Absolute Great Teacher
399 Shockingly Great Harves
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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399 Shockingly Great Harves

Chapter t

Translator: Lordbluefire

“Great teacher halo?”

When Jia Wendong saw Sun Mo’s situation, he subconsciously turned to look at Ming Xian’s situation.

It was unknown why but Jia Wendong suddenly felt a sense of unease when he looked at the darkness illusion gemstone that had always been suppressed by Ming Xian since the start of the fight. He felt that Ming Xian might lose.

“Too cool!”

“Too cool!”

Li Ziqi mumbled, her gaze was filled with admiration and worship.

Compared to someone using martial strength to win, Li Ziqi preferred battles of intellect. She felt that such ‘battles’ had an indescribable sense of beauty.

“The world is so vast, you should go and take a look at it?”

The little sunny egg repeated these words with a distant look in her eyes. “How well-spoken!”

“We should really go out there and take a look!”

Lu Zhiruo nodded heavily. If she didn’t head out of her comfort zone, she would never have met such a good teacher like Sun Mo.


The gemstone’s consciousness was like a lost traveler that had found its target again.

The killing prowess of Sun Mo’s words was simply too immense. This was especially so for the last sentence. It simply ignited its emotions, causing it to not want to wait another moment. It wanted nothing more than to leave this place right away.

Sun Mo tactfully remained silent. He let the gemstone’s consciousness think for itself.

Actually, there was no need for him to say anything. To a consciousness that stayed several tens of thousand years in a spire, the outside world, no matter how it looked like, would surely be like a dream to it.

“It’s very meaningful to chat with you!”

The gemstone’s consciousness spoke out in satisfaction.

“Being able to chat with an intellect-type species like you is my honor.”

Sun Mo replied.

“Since you have ignited my desire to admire the world, I have to apologize. I’m going to occupy your body.”

Its tone contained a hint of remorse.

“However, you don’t have to worry. I will use your body well to truly appreciate this world!”

As the gemstone’s consciousness spoke, the surroundings changed again. The arena transformed into a great hall of darkness.



The light screen vanished. Li Ziqi and the other two felt a sense of unease as they cried out. However, things were already too late.

“Boohoohoo, what should we do?” Lu Zhiruo sobbed.

“Quickly find a path!” Li Ziqi shouted.

“Dead, dead for sure!”

Jia Wendong was filled with fear. He had thought that Teacher Sun would obtain that secret treasure, but no one could have expected that it wasn’t an item a mortal could touch.

This time, they most probably would all die.


In the great hall, weak sources of light could be seen floating around. If one took a closer look, they would discover that these were jellyfish, which looked like they were drifting about in the ocean.

After Sun Mo appeared here, they immediately swam over.

“What the hell? I wanted to subdue you, not become your shell!”

Sun Mo was speechless. He thought that he had succeeded. Who would have known that after half-a-day of effort, he still had to die? No, he couldn’t simply seat around to wait for death!

Sun Mo waved his wooden blade and slashed at the jellyfish.

However, it was useless because these jellyfish were creatures formed from mental energy. The wooden blade directly passed through their bodies and wasn’t able to damage them in the slightest.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The jellyfish immediately entered Sun Mo’s body upon coming in contact with him.


Sun Mo screamed in pain. It was like being stung by the poisonous tails of scorpions. It felt incomparably painful. There was also an intense sensation of numbness.

The speed of the jellyfish grew quicker. They frantically flooded over, entering Sun Mo’s body en-masse.

Sun Mo’s consciousness started to be devoured. He fell into a daze and suffered dizziness.

“This body is truly too perfect.” The gemstone’s consciousness was filled with joy. “My choice this time around is indeed right.”

Sun Mo turned his blade and slashed it at his own head, wanting to use the pain to remain conscious. “In the past, why didn’t you seize the bodies of others?”

“If I left the gemstone, my consciousness would lose protection.”

The gemstone’s consciousness felt that Sun Mo was about to die. Hence, it didn’t hide this from him.

“The bodies of humans are too weak. Once you die, I will die too. But after hearing your words, I feel that the world outside is truly vast. Even if I die in the future, it will still be better than living forever here in the spire!”

“Leave my body, or I will commit suicide!”

Sun Mo threatened as he made his last attempt for survival.

“Haha, do you think I won’t guard against this move? Since I dare to tell you, it also means that you no longer have a chance.”

The gemstone’s consciousness mocked.

Sun Mo wanted to deal a heavy blow to himself to prove his courage. However, to his horror, he discovered that his body couldn’t move.

“I have to say that your reaction is truly very fast!” The gemstone’s consciousness sighed. “Killing a genius like you is definitely a loss to humanity!”

(Damn, I don’t want to die. I’ve not even slept with a girl yet. Is the malicious intent of this world so ruthless toward single dogs?)

Sun Mo cursed in his heart. He unleashed all his brain power, trying to think of a solution.

His body could no longer move. Even if he knew 100 types of saint-tier cultivation arts, it would be useless. Luckily, Sun Mo was a spiritual controller.

Spiritual controllers depended on their mental energy for a living!

“Fine. Since this is the case, let us perish together!”

Sun Mo went all out.


All the spirit qi in Sun Mo’s body transformed into a soul contract and instantly started to ignite.

Red-colored runes shot out from Sun Mo’s body, revolving around him swiftly. The sound of brahmic chanting from his soul rang out.

“Soul contract? You want to enslave me? It’s useless. Your mental energy is too weak!”

The gemstone’s consciousness shook its head. (This is truly the struggle of an ant. It looks extremely ridiculous.)

“Is that so? What about this?”

Sun Mo didn’t make a sound, but his determined eyes indicated his awareness.


From Sun Mo’s body, red-colored flames suddenly erupted forth, illuminating this area and driving the darkness in the great hall away.

That was his blood essence!

That was his lifeforce!

“You are actually a grandmaster-grade spiritual controller?”

The gemstone’s consciousness was shocked.

It knew that Sun Mo was a spiritual controller, but it didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so powerful. After all, Sun Mo was only twenty years old. One must know that a genius spiritual controller needed at least tens of years of training before they could reach the grandmaster-grade.

“But it is still useless. At most, things would be a little more troublesome!”

The gemstone’s consciousness coldly snorted.

(Very soon, you will see how strong I am.)

Half of those jellyfish that flew over exploded.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

As bright light flashed, white frost appeared everywhere. In an instant, the surroundings were frozen. The red flame from Sun Mo’s body also weakened and was about to be sealed in ice.

“No, not enough yet!”

Sun Mo gritted his teeth. He racked his brains and a thought suddenly appeared in his mind. After that, he frenziedly started to recall his past memories.

“It’s useless. Stop struggling and become my shell!”

After the gemstone’s consciousness finished speaking, it saw a milky-white halo manifest from Sun Mo’s body.


The range of the halo was extremely vast. Everything on the scene seemed to be covered by a fleeting milky-white radiance.


The thoughts of the gemstone’s consciousness halted.

Because it saw those incredible memories of Sun Mo.

From his elementary school to his four years in university. There were scenes where Sun Mo had been secretly in love with someone, his youth, and also sweat.

War, rifles, slaughter, the fading lives, the tragic sobbings.

A concrete jungle that was a city. Humans of different colors, metal boxes with wheels on the road, white-colored metallic snakes in the subway station...

After that, the scene changed into a rented house inside a screen. There was a naked woman moaning.

The scene then changed to a bunch of tissues tossed into the rubbish bin. The gemstone’s consciousness was completely dumbfounded.

“What the hell is this?”


The red flames from Sun Mo’s body blasted forth in the shape of a ring with him at the center. Everywhere the flames passed by, those jellyfish would be enveloped by it. A red-colored chain appeared on their bodies.

Soul contract, completed!


Sun Mo sat down on the ground and panted heavily, feeling lingering fear in his heart.

This time around, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was a grandmaster-grade spiritual controller as well as him having Soul Imprint, he would have been finished.

When spiritual controllers wanted to tame a beast, they were most afraid of the spiritual beast retaliating. If the other party was gentle and docile, they would succeed much easier.

Sun Mo used Soul Imprint and planted too many of his memories and emotions into the gemstone’s consciousness.

To an entity that loved thinking, this was simply the entrance to a new world. Hence, it was completely shocked and was engrossed in the memories.

Using this chance, Sun Mo completed the contract, successfully enslaving and subduing the gemstone’s consciousness.

“Sorry, your plan has failed!”

Sun Mo ridiculed. The developments had frightened him badly.

However, the gemstone’s consciousness didn’t reply.

Those jellyfish floating in the air continued to drift toward Sun Mo, entering his body. However, it was no longer painful.

Also, his spirit qi and blood essence were swiftly recovering.

Sun Mo clenched his fist. He could feel himself becoming even stronger.


A wave of spirit qi suddenly erupted, causing the dust nearby the scatter. After that, he discovered a magical energy generated in his body. It was like a little snake swimming around freely in his body.

“This is...”

Sun Mo was still in a daze.

“Congratulations, you have profited from a disaster and have broken through to the divine force realm!”

The system congratulated Sun Mo.

“Why are you only speaking out now? When I was about to die, where the hell did you disappear to?”

After hearing the system’s voice, Sun Mo had a bellyful of anger.

“That was your battle, and I had no way to interfere. At most, I can only cheer for you on the sidelines. Do you need me to cheer for you? If you need it, I will cheer even harder next time!”

The system explained.


Sun Mo gestured with his middle finger.

However, he was quite happy in his heart, having broken through to the divine force realm.

This was quite impressive!

The divine force realm was just like its name: divine strength would be generated in one’s body. Divine force referred to immense strength that surpassed the knowledge and limits of humanity.

For example, divine force could allow one to shift mountains and overturn seas, pluck the stars and grab the moon!

“You shouldn’t be complacent because stepping into the divine force realm was only the beginning on the path of cultivation. The higher you go, the more difficult it will be!”

The system felt that Sun Mo was beside himself, so it reminded him.

Sun Mo ignored the system and meticulously sensed the transformation in his body. He felt an indescribable feeling. It was like he was a computer in this era. Regardless of hardware or software, he was one era more advanced.

There were a total of nine levels in the divine force realm. Each level would cause one to generate a surge of divine force, and it would reach the point where the divine force would fully saturate one’s body, nourishing it and evolving it. In the end, the quantity of divine force would lead to a qualitative transformation, causing cultivators to break through the limits of life and enter the Longevity Realm.

“How good would it be if I could live for several hundred years!”

Sun Mo felt some yearning for it.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》