Xiuxun in bewilderment. (Why do you guys keep asking me the same question? I can’t just fly up, right?)

“Eldest martial sister, two junior martial brothers. You guys came as well!”

The papaya girl smiled sweetly. She then focused on Xuanyuan Po and felt some worry. “Are you injured? Are you feeling alright now?”

Jia Wendong was sneaking glances at Lu Zhiruo, trying to guess how strong she was. After all, it wasn’t easy for them to climb up as they had to fight, but it seemed to be extremely easy for this girl. However, when he heard what the girl was saying, he was immediately dumbfounded.

“What? She is also a personal student of Teacher Sun?”

“Do you have any judgment ability at all?” Li Ziqi frowned.


Jia Wendong stuttered. He could naturally judge the relationship between Lu Zhiruo and Sun Mo from Lu Zhiruo’s terms of address. However, he wasn’t able to accept this in terms of rationality.

Li Ziqi, Tantai Yutang, Xuanyuan Po, in addition to Lu Zhiruo, had all appeared in this spire. Moreover, they are all Sun Mo’s personal students.

Wasn’t this too exaggerated?

Jia Wendong’s aptitude wasn’t bad. Besides, he had keen judgment and had personally witnessed how outstanding Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang were.

Xuanyuan Po could almost reach the top level, beating Nangong Dao. He was extremely impressive. However, this girl who had extremely large breasts surpassed both of them...

How strong was she exactly?!

Naturally, the most terrifying thing was that these four were Teacher Sun’s personal students.

(Luckily, I didn’t attempt to take him as my teacher, or I would have been rejected.)

Jia Wendong had lived for 12 years, but today was the most impactful day of his life.


Ming Xian called out.

Jia Wendong hurriedly jogged over and bowed as he greeted, “Teacher!”

After that, he summarized everything after he had met Sun Mo’s group.

“Zhen Yuanxiao died?”

Ming Xian frowned as he surveyed Sun Mo.

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight.

Ming Xian, 21 years old. Seventh level of the blood-ignition realm.

Strength: 29. Strength is not your forte, but it is high enough to crush many people.

Intellect: 27. Far surpassing the average.

Agility: 30. Extremely quick!

Endurance: 30. Experienced devil-like training before.

Will: 29. As tranquil as waves of a deep natural pond.


Potential value: Extremely high

Note: No flaws and his aptitude is extremely high. He’s an exceptionally formidable opponent. You have to treat him seriously.

These words were written in red. From this, one could see the system’s recognition of Ming Xian.

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. This was his first time seeing a new teacher with no flaws, but he had predicted it. Other than the extremely lucky papaya girl, everyone else would have to depend on their strength to reach the top of this place.

“I don’t know why, but I don’t like your eyes!” Ming Xian suggested, “Can you stop staring at me?”

“What will happen next? Should we fight?”

Sun Mo turned and looked at the gemstone.

The darkness illusion gemstone had given birth to its own consciousness. It could release a forcefield, and every lifeform that entered its forcefield would be replicated in the form of an illusion, which possessed all the memories, knowledge, and personality of that particular lifeform!

One could say that it was a 100% clone of everything.

Note: This secret treasure is an extremely rare and precious existence on the Darkness Continent. Obtaining it will bring countless benefits.

“For example?”

Sun Mo asked.

“For example, you can create a darkness illusion dojo in the Central Province Academy to allow some students to fight against their darkness illusions!”

The system introduced.

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. Such training would strengthen the students rapidly.

“I didn’t expect my final opponent would be a teacher from the Central Province Academy. I thought it would be Beitang Ziwei from Weima.”

Ming Xian self-mockingly laughed.

From his words, Gu Xiuxun could hear a strong sense of self-confidence. It was clear that Ming Xian didn’t treat anyone as his opponent other than Beitang Ziwei.

Sun Mo shrugged.

“You can choose. Should we fight or should we attack the gemstone first?”

Ming Xian wasn’t bothered.

Before Sun Mo could reply, a mysterious voice rang out.

“Aren’t you guys treating me, the master of this place, with too little respect?”


All light from the great hall vanished instantly.


Jia Wendong subconsciously cried out. After that, he felt ashamed because other than him, no one else made a sound. This said that the others were calmer than him.

“I’ve truly lost face for Mingshao.”

Jia Wendong blamed himself and felt disappointed. As expected, he was inferior to Sun Mo’s four personal students.

“Wendong, life is a long journey. Don’t feel down just because of one setback. Learning a lesson from this is more important than regret.”

Ming Xuan spoke as a golden halo appeared, driving away the darkness.

It was Priceless Advice.

Jia Wendong’s spirits instantly stirred.

“Good one!”

Gu Xiuxun’s lips curled.

“Everyone, as the prize for managing to come up to the top level. I will permit you all to join my private game!”

The gemstone’s attitude was like a god that could control the lives and deaths of others.

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