Absolute Great Teacher
402 New Reward, Obtaining New Knowledge!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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402 New Reward, Obtaining New Knowledge!



Congratulations on obtaining one 10-year time emblem!”

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo’s face immediately turned green as he felt pain in his heart. He couldn’t breathe.

This was a goddamn golden treasure chest with the possibility of opening skill books worth several tens of thousands of favorable impression points. In the end, it opened a time emblem that could be purchased with 1,000 favorable impression points?

(Is my auspicious item not giving me face?)

Sun Mo stretched out his hands and wiped them on his pants forcefully, wanting to wipe the bad luck away. Maybe this was caused by him touching the little sunny egg earlier?

Upon facing such a situation, Sun Mo didn’t dare to open the mysterious treasure chest. Luckily, he had two more treasure chests lining up. One of them was the mysterious treasure chest from Li Ziqi’s contribution, and he couldn’t bear to open it.

The other one was from the prestige connection between him and Jin Mujie being upgraded. The reward was a golden treasure chest.

“Let’s try once more!”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl on her head and roared in his heart. “OPEN!”

At such a time, what was important was one’s aura. One had to have a mighty disposition to scare the bad luck away.

The flowing golden light from the golden chest vanished, leaving behind an item suffused with a pink-colored glow.

“This seems good!”

Sun Mo’s spirits stirred. He wanted to cheer. He had never seen items with a pink glow before. Most probably, there was an 80 to 90% chance that this was an excellent item.


“Congratulations, you have obtained the lover protection medicine prescription.”


Sun Mo snapped his fingers in excitement. After that, his arm went over the papaya girl’s shoulder as he forcefully gave her a side-way hug.

He had no intention to behave indecently, so this action was purely due to his agitated emotions that he couldn’t control, as well as a deep sense of gratitude. If Lu Zhiruo, his lucky mascot, didn’t exist, he would most probably open up more clumps of dark soil.


Lu Zhiruo smiled sweetly. Although she didn’t know what her teacher was happy about, it was fine. She would just be happy for him.

Sun Mo really wanted to take out the medical prescription to properly admire it.

This product was absolutely a top-grade one.

He had used it before and its recovery effect was extremely excellent.

Alright, even if its recovery effect was slightly weaker, just the beautiful woman with an excellent figure that would materialize when you drank the medicine, as well as the way she took the initiative to feed you by hugging your neck and using her mouth...was already worth its wonderful reputation.

Sun Mo felt that even if this medicine was sold in the market for 100 spirit stones per packet, the supply wouldn’t be able to match the demand, right?

To single dogs, this medicine was undoubtedly an extremely strong ‘killing weapon’. Even if one was not injured, during the late-night they could always take out and drink a bottle of this to seek consolation psychologically.

As for what happened next, they could just spend the night with the materialized figure in ‘joy’!

“Sun Mo, your thinking is very dangerous!”

The system reminded him.

“Keep it for me!”

After Sun Mo finished instructing, the system notification rang out again.

“Note: This prescription is the lower portion. You will only be able to use it once you obtain the upper portion and join the two together. If you rashly try to concoct it using the lower portion of the prescription, there might be unpredictable risks.”

Sun Mo was startled for a while. After that, he felt like beating someone up.

“Can you say everything in one go? I’ve already finished being happy and you only told me that the prescription I obtained was just one-half? How bad can your taste in pranks be?”

Sun Mo howled in his heart. He was like a wild dog with its chains loosened.

This was simply too infuriating.

He had wanted to concoct some and bring the medicine with him as a precaution.

“Do you still want to open the mysterious treasure chest?”

The system automatically screened out the sounds of Sun Mo’s cursing.

“Does the merchant store sell this prescription?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Because you obtained one-half of the prescription, this prescription is unlocked and has appeared in the merchant store.”

The system explained.


The merchant store appeared in Sun Mo’s vision. After that, he saw that on the second row from the top, there was a pink-colored piece of paper made from a mulberry tree’s bark.

The prescription for the lover protection medicine was priced at 100,000 favorable impression points!

“Why don’t you go to hell?”

Sun Mo really wanted to point his middle finger at the system. Even if he could afford it, he wouldn’t waste all his favorable impression points on this recipe.

“100,000? I could buy two great teacher halos with it!”

Sun Mo felt his teeth aching. He could completely feel that he was truly poor.

“Well, its range of usage is broader compared to a great teacher halo.”

The system explained.

If a poor pharmacist learned this prescription, it might be tough for them to become extremely wealthy and powerful. However, if they wanted just to be rich and have a big house with slaves and concubines, there wouldn’t be any problem.

“Enough, let’s stop with this topic. Open the purple chest!”

Sun Mo could only place his hope on Lu Zhiruo’s luck and wished that he could get the other half of the prescription.

After the purple light faded, an extremely thick book was left behind. It shone with a green light and was like tender shoots sprouting out of Earth, brimming with the aura of life.

“Is this the [Illustrated Handbook of Darkness Continent’s Plants]?”

Sun Mo gulped down a mouthful of saliva.


“Congratulations, you have obtained [Elementary-grade Planting Techniques].

The system congratulated him. Its robotic voice had no emotions.


Sun Mo had no idea whether this could be considered a top-grade item?

After all, his goal was to become a great teacher and educate others. In the end, he wanted to have disciples all over the world and not become a farmer.

Besides, this was only the elementary-grade planting techniques. It felt a little weak!

“Note: these planting techniques include the planting techniques of over a hundred thousand types of plants. After learning it, although you might have no way to get high yield for the plants, you can at the very least guarantee that the plants wouldn’t die.”

“Simply speaking, no matter what plants you wish to plant, they will survive.”

Sun Mo, who was originally disappointed, suddenly felt happy again when he heard this. 100,000 types of plants? This number was absolutely terrifying.

The most crucial part of the sentence was that no matter what he planted, that plant would survive!

Sun Mo had stayed in the Middle-Earth Nine Province for almost a year. He was already no longer that blur fellow who didn’t know anything.

He knew that some herbs were sold at an extremely expensive price because they were too rare and could only be gathered from the wilds. Some great teachers wished to grow them through manpower, but it was too difficult.

After all, this subject was considered pretty remote. The number of people who had expertise in this was just too little. Also, the amount of time needed for the plant to grow was simply too long, creating a vicious cycle. No young people were willing to learn this.

Even in the modern era, students who applied for agricultural science were extremely few.

Honestly speaking, this was human nature. Everyone naturally aspired to become someone working in a high-paying job, occupying a ‘higher position’ in society.

Compared to tilling the land and becoming tanned from the sun, everyone would rather sit in a cool and clean office, drinking coffee as they tapped on their keyboards.

“Planting techniques might not be considered high-end, but if one wanted to become a true grandmaster planter, they would require several tens of years of accumulated experience. After all, the plants wouldn’t grow by themselves if you just threw their seeds into the field.”

The system explained, hoping that Sun Mo wouldn’t look down on this subject of knowledge.

“I know it even without you saying!”

Sun Mo was the most impressed by Academician Yuan Longping*. Without him, it was unknown how many people would have to continue to suffer from hunger.

“It isn’t bad if I become a druid!”

Sun Mo started to contemplate the value of planting techniques and how he should maximize their benefits.

“In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, although there are several tens of subjects, and although it’s said that knowledge of all subjects is equal and there’s no such thing as disdain or contempt, reality doesn’t go like that. For example, the subject of alchemy is definitely one of the most popular subjects. Countless people would give anything to become an alchemist because an alchemist represents fame and benefits.”

The system’s voice was filled with pain. Right now, in the great teacher world, things were no longer as pure. Everyone was pursuing benefits.

Even slightly famous alchemists would have many students wanting to learn from them. But as for grandmaster planters, their doors were completely deserted.

“There’s no need to introduce this to me. I won’t look at this subject with disdain!”

Sun Mo had thought things through.

There were very few people skilled in planting techniques. This meant that planters were considered an extremely rare occupation. Now that he possessed the planting techniques of 100,000 types of plants, it was an exceptionally great advantage!

He could make sure every plant he planted would survive no matter what. This was absolutely an extremely powerful skill.

“Alright then, I will be a druid in the future!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied.

Actually, as long as Sun Mo opened any skill books, it could be considered that he had benefited a lot. 100,000 types of plants. In that case, there should be at least 7 or 8 types in there that were extremely valuable, right?

As long as he managed to plant them, he would only benefit.

Sun Mo felt that the Central Province Academy needed to be upgraded. Many farmers could plant grains and vegetables, but those who could plant herbs were extremely few.

Compared to buying medical herbs to concoct the giant medicine packets to sell, planting their own herbs would allow an academy to enjoy 1,000 years of prosperity.

Not only would they earn a lot of money, but it was very stable because they would have a sturdy foundation.

In the entire Jinling, even for the counties in the surroundings, they were all planting valuable crops. If all the other counties depended on the Central Province Academy for the growing of valuable crops in the future, they would become the soil where the large tree, the Central Province Academy, grew.

“I need to rest for a while. Do not disturb me for two hours!”

Sun Mo instructed.

After obtaining the darkness illusion gemstone, if there were no unexpected accidents, they should be number one in the third round. Hence, there were already no areas for Sun Mo to ‘work hard’ on.

They only had to wait for all the students to gather and return to the endpoint.

After the papaya girl left, Sun Mo took out the skill book and crushed it.


A green light immediately enveloped Sun Mo. Boundless knowledge rapidly flowed into his mind, germinating in his neurons.


“Congratulations, you have learned the elementary-grade planting techniques!”

Sun Mo did his best and took the time to memorize it, wanting to have a deeper impression of it.


The signal tube Sun Mo released was Central Province Academy’s method of communication. Hence, students who saw the smoke signal would rapidly gather toward the location.

“Teacher Gu!”

Qian Dun came over with an anxious look on his face. “Let’s quickly head out. I just saw a spire collapsing. If there’s no unexpected incident, that spire should be where the secret treasure is. We must not let others seize it.

“The Mingshao Academy might be the one who caused that. Hence, we might have to prepare ourselves for a tough battle!

“Where’s Teacher Sun? Isn’t he with you guys? Sigh, with him around, our chance of victory would be slightly higher. Gather everyone and let’s move out!”

Although Qian Dun knew that there was an 80 to 90% chance of defeat if they headed there, he wanted to try and gamble. Besides, his request wasn’t high. It was enough if they could delay Mingshao Academy and wait for Sun Mo to arrive.

“There’s no need to go anymore!”

Gu Xiuxun smiled.


Qian Dun frowned. Mingshao was indeed strong, but they shouldn’t be so strong to the extent that people would be terror-stricken just by hearing their name, right?

“Because, our school is the one who obtained the secret treasure of darkness. What you should be worried about is defending against the other schools that might come and seize it.”


Qian Dun was astonished, not knowing what to say. After all, the happiness came too soon and he didn’t know how to react.

A few minutes later, Qian Dun’s discus-shaped face revealed a look of wild joy.

“How did you guys achieve that?”

Qian Dun was curious. This was something that could only be accomplished by luck because he didn’t even manage to find the location of the darkness spire.

[1] Yuan Longping is a chinese agronomist that’s known for developing the first hybrid rice varieties in the 1970s.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》