Absolute Great Teacher
401 Life Winner
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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401 Life Winner


Jia Wendong knelt on the ground, waiting for Sun Mo’s answer.

Li Ziqi didn’t really like Jia Wendong and wanted to obstruct him. However, accepting disciples was a personal matter, and Sun Mo was the one who could make the decision. Besides, this also involved Jia Wendong’s life. Hence, she stopped herself from interrupting.

Yet, Lu Zhiruo didn’t think so much. She directly tugged on Sun Mo’s sleeves.

“Teacher, when you were fighting against the darkness illusions earlier, he looked down on you several times.”

The papaya girl felt that Jia Wendong was too fickle. He wanted to take her teacher as his own personal teacher because he saw that her teacher’s performance was outstanding. Such a move clearly showed that he lacked moral integrity. (You were the one who kept shouting Teacher Ming was impressive!)

Jia Wendong was shocked. Right now, he simply hated Lu Zhiruo to the max for spoiling his plans. However, he didn’t dare to show any of his unhappiness. Rather, he maintained a smile on his face and explained, “I didn’t look down on you, I was just worried.”

Sun Mo lifted his hand to indicate that there was no need for Jia Wendong to explain. After that, he asked, “Before you acknowledge me as your personal teacher, I wish to ask you a question. What opinion do you have of me?”

“Teacher, you are very awesome!”

Jia Wendong didn’t hesitate and directly started to say, “Extremely awesome and is much stronger than Teacher Ming Xian!”


Sun Mo frowned, he didn’t like to be fawned upon. Also, Jia Wendong had trampled on Ming Xian. Doing such a thing wasn’t too good.

No matter how inferior Ming Xian was when compared to him, Ming Xian was still a teacher from the Mingshao Academy. (As a student, you should at least show basic respect.)


Jia Wendong couldn’t think of anything. The duration of him being together with Sun Mo was just too short. (Wait a minute, could it be that Teacher Sun wants me to continue complimenting him?)

(Sigh, I’m not good at fawning over people!)

“I feel that you would definitely become a secondary saint. Being able to enter the tutelage of a secondary saint is my honor!”

Jia Wendong’s tone was humble.

“So corny!”

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched.

“Wendong, taking on a personal teacher isn’t something you have to act so servile about. There’s no need to lower yourself so much!”

Sun Mo guided.

Jia Wendong was puzzled. What did he mean by this?

(Isn’t taking someone as a personal teacher equal to begging them? Was Teacher Sun making an ironic remark? He feels that I have not brought along a gift to present to him?)

(Aiya, I was too brash!)

(I should put my heart and soul into preparing a good gift!)

“Teacher, after returning, I will prepare a gift for you if you take me on as your personal student!”

Before Jia Wendong finished speaking, Sun Mo interrupted.

“You still don’t understand my meaning. If you look for a great teacher to be your personal teacher, it’s not only to learn from his knowledge. You also have to follow him around for a long, long time. If you don’t like his character and his way of doing things, that will only be a torment for you.

“It is like marriage. If the characters of both parties don’t match, it is only a matter of time before they split up. After taking on a personal teacher, you won’t even have the chance to leave without incurring a bad reputation. Besides, in a relationship between a teacher and a student, you will be the one with the disadvantage.”

Sun Mo spoke sincerely.

Jia Wendong fell silent. He wasn’t stupid and could understand what Sun Mo meant.

If Sun Mo got him to do something he didn’t like despite the matter being proper, what should he do?

“It’s not only for me. If you wish to take someone as your personal teacher, the first thing you consider shouldn’t be the other party’s talent and knowledge. Rather, you should consider his character!

“There’s no need for you to worship that person, but you have to appreciate him or her at the very least. This teacher ought to be someone who shines brightly and is worthy enough for you to follow. You shouldn’t make such an important decision just because your brain is heated up from excitement.”

As Sun Mo spoke, he glanced at Tantai Yutang.

Honestly speaking, he was a little negligent when he accepted the sickly invalid back then.

“As expected, Teacher didn’t disappoint me!”

Li Ziqi was satisfied.

Lu Zhiruo sneakily glanced at the side of Sun Mo’s face and smiled sweetly. She couldn’t control herself and stretched out her fair fingers, tugging the front of his shirt.

She only took Sun Mo as her personal teacher because she worshipped him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jia Wendong kowtowed thrice.

“Many thanks for your guidance!”

Although he was rejected, Jia Wendong didn’t feel much disappointment because he had discovered the correct method of acknowledging a personal teacher.

In the past, he had only wanted to find a powerful expert to be his teacher. But now, he had a new pursuit. The great teacher he wanted must also be someone whom he admired.


Favorable impression points from Jia Wendong +2,000. Respect (5,100/10,000).

“Get up first.”

Sun Mo helped Jia Wendong up. “Your aptitude isn’t bad. If you met a great teacher in the future, with his guidance and your hard work, you would surely have some achievements.

“Alright, you should go and look for your student group. The competition is still on. Do your best to perform well!”

Jia Wendong bowed and went to chase after Ming Xian.


“Congratulations, you have obtained Jia Wendong’s approval. Your prestige connection with Jia Wendong broke through the 5,000 mark in a single shot. Besides, he is also a student from another school. Hence, you are awarded 1 golden treasure chest!”

The system congratulated Sun Mo.

A shiny golden treasure chest appeared before Sun Mo.

Sun Mo’s performance at the end was too fascinating. He had completely crushed Ming Xian and obtained the darkness illusion gemstone.

Maybe Jia Wendong had no way to perceive how strong Sun Mo was. However, he knew Ming Xian’s strength level and trusted that Ming Xian was definitely one of the strongest teachers in the league tournament this year. Yet, Ming Xian ended up losing to Sun Mo. This was why Jia Wendong was thoroughly convinced by Sun Mo and had contributed a lot of favorable impression points.

Frankly speaking, achievements were a hard standard if people wanted to be recognized.

With no achievements, you would be in the wrong even by simply breathing. But if you become the champion, you would be the king.

“Let’s leave first!”

Sun Mo spoke. He then started running toward a small alley on the right.

“Xuanyuan, go and scout the path ahead!”

Li Ziqi instructed. She rode her white tiger mount and pulled the papaya girl on it in passing. “Teacher, do you want to sit together with us?”

“Cough cough!”

Tantai Yutang intentionally coughed. (I’m a sickly invalid, why are you not letting me take a seat?)

The little sunny egg knew what his cough meant, but she pretended not to have heard it.

“I like the feeling of running!”

Sun Mo smiled. “The gentle breeze that enters my nostrils has the smell of freedom.”

Right now, his condition was exceptionally well. He could sense magical energy in his body that gave him boundless drive.

“Teacher is so poetic!”

The papaya girl gazed at Sun Mo, her eyes had turned into little stars.

Li Ziqi drew in a deep breath. The gentle breeze didn’t only have the smell of freedom, but it also had the smell of her teacher!

“Two little crazy fans!”

Tantai Yutang’s lips twitched. However, he also admitted that his teacher was strong, handsome, and skilled in literature and art. A person like that would naturally possess a very strong ‘killing power’ toward young girls.

Upon thinking of this, the sickly invalid turned and looked at Gu Xiuxun.

(Alright, I’m going to change my statement. Teacher also possesses a very strong ‘killing power’ for adult females.)

At this moment, Gu Xiuxun had a look of admiration in her eyes when she stared at Sun Mo. There even seemed to be a trace of adoration.

As he was running, Sun Mo stretched out his hand and patted Lu Zhiruo on the head.

The papaya girl immediately leaned over and slanted her head toward Sun Mo. She looked like a house kitten being petted by her owner and revealed a look of enjoyment.

“My lucky mascot, it’s up all to you now!”

Sun Mo prayed. Just when he was preparing to open the treasure chests, he saw the little sunny egg looking at him with a look of grief.

“Why am I not being petted? Could it be that my skin isn’t tender enough or am I not obedient enough?”


Sun Mo felt a headache coming. What should he do now?

After touching Li Ziqi, it definitely wouldn’t be wise to open treasure chests. However, he couldn’t possibly keep petting the papaya girl’s head right? Such behavior was surely not normal.

“Forget it, I shall open the chests next time then!”

Sun Mo gave up. He stretched his hand toward Li Ziqi’s head too.

The little sunny egg immediately smiled with joy. She was satisfied now.

After everyone was about five li away, Sun Mo took out a signal tube and released it while aiming at the sky.


A red flame with a long trail of sparks rose into the sky, becoming a gorgeous ball of flower.

“Alright, let’s rest here and wait for the others to gather!”

Sun Mo instructed. He then walked to the side of the road and was preparing to rest.


Tantai Yutang jogged over. He then knelt down with a thudding sound.

“Teacher, thank you for saving my life!”

Tantai Yutang didn’t like to owe favors. But since he owed one, he would admit it. Although he didn’t say anything much, he would definitely find an opportunity to repay the favor back.

“Tantai, just get up. By saying things like this, it’s like you are regarding me as an outsider!”

Sun Mo didn’t stop. He continued heading toward the road’s side. “No matter what your thoughts were when you took me as your master back then, it’s a fact that you are my personal student now. Since that’s the case, I have the responsibility to guide and protect you.”

After hearing Sun Mo’s sincere words, Tantai Yutang who no longer believed in anyone felt warmth in his heart.

Although Sun Mo didn’t help Tantai Yutang up, this was a display of how close their relationship was. There was no longer a need for such politeness between them.

Tantai Yutang no longer said anything. He kowtowed once and stood up.


“Congratulations, you have obtained Tantai Yutang’s approval and allowed him to witness your charisma again. You are hereby awarded 1 great teacher emblem!”

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. This was the third great teacher emblem he obtained. Although he didn’t know what their uses were, they were clearly something good.

He should store them for now.


“You have saved the life of a personal student and obtained 10,000 favorable impression points at the same time. You are awarded 1 mysterious treasure chest.”


Sun Mo involuntarily whistled. This was an extremely rare treasure chest. It would definitely be able to open some good items.

(Will I receive another great teacher halo?)

Sun Mo felt his desire stirring.

“Teacher, drink some water!”

Lu Zhiruo passed over a water bag with both her hands to Sun Mo.


Sun Mo took the water bag. He noticed that Li Ziqi was currently riding the white tiger mount around to patrol the surroundings. He hurriedly took the chance to touch the papaya girl’s head.

He patted it a total of 8 times!

(8, 8, 8*, rich, rich, rich! Open a top-grade item for me!)

Sun Mo prayed and instructed the system.

“Open the treasure chest, the golden one.”

This was borrowing luck. After all, Sun Mo was extremely unlucky. He could only use this type of superstitious methods to increase the probability of opening a good item.

The number 8 (ba) sounds like ‘wealth’ (fa) in chinese.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》