Absolute Great Teacher
404 Sun Mo of the Central Province Academy, First-Level of the Divine Force Realm, Please Guide Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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404 Sun Mo of the Central Province Academy, First-Level of the Divine Force Realm, Please Guide Me!


Ying Baiwu prepared to fire.


After the arrow was shot out, it directly manifested into 30 arrows and fell onto the student group from Huanian Academy.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The students from Huanian blocked the arrows. Although no one was injured, their running speed was clearly slower.

“What did you guys do?” Shi Qiao was curious. “These people are so angry. It seems like they want to chop you guys into a thousand pieces.”

“Why should we care so much? Just kill them all and the matter will be settled!”

Xuanyuan Po charged toward the student group from Huanian, taking the lead.

“Nothing much, we just snatched a dagger they had picked up!”

Ying Baiwu’s tone was calm, but when the others heard this, they couldn’t help but gasp.

“Just the two of you?”

Lu Qi asked in shock.

Jiang Leng didn’t like to speak much. As for Ying Baiwu, she didn’t wish to answer such a retarded question.

“You guys are awesome!”

Lu Qi flashed a thumbs up. From the looks of things, Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng had fought against many people with just the two of them. This was just too tyrannical.

In truth, it was a case of twenty against two. This was why the group leader of Huanian Academy had almost gone mad from anger. If the news of this incident were to spread, it would be a great humiliation to them.

“Stop chatting idly. Finish them off first!”

Li Ziqi urged and tore a flame explosion rune paper.

Seeing Xuanyuan Po charge alone, the group leader from Huanian was so angry that his eyes widened from rage. (You really treat us as puppets made from clay!)


Just when the group leader from Huanian finished shouting, a large fireball blasted over.

If this was normal times, he would have evaded it. But now, when enemies meet, what they were competing in was their morale. In order to gain the upper hand by a show of strength, he directly brandished his long blade and leaped, slashing at the fireball.


The fireball was slashed into two. The impact dissipated in all directions and the sparks fell onto the face of the Huanian’s group leader.

Cough! Cough!

The group leader landed on the ground. Although he wasn’t injured, his head and face were filthy with ashes. Their morale dipped greatly.

“If you are capable, why don’t you try blocking one more?”

Li Ziqi shouted.

The Huanian’s group leader pursed his lips. He looked at the fireball blasting over and wisely chose to evade.

When the other students saw how miserable their group leader looked, they naturally didn’t dare to block the fireball head-on. By doing so, their own formation would be in chaos.

Xuanyuan Po took the chance to rush over.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The silver spear created sonic booms and instantly manifested tens of thousands of spear flowers that enveloped the six people in front.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three of them were directly sent flying.

“How strong!”

The Huanian’s group leader blocked a strike and his right hand instantly turned numb from the impact. There was a lingering pain that hurt so badly that he almost could no longer grab hold of his weapon.

“You are the group leader?”

Xuanyuan Po glanced at the Huanian’s group leader. His silver spear was like a flood dragon emerging from the sea and directly stabbed toward the group leader’s head.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The group leader blocked three strikes and retreated seven steps. There was a student who couldn’t evade in time and even knocked into his back.

“Group leader, let me help you out!”

Just as the guy spoke, his neck suffered a backhand strike. Then, his eyes rolled over as he sank into unconsciousness.

Equipped with a dagger, Jiang Leng moved like an apparition and shuttled through the group of enemies, causing people to faint with every strike he made. A chaotic battle like this was the most suitable environment for him to display his abilities.

As someone in the spirit-refinement realm, Jiang Leng had an overwhelming advantage when he fought against these students one on one.


An arrow razed past Xu Jialiang’s shoulder, scaring him badly. He couldn’t help but yell, “Be more careful!”

“Don’t worry, you won’t die!”

With Ying Baiwu’s suppression fire, the students of Huanian had their movements controlled. Since their formation was already disrupted, they had no way to group together and depend on their superiority in numbers.

Xu Jialiang had still wanted to curse out a few more times, but he quickly shut his mouth. He discovered that Ying Baiwu’s arrows would also zoom past Jiang Leng and Xuanyuan Po, but the two of them didn’t show any signs of panic. Such guts were truly extraordinary.

Xu Jialiang held his longbow and aimed for a long time, but he didn’t fire a single arrow. He wasn’t confident that his arrows wouldn’t accidentally harm his teammates.

“You are really a gifted archer!”

Xu Dingjiang felt envy and some disappointment.

His father told him that he also had outstanding talent in archery, but when compared to Ying Baiwu, he was nothing but trash. He knew that Ying Baiwu had only learned archery for about half a year. As for himself, he had been practicing by going hunting with his father ever since he was young.

Meanwhile, the four teachers from Huanian were completely stunned after they saw this scene. Why did their student group crumble the moment they fought face-to-face with the students from Central Province Academy? Was it because the Central Province Academy was too strong? Or was it because they were too weak?

“Don’t panic!”

After a teacher shouted, the student group leader of Huanian who wanted nothing more than to kill Ying Baiwu and Jiang Leng also shouted out.

“Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!”

If they didn’t start running, their group would surely be annihilated!

At this moment, seven people were already lying on the ground, wailing in agony. It was all done by Xuanyuan Po as well as the youth with the word ‘crippled’ on his forehead.

“Too impressive!”

Qian Dun looked at the performances of Xuanyuan Po and the others. He felt so envious that he was drooling. Sun Mo’s judgment in choosing students was truly exceptional.

“Ai, I have no choice even if I don’t want to be convinced.”

Wang Chao sighed. Even if he had a strong enough judgment ability to discover a few students with extraordinary aptitude, he wouldn’t be able to convince these students if he didn’t have true capabilities.

Then again, even if he had such students, he wouldn’t dare to accept them. If he wasn’t able to teach them well, he would only delay their progress.


Favorable impression points from Wang Chao +100. Friendly (600/1,000).

“Alright, everyone stop!”

Sun Mo shouted at the students, especially toward Xuanyuan Po. This fellow didn’t know how to hold back when fighting and would injure the students from the other school easily.

In any case, they had already won. There was no need for them to be so fierce.

The battle started and ended all of a sudden.

People from both sides gathered up once more.

As the victorious side, the student group from the Central Province Academy wasn’t in a hurry to leave. As for the students from Huanian, they were all filled with unwillingness. After all, they failed to seize the dagger back.

“Teacher, I heard that this is a spirit weapon!”

Ying Baiwu passed a dagger with both hands to Sun Mo.

The students from Huanian immediately stirred, wanting to snatch it but didn’t dare to do so.

“That’s ours!”

The guy with the crew-cut scolded.

“Eh, I think the rules of the competition permit plundering?”

Li Ziqi feigned ignorance.

“Oi, earlier if it wasn’t for Teacher Sun asking us to stop, your entire group would have been annihilated!”

Shi Qiao spoke in contempt.

All the students of Huanian had ugly expressions on their faces.

“You and Jiang Leng should decide who will take it!”

Sun Mo didn’t even glance at the dagger.

Upon hearing this, a commotion broke out among the students from Huanian. (What does he mean? Is he looking down on this weapon?)

“That’s a spirit weapon!”

That guy with a crew-cut spoke out indignantly.

“I know. Its name is Flying Whistle and it’s a superior spirit weapon. It can be sold for roughly hundreds of thousands of spirit stones.”

Sun Mo chortled. Scanning it with Divine Sight would reveal all its information.


After hearing this, the guy with the crew-cut felt like a heavy hammer just smashed heavily into his chest. His heart felt so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

It was actually a superior spirit weapon?


This weapon was something he had discovered.

The other students had similar expressions, feeling so unbearable that it was like dying.

They held their weapons tightly and felt emotions stirring in them. However, when they saw the students of the Central Province Academy having a look of ‘that’s right, quickly attack us’ on their faces, the students from Huanian felt as though a bucket of cold water was poured over their heads.

If they fought again, the fight would only end when one side died.

After all, this Teacher Sun might not be so kind as to shout for his students to stop again.

“This teacher, might I be so impudent as to ask you a question? Are you a treasure appraiser?”

Wei Ze, one of the participating teachers for Huanian, asked the question. He was hinting for his students not to be swindled. If that weapon was really a superior-graded one, how could that teacher casually give it to a student?

In any case, Wei Ze would surely feel reluctant to do so.


Sun Mo shook his head.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The feeling of having a brick seized and not a gemstone was absolutely different.

If the dagger wasn’t worth a lot of money, everyone wouldn’t feel so much pain in their hearts.

“My teacher isn’t a treasure appraiser, but since he said it’s a superior spirit weapon, it must be it!”

Ying Baiwu didn’t want to see Sun Mo being doubted by others.

“Why is there a need to explain so much to them? In any case, the dagger is yours!”

Li Ziqi’s lips curled. It was impossible to talk to people with limited experience. She couldn’t be bothered to argue.

The guy with the crew-cut realized that the other students in the Central Province Academy had looks of envy on their faces when they looked at the dagger in Ying Baiwu’s hands. This meant that they believed this Teacher Sun’s judgment.

This also indicated that in the past, Sun Mo must have identified treasures correctly before all these students.

Hence, the crew-cut guy’s heart that stopped hurting earlier started to hurt again.

At this moment, he felt that he wanted to be a little stupider so he wouldn’t be able to notice these clues.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo informed everyone.

“Wait a minute!”

Wei Ze called out. “Teacher Sun, I wonder if I can ask you for some pointers?”

Their students had been defeated but not their teachers. If they let Sun Mo leave like that, Wei Ze’s prestige would be greatly impacted. Hence, even if they couldn’t take back the dagger, they had to win a round.

Sun Mo cocked his head slightly. “Are you sure?”

Wei Ze frowned, feeling that this fellow was very arrogant. But after that, he saw the students and teachers of the Central Province Academy started to laugh.

Their smiles were filled with extreme confidence!

“This teacher, it’s best for you to give up!”

Gu Xiuxun persuaded.

Fighting against Sun Mo?

Even if you had ten lives, it wouldn’t be enough!

“It can’t be that you are scared, right?”

Wei Ze looked at Sun Mo. Earlier, he had already secretly cast a glance at this beautiful teacher and had some favorable impression about her. But now, he only felt loathing.

(Hmph, she is just a female simp! Just wait for me to crush the head of this Sun Mo. I want to see if you would feel awkward or not!)

“Teacher Wei, you can do it!”

The students started cheering and placed their hopes on Wei Ze.

“Alright then!”

Sun Mo shrugged. “But I have a suggestion. The four of you should attack me together!”


Wei Ze shouted. He then spoke, “Weize from Huanian, fifth level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!”

As he said this, his expression didn’t change, but his heart was filled with a sense of superiority. Such a cultivation base was absolutely enough for him to be proud of.

“Wow, fifth level of the blood-ignition realm. How terrifying!”

Li Ziqi covered her mouth with her hands and stared at Wei Ze in ‘fear’.

“Yes, go ahead and be scared!”

Wei Ze’s eyes glanced over. He wanted to see what expression the beautiful teacher had now.

(She must be very shocked, right?)

Wei Ze’s lips curled up. However, a moment later, his expression stiffened because Sun Mo started to speak.

“Sun Mo from the Central Province Academy, first level of the divine force realm. Please guide me!”

Everyone on the long street instantly fell into silence!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》