Absolute Great Teacher
403 It’s Me Who Is Useless. I Lost to Sun Mo from the Central Province Academy!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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403 It’s Me Who Is Useless. I Lost to Sun Mo from the Central Province Academy!

Chapter 403: It’s Me Who Is Useless. I Lost to Sun Mo from the Central Province Academy!

From the looks of things, those who failed to find the darkness spire were like people who couldn’t get the tickets for a concert. They didn’t even have the qualifications to snatch the darkness illusion gemstone.

“Teacher Sun depended on himself to defeat Ming Xian and obtain the secret treasure.”

Gu Xiuxun shrugged. Because she participated in the game, she understood how outstanding Ming Xian and Sun Mo were.

Sadly, this man with such good qualifications already belonged to An Xinhui.


Qian Dun was dumbstruck, finding it hard to process. After all, Gu Xiuxun’s words contained Ming Xian’s name.

Who was Ming Xian?

He was the strongest new teacher among all teachers who were participating in the newbie competition! He was publicly proclaimed as the new rising star that had a boundless future.

“Sun Mo defeated Ming Xian?”

Qian Dun’s voice was filled with some disbelief.

The few students, who just arrived, had looks of shock on their faces when they learned of this news.

“Teacher Qian, what do you mean? You don’t believe our teacher can do it?”

Li Ziqi’s tone was filled with unhappiness.

Who the hell was Ming Xian?

From today onward, Sun Mo was then the most outstanding new teacher!

“No..it’s just that...”

Qian Dun stuttered but he didn’t manage to find an excuse. After all, he really didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so strong to such an extent.

“What are you guys waiting for? I saw Mingshao and Weima Academy’s student groups. They must have obtained top-grade secret treasures. We should hurry up and seize the treasures from them!”

Wang Chao also arrived. His tone was ferocious. “Whether we can become the champion or not, it will depend on this.”

“Teacher Wang, you can sit down and rest now!”

Qian Dun interrupted.

“Why? Are we giving up?”

Wang Chao sighed. It was also good if they gave up. After all, their opponent was Ming Xian. Rather than suffering casualties on both sides, they might as well take a step back and choose a weaker opponent.

“No, we have won the championship!”

Qian Dun smiled. After that, he grew happier as he thought about it and involuntarily started laughing out loud. “After the competition is over, we will be a ‘C’ grade school!”


Favorable impression points from Qian Dun +200. Friendly (1,500/10,000).

“Is it because of Teacher Sun?”

Wang Chao soon guessed the answer.


The various schools all had methods of urgent communication. In the past, because the illusion realm existed, everyone couldn’t see it. But now that the darkness illusion gemstone had been obtained by Sun Mo, the illusion realm covering this ancient castle was gone. Hence, everyone was rapidly gathering.

Everyone felt extremely anxious in their hearts. From the looks of things, it was evident that the secret treasure had been seized by someone else.

When Chen Liqi rushed over, he discovered that the members of his student group had almost all arrived. However, they were lacking two teachers.

“What’s going on?”

Chen Liqi felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. This was especially so for Nangong Dao. He looked a little listless.

“Liqi, you are here?”

Wei Xueli asked in concern. He was very fond of this youth from a poor family because he was also someone who had climbed up from the bottom-most level.


Chen Liqi came over. “Earlier when I rushed over, I met those from the Central Province Academy. They seemed to have found some good battle spoils. Should we go and finish them off?”

“Given our Mingshao Academy’s status, it’s an absolute humiliation if we are unable to get five secret treasures of darkness!”

Chen Liqi stated his views fervently, wanting a battle against the Central Province Academy.

Actually, his words contained a lie.

Chen Liqi did see the students from the Central Province Academy, but he didn’t see any battle spoils. By saying this, he only wanted to lend Ming Xian’s aid to crush Sun Mo.

Who asked Sun Mo to humiliate him?

Naturally, Chen Liqi wouldn’t simply stand aside to watch. He would kill Sun Mo’s students before his eyes and make Sun Mo understand the consequences of offending a genius like him!

“The Central Province Academy?”

After hearing this name, Wei Xueli felt a headache and a feeling of awkwardness. After all, he roughly knew about everything that had happened in the darkness spire earlier.

“Right, for their first two rounds, they are merely in the top five. We would definitely be able to crush them and we can show the rest of the schools our strength.”

Chen Liqi did his best to urge Wei Xueli.

“This...” Wei Xueli glanced at Ming Xian before replying. “We will consider it first!”

Chen Liqi frowned. In order to live better, he had learned how to read the facial expressions of others from a young age.

Teacher Wei was someone who loved to be in the limelight, yet he actually rejected his suggestion. This meant that an unexpected situation must have occurred.

Chen Liqi was very sensible and no longer tried to persuade Ming Xian. If Ming Xian agreed now, it would cause Wei Xueli to lose face. Hence, Chen Liqi tried to persuade the other students.

Once the students went over, the teachers definitely had to follow them. At that time, as long as he stirred the flames, Sun Mo should just wait to be beaten up!

“In any case, since we are idling, we might as well go and exterminate the Central Province Academy!”

Chen Liqi’s tone was relaxed. His attitude was as though the student group from the Central Province Academy was a newbie that could be crushed by anyone.

The students exchanged mutual glances, feeling their interests stirring somewhat.

“Let’s go. I will lead the way!”

Chen Liqi urged.

“Can you stop talking about it? You are so annoying!”

Jia Wendong was unhappy. He always disliked Chen Liqi because this fellow was extremely arrogant just because he had outstanding talent.

“Wendong, I’m also only saying this for the sake of our group!”

Chen Liqi waved his hands and revealed a helpless expression. He immediately made it seem as though it was Jia Wendong who failed to grasp the big picture.

“What do you mean? You are trying to say that I’m not thinking for the sake of the group?”

Jia Wendong spoke.

“No, no. You’ve misunderstood.

Chen Liqi hurriedly sought to clear the air and revealed a wronged expression.

“Wendong, Liqi merely wants to win. Your attitude is a little over-the-top!”

“Yeah, let us all talk nicely. Stop trying to sound mystifying!”

“I feel we can fight them!”

The students were persuaded but clearly, they were on Chen Liqi’s side.


Chen Liqi smiled coldly in his heart. If it wasn’t for Jia Wendong being strong and being one of the top three in terms of strength in the group, he would have long since shredded all pretense of cordiality.

“What are you guys doing? Are you all condemning me?”

Jia Wendong felt anger erupting in his heart when he saw so many people targeting him, as well as that face of Chen Liqi that seemed as though it was asking for a beating.

“A bunch of fools. I’m only stopping you all for your own good. You all want to find trouble with the Central Province Academy? I’m afraid all of you would die there!”

Jia Wendong revealed his thoughts due to carelessness. After speaking, his expression changed and he cursed himself for being too negligent.

As expected, the students were unhappy. They directly retorted with anger.

“Jia Wendong, you better speak properly!”

“Are you defeated by someone from the Central Province Academy?”

“By saying this, those who don’t know you would think that you are a student from the Central Province Academy!”

Jia Wendong’s lips twitched. He felt an unbearable sensation as though his feet were stabbed. If it wasn’t for Teacher Sun rejecting his request, he would have really become a student of the Central Province Academy.

Wei Xueli didn’t stop the others from denouncing Jia Wendong because he had also seen the scene whereby this fellow knelt and asked Sun Mo to take him as a personal student. At that time, he was almost angered to death.

A student wanting to take a teacher from another school as their master. Although this was not expressly stipulated as forbidden, students wouldn’t usually do this. Even if they did so, they would do it privately.

After all, by doing so, your actions would make others feel that the teachers of your current school weren’t worth anything.

Jia Wendong was a freshman and was only 12. He didn’t know the ways of the world and hence, he had unwittingly offended Ming Xian and Wei Xueli.

Ming Xuan was magnanimous enough so he didn’t mind this, but Wei Xueli was very unhappy. He didn’t berate Jia Wendong, but this didn’t mean that he had no wish to see Jia Wendong being down on his luck.

“Wendong, if you are afraid. You can just stay here!”

Chen Liqi sneered.

“Alright, you guys go on then. Later on, don’t flee when you guys get crushed!”

Jia Wendong couldn’t be bothered to persuade them anymore. (Since you guys want to court death, just go then. Although Li Ziqi is useless in close combat, she has the fireball technique, windwave bullet, and Wind King Protection. She alone is enough to turn all of you into ashes.)

Moreover, Xuanyuan Po had climbed more floors than Nangong Dao, so he could most probably finish off half of the students from Mingshao’s student group.

However, the most terrifying one was still Tantai Yutang. Although he was very sickly, his methods of using poison were too terrifying.

A poison master was loathed by most of the people in the cultivation world.

“You have truly lost face for our Mingshao Academy!”

Chen Liqi scolded. After that, he turned to Nangong Dao. “Group leader, let’s move out!”

“Just use the time we have to rest. No one is allowed to go!”

Nangong Dao spoke.


All the students were stunned.

“We won’t be able to win against the new student group from the Central Province Academy!”

When Nangong Dao said this, he felt a little embarrassed. However, he still said it. He wanted to take this setback as something that would motivate him to work even harder.

After leaving the darkness spire, Ming Xian inspected Nangong Dao’s condition and also spoke to him about Xuanyuan Po. He wanted to let Nangong Dao understand that in this world, there would always be someone better. One must never slack off and be complacent.

“Group leader, are you sick?” Chen Liqi was astonished.

“Alright, stop arguing about this. We lost to them in the seizure of the secret treasure of darkness this time around!”

Ming Xian didn’t want Nangong Dao to be embarrassed. Hence, he spoke out.

“It’s me that’s useless. I lost to Teacher Sun from the Central Province Academy!’

Ming Xian looked at the students and dipped into a deep bow.


“How is this possible?”

“Sun Mo? Who is this person?”

The students were astonished and had looks of shock and disbelief on their faces.

Ming Xian was like an idol to them, a target that they were working hard to pursue. But now, he actually admitted that he had lost to a teacher from another school.

For an instant, the students felt as though their idol just died.

“I’m a human, I would lose too!”

As Ming Xian spoke, his gaze surveyed the entire place. “But wherever I lost at, I will climb back up from the same location.”

The students fell silent.

“Teacher Wei and all the students here, please be witnesses for me. If I can’t defeat Sun Mo in the 1-star great teacher qualification exam next year, I will stop being a great teacher!”

Ming Xian was determined to cut off his means of retreat.

Upon hearing this, everyone was shocked and hurriedly wanted to persuade him.


Ming Xian lifted his hand and indicated that there was no need for them to continue speaking.

“That Sun Mo is actually so impressive?”

Chen Liqi was completely stunned. (Am I dreaming?) He also worshipped Ming Xian and took him as his goal. But now when he looked at Ming Xian again, he felt a sense of disgust.


Chen Liqi felt disdain. As expected, it was better to crush the enemies with your own hands. (Sun Mo, just you wait. The humiliation you gave me will be repaid 10 times back to you sooner or later!)


On a street, Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng were sprinting. Over ten students from Huanian Academy were chasing after them.

“Bast*rds, I will definitely kill you two!”

A guy with a crew-cut just cursed as an arrow shot past his face. This caused him to pespire cold sweat.

“Stop talking nonsense, quickly chase!”

The group leader who was gnawing his teeth from anger howled in rage. (You two actually dared to snatch our battle spoils? I must definitely chop you all into eight pieces.)

After turning the corner, Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng suddenly stopped. They exchanged a mutual glance and turned, looking at the students from Huanian.

“Something’s wrong!”

The guy with the crew-cut frowned. “Have the other students from the Central Province Academy arrived?”

“Who cares? Let’s snatch our secret treasure back first!”

The group leader almost went mad from anxiousness. He felt that they had more people, so no matter how wrong the situation felt, they would still be able to win. Besides, they had four teachers here as well.

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